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VJ Adams – “Define Rap” ft. M.I, Ice Prince, Vector & Sound Sultan (Prod. By Tiwezi)

Posted by aL Yhusuff on March 6, 2016 in AUDIO · 126 Comments


Celebrated TV personality & the self acclaimed ‘King Of Talk’ – VJ ADAMS releases yet another banging tune.. Featuring Choc Boiz ‘MI Abaga & Ice Prince’ as well as Sound Sultan & Vector.
‘Define Rap’ sees VJ Adams take these rappers on a journey explaining the real concept of rap music & what it really should be.
And Oh Yes! VJ Adams laid a superb rap verse as well… You re in for a thriller. Hit the download button.

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  1. first to download

    • Dey hype ursef

    • Go use ham collect money for vj adams hand

  2. Even though its 20mb I must download dx Song!

  3. vec ur lines are damn ill….#lafiaji anticipating#

  4. vec ur lines are damn ill….#lafiaji anticipating#

  5. Vector killer it o but M I abaga I see u bro

  6. M.i n vj adams kill this beat oo which vector mtchew

    • F**king hater..bastard!!!

    • m.i rap react VECTOR..omo ale always claiming no 1..on tweeter..nobody acknowledges that!!!

    • Fuck u haters vector kill it

  7. Great joint. Really superb

  8. M.iiiiiiiiiiiii ooooooo

  9. Vj adams nail it.@vj adams let me make justice to d video ama film maker 08163150001

  10. Dope jam

  11. #MI Nearly outrap VEC on this#Facts only….m Buh Vector dope die!!

  12. who say vector didn’t kill this?…MI first verse is just there.he came better in the second tho and that’s normal..cos if u give VEC or ICE that chance they will knock it out.VEC kill it,Then ICE but MI last verse is dope..but sultan suprise me

  13. my bad MI an VEC kill this….adams kinda ssound like MI going tryna go deep on it..MI then #Homo

  14. Dis is defined rap so I don’t trust y’all…V.E.C.T.O.R simple!!

  15. Waoh. Vector killed this shit. Wish Dagrin were alive to Define rap for you. Mehn, M.I murdered it too. Ice is just average

  16. V.E.C is just 2 much.

  17. M.I over murdered it!simple!

  18. VEC. King kong crooner omo na u b the real king jor. Others try but you dope

  19. mi is d description of hi hop definition ……no doubt


  21. did sound sultan rap abi na vj adams

  22. MI was onTop as always!

  23. Shoutout to Ice 4 givin pros to Nas and he Said especially JayZ!

  24. if u no rap vector is the boss 4 dis track I sight u lafiaji oshamoo

  25. King Abaga

  26. VJ Adams sounds like MI on the 1st verse meehn all the raps tho especially VECTOR nd M.I…….. “how do I define rap? Break it down simple V.E.C.T.O.R simplle!!!b” VECTOR tho baba bad pass

  27. Yes M.I conquered dem all

  28. The video please

  29. Vec kill it. M.I u dope too no homo

  30. nice rap dey all did perfectly well.diz is wat i call rapp attack

  31. Mi na baba vec to the rest are down

  32. Vector plssssss take it easy on dem@f*ck boiz,,,vec lines always dope,my king u killed it meennn V.E.C.T.O.R simple

  33. Mi d definition of rap but mode9 need 2 b on d joint

  34. if M.I was a god I’d worship with all my might… the king.. only M.I defined rap in this song which is suppose to be what the track’s about

    • Bro, I swear na only you be person wey understand HipHop for here… D title of d song is ‘define rap”.. and that’s exactly what M.I did… he’s above the rest of dem like sky vs airport

  35. Mehn All of them came through o. This is how it should sound.# Real

  36. Vec and MI shaa. Both should go head to head on a collaboration. Been long coming.#Lafiaji anticipating.

  37. Just obvious vector is the best man..he’s got the major..#LAFIAJI

  38. Vj adams say define rap? Some idiot for the song dey talk about ‘blow job’. Dat guy is over rated. Blow job is now the defination of rap. Fuck you and your stupid album you are about to drop. And for the block and pussy fans here una no get scence. Dull brain every where.

    • Hohohhohohihhohihih. I wondered too o..simple question, define rap and some people just de yan dust- total off point. .no sense at all. Na so people de fail exam.
      Only MI gave a lecture on what rap means..only him defined rap.

    • You guyz r fucking haterz..u can just keep hating..maybe u shld listen well and relate to d song and stop acting like a dumb ass..”define rap?””rap is VECTOR” when ur teacher ask u in sch is as simple as that.. Vec already said his song is not for d common its meant for the literates.. MI killed it vector buried it that’s all..stop been a fool..wish Olamide was there too..Mi had his time this vector’s time..fuck pussy niggas

    • Fucking bastard!!!…wah u know abt wordplay???..punchlines…vector’s dopeness no be for the commoner!!!

      • y’all is busy overrating dat vector boi.. he’s good, no doubt.. but compared to M, vector is fucking kindergarten.. what has rap definition got to do wit pussy and blowjob??? y’all shud give it up for King M.i abaga jare… whack kids.. without M in dat song, dat song won’t in any way be related to the title.. get it??

  39. shit… VECTOR IS THE BEST.. OhMG ICE PRINCE i sight u.. Nice Jam.. MI sec verse/outro dope

  40. I’m i the only one that think MI did the first verse n last?

  41. M.I really passed d best message in d Song,#king M

  42. Simple question. Define rap. All these people just de talk off point. Na so people de fail exams oh.
    If you’re listening to understand what rap means, only one person did justice!
    Only MI really gave a lecture on what rap means- metaphors, rhymes, message, synonyms etc. The guy never talks OP.

    • …na 2014 u start dey hear rap???..who on earth doesn’t know that rap is abt synonyms..metaphors..poetry in fact…if u as a rapper is to define rap indeed..I believe u should do dat with better wordplay..n stuffs..and not saying rap is about synonyms..we’ve known that a long time..mi is only good at his delivery..but lyrically???…he is a no no for me!!!

  43. Vj adams did the first verse…shout out to V.E.C.

  44. M.I only talked about defining rap na,…….M.I for life, he’s a king in africa

  45. M. I vs VEC simple, tho Vec went OP at a point

  46. Its not a fight, its simply rap pls stop comparing rappers,i dont think VEC and ICE are cool

  47. ?? somebody said Ice killed it…… Killed what???…. Somebody who shouldn’t be in the studio..perhaps he commented himself.???.

    Jude Abaga & VJ came correct…. Uncle sultan sef no free o {trying to make that punchline sink in}…. VEC can do better (I know this)….

    All in all… This track is ??????

    Pls…. We need a Remix (with Senavoe, J.Jagz and Sarkodie)…. So Vj Adams can go beg? King Moddo to bless this….

  48. M.I went straight to d mehn point,sumtimes as rappers let’s be caucious of the tittle of the song nd pass a message according too dat tittle dan saying tinz dat are not in line,dats wat I call rap intelligence nd M.I got dat so much,shout out to King M

  49. Only MI define the rap thing as well as vector nd iceprince sound sultan just dey rap rubbish nd all his lines did NT even rhyme wit D song ..m Dats y he said “hw can you tell me define rap?” u can imagine!!!!!!!!

  50. “how can you tell me define rap?” mikky way nd bla bla bla sound sultan just spiting error he can’t even flow lyk a rapper even said “I can’t define rap beta put on ur touch lite nd find rap” imagine singer dey force him self rap lol hahahahahahaha

  51. All did well…M.I did the last verse while VJ Adams came in first….M.I really pass the message and made us understand what rap means…

    I would love to see another version of this song featuring indigenous rappers like Reminisce and Phyno , possibly Olamide too but I would love Reminisce and Phyno plus M.I once again

  52. now this is rap……

  53. vector and M.I killed it…stop the comparison and enjoy these two lyrical titan

  54. Dis is a massive joint…Everyone was on point…I feel Vector more tho!

  55. Vector did it better……the only standard rapper we can boast of in the whole country….. He’s got zero competition on that song #BLESS YOU VEE# shaaaamo!!!!

    • The only standard emcee in the country? Ain’t hating man, but you when you hear boogey spit, then you gonna rephrase your statement

  56. Leave mata jooor – lafiaaa what – she blow me – t feels lyk she blowin satan?? – fuck boy imself don’t undastand rap – singin nigga – M-I defined it 4 me mheen – den ice – den vj

    • U crazy bastard…u even rated ice n vj above vector….na pple like u we for meet for street murder 2014 u start dey hear rap???..who on earth doesn’t know that rap is abt synonyms..metaphors..poetry in fact…if u as a rapper is to define rap indeed..I believe u should do dat with better wordplay..n stuffs..and not saying rap is about synonyms..we’ve known that a long time..mi is only good at his delivery..but lyrically???…he is a no no for me!!!

      • Clown….go and listen to Illegal Music 3

  57. vector killed it as usual

  58. vector cnt b compared to MI or Ice Prince….dats simply bcos he is king

  59. Yall heard face off by boogey and paybac? If you have not then you are missing out bro, dope joint Mi and vec were on point. Ice prince is just wack smh. Sound sultan try o. Vj Adams did his thing

  60. U crazy bastard…u even rated ice n vj above vector….na pple like u we for meet for street murder 2014 u start dey hear rap???..who on earth doesn’t know that rap is abt synonyms..metaphors..poetry in fact…if u as a rapper is to define rap indeed..I believe u should do dat with better wordplay..n stuffs..and not saying rap is about synonyms..we’ve known that a long time..mi is only good at his delivery..but lyrically???…he is a no no for me!!!

  61. V.E.C.T.O.R simple, if u av a problem with that meet me don’t tweet me…oshamoooo

    • Lmao … oo….call lil kesh and Lord of ajasa too….nonsense. we are talking of senior rap… are wrapping skales amongst the upper echelon.

  62. vector #lafaaji#best lyric

  63. King M!!!

    • King V

  64. Mi abaga aka the hung denzel z simply copper dan crack,dis niqqur z juz a genius,d king of Nigeria hip hop.see rap skills.chai.

  65. Na VECTOR o.. this is rap i don’t trust u all. . Am dope enough to say fuck u all. . . We are waiting for the album o #lafiaji#

    • Can someone pls tell me what’s so dope abt ‘meet me don’t tweet me” and all dat sh*t dat vector said?? I can understand dat d lafiaaji sh*t dat vec is always talkin abt got some wack street boys loving him.. but even vector himself knows better than to compare himself to M.i… vector is just an average rapper like icePrince… imagine flows “dis is rap and I don’t trust you all” in a song which it’s title is ‘define rap’.. and some fuckbois here are saying vec is king.. y’all need to listen to IM3 simple… “don’t be deceived by the crackling noise, y’all just some regular bois.. coming at me might seem like a popular choice ma advice is to stop and avoid” king M.i.. we hail thee

  66. All did well but then the message was define rap not to ask or conclude who’s better than who and to me the only person that defined rap was M.I…not that Vector didn’t put in sick lines but he didn’t define rap and music now is about passing a message…..reasons why we have very good musicians in Naija

  67. mi Ababa ma big brother … a rapper I will tell u m was like messi on dis jam

  68. MI Abaga has no competition…Hate it or love it…

  69. Vector murdered everybody on dat

  70. How do you define rap without the punchlines and wordplay? Is alright to call M king but Vector is beyond

  71. MI Abaga “there is no one on my level let it be known not every member of royal family will get to the throne, MI Abaga is the best rapper forever, haters you must not be OK Eni what are you smoking.

  72. Wonder y ppl re so sentimental n sick.. M.I butchered every single artist in dat track.. vector came 2nd thou.

    • May u live long bro for saying that.

  73. Hmm, u saying VEC is rapping of point ryt,…..well, MI did d same tin in dis same track….Listen well nd re-comment pls……

  74. vector is dope. take it or leave it. MI is dope as well but vector is on top of this game. He is a rapper and will always be. He will never be like others that started as a rapper and now something else. #LAFIAJI

  75. If ders someone who defined Rap, its M.I… No disrespect

  76. just passing

  77. Oshaaamo,,,,,king vee,no other rapper worth the respect i had for you.lafiaji album……waiting anticipating

  78. My dopeness no b 4 the commoners it as been said already, so 4uck haterz, pple b like mi define rap buh ar u expecting evry1 on dis track to say d same tin, dah rap is a noun or metaphor nd simile, ll u even like d song mtcheeew…. King V.E.C.T.O.R. If u av prblm wit him meet him dnt tweet him…

  79. I wonder o,help me ask em o oscar…mi was dope on dis track but V.E.C.T.O.R fucking kill dis shit simple.

  80. If u gat a problem wit VECTOR rappin off point….pls meet him don’t tweet him….

  81. Kudos to VJ Adams and the Mcs on this joint. Whether they define rap or not the joint is bomb with tight lines unlike the stupid lines ibile duo of remi, Phyno and olamide. They wanna kill Rap game but they ain’t strong for it. Big ups to the Seriki, Base one and Oladipps I dey feel u die unlike the fake wack rappers. Thanks VJ

  82. mi… burst ma brain jhor

  83. MI defined rap fine, can we all rest now? how can u know d definition of rap without understanding it. shit will be wack if they all define it. MI defined it but vector explained it #learn

  84. Nice song,Kuddos!!!……beautiful job Tiwezi did with the production,loved the beat,big ups to VJ Adams,& thos featured on it (@Ice Prince, Vector, Sound Sultan, M.I. Abaga)……BUT,to me,only “M.I. Abaga” went with the topic,it really sucks to listen to a rap song with a topic,& the rappers be spitting Off Point without a sticking to 1-lane (the topic),like its a cypher…..the title goes “Define Rap”,& apart from “M.I. Abaga who really defined rap (though little,due to the time on his hands,’cause rap itself is a collosal topic),others where just spitting what they felt,(maybe so as to sound dope,IDK!!!)….well!!!,i would really love to see a remix of this song,possibly featuring Mode 9, Boogey, Blaise (from the defunked trybesmen crew),Proverb (from S.A),M. Anifest (From Ghana),X.O Senavoe….now that ‘ll be a full house……..Big Ups!!!!

  85. you’re always on point “vector”dat y i kip talking abt u, thumb up bro! check diz out in dat lyrics he was lyk “how do i define rap v-e-c-t-o-r simple”. Mi Abaga You’re a murder “grabing d microphone now anything can happen”.finally gr8 job2u rest.

  86. God bless u bro for dat comment…@short fools tryna breath vector air

  87. Isn’t it quite obvious to ya’all that MI Abaga has got zero competition?…He alone explicitly defined rap in dat joint…To me VEC wit no disrespect to his rap prowess was just talking OP…How can call dis fuckboiz get d message unless dey sit and learn…King M speaking…Pls Ya’all should go cop the IM3 Album…Simple!!

    • Stfu stupid ass

  88. All i put was define fuckboy and this shit popped up

  89. All i put was define fuckboy on google and this shit popped up like the fuck is going on waht is this shit anyways

  90. lol……y’all didn’t notice both vec nd mi defined rap d same way,not d rap is a noun verb tin,we alredy new dat…….just look at it frm d pratical angle,dey sed d same tin nd dat is d overall explanation of rap in summary……..mi truly killed it tho,his delivery was on point

  91. Some of you are really not matured enough to comment about rap tracks**if the super VEC is ur mentor it only means that you started listening to rap just2-3yrs ago** whether MI or vector both of them are our own and I want to thank you all for celebrating our talents instead of some of these overated American rappers**but if you have been in the rap game for long am sure you agree with me that our darling vector actually copied Jay-Z wordplay,, there’s a particular track of Jay-z DAT have the exact word play pattern **MI on the other side doesn’t even sound like his mentors (DMX and Lauren hyll) dats a rapper trying to create a personal style although the new illegal music 3,he did on purpose sound similar to his mentors in some of the tracks,, Now back to the “Define rap track” Mi actually without any sentiments added, obviously with the dynamics,message,and the new zigzag delivery which is now the new focus on this generation rap pattern DAT is selling every where mostly in united States,took and nailed this rap, *All of them had very potent lyrics though some strayed away from the Title which is a little flop**vj tried better than we expected,his delivery was still questionable,, ice prince was also good but DAT old patter no reign again ooo ,,vector was super but he was too one way on the wordplays and obviously went Wow but Op considering the title but he came back to the subject with V-E-C-T-O-R definition,, Sound Sultan surprised me ooo**d conclusion is these guys are stars and we are proud. they are our own and kudos to MI for showing a zigzag delivery, first with the intro and then he went mad with punch lyrics,, good job vj

  92. M.i killed it jorh……4uk dat shit!!!!

  93. Whoooaaa!! I didn’t see that coming vector but men you’re the bomb men….#you just defined the rap so you’re the boss….

  94. Daaaammmnnnn!!! M.I is just the perfect definition of rap because he murdered everything….. #Hot rap# M.I????dope

  95. M.I nailed it … I saw goose bumps roaming at the top of my hair… vector was first to teach us but that was an SS class and m.I university

  96. I mean m.I second verse for the first verse was out of the storyline think he had that verse but no song to place it on so he did it first to beat your expectations

  97. I wish ycee was dere

  98. #SALUTE# Ma Mr Incredible u really show urself by killing dem n alxo defining d #RAP# 4 dem

  99. M I all d way

  100. Mi WS reali hot on dz buh I expected more Dan he telling us rap is noun blah blah blah…..Shout out 2 MI alwyz killing it.
    But standing oviation to d boss who mks every joint worth listening…He showed us he z truely d definition of Rap
    Vector! Vector!Vector he brought d lines to der faces leaving em wit tribal marks
    #Vector that viper

  101. m.i prove to me his real a graduate nice one well its your golden royal boy enugu

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