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VOTE!! FRESH OUT ” Upcoming Rappers You Need to Know “

Posted by Tyler on October 28, 2013 in AUDIO · 235 Comments


Last week i asked y’all to drop in the comment section that upcoming artist you think should have made the ” Upcoming Rappers You Need to Know ” List complied by TX , and we were able to get in over 2500 Comments 

We have picked 10 rappers with the most mentions and we would be making available polls below for our fans to vote for who they think should be TX FRESH OUT RAPPER .. Remember  ” The rapper gets FULL ARTIST PROMOTION FOR A MONTH WORTH 6 FIGURES ( Banner on the site for a month + hype on Twitter and Facebook ) “

Vote Below and Goodluck to the Rappers  PS: We have another surprise in stock for the winner.

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  1. When is this voting Ending…..

  2. Esther

  3. Its a pity I dunno any of the nominees. So I couldn't vote… Good luck to all of them and may the best winner wins.

  4. as amended

  5. My main person, t-salz is missing in this list. Why??

  6. Posly TD is the best on the list!! Y’all should vote for him. He’s actually really good.

  7. Why is loos not on this list? 🙁

  8. Clint

  9. boogey is definitely outta their league

  10. Posly Td is d man

  11. Egom by moseric e swt die

  12. Emilian moseric is rilly d ambassador of lyrics goooor


  14. I hope Moseric will win dis competitive!datz all

  15. Ademuyiwa

  16. POSLY TD!!!

  17. @boozybooze

  18. Mavelous benji

  19. Achara man

  20. Posly TD

  21. Posly TD

  22. Bibi

  23. If u dnt knw boogey den y'all should take ma index finger….

  24. Posly TD was nt in d last round now!!! Una don com with una fake tins!!! Una alredy get who una wan giv am

  25. Haba na, who wants 2 try d ambassedor of lyrics… Emi Moseric in it!!!… Gbagam!

  26. Boogey is in a whole different class

  27. Oya Moseric carry go… U 2 fresh

  28. Moseric Moseric Moseric wer are u going, am going 2 FRESH OUT 2 b d King!

  29. Jaqsboi

  30. @IAMWILY_G

  31. This guy moseric,he's something else.he is the guy that did egom with my beat ghost mood,I think he's solidly behind you……but you gonna pay me for my beat.goodluck.

  32. Abiodun

  33. Hu wan try dat ohafia guy wey dey stay for pitakwa nawao 48 bass nobi beans Oº°??°ºOº°??!!

  34. Emilian china

  35. Na wa Ooº°°ºoo! Which Kind List be This?

    When we have:


    -High M

    -Dusten Truce



    -Mc Skill Tha Preacha


    *sigh Posly TD is aii tho

  36. Hadjia


  38. PROFINGAZ all the way, the dude is so 4kin dope, with massive rap and club jams. Vote for him folks

  39. Ramalifar

  40. Paschal50

  41. Profingas………am @ ur bck….U gat ma vote

  42. I luv miii Toosleek! Hez awesome

  43. I tink boogey is the best yall shuld try and listen to damage control or any of his track or mixtapes..

  44. Psycho Barz#Believe me

  45. Chocolatechizzy

  46. @psychobarz dat dude is just too gud

  47. If its not toosleek, den is weird… Hands up 4 dt guy

  48. Sup tx fans, pls vote my boy profingaz all the way. Delb say so

  49. @psychobarz just a little opportunity and his going to kill dem all,I bet u he his a good rapper

  50. Toosleek sleeky… Our man

  51. MR.stan

  52. Toosleek, Corect guy

  53. @psycho just listen to few of his songs its to die for

  54. Toosleek. Niggas, vote this dude, he's good.

  55. Toosleek badoo

  56. @psychobarz who else if not Mr psycho av nt seen a guy dat raps dis gud

  57. Toosleek. Kiss kiss

  58. Toosleek is da bomb!

    • Toosleek iz d guy d man d everytin he is the man one else

  59. Kratos

  60. I luv Toosleek

  61. PROFINGAZ all the way, the dude is so 4kin gud, with massive rap and club jams. Vote 4 him

  62. Toosleek is hot

  63. Boogey is dope, so is postly TD, psychobars is also Good, what is jo papi doing dere????? that nigga whack, kheengz whack, and why is blaq bonez not here??? other dope underground emcees, why is high m not here, danter gunzz, ? too exclusive is deaf to Go

  64. Psychobarz alwayz killn d beats

  65. It has alwayz bin psychobarz

  66. I will alwayz account my vote to psychobarz

  67. Reggy

  68. Ego

  69. pls vote toosleek ooo he is good .. too good

  70. My nigga moseric u gat my vote.. U gat it, ride on.


  72. Phycobarz

  73. Blessing

  74. Toosleek

  75. Toosleek oo

  76. Toosleek I

  77. Toosleek no one else

  78. JagaZ

  79. Psychobarz

  80. @psychobarz he raps gud

  81. Psychobarz

  82. Psychobarz

  83. Psychobarz

  84. Psychobarz has my vote any day. That nigga is good.

  85. I'm @ ur bk PROFINGAZ u're on it bro. Good luck

  86. Pls guys vote 4 Jo-papi!!! His d best.+ u won't regret giving him ur vote…

  87. Jo papi is the best

  88. Jo papi is the best

  89. Profingaz

  90. Profingaz

  91. Profingaz

  92. Profingaz is kING

  93. Profingaz is d ish… All other rappers re just wanna b's… I love moseric though…. Its a middle finga ent bitch… May d best man win….

  94. Profingaz is d ish… Yeah, I said it… All dem rappers would only make front page if dey run for cover…. Lol

  95. JFI_g

  96. KINg PROFINGAZ… Would murk any other rapper and day any time… Freestyling is his tin…

  97. Ola..for my guy too sleek

  98. Psychobarz

  99. Psychobarz

  100. Toosleek is gud

  101. Psychobarz

  102. Psychobarz

  103. Postly td is d best among all no doubt…”south africa time soweto”de guy really got wats it’s takes….pls vote postly td…emini

  104. Psychobarz bby

  105. Psychobarz 4 real

  106. Psycho is da man

  107. Psychobars

  108. @psychobarz the bestest

  109. @psychobarz no one raps as gud as he does

  110. Psychobarz

  111. Psychobarz

  112. Psycho

  113. Psycho

  114. Psycho

  115. Psychobarz

  116. Psychobars

  117. Psycho

  118. Psycho

  119. Toosleek is good

  120. By blessing erons

  121. Paul giggs(flexxy) all the way jooo!this guy is so good and natural! He is the man!!!

  122. Evidence

  123. American based YungZap is a killer but he is Nigerian damn he is sick next Wale

  124. TooSleek is the man

  125. Profingaz all the way, keep voting him

  126. S/O 2 ma boi Ace Paul Giggs.

  127. Abeg tell me why Alexis no dey dis list oooo

  128. Boogey shouldn’t be on that list, he’s so outta their league. Fuck it, they’re even playing a different sport compared to him. And I won’t vote for, I’ll pretend he’s not care ’cause he ain’t meant to be there. AcePaul Giggs my hommie tho’.

  129. *there

  130. toosleek

  131. Profingaz nd Jopapi… Oya leggo.

  132. Vera

  133. Psychobarz, better that the rest.

  134. Jo papi

  135. Psychobarz,better than the rest*

  136. Psycho

  137. Psycho

  138. Feelz

  139. psychobarz

  140. Psycho

  141. Profingaz all d way

  142. Am Votin My Dis Dude ProFingers Cox He Gat All It Take 2 Wear Dis Crown

  143. Yall pls vote 4 Ace paul Giggs…dude is cursed wid lyrical dopeness!!

  144. Kings hood is a bad lyrical killer . Sooo f****kin dope

  145. Saint Nd

  146. Ak 47

  147. If y’all need to click, it’s just 1 person. That’s “Profingaz”.

  148. I put on for Too Sleek, can’t forget his cyphaz : Apologies to every rappaz amma flush out. Thumbs up homie… Let dem Know.

  149. by kate

  150. Keep voting PROFINGAZ! He is the best!

  151. Blessing

  152. itz toosleek

  153. too sleek’z on pt

  154. toosleek o

  155. Paul giigggssss….bobo yi otata

  156. Sindy Tales is sayin dat its Jo Papi or no other

  157. theophilus dexy

  158. Ace paul giggs

  159. Ace paul giggs

  160. Ace paul giggs

  161. Ace paul giggs

  162. Ace paul giggs

  163. toosleek

  164. Ace paul Giggs

  165. Ace Paul Giggs

  166. Ace paul giggs

  167. Gabriel peter

  168. Ace paul giggs

  169. Ace paul giggs

  170. Profingas all d way

  171. Ace paul giggs

  172. @youngface212

  173. Lumi is way out of d league….dnt even knw wah his name is doin dere….Ace paul is d man

  174. Lumi is way out of d league….dnt even knw wah his name is doin dere….Ace paul is d man


  176. Too Sleek all the way

  177. All y’all dunno shit about rap, kheengz is the real shit #noapologies

  178. Kheengz is the man even M.I and ice prince know that

  179. Too Sleek!!!

  180. Moseric

  181. Kelsiyke

  182. Sandra

  183. toosleek na baba now!

  184. Cindy

  185. abiodun freshkid adedeji

  186. Jo papi!!!

  187. Hoye

  188. What’s wrong with the voting Poll,Results don’t show no more or has voting ended?

  189. Toosleek is sleek

  190. Guys u all shld vote for toosleek. . that rapper singer and producer. .. Men dat niqqquuuurrr to baaaaard! goorn!

  191. Got love for toosleek even though I haven’t met him yet! nigga so hood!



  194. Wat da f*ck who can compare boogey to any of this guys eeeehn ppl term term 2 underate boogey…his even outta nigeria’s league

  195. boogie is ill. very ill!

  196. BOOGEY is too iLL. he is tha best amongest dem

  197. This shii is for boogey “drops mic”

  198. dayo4blues

  199. Toosleek d main man

  200. shout out to toosleek

  201. yung sprice

  202. Sense

  203. Faithee is missing in this list . Check him out.<anYAOKU

  204. Google 4 Faithee-anyaoku. Hear him out and cast your vote . Dnt knw him bt dis Guy is Dope from birth

  205. He z the best

  206. He z the best. I like All his traks i downloaded.

  207. Toosleek…

  208. Toosleek got swag jooooor………..He z d KING of d GAME………mo’like Uuuuuuuu gon.Handz up for u BABA.

  209. Moseric is who we need. Let’s move d motion

  210. posly td all the way, this guy is dope. Don’t try him ooooo cos he is NOTORIOUS

  211. Doze-Ill all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. Toosleek…..luv U????? man..

  213. Toosleek…we luv U?????…

  214. Posly TD – Pouring Out Sick Lyrics TILL DEATH!! That Niccur Dope Lyk His Tattoes! No More Votin, JUX Give It 2 Him …

  215. We need Testament on this list. Wink @Toosleek u gat me tumb up

  216. To me,diz list is an insult!y would u compare BOOGEY wit diz oda emc’s,dat guy is d future of africanhiphop#damagecontrol,d mst lyrical sng so fa diz yr

  217. Paul giggs is da best

  218. Robyn

  219. Boogey. Z d killer…Luv his sick linez mehn..kip holdin d MIC mehn

  220. Acegiggs is d ryt man guys!!!vote 4 no oda man!!!

  221. Adebowale Ibk T

  222. Ace paul Giggs dis guy is the best,2 tha top. Nobody else fit.

  223. I vote for Paul Giggs cos he is the right man and the best!!!

  224. my vote goes to Paul Giggs

  225. i vote for Paul Giggs

  226. I vote for paul giggs


  228. Me i dey vote for Paul Giggs

  229. Posly TD notorious like the notorious BIG the dude is gud n ward whateva award Emini

  230. acepaul giggs

  231. If ma man toosleek no murder dem all, den ojoro dey d game.

  232. i vote 4 toosleek

  233. Ridwayne LILT, dis quy is qood, he has worked with small doctor and olabisi


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