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Vote Your Winner For Pepenazi #iAintGatNoTime Cover Competition

Posted by Jim Donnett on October 10, 2016 in AUDIO, Social Views · 230 Comments


Pepenazi’s #iAin’tGatNoTime cover competition, which has taken several weeks in participation with hundreds of artistes that jumped on the trendy wave, is finally coming to an end. After grueling efforts in selecting the 20 semi-finalists who brought their a-game in language, skill, wits, swag and of course, word play, it’s come down to the best of the best!

Only 5 have made it to the final stage and they will need your votes to decide the winners. 2 artistes from the select 5 will be lucky to grace  the competition remix hosted by Pepenazi and tooXclusive. To vote, you must listen to the finalists cover entries then select your favourite by checking the corresponding box in the polls section and click submit.

Now let’s get voting people, someone’s dream depends on you!

Pepenazi x Itse

Pepenazi x IceBoxx

Pepenazi x Lypsi

Pepenazi x Sisdab

Pepenazi x Lala

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  1. Sisdab the man dope ????

    • i go for iceboxx cox am not hearing sosdid language visit this websit for comedy and entertainment news www. tooclasiq .tk

  2. Sisdab’s version is u doubtedly the best.. Funny and Indigenous rap included.

  3. Sisdab u jux soo gud….u deserve to be d winner.

  4. This competition ain’t making no sense black_sauce on instagram had so many likes and views than lypsi but you guys still picked some dead ass cover over the dude…m

    • U think dem no go catch ppl wey dey buy views/likes? Take a chill pill. Lypsi killed this no lies

  5. Sisdab all the way!!! awon ti rillz oya vote for han

  6. Sisdab all the way up yo!!!!!!!!!! The nigga owns this.

  7. Sisdab has got d lyrics…go boy

  8. Vote for humble guy @Sisdab (God bless you)

  9. nice one Sisdab

  10. Who’s that Iceboxx guy? Menh…dude has the sickest bars. Best so far!!!!

    • Iceboxx is d man!!!

  11. Sisdab got d lyrics…. nice one sisdab

  12. Dis is dope ….u winning

  13. Dis is dope …u winning

  14. Dis is dope…u winning

  15. Only sisdab

  16. Sisdab put the track in the coffin mahn..he killed it…dope lyrics..attaboy

  17. Itse.. The sister is dope?dammmn

  18. sisdab killed it

  19. This one na confirm… nice one sisdab

  20. Nice one bro.. sisdab

  21. Sisdab killed it…

  22. OMG can’t believe it……. got it right @sisdab…… #nice one…… #alldwayup

  23. Got Sisdab on this, you guys should really vote him as the winner, he deserves it!!

  24. This Lypsi guy is so talented. Got attitude too…. my vote goes for him.

  25. Nice one sisdab

  26. iceboxx…..Iceboxx….Iceboxxx!!!!! menh dis dude has the sickest cover so far. dope flows, great delivery…sounds like pepenazi and iceboxx were both in the same studio recording. My vote for ICEBOXX

  27. dopest nice one sisdab

  28. SISDAB murdered the verses there no one did it better than him

  29. SISDAB all the way yoo!!!!!

  30. Woow! Who is this guy? Really though! I actually thought he featured on the track with Pepe.
    Maaaaaan, Iceboxx, you have gotten a new fan!

  31. No offence though, Iceboxx blew the other covers away. Nice one bruv! Pepe, do the right thing o

  32. Bon chance mon amis

    • Sisdab all the way

  33. One word: ICEBOXX! Definitely lit!

  34. Which sisdab?please someone should tell him to try and make us of english too..icebox killed it..

    • Gbagbe! Sisdab is an educated Mofo,he is a Yorubad rapper for u info,repping his mother tongue wella.

    • For your information go to Osun state university and ask of sisdab he is one of the best students but he deploys the use of his mother’s tongue. So I don’t know how it has gotten to affect you. Give it up for you bro.. Brotherhood. Love you.. SISDAB….

    • like say Sisdab no be the best English student for him set. #ISUPPORTSISDAB. Murder

  35. Saw the comments for Iceboxx and had to check it out… Amazing! you have got my vote Ice !

  36. lyps gat it …. good job

  37. U re d best baby, pepenazi sisdab gat to win o,his fucking talented cos he killed it

  38. U re d best baby,pepenazi sisdab has gat d talent,u murdered it sisdab

  39. Sisdab own dope pass….sisdab omo ologo oti gbafe

  40. My O My….i’m an artiste too….i feel bad i didnt partake in dis. I listened to all the covers, buh menh dat ICEBOXX guy is a beast……i love your wordplay man

    • Icebox pls stay longer then 9 o’clock u too much… Pepenazi shud really say how he felt when he listened to iceboxx…it went beyond a cover it was like there jointly made the song better…iceboxx all the way

    • Icebox pls stay longer than 9 o’clock u too much… Pepenazi shud really say how he felt when he listened to iceboxx…it went beyond a cover it was like there jointly made the song better…iceboxx all the way

  41. Go lala

    NYC one

  42. Lala goht the best verse #Simple

    • Thanks so much dear

  43. Sisdab na u…oyq bigga tumbs up to this young talent

  44. Sisdab went hard on that. His wordplay and punchlines were creatively put together! So entertaining, and refreshing.

  45. Sisdo oyaaaaaa na u get m inshallah
    You are making use proud gan ni bro

  46. Sisdab went hard on that! His wordplay and punchlines were creatively put together! It’s entertaining and refreshing!

  47. I rep sisdab

  48. sisdab na you deserve am

  49. Team S.I.S.D.A.B
    Winning Team all da way

  50. Amazing! sisdoo keep murdering dem,Baba God dey ur back.#it’swell.

  51. ICEBOX or SISDAB…… Confused

    • ICEBOX putting a full stop at the top spot.

  52. Sisdsb…. Oya…. U na beast

  53. gud job bro,u killed,sucked and fucked d beat mehn.move on nigga#sammyG

  54. Sisdab you are the best

  55. Sisdab got the lyrics and the ability.#I support Sisdab#

  56. Sisdab has got the ability,creative and comicall lyrics.
    #I support Sisdab#

  57. Sisdab!!!! All the way ! Nothing else beats his lyrics……

  58. Sisdab is the main Man, go for it, vote Sisdab, dolaye dolason – ile aye ile asan

  59. Can’t wait to celebrate sisdab #ess,eyinlanki

  60. Sisdab murdered the beat….
    Boss,na you get am…..
    Educated mofo…. Don vote for you…
    But no come forget us like those acestors wen everything dey smile o..

  61. I love u mehn

  62. Sisdab…..thumb up….

  63. Lypsi finish work!!! Whuuuut!!

  64. Is lala a girl….. Damn she ate the beat…. Kudos to you girl bring it home….

  65. Damn Is lala a girl… She ate the beat… I’m proud of you… Hope you win this…. Congrats in advance

  66. Nice one sisdab

  67. Sisdab killed it and he is d best

  68. iceboxx uve won no doubt about it…..congratz bro

  69. And it’s your girl #lala… You got this girl

  70. Since everyone seems to be going for Sisdab or Icebox or lypsi,i decided to listen to the 3 of them versions.

    My conclusion: None of the 3 will make it to Top 40 if this competition was hosted by the likes of Vector,M.I,Nasty C, etc.(completely wack).
    But if we are judging based on who will catch nigerians only,then sisdab will. He has the Ybnl features.

    • I pray u receive sense o! Amen! How r u calling Naeto C M.I here? So to you their style is d same with Pepenazi ‘s ?? Or u expect d entries to be like ’em M.I ‘s competitions? Nigerians no go ever get sense *smh

  71. I prefer sisdab
    just to good

  72. I prefer sisdab
    just to good

  73. Sisdab rapped like he produced the beat himself. The bars were crazy. The lines got everyone sticked to the last line. I mean, your creativity amazed me. I was thinking what inspiration brought about those lines. #Isupportsisdab#sisdab2dworld. You have won this one bruv. Congratsssssssssss….

  74. sisdab all d way…..we are winning #teamsisdab

  75. Sisdabbbbbbbb

  76. Sisdab
    and Lala murder d beat.

    This 3 guyz tried,i dnt even kw whom 2 vote out of dz 3.

  77. Lypsi is a killer! “Cos the future BRIGHT no b MOUTH aint talking BASKET” (Basket Mouth) Lol! Damn

  78. #teamSisdab# best of luck guy!

  79. La-la and ICEBOXX all the way

  80. Thanks a lot My people, kindly keep it coming. LET’S WIN THIS TOGETHER

    • We go win am, even the pages self know.

  81. Enough people go just dey talk when dem never even play/download/hear the person version! Just dey call name. Welp at least the comment section wouldn’t be used to determine d winner which is good! They all did well. But that sistdab went too quiet at sum point sha

  82. Lypsi all the way… This guy mehnnnn. Pepenazi will love working with him.

  83. Lypsi all the way…. Mehnnnn the guy is a killer

  84. ice boxx made “dopeness” seem so easy
    he got this
    Even pepenazi knows so

  85. All on #Itse…..via lexbeat

  86. What’s all this Sisdab sisdab goin on here. Abeg the guy killed it but ITSE did better. Team Itse all the way jare ??

  87. Itse did it for me. She got me from that Kolewerk part ???

  88. Itse is a slayer Abeg… @tojuoniru

  89. Awwn my baby Itse I wish she mixed her version well. I really couldn’t hear it unlike her performance on IG. Funny thing is I still pick her over others ??

  90. That girl that did the Kolewerk thing changed my dance from bumping my head to the song I started dancing shook. Nice one

  91. Itse all the way mehn

  92. Omo for me ehn its Icebox all day the second can be Othat Itse babe but omo Ocebox slayed

  93. Mad one” I be like time dem dey watch me, I no be the one wey Dms dey add inside the lunch meal” ???? Itse kill me

  94. The honest truth is that all these voting thing doesn’t work. It’s just better to vote for the semi finalist but when it reaches the finals I think the artist should pick who he thinks deserves it.

  95. Whoever mixed this babe Itse’s work wants her downfall ??. You have to listen very well before you then realize that this babe is actually making sense o. I go for Icebox and Itse

  96. I didn’t even listen to anything before voting cos I came here for my girl Itse

  97. I swearrr this Sisdab Na beast. fuck what’s his instagram Id ..he is so good

  98. Sisdab

  99. Eyan sisdab

  100. Sisdo yhu really rock D beat…. OMG!!! #-I aint gat no time # sisdab is D best ~ Nice one ¤ lol!!!!!

  101. Nyc one SISDAB….

  102. If u don’t understand Yoruba, abegii go learn!!! Sisdab is the guy. I love the last line “please wat is the English of ata ti sa pa mi lori” lol

    • lala darling u so on ur way to the top
      F all ur haters and this funny beings that has refused to recommend ur beautiful talent
      believe only what I comment #YOUAREGOODANDDESERVETOWIN#Allmyvotesareyourspretty

  103. Thumbs up… Sisdo… Wa gbayi… Awon eyan ti chocolate c.

  104. Thumbs up, sisdo, wa Gbayi…. Awon eyan ti chocolate c.

  105. Just SISDAD alone… Awon tii “Quater Past Two” Win it bro #I Support Sisdooo.

  106. Gbayi… Sisdab first others follow… Awon tii “Quarter Past Two”. *I Support Sisdad*

  107. If u think off who
    Kill it my galz there’s
    No two ways na iceboxx
    Men nice lyrics

  108. e fun sisdab ni crown ke fun awon yoku ni calabash….. nice one bro

  109. Thumb up Sisdab

  110. You know what… No any other pesin on dat platform, but sisdab. Sisdab is d man. I wish him success.

  111. MA girl la-la killed it to! I’m so proud of you babe. your good

  112. Delivery matters… And lala gave that from the beginning to the end

    Now for all those debating go back and listen to every word…. She stood out in d midst of guys… Great work dear….. My best line …. You be the Apple of my eye.. That doesn’t mean I don’t want another fruit… Lol dope

  113. Nice one sisdab

  114. This is obvious Sisdab has it all
    His lines are just unmeasurable
    Pepe…its obvious man…eyin tenwa ishoro Nigeria pelu touch light…. Elo ka iye ilekun towa ni shop rite
    Dotty Vybs nani…oya keep voting

  115. LALA is dope. Go girl go.

  116. ICEBOXX……..all the way!!! “I jst dey drop Tooxclusive bars” (in Iceboxx’s voice)

    • …for real…i’m feeling that dude’s version. D Bobo jst sabi bounce on d beat. #Iceboxx #iAGNtcover…..Dope!

  117. Lypsi ‘s version getting all the love from this side

  118. I choose sisdab,he is so ooo good!!!

  119. Oya…. Sisdab u too much… I heart you die bro……. U’ve made it to the top bro……..

  120. Lipsy is the real deal…

    Ride-on Lipsy!

  121. lolz we can’t be decieved by this online paid trolls, when i listen Iceboxx cover i tot it was him until i got hit by Lala’s version… Lala takes it, Fenzyflames says it

    • Lala got this…. Her lines really explained the real meaning of I Ain’t Gat No Time……..

      I’ld advice ya’ll to listen to her ????

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  123. Lypsi lypsi lypsi
    Dont take ma word for it listen and be amazing

  124. Lypsi lypsi lypsi
    Dont take ma word for it listen and be amazing

  125. Lypsi all the way
    Jos to the world

  126. What More Can I say #Lala All dah Way…..

  127. Chai! The whole Uniosun don reach #SisDab

  128. Sisdab all the way

  129. Sisdab all d skuk

  130. Sisdab all the way baba for all

  131. Sisdab….. He is winning

  132. Sisdab is the best no controversy. He is a beast. He is also a murderer, he murdered the beat… I can’t stop listening to sisbad, Sisdooooo
    I hail you ooooooo……..

  133. Sisdab nice one

  134. #iv u aiint voting sisdab den u aiint voting d r8 person,dope track,nce flow,yorubad rapper,#educated_mofo…u re d best

  135. #TeamIceBoxx all dey way,Dey Boi is dope..

  136. Sisdab!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Na Sisdab version dope pass o…that guy is too good

  138. Na Sisdab version dope pass o…#I support Sisdab

  139. after listened to all the versions as a producer I ha
    ve to say all are good but someone here name sisdab has the most dope version where this guy come from?

  140. Sisdab has stolen my vote oooo, he really ain’t got time to become winner. Pepe we are waiting for u to crown sisdab.

  141. Sisdab all the way!!! #ISupportSisdab ����

  142. SISDAB you’re the best among the rest, nice one Bro, Pepe this guy most win this!

  143. Hahaha please whats the english of “atati sapamilori” Sisdab got me laughing and entertained all through. i just voted sisdab i swear. Dont stop man. you have the full talent

  144. My Ratings

    iceboxx… itse tried too but couldnt hear most of what she said unlike her instagram freestly. bad mixing but omo na SISDAB deserve to Win o

  145. Hey guys, check out my new song via

  146. Sisdab!!!

  147. Hey yo! Sisdab is the Killer. Es ai es di ei bi….

  148. sisdab did it 4 me

  149. #Support SISDAB..that educated MOFO.

  150. Sisdab killed it ?

  151. Gonna vote for this sisdab guy a million times.. He ghat it all mehn

  152. Sisdab noni

  153. I prefare Sisdab version because he really murder the verse.

    Keep it up bro gudluck.

  154. Sisdab on point

  155. Sisdab good with his flows. But what he said, does it goes with the content of the chorus? Na freestyle he just did. Listen to Lala if u dey hear song. I go for both

  156. Icebox killed it mehn

  157. SISDAB mehn.

  158. SISDAB mehn

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  160. Omo na sisdab ooo.. Those lines are punching hard…

  161. Nice one Iceboxx.. dope lyrics, sick bars.. you’ve got my vote already.

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  163. Sisdab killed it… Thumbs up for the nigga

  164. Mehnnnn. Sisdab!!! You the best baba..
    Ebami repost eh!!! Eesssss eyin lanki!! #flora

  165. SISDAB!! U garrit man!! Oloun, e bami repost eh, ko tension them!!

  166. You got my vote. Lala

  167. mehn,, ice in da boxx kill d beat, it sound like pepe and ice in one boxx,,is more than a remix

  168. Itse all the way

  169. Itse all the way that’s ma girl

  170. I shizzi give kudos to Sisdab, I love you guy

  171. Itse killed it no doubt

  172. Listen to her lyrics, Itse killed it

  173. Awon ti calabash OYA SISDO I DET COVER U LIKE RAPPER

  174. iceboxx you bam biko, i like your courage playing with the beat, bad guy

  175. iceboxx killed it

  176. Jesu my fellowing bobo girls dem calling lala oh has finishing this dem boys
    choice takes courage ehn, what a boys can done a lala can doesing better#mybestcontestant#Lala#plsfakepeoplestopvotingforfakelyrics#beoriginalforonce#voteforlala

  177. choi some people dem calling lala,I say lala oh has finishing dem guys in this competitioning oh
    Jesu am feeling her lyrics and beat that I nearly beating my dog this evening as his barking and disturbing my enjoyment with lala lyrics
    mehn sweety keep the good works up…ur just simply the definition of true talent no artificial mixture attached#Godgoturback#thewinnerofthiscompetition#fakepeoplerepentfrombuyingfakeproducts#useandvotegoodproductslikelala
    and Ehn ehn am ur new fan oh,don’t forgotten me when u become second ursher oh abi Na R kelly#anyonejare#lalamynewcrush#newceleb

  178. Sisdab a d way!!!!! support gud music

  179. I believe you ??

  180. Lala I believe in you dear ???

  181. “we feel Lyk oga titus..come dy turn up Where dem no invite us”..iceboxx killed it jhor #nobrainer

  182. Sisdab fam.

  183. Icebox is the man from owerri number 1 DJ sirging G

  184. Show love to your guy by voting for him @Sisdab, love you guy

  185. No time I suppose buy watch but i see my pastor wife inside club….nice delivery, nice flows, nice bars….it #Iceboxx all d way….the guy is dope….Pepenazzi needs to put Iceboxx cover on repeat

  186. iceboxx ……mehn! you killed it!

  187. iceboxx ……mehn! you killed it!

  188. No time i suppose buy watch but i see my pastor wife inside club….mehn Iceboxx is dope, dope barz, dope delivery, dope everything. ……i know Iceboxx cover is on repeat on pepenazzi’s phone. I actually taught this was the real remix….thumbs up Iceboxx

  189. Iceboxx Iceboxx Iceboxx

  190. This voting stuff! Nah! One person can just get 5 of his guys stay on the page, keep commenting, reloading and voting. How will such a win be well deserved? I tire

  191. ice inna boxx, badt man thing. bros u killed it.

  192. Indeed you are dropping too exclusive bar. …. ICEBOXX gat my vote

  193. All the candidates tried it wasn’t easy to get into the top 5 so congratulations for doing that but I happen to have a favourite which is Sisdab 1st Lala 2nd Nd icebox 3rd. I guess we can’t wait for the winner!!!

  194. Oh me God. Without prejudice to any other contestant, this SISDAB of a guy is wow. I’d give him over and over.


  196. Pepenazi X Lala

  197. Iceboxxx here in calabar is like the best thing right now

  198. Iceboxxx da calabar boss

  199. lala got it all go bae you are on it

  200. lala bae is good to go the beat is awesome

  201. All of them dope but IceBoxx mother them ……This guy is good and kill the beat #fidigba

  202. i give it to lala

  203. Nice one bro…… sisdab

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