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WATCH :Rick Ross “Hold Me Back” Shot in Nigeria

Posted by Tyler on September 18, 2012 in AUDIO · 43 Comments


Warning Video in HD over 30mbs

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  1. Good work @tooxclusive. S/O to rozay,nice vid,beta dan d one shot in new orleans.wale is nigerian but he don’t rep shit 4 us…imma say dis one tym fucc wale

  2. Nyc vid@ tooxclusive love d rez clean kip it up 2 thumbs up

  3. @oluwacube u must be dumb 2 ave sed dt go n listen 2 bag of money remix,den u’l hear whr he sed “d pocket is green n white soo d song is bag of naira” do ur findins b4 u talk

  4. D video ix “F” up! Concentratd on d ILl side of 9ja! Tellin d world we are babaric! Imagine, he was givin out money! 4dix ,

  5. no mind d mumu Cube,I even ave d mixtape track Wale did 4 P-sqaure NO ONE BE LIKE U wia he paid tribute 2 Kinng Sunny Ade and Fela Kuti………..Also Wale busted on Kini Big deal by Naeto C,as a mixtape to nn a lot of songs wia he has menntion Niaja jst as Teflon said earlier,plz do ur findings properly b4 castigaing him..

  6. no mind d mumu Cube,I even ave d mixtape track Wale did on P-sqaure NO ONE BE LIKE U wia he paid tribute 2 Kinng Sunny Ade and Fela Kuti………..Also Wale busted on Kini Big deal by Naeto C,as a mixtape too and a lot of songs wia he has mentioned Niaja jst as Teflon said earlier,plz do ur findings properly b4 castigating..

  7. This video shud b FLUSHED!!! asap

  8. @ oluwacube, I gotta admite ur stupid for saying dat bout wale, pay more attention to the music b4 u talk shit nd on behalf of Wale fuck u, ur brain stinks

  9. Oluwacube seriourly ??? ar a Fool wit a capital F…….??? don’t real listen †? music,??? say stuff ??? don’t even kno of.

  10. @ cube atleast u don get ur 5mins of attention u seek..Wale locks it down 4 Naija d biggest of any Nigerian born star..ask anyone

  11. Oluwacubes??? Seriously??? Lol!

  12. Wale reps naija anytime listen to songs like “my sweetie” and he did a remix to psquare’s onyiye

  13. @oluwacube…lol! such a dumb F**k!!

    @least u’re reppin’ ur f**ked up brain…memory-leakage punk!!!

  14. @oluwacube…lol! such a dumb F**k!!

    @least u’re reppin’ ur f**ked up brain…memory-leakage punk!!!

  15. I tink u guyz are right about Wale reppin 9ja, but I don’t tink Tinnie Temper does dsame cos I listen to his album nd I never hear any line where me mention or rep 9ja but he was giving d best international art in NEA…I stand to be corrected.

  16. Lol. . . Dis is not naija

    • lol i agree with you….i sincerely don't like the video for the fact that it showed only the rough situations

  17. 9ice video baba he showed the real naija whats dis fuss about wale he reps naija at any chance he gets my sweetie is an example bag of money rmx his line represented stop beefing the guy joor abeg he does better than tinie tempah sade adu and even seal self stop hating abeg

  18. Nice video, but how come it only shows all rough and roughed areas only, This video out to have have been title GHETTO thing,,, He said he rep his hood, is naija is hood… Though am a fan of rosse but don't expect such production…

  19. U guys are really sick. Person portray ur country as a backward one all in the name of hip hop una no see anytin talk na wale and rick-ross una dey argue about.

  20. Rick Ross is really a boss, tuale for u

  21. Lol, if not for the one he shot i?????n????? new orleans,I wuld hav sed he was portrayin us bad. No matter how u view it,its a nice work

  22. Cool

  23. All d people dat talk shit abt me,wale still don’t know ur mother nor did he promote ur father,it only shows aw stupid u’all are.bunch of dumb fucks.eyin weyrey

  24. @ all of u dat dose not like the video becos of area he use,stop decieving urslef,he showed the real naija,becos u are luck not to live in dat kind of place dose not mean u shld not feel for the people livin dere,Rick as done wat naija artists can not do.hw many of u have watch dat biafra video?if government is decivin u stop decivin urself,face reality

  25. u guys shld stop gettin it wrong,there is the american version of this video this is the nigerian version.the song is about hard life,ghetto,struggle.and stop sayin his portraying nigeria as a bad country,mayb u peeps needs to go and see the american version b4 sayin shit!

  26. Men!! Nigerians we just love arguing without doing our background check properly..I can tell that all this people claiming that rozay is potraying naija in a -ve way don’t even understand what the content of the song hold me back entails,its about amking it in life irrespective of where u rep be it in the ghetto or where ever country u from,that could hold him back from making it..secondly u people need to see the first or original version of d video he shot in new orleans slum before u start running ur mouth…and what he did with this video it was edris abdul kareem that did something like dís some yrs back with with jaga jaga…una no dey shame

  27. Sharrap der malike!! You should have shot along in the vid!!! That part with him givin u $$!! Wld av done you gud!!!mtcheeeeeeew!!!!!

  28. U????? guyz r dump ass!!! U????? should b happy dat he shot one of his video in 9ja. Stop beefin urself. Him don shoot hm video cm go back to him country.

  29. All of una, una papa yansh. Stupid currupt minded pple, who among u can sacrifice his life for justice, freedom n social equality. We shld all knw sumtin by now, we nigerains we can’t fight for a true course n sacrifice for a better generation. We gav up d battle of d fuel subsidy removel, I wonder what we nigerians can stand for n achieve. All of u talking, ask urself re u ready for change, bcus it begins wit u, una dey dey urgue abt rick ross n wale instead of focusing on important issues dat ll make nigerian a better place. Gat damn mother fuckers

  30. See guys wale is trying for his age better dan Nas! WALE represent his homeland Bigtime that guy is good

  31. @Vinskily, Nas isn’t nigerian by any measure…get ur facts right! His name was a gift to his father and all, do ur 10kobo

  32. @Oluwacube obviously u dnt listen to wale’s rap

  33. There anit nuffing wrong wif d video,if u have watched d version shot @ new orleans its still d same slum background or environment,..see rick ross was a born hustler,so u can’t jst xpect d nigga 2 forget errytin he has gone true bcos his made it..I admire the video..and talking bout WALE,that nigga reps nigeria wif his bone,oliver twist he did his mixtape mehn I’ll say wale is a real nigga..

  34. Omg!!!!!!
    This video is fucked!!!
    Where d hell did rick ross shoot this video???????
    Why did he select all the rough and crazy parts of naija to shoot a video..
    This video will degrade our beloved country..
    Rozay don finish us oooooo

  35. @ davedd u dey error big time. Is naija a beloved country in ur eyes? Rick ross did wat many of our 9ja rappers can’t do. He’s a real husler, a real ghetto nigga dat has been tru shit to break tru. He dint shoot dat video witout d nigerian entertainment industry approval n consent. Infact na our fellow nigerian producer na em direct n shoot d vidoe. Na fellow nigerian na em carry rick ross go all dis location to shoot d video. So stop beefing n hating on him. Cz most of our 9ja rappers ar 4rm rich homes. Dey know no dick wat a real husle is.Some of una wey dey cast d video is still been feed by dia parents n lives in banana island. Stop impersonating us if u aint 4rm d hood. Shut d fuck up if u don’t know wat is husle. Long live d real boss ROZAY n everybody on his own grind. WGAF

  36. Blinks G aka is performing at the ambassadorial valentine and others including the guest artists at oregun kudirat Abiola way at sumy’s celebrity hangout ikeja lagos 13/14…

  37. The. Video shows d bad side of 9ja…but hey, the greater percaentage of Nigerians live like this. So wats to hide?
    The video no lie

  38. love d video…fuck u all

  39. Is really the boss

  40. It’s the ceo

  41. The Boss …..

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