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Wizkid and BankyW “The Sharing formula”

Posted by Tyler on February 20, 2013 in AUDIO · 119 Comments


This is what Leadership Newspaper is reporting.( This Information ALLEGEDLY LEAKED FROM A SOURCE CLOSE TO EME)

Facts have begun to emerge regarding the real story behind Wizkid and Banky is fallout. The reason is not unconnected with the rising sensational singer being made a cash cow for the EME label. An Insider opened up to Entertainment Rendezvous that Wizzy (his nickname) is at war with Banky W and EME because he wants a contract review which Banky W has refused to grant him.

The source pointed out that since Ayodeji Balogun known as Wizkid signed with EME, he has been getting just 25% from whatever he gets paid to perform at an event with Banky W. Empire Mate Entertainment EME is owned by Banky W and Segun Demuren,and Osagie Wizzy’s ex-manager who introduced him to Banky after big record labels like Mo-Hits and Storm records rejected him, also gets 25% each from his hard earned money.

“It is true they are having problems and this might just be the end of EME and Wizkid. When Wizzy signed a 2-year contract with EME late in 2009, he saw Banky as his messiah because he was nobody in the music industry. It was a 50-50 sharing formula.

Then Wizkid didn’t mind because he was bent on building his musical career. In his contract, Banky W promised to take care of his accommodation, feeding and also his school and based on this fact, Wizkid accepted all the terms of agreement. Later, Wizzy sacked his manager, Osagie replacing her with Godwin because he felt she was getting too much. Wizkid was getting just 25% from every show because Banky W would take 50% while Osagie was taking 25%.

Wizzy sacked Osagie because she was not ready to receive 10% which other management companies were taking from artistes. This development obviously did not go down well with Banky W but because Wizzy was close to the end of his contract with EME, Banky gave in. When Wizkid’s contract expired late last year, he wanted a contract review requesting the 50-50 sharing formula to be reviewed to 70-30 but Banky would not accept his proposal.

This issue had been dragging since September 2012 and that could have explained why Wizkid moved out of Banky’s Ogudu GRA residence and got a new apartment in Lekki. What got Wizzy miffed was that he was making all the money for EME and was getting less. Also, the money being made was being used to finance the project of other EME stars namely, Niyola, Skales and Shaydee.”

Apparently Wizkid’s international fame gave him more confidence to stand out on his own. Riding on this platform, he signed a management deal with Disturbing London, an international management company. Right now, his second Album is ready and it is with Banky W. Wizzy is bent on leaving if they don’t agree with his terms and float his own label STARBOI Records.

Banky W may not have given their side of the story but insiders noted that Banky has spent a lot to make Wizkid who he is now. He feels Wizkid is not grateful and has forgotten where he was coming from.

If you were in Wizzy”s shoes what would you have done????

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  1. WOW!! Mr BankyW …25% kilode???

  2. *sighs its always b’cos of fame or money.

  3. Bank W one of my best musician in naija, he really tried for bringing out d covered star in wizkid but dat does nt makes him to distroy or kip d rising boy stagnal he needs to let him move on in terms increase income,label etc. Let him makes his money nw cos d game is turn by turn no man rule for ever.

  4. Truth be told!!! U can’t be surprised dat eme and wizkid are havin issues cus of monetry issues. Well I guess everi nigerian can bet wizkid was d one bring money 2 eme, and dere first deal wasn’t right!!! D 50: 25 percent, and dis wizzy new deal is soo wrong, even though his like d star of eme!!! Sha all I can say is wiz and banky are wrong, wat do u expect? Jonzing pple, yourba dey jonze eh

  5. I honestly don’t blame wizkid,as at when he started and wasn’t recognised 25% was good,let’s face the fact its a natural thing that when you progress after being discovered,incentives should be added or contract review…How can the manager and artiste get 25% together,who does the recording,writing of songs,performance and all…Banky just used Wizzy as his retirement plan and I support Wizkid’s decision to leave…Starboy Entertainment…Leggo..

  6. Make dem leave 60/40 @least

  7. Which 1 b 25%?, wizzy abeg ball out jor

  8. Would have done †?? same too …Banky is just too greedy !!! …..told a????? friend dat was d????? cause of †?? break up ! And its kool †o have d????? whole story here. Now

  9. Pple n words sha,4 all who commented,put banky in ur shoes kia,dats d height of ungratefulness we c des day,most artist start wit 25%,it is d normal fee cos most times,d manager n team put all dey got into it,now wizzy has his 50% n is asking a whole banky 2 get 30 while he draws 70,he is sick,abeg which 1 of una go do ma,lets get real,wizzy is no talent am sori 2 say,has he eva written any song,use his own moni 2 actually pay up anytin,we all make investments,banky did,rem samkelf was paid high 2 produce beats,all dis aint out of wizkids 25%,mobility aint,wat den r pple toking abt,make i hear word abeg,u feel u got talent wizzy,den go make it on u,banky startd frm sumwer n hes got eme 2day n skales n shayde’droping it hot’both real talent,wizzy is just swit on mic n got no flow,no talent,rem oda labels rejected u while banky picked u,stop ingratitude pple,it is killing d human race n emotions,wake up wizzy n stick wit d bird in ur hand”50%”is a great deal

  10. Banky is just too greedy and that’s †?? reason why he has not been disclosing the cause of their beef to the public …..would hav done d same if i was Wizzy !!! …Enjoy d rest of ur career boiy ….

  11. U pple can like to talk rubbish. Its a 50;50 deal. Nothing concern banky with wat wizzy is givin his manager. N he changed d manager already. Y would wizzy want 70 percent. Its nt done anywhere. YMCMB ar nt just big dey are made yet non of dem gets 70percent. D record label is d boss n that’s y its called record label. 50 50 is f***in ok for dt greedy boy.

  12. if I was wizzy I we also do d same tin, bcoz I we never sign a contract I don’t no of. So Mr w tink of it. Na 50-50. Bcoz d boi don try 4 d lable wella. Remember say after u 4 label na wizzy b d next Baba

  13. I tink wizkid took de right step bt dispite de fact dat banky help him(wizkid)dat does nt mean he will jst seat on him like dat,dat boi is tryin 2 mak a meanin out of his lyf.banky collect dat 70;30abeg

  14. Banky W is heartless. 50% of every show; O boy na blood money? You share the same with the workaholic. Please Wizzy do your thing, be like the HKN Davido, you got maleek berry. Wizzy reject whatever offer Banky is negotiating. Wizzy don’t let me down. STARBOY thing.

  15. Watz d essense of makin money n nt enjyin it!!!! We actualy dnt no wat Banky offered in retun bt “STAR BOY tinz” z nt a bad idea tho…….Wiz on point anydy anytym n his wrk z gona mak mor 4 im………….1luv Wizzy, 1luv Banky, 1luv EME…….al gona surviv

  16. Starboi onpoint,,no lele,I dnt knw wts really goin on btwn banky & Wizzy oo,,bt if its d money tin,,Omo wizzy I dey ur back,ballout and dnt look
    back..haaaa!banky own is too much,he shld pls let d boi make money too,,abi e wnt mk money like dangote ni!,,lolzzzz….STARBOI onpoint.

  17. Nice decision wizzy,BankyW is exploiting u…

  18. Banky ur papa….c wizzy ??? jam u$ up and U????? ??? behind ??? chop him money,,,don’t u knw hez a drop out becuz of diz career..oboy gt $en$e o,,,1ce him live eme nw,U????? k?????n?????o?????w????? $ay una don fini$h!!!!!!!U????? $hld evn take 80-20 $ef,,mtchwwwww

  19. Uhhmm banky u really need to retink abt d loss u wuld b making if u let wizkid go….half bread z better than none #word#

  20. Lol…….this not the first time dis will be happening in 9ja music industry….. As for me I will put the blame on all the CEO of record labels cos they never expected their artist to remain in one position after all the hardwork they have been doing day and night for the label and thierselve…

    Let’s bring this into Football, it a club signs a player with contract of 4yrs binding them with $60 to be paid weekly……then during the 4yrs contract the player has gone all the way to be the best in Europe as at that time, definitely you don’t expect such a player to keep collecting that amount of money cos he’s now more than that..

    So the club have to make new contract with him and increasing is wages for him to stay cos other clubs will definitely buy and pay him better money…

    The player has his choice to leave regardless of whatever the club must have done to make him who he was at the moment..

    So Starboi wizkid, my advice is for you to get your record label so you can also help other upcoming artist to make it just like BankyW has done for you…..

    We love you Wizkid soso much gbam!!

  21. Wiz, u’v done enough.. For eme and the greedy bastard big headed banky.

  22. Almost same with 2face nd kennis music..dy jst use u as d money machine

  23. Wizzy is doing the right tin cos no one in is shoes will accept that

  24. I don’t blame wizkid, as at when he started and wasn’t recognised 25% was good, let’s face the fact its a natural thing that when you progress after being discovered, contract review sud be considered. U dnt expect someone like wiz who as gone international sud still be doing 25%. Nope. D guy is ????, n very tit. I wud advise banky to reconsider it. If he wants eme to still be mkin money.

  25. 70/30 is Gud cos wizzy is the money making machine 4 eme and has tried for mr w n d rest. Wizzy thanx 4 waking up mayb dis one of d reasons y u changed ur name 4rm wizkid to boi team leggo

  26. Criously I tink wizkid sud leave eme since his d money making machine of eme n banky is nt see’in his wrk he sud leave eme n b on his own …#teamSTARBOY

  27. BanKY dis guY has done enough 4 EmE pls…if U????? can settle wit him den let d????? star Boi go cos he gat a lot of talent in him n we ??? sEe him grow in A????? more mature waY. He makes d????? biggest moni in d????? crew n U?????’re givin him less, Bros W U????? ?????????????? trY at all

  28. Banky u r a greedy bitch,u know wizkid is eme’s source of income nd yet u r givin the boy a less share of the money.f**k u banky.

  29. Banky w has just stated that he spent a lot in bringing wizkid up when all others rejected him.wizkid shuld atleast be grateful for that.hw can banky invite him in during his album launch nd wizzy confortably came 110min after d event kicked off,is nt makn sense.wizzy shuld came dwn haba!no body reigns forever o

  30. hmmm let us take dis to d world of football…i will describe banky as a stingy arsene wenger n wizkid as hungry theo walcot… walcot demanded higher % in his nxt contract cos he was exceptional last season n dis season,so wizzy has just done dsame f***ng tin wich i tink it’s damn rite… so for d betterment of wenger n his team,he swiftly accepted d terms of walcot cos he knew he would regret it if walcot leaves d club… so i will advice banky to accept wizzy’s terms n condition b4 it’s too late… cum to tink of it dis guy worths his demands nah,dsame tin kennis music did to 2baba… wizzy we knw dat wat u gave us in d last two yrs was just an intro of more to cum cos u go still hammer us wit a bigger suprise for u re so full of countless greatness… if he dosnt want to play by ur rules,den he shld chow shit ****starboy rocks**** while eme sucks!!!!

  31. banky allow wizzy to take de 30k and let peace rain.i really like de both

  32. Wizzy took d right step start sometin on ur own banky is getting too greedy we are wt u 20 men must fall if dem cross ur lain STAR BOY THINGS

  33. 70-30! no one will wanna take that even though its right# I guess wizkid wanna ball out that’s why he want anew deal,he knows Banky wouldn’t wanna grant him. well Starboi thing aint bad, nicca we dey ya back

  34. if banky cant take 5% of wizzy sweat……..den he can go 2 hell

  35. 50:50 record L to wizkid _ remember record labels pays producers 4 all beats and studio time and spends millions 4 just 1 video and spends even more promoting it in radio and tv stations around africa us and uk,so stop d cursing banky iznt wrong neida is wizkid ? review of 70;30 is high baba wizkid,n banky dnt loose wizkid eida or eme will only v past glory like kennyz muzik to storm recordz to month hits to eme

  36. Banky W is a greedy thief who doesn’t want to stop exploiting Wizkid. Yes he raised him up in the music industry when others rejected him, but 50% on every show. Haba!! Wizkid please move on, you deserve more. Always a loyal fan.

  37. 50:50 ???? Where does that work? Are you the one paying for the studio time and video making? Guy you just wanted to get outta EME, cos everybody is making their own record label. You want to be boss that’s it! You all should stop blaming Banky W joor. Wizkid actually has no talent. And I think PMAN or someone in charge of this music industry should screen these record labels in Nigeria. you don’t get this number of record labels in Jand.Banky tried, the only thing is, the manager should’ve been collecting 10 not 25. So wizkid would have been getting 40 at least. By the way, Shakara Video is out you all should check it.

  38. “StarBoy Wizzy” nice and good steps u took there 70-30% in Eme new contract u want to sign with them, if it was to be me nah 98-2%. Na God!!!! Go punish u this big bastards big headed Banky-w and his supporters, u wan dey chop Wizkid sweat….. Starboy records I can’t just wait for your next album #StarBoy Team

  39. God punish u Banky-w, without wizkid no Eme records…. Wizzy thumbs up bro GGMUB #StarBoy Team

  40. Wizkid go on with what ever u d best. Messi renew his contract and get big pay

  41. Banky-w is ungrateful. “Wizkid” dat brings a huge sum of money into the Eme record was not in banky-w album track listing. The RnBW Album put together with all the one u and other Eme stars will release in the Future will not reach Superstar Album by the “Starboy” himself WIZKID!!!….. #StarBoy Team

  42. Dis has bin a sucide deal 4RM d initial stage, haba 25% is just a pienut 4 d talent wizzy as gat… Banky ? just av 2 accept d new deal wiizkid want cos he has bin d ATM machine 4 ova 2years nd nw d time has cum 4 d talented boi 2 reap 4RM his labour… Wizzy I gat ur bak cus BALOGUN’S rule

  43. Seriously?I never knew this site could post rumours about Nigerian artistes.Anyways dis whole shit aint true…Wizzy is still a member of the EME crew.

  44. Banky should f**k off, abeg wizzy move on wit ur star-boi label cox oluwa is sharply invovled..d 70/30 is vry good, and Banky dnt 4get u ve notin much 2 offer without wizzy in EME.

  45. If u ask me, 50-25…(bad!), 70-30…(badder!!!). Wizzy, use ure head oo

  46. Hmmmmmm, as for me º°??°ºoo.I tink its like two sides of a coin, 2face left kennis and he is a big boi now. Don jazzy wil b blaming hmsef for allowing dbanj †? go..A??????•?? sure U????? ????.?????? dat D????? guy is top of D????? world now…?????????? much wil don jazzy mak frm wande n D????? rest of dem, even wizkid D???????????¥ sel pas banky…se I lie, so I tink banky shld just allow D????? guy †? stay instead of allowing him †? go n now regret it later.

    • @afrika1010, please Don Jazzy is not blaming himself for allowing D'banj to go, hell no bro….

  47. banky is d biggest thief i ve eva seen….wizkid dsav 60-40…if wizkid is leavin EME,kul,i support him…ryd on starboi

  48. __
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    (‘( ( ( ( ¯~/’ ‘)
    \ ‘ /
    \ _.·´
    \ (
    \ \ eme tumbs up 4 wizzy. it’s tym to growup

  49. Sincerely speaking wizkid can’t take 70 while banky 30. It aint done anywhere! Yu kant earn than yur producer. I pray yu guys sort it out cos if wizkid decides to create a label i bet he wil regret it cos yu kant compare yursef to dbanj. Yu stil a kid fr crying out loud! Fr xample wande coal that decided to quit mo-hit bt reconsider n decided to stay wit don jassy! I tink yu shud stay cos yu kant get better of eme that brought yu up.. Matter of fact yu wnt to leave afta one album. Even tuface didn’t run afta one album! Dnt endup like kelly handsome! Mayb yu want to emulate olamide YBNL.. My guy fate aint thesame! Be wise

  50. We can’t really blame wizzy cos the more you grow as a celebrity the more your cost of living increase so therefore we should not blame wizzy for his high demands, again banky should have had it in mind that wizzy one day will grow up and will want to stand like every other man.AM NOT FOR ANY OF THE TWO PARTY JUST SAYING WHAT I BELIEVE IS TRUE.

  51. Star boi tin bro wizz ur ma man like it dat way #dont take loyalty for stupidity#light one bro

  52. Star Boi Ent.. on point joorrr!!!! That his fmr manager & eme ripped him off though choi…awon hoeloshi

  53. wizzy got to grow man.. move on

  54. In life evrybody deservs a pay rise.. No1 has d right 2 share my sweat 50:50 with me.. Move on wizzy..we got ur back.. Starboi!!

  55. hmmm

  56. Wizkid is right I like wetin eeeem do banky is a thieF….07064723779 wizzy is the best abeg sign me to star boy label I sing pass u sef

  57. Wizkid, you are a good lad and you drop hot songs no doubt, thumbs up. Please keep it coming but I believe you and Banky W should go back to the drawing board and make amends, can not say why he gave you 25% reasons best known to him or in the contract. Though the fee is small, Banky W, Wizzy has grown over the years and you for yourself can testify to the fact, so try and see to his demand even though it 40-60% then let him (Wizkid) cater for himself…. This is greed and it shouldn't spoil something good between you two…. So both of you, do have a rethink….. GOD BLESS

  58. Lwkm 4 all dese comments…if any1 is sayin banky dd a lot 4 wizkid, d pesn shud also knw dat wizkid haz done double 4 banky…shaa, banky z makin A???? big mistake lettin wizkid go…#teamstarboi# joor…banky said its A???? lie…i wuld really lk 2 knw wat really happend if it aint moni issues

  59. Having gone tru d report..I am of d opinion dat the sharing formulae wizzy began wit was not bad at dat stage sinz he was still upcoming den…buh wia d problem lies is d refusal of Banky to review d yung dude’s contrat as he has bcame successful even dan banky wich leaves him wit mur responsibilities.Also, greediness of d so called manager is too bad..ow wud she get she dey sing…I wish weezy and banky well in all dia deeds..buh dis levs me wit d conclusion dat..#Corruption is still d numba 1 problem of dis nation…#Bless

  60. Banky made wizkid, wizzy blew up EME records but wizzy is pushing tinz too far, remba he wouldn’t ve gotten to where he’s now if not W after several labels rejected him, atleast he should show banky a little bit of respect coz banky really tried for him come to d street u will undastand wat am tryin to say talents r dying seriously so he should be grateful dat banky picked him, wat kind of example is wizz showing to doze dat idolize him believe me u dis kind of act will make labels find it difficult to sign artise dat has gotten d chadda coz dey will ve dat impression once dey made d next tin is to start up dere own label. Wizzy should just settle wif banky of a 50/50 contract i tink dats is fair enough if banky can offer him dat.

  61. Just let him be (I mean wizkid)…. He can’t continue to be a kid forever.

  62. D same way banky has don a lot 4 wizzy z d same way wizzy has don 4 banky letz face it wizzy is d main ish of eme hiz reli made eme goo far hiz grwin xoo @least 60/40 if nat STAR BOY tinz joorr.d guy has tried nd wrkz reli hard if nat he won’t b whr he hiz nw u can b in a gud recrd L buh if ur nat gud ur nat gud simpl nd he wizzy z gud.dir oder ppl der banky shuld mk dem naa simpl nd stp dat tin hiz doin aniwai ah luv dem both xoo dey beta settl fast

  63. Banky’s a greedy asshole! Wizkid did so well. Leaving eme was d best decision… We got ur back wizkid

  64. Banky w is a greedy motherfucker, who does 50%. You should be ashamed of yourself, stealing from a kid. Nikkur, if u wanna earn some cash, u berra sing 4 it and not forming some crazy boss ish and demanding 50%. I’m glad wizzie did what i shld have done too. Now let’s all sit and know if skales and d oda pussy wack mc’s wil fetch u all d money u want. #teamiluvwizkid

  65. Make dem settle dis ish I beg,dis life 2 small and dis won wey entertainers dey die like rat make dem just find way settle and flex dere money I beg o

  66. 4 me wizy shdnt liv witout ez boz unhpy wit im.letz tk a luk @ fernando Tores of chlsea i bcame d worst player on earth 2dae coz ez former club waz unhpy wit ez move 2 stamford bride.nd e also dsapntd dm.wizy ez my bst musician on advice ez dat 50/50 deal ez vry much okay wot wizy cud do 2 gt ez own moni ez 4 im 2 gv ez manager 10percnt of ez earner.wizy tink wise nd also b wise.dnt luk afta sm1 coz olamyde didnt av any msundrstnd wit any1 b4 livin ez grup nd nau on ez own. YBNL. Buate 2 my 1 nd only bst raper on earth. “horlarmyde”

  67. The boy has talent,so oga banky try n understand… U made him and thats so understandable. But the boy 2 has a say u know

  68. star-Boi do ur thing dnt let em rule u like they own u, look @ May D. Dnt end like him man

  69. Wizkid is just d best in EME, banky why don’t u just accept d proposal?????? Na wizzy make me like eme oo hmmm starboi team leggo!all of dem go fall if dem cross ur lane oowey lolz

  70. i luv ur attitude dnt give a dam about wat he is saying already we knw he brought u up but not 2 d stage dat u are world wide known if he cnt ascept 70-30 or 60-40 just take ur tings and get out of dat place and we knw without u no eme.i will advice u 2 go on with ur starboi records.i luv u dieas

  71. Banky! segun! osagie! u na b thief oooo wizzi is d best just take it 70-30

  72. Banky we appreciate ur Good deeds over Wizkid but try and consider dat d contract will take years again and you know wat wizkid can do so pls consider @ least 60-40 is Ook.

  73. Wizzy tak it easy try to confront banky again don’t use rude words tlk to him man to man let him know his like a brother to U????? n tel him if sumtin lyk dat hapen to his own blood brother wat W????????????? he advice him to do. To U????? banky try to make an amend to dis issue wizzy is ur j.bro nt jst ur colleague.guys stop dis shit n focus on da next album.

  74. Business is business..Whether Banky w brought out the star in wizzy or not,the dude has tried for the crew so 70-30% shldnt be a ‘wahala’ or even 60-40%..pls utilise thy ‘wizzy’ resources well before you lose it..And why the hell will sum1 compare YMCMB 2 E.M.E?? haba comment well pls!

  75. Haba bro BW 25% for starbboi of EME, banky put your self in him shoe and see if you can take that person wey you supose they bed with 90% and you should hold 10%!! Sey you no say nah because iof wizkid that is why people dey recorgnize EME record if you know no that come town and ask your self…@MECHE you are very darft and stupid for you saying that, put your self in him shoe and see how you go feel, WIZKID we dey your back we really love you so much and your songs

  76. If I was wizzy, having discussed wif ma boss about the term of payment wc am not contented wif, I wuld say it’s his decision. Let him give me ma own pace……. That’s not the end of the world for any 1 of us far

  77. Initially Banky Said Wiz was gonna be his retirement plan..y’all shld stop saying what yu dnt know nd dis is a contract issue..most ov y’all got no insight of it..Banky shld free Wiz nd let him spoil hhis life,there were others b4 him..

  78. Haaba!!9ja record label ur own 2mushh..Wiz gud decision Starboy Ent rockz!!25%..haahaa.buh dat osagie! na OLE sha

  79. MONEY MATTAZ…Move on joor wizzy

  80. MONEY MATTAZ…Move on joor wizzy and 2u Mr Banky tanx 4 letting us recognize Dayo and Jah will be with u Mr capable of all time.

  81. Haha..wizkid pls u can stand on your own.we love u a lot.banky no 9ce

  82. Weda Banky likes it or not that deal has to be renewed….If Wizzy stay in EME, Banky will still gain, if he leaves, Banky looses big time.Wizzy is the peoples boy and so if he leaves, he has his voice and his unique ability which has been fetching him his doe wiv, So He still stand the high chance of making Cool Money all alone. If contract no get renewal Banky has every right to Vex over Wizzy’s action, Contract is always a contract and after it expires, the. Stakeholders can decide to change it parameters and see how to agree on it. Special advice- Banky no loose Wizzy

  83. Haba Broda Ayo Balogun…..For sure that 25% must increase weda d devil likes it or not…But consider still….what do you think of 55/45 the latter for EME…….Wizzy try not to be selfish ooohhh

  84. wehther with you or not. You have invested in him and I think uve reaped your labour, over-doing it could be a problem, so do the boy well, he is now matured.

  85. Plss i?????n????? de name of GOD banky plsss leave baba wizzy aka star boi to be ???? man cos he will nt be ur boi forever..???? great man once said – with great power comes great responsibilities ,,star boi enter10 ment rockz

  86. Rule #1, don’t bite the finger(s) that fed you! Rule #2, don’t let it get to your head! This is wat we talk about when we say 2face idibia is d best in terms of everything! He’s humble, open hearted, talented, calm and so on. Yes wizkid is making waves and he’s gone places but compared to how long he’s been in d industry, he’s got to take it slow! 50/50 deal is way too fair and don’t see any reason why he should want more! Despite how big 2face was when he was with kennis, he was greatful on whatever he gets and I’m sure he never got any 50/50 deal but he was there and was still as humble as a donkey! Wizzy, you’r still too young and still have a long way to go so you still gonna make more money and fame, take it slow, don’t have problems with Banky, that’s the highest and worst mistake u ever gonna make in your life time! Be wise!

    • Guy u self na wa for u o, me na 2baba real fan, we all kow 2face is humble but the face is dat kennis cheated him dat was why he left them and then went ahead to open his own record label, so that ur talk no sweet at all, there is nuffin wrong even if wizkid say 90/10 coz he is just a boss so to me he is greedy for not accepting that money…upon all the contract way he the grt from advertisment, he is not suppose to be putting eyes on the little wizkid is earning so dat is nothing but selfishness

  87. When a footballer becomes d main man in a team,they ask for a new improved contract.i don’t see why banky can’t agree to wizzy terms,who know EMEZ if nt bcos of wizzy.banky shld wised up or blame himself later.

  88. I'm sorry if this may sound a little bit rude but it's the truth. i think bankole wellington(banky-w) lacks what i refer to as interpersonal intelligence, the ability to understand wizkid and work well with him . perhaps banky is like a father to wizzy so i expected them both to go back to a round table again and review the sharing formular rather than allowing the public to exacerbate more on the story.

  89. In life we are subject to change. I feel wizzy’s pain cos I know how hard he works. Banky should av accepted his plight. All good for wizzy cos we all know he got the talent. Keep ur head up boy and stay real. Loving all ur songs wizzy. The sky is not ur limit but uR starting point. My word to wizzy is stay real and keep the hard work up cos I feel u are smart enough and blessed to stand alone.

  90. Please hear from both side … This issue is more than money, …….street boy sabi as things dey go for them…

  91. If I was in wizzy's shoes, banky can jump off a cliff.

  92. Well in my honest opinion, i don't see any reason why banky should refuse to review the contract with wizzy. The boy has not only brought wealth to EME but also fame. I think banky should have a rethink and come to a compromise with wizzy. Banky i don't see wizzy fading away in the next 5years so be wise, which ever way eme will still make money and fame. "a word is enough for the foolish coz the wise need no words".

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