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PREMIERE: Wizkid – “Expensive $hit” (Prod by Sarz)

Posted by Tyler on May 12, 2015 in AUDIO · 171 Comments


It seems Wizkid is done with E.M.E and his last album “Ayo”, as the Star Boy unwraps a new afrobeats inspired single titled “Expensive $hit”.

The  up-tempo cut is produced by Sarz and arrives ahead of his Chris Brown collaborative track, “African Bad Girl”. Kudos to Sarz for the lush saxophone featured on the track’s instrumentation.

Is “Expensive Shit” is a hot hit or a hot miss? Feed your auditory system with the track and tell us below!

DOWNLOAD Wizkid – “Expensive $hit”


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  1. First to download.

    • to all you all saying no this song, you got bomb on your head

      • this song is a blast and hit, if you got problem with it, dem you got bomb on your head.

  2. Nice song bro l,i think is tym u and davido do a track together bless u and I love u both

  3. Rubbish song
    Same lyrics! Same babyy oo .. Same childish shit
    Grow up man or I see you going down the drain!!!

  4. Wizzy… lol.. as usual????

  5. #Good work bro#

    • Wizkid ,,,,,,,,one of d best

  6. Wizzy… lol.. as usual????

  7. e kill it!!…,#Shakara oloje ni

  8. Rubbish……have weast my mb

    • Not only you.

  9. I luv dz…..keep d dice rollin bro
    …keep hating huh,just go to d studio n gt one track done den u will knw watsup…fake ass NiGGs!!

  10. Wacko Jacko…. Don’t waste your mb, same lines as usual. What is wrong with wizkid.. He keeps falling my hand

  11. Nice one ma nigga fuck all haters yaaaaga

  12. Hate this song and hate ur life????????????????

    • u go die poor, wizzy has gone

    • Ur papa go just die there and wizkid will just be making is huge money… sit down there and start mocking him… well we all aren’t the same and sure u can’t please all… smellous fellow

  13. bless up nigg!

  14. Can’t stop jamming,rocking expensive shit

  15. Wizzy wizzy ,we dey go my together..rocking expensive shit

  16. #jam #WizkidFire….rocking Expensive shit ooo yeah

  17. WizKid, Wagbayi you are #1

  18. Fela taught wizkid and he learnt #goodstudent… Although Fela’s songs are usually longer, he is the shorter version of Fela… Forever Lives Afrobeat. Only the wise will understand

  19. Wack Expensive Shit..if I download diz song make thunger uproot my left balls,I know say diz music go wack since the very first day wey I listen to the snippet..make Wizkid retire Joor bcux music don finish from him mouth,Nigga been wack since wen he left E.M.E….Nonsense Shit

    • if u dance to this tune 4 club or ever listen to am again na thunder go uproot ur left ball make GOD Let am be the way u speak it out of ur mouth and i said a big AMEN to that

      • @Anonymous,U are a very Big fool to say dat Ode Afofofun Gbemu…Even for Club self no Dj go gree play diz song bcux e too wack talk more of say make dem dance to the Tune…Sarz did Justice to the beat but wizkid messed it up with his wack and childish lyrics metycheew

        • since dey born u,u don ever enter studio stop hater on people success make u try see hw u go better i dey study music production for manchester midi school manchester i knw what it take to be creative that is why i hate people like you that do give credit to ur own culture na mtn i blame wey dey give luna cheap internet service to dey write nonsense for blogs

        • Lol slim t… who told u they ll not play that in club, Shey ur papa na dj wey him no go play am ni or na which of ur family be dj wey no go play am cos me don dae hear am for club like diz… fuck ur family dj

      • Am a 2ru fan of wizkid but to be sincere,diz song is below average..I only love the beat bcux sarz diz justice to it..Wizkid need to step up with his own kinda Genres of Music b4 he go down the Drain,we’re tired of the same Lyrics Err’time,all diz baby baby stuff all d time ain’t making any sense..#TEAM_STARBOY

    • Niccas be hating on wizkid’s success when he’s even richer than your FATHER….nice tune @tania’s boo

  20. Wizkid ayo…africans finest…wat a nice joint @ espensive $hit

  21. Mad Jam Wizzy! …Doing it the Fela way

  22. nice one again ma nigga wizzy never stop ;oving you, people been hating on u and they have nothing to on u, BLESSED!!!

  23. Dope!

  24. “expensive shit” same old shit. wizzy with childish lyrics, he should just step up with his lyrics. Nice production beat by sarz

  25. Bitvh ass niggaz b hating…. Wizzy d best #1 starboy

  26. fuck you all who don’t love Wizkid he is the number one best musician in Africa

  27. Trash mtcheewww

  28. I love Wizzy’s music but frankly, I don’t feel this one. Doesn’t make me a hater. Internet gangsters calm down. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don’t bully people. Drop ur comment and leave

  29. This song is really an expensive shit

  30. wizzy man change some of d people in yuh crew looks like u have alot of Yes men around u dat don’t tell u d truth d beat is good but u were wack on dis wake up!!! man u sleeping

  31. Nice one bros….wizkid, if nobody talk
    about u den u are nobody. If u no like
    d guy why u download d song,,,,I’m ur
    real fan wizkid…. I love d music….let
    dem cry……….dem no dy appreciate better

  32. Song on point

  33. Y’all saying trash! bou this song shuu just shut up! I don’t comment buh I gotta! Seeing all this I’m pissed! he did well! its matured! When he drops the video! its gon be a hit! Let the nigga be! he’s still making his money! Living a good lyf.. and y’all complaining the song is not nice! eveytime! Truth is that he doesn’t care.. lol.. he has made it! Its a very nice matured song..

  34. Rockin expensive shit….wizkid is killin it lyk seriously

  35. Y wizzy dey always do like dis nw, d same flow everytime wizzy abeg go meet wande make he teach u hw to sing abeg. Wizzy dis shit wey u drop no dey expensive at allllllllllllll……….

  36. 10 seconds into this song and I already like it…. Reminds you of ‘Jaiye Jaiye’ doesn’t it… Same artiste/Same producer…. Its a Jam! Wizkid still knows how to insert his vocals perfectly into a beat..
    DJ Mario for your events… Pin:33164D71 / 08185971013

  37. good 1 bro abeg do fast cum awka we dey wait

  38. Wizzy like the song, Oya shakitibobo

  39. Haters go die young!! Massive tune by Wiz!!!

  40. Expensive shit…… feeling d jam!!! Starboy…

  41. Me never hear line way he don use before for here ooo sometimes reading u nikas comment is like raping a disable it’s futile fam…..this is confirm afro hit nd if u can’t relate to it STFU it’s not a must u dl his song abi bawo

  42. Wizkid we need sumtin different from u not dsame Wack lyrics all d time…Baby diz Baby dat Gosh we’re tired of all dat shit…pls Go back to E.M.E record

  43. Wack or not Wack! WIZKID is a better man in d AFRICAN industry nt even Nigeria!!!!! D guy has pulled more stunts with more international artists (and d’banj too) see you’ll only b a BIG FOOL to even hv a thought of saying Wizkid I going down d Drain ok! Dis isn’t even abt mayb I’m a big fan or not, d name ‘Wizkid’ is a Huge name n #1 name in d industry of d AFRICAN scene! Wizkid made lots of ya’all wanna sing n even bliv ya’all are talented…so trying to think like you’re OUTTA box n feel like hey ‘its just wizkid n his normal stuff’ lol YOU’RE A BIG FAILURE WITH YOURSELF! He n davido makes more crazy, I MEAN INSANE MONEY DAN YOU CAN IMAGINE! Weda you feel d song was good enof or not..besides hv you even ever paid to watch any of your so called favourite Artist perform? Hahaha, now you want your crappy opinions to matter..MAMA REST! “Once an hit maker, everly an Hit-maker” weda you love it or not, dos da will WILL…your ugly vibe won’t b noticed AT ALL period!

    • U no sabi good music Mumu…diz shit ain’t don finish for music mouth,His AYO album tells it all..#Ode metcheeew

      • Alaye… which album you don release??

  44. rubbish!!!!!

  45. I compliment Sarz for the Beat but wizkid messed it up with his Wack and Childish Lyrics…Davido or baddoo would’v done justice to the beat..wat a total waste of effort,Niccur need to retire from music or he should rather go back to E.M.E record like my guy DopeNegro said

  46. nice expensive shit surulere number one

  47. WACK…..bye

  48. fuck wizkid for diz song dis song is just nothing but trash this song is a clear shit frankly speaking i blamed my self for downloading this
    90% of his song is based on baby girl wizkid is now fucking up big time…

  49. Bak 2 sender 2 ur haterz, wizzy loke loke #dope song I must confess

  50. Haters kill ur selves!! Davido has never had an afro beats song as good as this.. Bastards. Hate for no reason.. Idiots!

  51. EVEN IF NA RUBBISH UNA GO STILL SAY NICE ONE….Pls let’s say the truth wen something is not good and also the truth wen it is Good so as to improve Nigerian music,don’t continue to hype an artist wen he’s on the wrong path cux he will continue 2 give u dat rubbish!!!!..GOD BLESS

  52. Lol…when u knw say na baby baby e go dey repeat…why downloading it?…if u ain’t satisfied wif dis jam…abeg go jump inside suckaway..or make u hang una self…abi d guy beg u say make u download the song?…awon haters oloriburuku”””bad jam…wizzy number 1

  53. This Shit is really expensive…Wizzy is still keeping up…it ain’t easy fellas,let’s learn to appreciate him bcux he has been there for long and he’s still bouncing…if you say he’s Wack,will you easily forget back then wen he gave us Hit like Holla at ur boi,Don’t dull,my name,samba,azonto,pakurumo,baddest boi e.t.c..please we should learn to appreciate him or any musician…i still love Wizzy YAGA!!!!

  54. #STAR-Boi # dis jam is fucking expensive……smellos to all the haters.

  55. dope track…God bless wizz

  56. I no too like wizkid. ..but Na great jam b dis 1

  57. Song of the century expensive shit

  58. Wizkid killed it again as usual expensive shit

  59. Number one fan…awesome track,more money hon..

  60. Dope!!! Fuck all haterz

  61. Expensive shit#expensive wizzy

  62. dope song (y)

  63. D beat is simple and ok but whoever played that sax on d beat does not even understand simple afro beat scale and movement. Wizkid not too nice song as i expected but not bad all d same. u can still step d game up more. i trust u man. i just hope u take all this criticism together to help u. cheers bro.

  64. Wizzy baby does it like Fela Kuti. Pls keep on serenading us with gud melodies. This is real Afrobeat. Thumbs up 2 Sarz. Starboi u be murderer.

  65. Good beat.. Poor lyrics… Arrggghh

  66. Love d track wizkid keep running bro

  67. Love d track wizkid keep running bro

  68. Folks nvr tlkin reality….voodoo duin t real gud. Empty shit!

  69. Track of the century is expensive shit. He reminds me of Fela but in loving mood this time. Expensive shit is an Ear bomb, it killing it all. Good job wizkid

  70. av not heard any repeated lyrics on this jam …. its tear rubber 100% loving it

  71. Being a fan doesn’t mean caging your reasoning capacity or Music taste… We should weigh the kinda songs he dished out in superstar album and wht he’s giving us now, you’re Wizkid’s major Enemy if you encourage him to keep releasing tracks like this… Y’all ever wondered why he’s no more included in Nigerian and international awards for the past few years? I know some retards here will say “Nice jam”, “Hottest tune” even if wizkid cough through out the record.. Y’all gotta switch on your critical sense organ… One mumu said he’s richer than people’s father, and so? He makes music for his own father alone?.. Expensive shit is below standards in lyrics and delivery as far as am concerned!!!! Argue with your Village chiefs

    • wen has banky,don jazzy,psquare,mi,ice prince nd so on get an award last….they are all making cool money without fucking award

  72. u guys will just kill urselves ova nutin, dat nigger wiz is making moni everyday whether his music is tight or not, he has made his name alredy, ur comments doesn’t move him, if u tink it’s easy putting out a song why don’t u go in2 d studio and drop one and see. don’t hate a nigger who is #MADE

  73. nice track….keep d good work wizzy

  74. me just luv everytyn about skilo .

  75. He is probly dissing davido for his new expensive shits i guess

    • My friend shut up your fucking mouth…. wetyn carry Davido enter here now….. mugu

  76. It wud be undastandable if its hiding in an 18-tracks album (not as a single)…(Speaking widaut bias) dia’z nufin vavavooming bout dis piece of studio work…go bak 2 workshop,bro!

  77. Song is so dope & real. Shit is really expensive. Numba 1 on my playlist. Cant get enuf of diz song. Wizzy na Fela in d making, king of Afrobeat. One tin ppl shld knw is dat Wizkidayo is all abt creating gud sounds & melodies, he’s not competing wit anybody. It also takes pure talent to keep one going. Pure talent is all Wizzy got. He had been consistent since he rose to prominence in 2011. My nigga keep serenading us with gud muzik, let haterz go to hell. I rep teamwizkid

  78. truth be told, this is real expensive shit…shit @d expense of my data. .. let’s nt be blinded by the love we’ve gat for him… wizzy is completely off

  79. hmmm….. like seriously Neva liked wizkid sha…… d beat is vewi nice Buh d problem of wizkid is vat he keeps repeating his lines errytime, and vis expensive shit track wasn’t left out. .. come rain nor shine I prefer kiss Daniel to vis dude….. and plss if my comment dy pain u for body use hot water to drop d pain…… errybody is entitled to his or her opinion

    • abeg u guyz should cut the crap who doesn’t repeat lines and rhymes in the Nigerian industry xcept baddo

  80. I laf in Spanish” nice beat tho Buh I rather go for laye by kiss Daniel to vis expensive shit….. same old baby o stuff….. vis wizkid ain’t matured at all, keeps repeating his lines in Erry of his songs…. wen wizkid is been ft by anoda artiste he does well Buh on his own track repeat throughout…. vats my opinion hoo and I am sure most pipo will take vat lane wif me….. wizzy baby plsss go back to EME

    • You don’t know good music. How on earth will you compare Laye with Expensive shit. KDaniel is a new act and he is already struggling, if you listen to Woju and Laye there isn’t too much difference. Now how many buzz has Laye gotten compared to this Expensive shit. Again it will be very hard for KDaniel to compete this year with Woju compared with joints like GodWin. Without a video GodWin has stopped Woju’s shine. Woju has a remix, has a video for both original and remix and it is fading away. Na wa…Una no sabi analyse.

      • wizzy is cool guy so is new track is dope so dont shout on him u haters so fuck off jst appreciate is song for once , dont u knw dat is d first young nigerian artist to be recognised in outside africa wit is album, #STARBOY TEAM

  81. Wizzy keep going,it’s nt easy, nice hit nd lyrics

  82. wizzy u r good,no doubt about it buh u jxt have to change your style of music… doing the same old shit is uncool pls we ur fans are fed up of this style of music…pls make music like a real superstar#

  83. I know that he may have repeated some of his lyrics but he still made them work,the beat change and his voice make the song work and hot

  84. worst song of d year…..i dnt think any future song will be this wacccck!!!!!!!……..

  85. All dis u guys ar saying will nat remove anything frm wiskid neither is it going to add stop hating on d nigga his fans loves his music and pls if u dnt lyk dis keep mute and stop blabbing hating words. And if u knw u can do beta dan wiskid go have a try let mi see ur limite nonsence. Pple hating for nothin

  86. Oh what a lovely song! Whizzy baba ooo my mentor,you will forever move forward forever,please don’t just mind them at all and I’m sure you don’t have any of their fucking time!,remember what TUBABA said ‘IF NO BODY TALKS ABOUT YOU THEN YOUR NOBODY’ the more them criticise you,the more you keep shining!…keep on moving Expensive $hit! YAGA is love you WIZKID,hoping onday to future you man___-i’m an ARTIST- VOCALIST-hip pop—-pop—afro—- hip pop—-R&B____for Shows,signing of artist and more pls contact me at—07064639958…thanks,jah bless!…

  87. It’s a complete waste of mb – shit

    • Another wasted MB….Rubbish song #shit indeed!!!!

  88. na so na so na so…brother from a different mother…..wizzy…love u 4 life…na so na so..goood one!!!!

  89. Wizkid i luv u….u 2much…as 4 d hater’s u ill die dre….hw mani snq una dne sinq…bithch niqqas…bois tlk while men work….dope

  90. Wizkid i luv u….u 2much…as 4 d hater’s u ill die dre….hw mani snq una dne sinq…bithch niqqas…bois tlk while men work….dope

  91. Wizkid is a Wizard! Everyone has got Wizaddiction. #ExpensiveShit

    • Are you from babcock

  92. Much love…..thanks so much !!!!

  93. Dis is de wost song i av ever heard,laye,owo nikoko,bobo,even gbese are all beta dis rubbish wizkid just vomit,childish lirics,king obo is beta dan dem all

    • Bad belle.. go and sing your own song and listen to it alone. Okponu ayerada

    • U re nt real at all

  94. I Swear this one is shit….. Wizkid abeg give us something better #waste_of_mb

  95. Wack song…tnx for callin it expensive shit

  96. Nice 1 wiz,4 d haters u guys r going 2 die very soon shw me d sng dat u’ve releasd,do u fink its easy 2 b known wrld wide,e sure me xay una neva pass ur mama domot talkless of travellin out of nigeria!mtcheew!9ce 1 wiz 08180163599 z my whatsapp number am a musician virginboi z d name

  97. u are for real

  98. nice one star boy

  99. Star boy wizzy everything for na Expensive

  100. expensive ops

  101. I’m rocking expensive shit.Song so dope, Shit so expensive. This real afrobeat. Sarz you be the man.

  102. As for mi,dis is complete shit nd waste of mb,how can dis boy after all dis yias in the music thing do sometin like dis,I blve he should be getting better not the orderwise……..Nice beat dou,Good work sars.

  103. ppl go and listen 2 fela’S SOngs u know wizzy is a pure way 2 describe him….buh ppl think s muzik is beans talk #STARBOY Team….

  104. Typical average wizkid ssong…too mediocre but its gon rock em clubz anyway…its “danceable”

  105. I love this one Star Boy …keep it up
    “”GOD BLESS””

  106. if u love dis song, then u must be the most stupid person on earth

  107. if u love dis song, then u must be the most stupid person on earth

  108. This is total trash!!! Waste of ma fuckin mb……..wizzy u ma hommie bt dis iz trash mehn …….*thumbs down*!!

  109. Nice one ????star boss u d best of all boss keep it up we love it,….for d ofrokpe nigges eat the D dick swallow it don’t spit (fuck u Haterss u useless)

  110. Nice one ????star boss u d best of all boss keep it up we love it,….for d ofrokpe nigges eat the D dick swallow it don’t spit (fuck u Haterss u useless)

  111. Nice one ????star boss u d best of all boss keep it up we love it,….for d ofrokpe nigges eat the D dick swallow it don’t spit (fuck u Haterss u useless)

  112. Dont forget to read the LYRICS on Naija Lyrics Zone

  113. A fact is dis.. D beats r ok bt wat is he singing actually.. His lyrics r getting worse day by bay.. I’m a fan bt we need 2 tell d truth.. GBU

  114. Wizkid has lost his talent!! Disappointed, wizzy of all people know hw dis music roll, he did nt deliver well here

  115. 9ice one wizzy…..u b ma no. 1 4 naija musicians list…..and u no go evar slack…except say i blow!

  116. Wizkid to like go back ojueleba???……if e continues like dis na dere e dy go ooo

  117. Dope track

  118. nice one jaare wizkid! wizkid am also a musician,a 16 years old boy but wizkid nah you b my mentor ooo!! cos nah your pattern i dey use but if say we fit dey together i go appreciate atleast make i just dey for your record label hun! nah my number b dis 08180439573 can’t wait to hear from you…..

  119. .see ona mouth,ona fit sing abi..wizkid d best in d world fuck u hatarz.abeg joh…feeling the jam expensive shit….starboi

  120. Wizkid yhu’re the man, I salute. Nice song,. #BadBelle is allowed, lol. He will still get the money so ya’ll can say $hit

  121. dope track, bad belle is allowed

  122. What gives me the crisps is seeing a good music and not applauding….seriously what do you want this guy to do…i mean he is actually at moment the most consistent artist right now giving you guyz hit singles, do u knw how long it takes to even record a song… if u guys can applaud olamide for that wack song he did and now having hard feelings about this club banger then you can as well eat my dead grandsma’s ass these dude is recognize in the whole universe. Wizkid have got much love for you bro…#Disturbinuniverse #SOL.

  123. Really don’t know why Davido fans ar all lunatic like him u just keep saying stupid things abt wizkid or is because u see he is handsome an talented a nope more Davido! fuck u haters wizbaba keep your eleveting

  124. Jah bless u wizkid. U av always outshine all. Bro keep up. Something expensive sh*t.. Number one for life…..

  125. D song is lyk every song out dere, rubbish, just like dorobucci, dis songs are made for clubs and parties not so u can relax and listen to d lyrics! Be in a club wit a big booty chick dancing infront of u, tell me u won’t rock to dis song! It shit haters

  126. Nice music,its intrestin may God continue to bless u. I also sing nd my musics are also intrestin

  127. Nice one wizkid love the sing and the video was really an expensive shit tumb up bro wizy for life..

  128. I’ve been a Wizkid fan but only the beat kills it for this song. What is happening to him!

  129. Pretty pretty baby age z jst a num ijo lani ko jo sugbon shakara oloje ni……I still cnt hear any line dah he as used b4………pls point d line out….wizzy eleniyan….z a cheat…

  130. expensive shit making sense mehn!!! jah bless u bros wizzy

  131. Dope song #bad belle ix allowed

  132. Am also a up coming artist and i love wizzy mode of singing keep it on baba nla

  133. Exotic sound. It gets u moving ur feet to the dance floor. One of my personal favourite. It is so easy to criticise but how many of us can really go out there, talk less of still waxing it stronger like Wizzy?

  134. nic song bro international doro, man u hot c u hav droping thz songs back 2 back

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