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Wizkid – Show Me The Money (Radio Rip)

Posted by @Tobi_tx on March 21, 2014 in AUDIO · 123 Comments


New tune believed to be on Wizkid‘s forthcoming album, this track is titled “Show Me The Money”. I rate this dope.

Hit that play button and tell us what you think!

Note: The track is produced by Shizzi and this is the unofficial version.



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  1. First to comment. Proud to be Wizkid’s NO_1 Fan

    • If u b first and then?

  2. Hey…..what a mighty hit….so sounded I love it and continue hitting them up at u wizzy…love ya

  3. Una and this first to comment thing. Una well atal. Some primary school shii dere pple.

  4. Wizzy as usual. So damn blessd. Am tired of how good this boy is shaaa! Wtf!

  5. Una thief am for beat fm yesterday abi

  6. berry

  7. Wizzy abi u nd davido no dy good, so y shizzi dy produce song for u na

    • Wizzy Baba nd mind d way who told you d skelewu crooner and wiz ain’t in good terms..Charlie watch Wat u saying####

  8. Keep the hard work and turn back the nice songs u 1ce Made…bt for ds I guess I jst wasted my MB

  9. Wizz ur not killing it again. Davido keep it up

    • shut dey fuck up idiot wizzy is still killing it even better than his boy davido

      • y re u guys bothered abt all dis musicians…dey av all made their beta u guys concentrate on ur profession..and leave them alone..

      • @davido- Love my haters!!!! The more they hate me the more my pockets getting fatter!!!! @wizkid -is a learner…he needs a teacher like banky w.

  10. Not feeling this shit.

    • any nigga nt feeling dis is a local fool …..all dis local boys hating on wizkid……team wizzy all d way

  11. dame shit felt regrts dwnloadin it @ 1st

    • local boy dis song is dope evry one nose

  12. Not feeling dis….

  13. Oboy…. Wizkid just dey jonse now oooooo…. Sit back and write ur song… Don’t just dish out freestyles and songs wey no dey pass message…

  14. Wack track. Wizkid ur’e known 4 good music.
    Shizzi is loyal to David so run away from him.

    • u r d 1 who is wack local fool………dis song i dope and wizkid remains d best

  15. You guys should stop na, u would dicourage others… The song is nice joor…

  16. Wizkid is just doing d same tin over n over n over n over. Come on u’ve gat a very lovely voice….why not do good music outside dis noise noise noise and more noise…always saying d same tin n doing d same tin. No doubt u’ve made it big n nomata wat pple wil always love u,but trust me u can do better dan dis.

  17. Ppl are voicin out their opinions nd ur tellin dem to stop, na wa to u. Wizkid ur beta dan dis na

  18. Wizkid stp wasteng time jor,U no get music for mouth again::::::::::Rubbish track

  19. I can’t wait to listen to the studio produced version . Wizzy u r goooood

  20. shizi wetin join u nd wizkid 2geda ? I tnk ur boss davido no dey good terms wit wizkid anyway dope song God punish haters make una go do una own foooolz

  21. Wait o, dis one na jaiye jaiya abi wetin? Abeg wizzy do new music. Dis na rubbish. Try n b innovative. Later.

    • Da F….was wondering if I was d only one dt noticed jaiye jaiye beat…wack track dou

      • Hey now, i’m bein framed here! First, she’s 17 and seocnd, I try and drive my little girls nuts when she’s on Disney and I hit the mute button when she starts wailing I harbor no lustful intentions towards the young lady, lets be clear. I just can’t stand her music you sick bastards.

    • Abeg tell ne how this track take be like Jaiye Jaiye… The beat nor reassemble jaiye jaiye at all… Or is d part he said 4rm Lagos to Dubai, abuja to Muzahi… That still doesn’t means it looks like Jaiye Jaiye… Dude u gat Ear problems…

  22. Dope track naaa!!,yaga

  23. Wizzy dey sing rubbish……singing like an upcoming artist..hmmmmm I trust O,B,O I know if he was d 1 dah own’s d beat wizzy just used in singing dis rubish.. he would had murder d beat dan dat of wizzy…davido na u b best dude joor

    • You are big fool.

    • big fool……..wizkid is far better than obodavido evry one knose dat

    • OBO murda beat pass Star Boi, are u ok, in terms of Lyrics OBO is not different 4rm Timaya…

  24. seriously wizkid don’t really get you any more,this music is not Kilroy stuff. bad mood activated.

  25. wizkid please go back to your studio,get professional music analyst not encouraged at all.u are so going back

  26. fools day said d track is unfinished…. not complete ..ok

  27. wizzy nice one
    good song
    complainers wizzy an davido are bosses who are u

  28. Ds is below par

  29. to be sincere…. wizkid no dey try for us him fans attall….. people saying the track is dope are not loyal fans of wizkid. you guys should just download all old songs of his and see the huge diff….. what are my saying? the song no dope

  30. Wizzy u ar 2 gud u ar my best in the world without u nigerian music sucks

    • Na thunder go fire Wizkid 4 wt u just said, dat is an understement dat without Wizkid Nigeria musics sucks. Wetin she dey sing? D last time I remember u sang gud music was her 4 tracks of his first album. No dey sentimental at all.

  31. Wait a Minute, what wrong with this song??? Are u guys ok… Wat wrong with the track, is the beat or the lyrics??? This is afrobeat 4 God sake, this isn’t RnB, how do u expect him to sing in the song… Mehn, we gat Lots of haters in this country… And comparing him to davido, what Lyrics did davido use in skelewu, but still we all loved it, what did Timaya say in Ukwu, but I bet u everyone is dancing to the song… This is afrobeat… I bet many of u dnt even know the Genres of Muzik we have… Stop Hating plz… And stop discouraging others…

    • @ L.A.X u beta shot ur mouth up …na y u never blow after CARO. For the fact dat pple are pointin out their opinion dozint mean u should say we nigerians dozint know genres of musik……werey dey form UK boi

  32. y’all keep hating…. im gonna shut y’all up with my album. just wait

    • Luv ur reply @wizzy……plz do shut em(haters) up wiv ur album

    • Wizzy baby, don’t mind dis haters, u still d best, just concentrate and knack us this album so dat the world will feel the wrath in u, remain bless and succes in all u do, much love and prayers 4 u man

    • Wizzy baby #omo# no mind anybody jare jst keep dropping d hits and buy more porsche #lol#

  33. Wu say dix song na rubbish ahh her moda did nt born a child woo since 12pm am hearin dix song til nw

  34. I Fit Die On Top Ur Songz When I’m On D Steel Of Wheels #Wizzy_Yaga_All_The_Way!

  35. WIZZY I believed dat u r better Dan dis nd I’ll always keep on lovin ur music BRO.HATERS go ROUTY

  36. wizkid keep jonzing…davido is ur boss

    • Omo Davido no sabi sing….?? d koko b that!

  37. una don finish? this song is dope and stop comparing starboy and davido is like comparing messi and C.ronaldo or Jay Jay Okocha and ronaldinho they are bosses in their own lane so haters shut up pls and lets hear good music……. starboy nation / Hkn nation

  38. Yaga..God bless starboy

  39. 9ice track

  40. Hmmm! D fact dat d music is yet 2 complete, I love it! D music is wow! I can’t shout. As a matter of fact, my boyfriend and I dance to the beat today and we really enjoy ourself with music. So please haters stop comparing starboy wizzy with davido! If u don’t like the music, park well n stop say rubbish. The beat, lyrics n tune is marvellous, wizzzzy keep on rocking d sky is ur limit. Love u boy

  41. If u na dey hate put am 4 una pocket cause wizzy will always be loved by all cause he is blessed maybe u guys need to go 4 a music skul to know d genres of music.wizzy i really need ur help in my music.

  42. Peeps we all luv wizzy nd dtz y we r being honest, diz track z a f**kn congo record, itz nuht even close to nice, itz so wack, if we don’t tell wizzy d truth he wont improve I knw some of us r pained buht dont insult does of us dt r willing to tell him dt *he has fucked up*…

    • And I ask again, what is wrong with this song, cuz I dnt seem to know… Is it the beat or the lyrics??? U dnt expect him to sing like Justin bieber or Chris brown in this kinda beat… So what else do u guys want??? Some of you dnt even know what a genre of musik…

  43. If you like hate this song or wizzy but to me the guy is dope and also his songs…………and make una leave Davido for he own lane………cos wizzy is still killing it…………ya’all knw that wizzy is one of Nigeria best freestyle artist………..he didn’t wrote this song……it was a dope freestyle………love ya wizzy baby….yaga

  44. nice dope song thumbs up wizzy YAGA

  45. The music no complete abeg I need the full version, e mk sence die abeg no easy to be a musician o……

  46. Wizzy stop freestyling and compose nice songs…….u gettin vry borin I swear……dis song sucks……

  47. ama die hard of wizkid nd can sing evry track he has ever released…..buh dis one is d least i xpected frm africa’s finnest…hoping for anoda gud muzik lyk u’ve always done…shine on starboi

  48. Wizzy though ??? cashing money ß?? mehn ??? are totally out of the game..and by the way i think ??? are loosing some fans here coz am tired of ??? giving me shit!

  49. Bro you suck!! You totally out of it…this isn’t the wizkid dt sang holla @yaa boy, my name, samba jaiye jaiye and co. We tired of ??? giving us shit bro…think and give us what we want..WE WANT AFRO SONG!!! Nt afro highlife ok…ever since you’ve work with ??? KC of a guy yaa pattern hav change and we dnt like it…

    • yungsix u such an ass hole for saying such words on ur colleague.. wetin u sef dey sing wey u dey beef kcee.. if don’t have words In ur mouth.. beta go Astrakhan.. IDIOT.

  50. Wizzy no dey write again

  51. Nice one sha

  52. Cool

  53. who no lik wizzy make he go hug transfomer (wizzy ntn but joy) GOD bless you brother / up wizzy badbele people

  54. wateva wizzy does…he z stil mch bera dan wack david

  55. This guy is a beast.WTF

  56. Wizzy abeg no mind any fool wey talk say dis song no make..God will continue to giv Y??????????????? †??
    e sense ??? the strenthg to sing good song.I love ?? music

  57. only u dat listen to local shit will dis one a song…

  58. only u dat listen tu shit will call dis one a song…

  59. If u hate Wizkid me i realy luv him

  60. dis muzik is so fucked wizkid is loosing it same old ish

  61. Wizzy d song is dope abeg fuck haterz abeg being on repeat in my car since I downland it abeg drop ur album ASAP can’t wait

  62. We all love wizkid nobody hate wizkid but now wizkid make song tired us,we all know that first wizkid songs was good,we need more better than dis from wizkid…wizkid make your fans happy you can do more dan dis!!!!!

  63. wiskid nothin 2 say u ar d best am a studio engineer if u go help me u wil go higher than dis nd i wil also go higher

  64. wiskid nothin 2 say u ar d best am a studio engineer if u go help me u wil go higher than dis nd i wil also go higher

  65. wiskid nothin 2 say u ar d best am a studio engineer if u go help me u wil go higher than dis nd i wil also go higher am talented with it by GOD

  66. “Lagos to Dubai!!!!!, Abuja to Mozambique, go back to Mumbai, na wizzy dem want to dance to” if you think this track isn’t dope, then you literally know nothing about Afro-beat. You should be listening to akpala or syncro system. Haters keep off, wizzy is fire!!!

  67. D comments here z nt ENcouraging

  68. all this stupids haters. Ow can you in ur right senses compare Wizzy and davido, dats lyk comparing real madrid to villareal #smh. Wizzy baba keep making gud music, i love u man. This track is hot, cant stop listening

  69. all this stupids haters. Ow can you in ur right senses compare Wizzy and davido, dats lyk comparing real madrid to villareal #smh. Wizzy baba keep making gud music, i love u man. This track is hot,

    • ask in eh…. who in his right senses would compare wiz and davido, it’s like comparing a horse and a cattle…. starBoi ruleth that industry

  70. wiz of life.. great music
    haters will hate just keep the good stuff coming..

  71. wizzy keep it up…….na him Braun he dey use sing unlike Davido wey dey buy song

  72. see make unna still hate i know say dis song na hits he is there disturbing london disturbing dubai making his money hater are here just saying wack wtf will compare can it b possible to compare mj wit bruno mars pls stop hatin stop crticizing remember wat goes around comes around nyc1 wizzy.even in morocco moroccans are singing caro and on top ur matter imagine even in francophone them dey feel am

  73. this is not the wizkid that won the hades

  74. Hahaha……u are no more a kid, change dat ur fucking name to wizman or wiz some thing, since u like Wiz||for this song u MuMu we’ll well, u dn’t hav anything to sing again, why can’t u rest? Big Fool

    • You why your fad a no go be musician WizKid guy you be to much

  75. Wasted MB, u gonna pay 4 dis..gosh!!

  76. You guyz dnt knw wat u are sayin can compare a lion to ant??hw can u guyz be comparin wizkid to a small boy of that day called davido…and if I may ask what is wrong with the music?look let me tell u the true fact wizkid oldest musics beats davido’s latest musics come to edo state or lagos south africa and around the world people are dying 4 dis music can’t u guyz listen to the rhymes….abeg wizkid nobody iz better than u I swear…they are jxt being jealous abeg throway 4 them mke them hear ur album…dnt worry I will join ur entertainment…and count me in as 1 of ur fans around d world up wizkid down davido….

  77. wizkid is already a legend…everytin he drops is epic…@ prince i knw u cnt do betta,so stop h8n

    • Onye i dnt knw dat u re such a fool. who is wizkid?ans:a kid.prince is a hundred per beta dan dat kid of urs.

  78. Myke-Kodie

  79. Am jus feeling d song

  80. Keep it up @wizkid. D summit is ur limit

  81. Starboi u dope no doubt

  82. Staboi u dope no doubt

  83. Wizkid is a good singer! Far more better dan davido! davido can’t sing is jst the beating dat helps him(he has this deep voice)! But wizkid I love u? U will always be d best!

  84. #doroWizkid#doroDavido#doroGoodMusic.

  85. WIZKID iz da bomb!

  86. Wizkid is de best give him some credit.

  87. Everyone comparing artists here should please grow up, Davido nd Wizkid re bosses in their own lane……..and each of them re living large so y do u wanna kill urself over wat is not………think before u talk……..#assholes

  88. Chai ndi ala

  89. I see no wrong about this music…..wizzy do your fin,,,,,,

  90. Ndiaga @ starboy tinz

  91. M t good dats all

  92. 2much cash

  93. Ayo Balogun A.K.A. Wizkid! respect U 2much d whole world dey feel d song u be d number 1 of Surulere.

  94. Biliv it or not, wizkid z dah best, nobody stands a chance!

  95. Wizzy baba nosere sebi wizzy and anty yanyan. From mercy my contant is 08167898541 wizkid na u sure no any ther miucian na u be d best carry go jo. Omo olope jo o o o o.

  96. All of u na .na fools u na be weighting u na dey drag for wish time wizzy come out side??? The best music of wiz is love,love love as he small rich.ok nw look davido respectfull.boy he don’t park woman like wix hear his song an videos the he kits! Omobaba olowo u too much

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