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WORLD PREMIERE :Tonto Dikeh – HI + iTZova Feat Snypa

Posted by Tyler on October 17, 2012 in AUDIO · 116 Comments

Fresh new singles from the queen diva you all have been waiting for Tonto Dikeh Finally stops the wait by dropping her much anticipated singles HI + iTZova . These fresh singles have just shown Tonto is absolutely an  ENTERTAINER Movie + Music What else can i say  its all about TALENT.

HI is a little bit of high tempo with the feel of african drums and ItZova is more of a dancehall/reggae single which is definitely going to move clubs all over the country .

Listen and Enjoy!!





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  1. Tonto seriously? Please stay in movie ,when it comes to music you are talentless .. Tooxclusive see hype dem don pay u guys abii?

  2. Tonto Dikeh pls stick to what u do, music is not ur thing, don’t do this again.

  3. MEN…..why would she even go in2 singing…..talkless of rappin….arbeg don’t go ther o….see tonto o…..This your wack voice….the producer sef no try…..Mtcheeeeeeewwww!

  4. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!Tonto,na who advise u or na push dem push u into it niiiii

  5. WTF!this is a big joke tonto, like serzly gal, U????? shud stick to movies.. Music aint for U?????.. ??? FYI, ur songs where garbage!!!

  6. LOOL. dead

  7. Lol ..I tink d music industries should have a rule of law.. If nt u wnt lyk wot u would be seen in somfew years 2com

  8. WTF! Wot’s world premier bou diz???? So wack!!!

  9. Over Dead WTF is? trial version of madness or wat

  10. Plz tonto..don’t make me hate u..please!!

  11. Wat d f was dat u re a complete waste of money dat song get high is beyond bad u re an actress continue der its not erryone dat acts dat can sing ….wen I saw d pic of u der u were looking like u killed it u wasted money I swear neva release any song in ur life …please neva do dis again u re one of those killing d naija music Industry

  12. loooool….ok y'all should check out this video

  13. This is serious crap!!! WTF!!!!! This one fit make person commit suicide!!! eeeewwwwww…….

  14. NOOO!!…why Tonto why!..Why on earth will u do this to our ears!…are u retarded or what?…

  15. whoever posted this has done this nation a disservice. You don't have to say something nice about the songs you post. its pathetic.

  16. Y'all hating unjustly! I bet ur opinion is jst one of thos "she said, he said, I heard" tin!
    It definitely aint bad 4a start! Way2go girl!!!

  17. Whyyyy???? *crying* why did i subject myself to this??? My ears r bleeding! Damn Gurl! Who the hell told u u could sing?

  18. I love U????? so much Tonto,but diz song is a big NO,,U????? so good and like perfect when U????? acting,not singing plsssss

  19. Tonto u r ma favorite believe! Buh 2 b frank wit u d song is wack! I’m sowie….

  20. OMG! it doesn’t even sound like u dearie.. Love your acting tho.

  21. dis is really fuck

  22. Wonderful tracks you've got there. So wonderful that I did not bother downloading them. Music aint Ur way Tonto. Acting is the best for you.

  23. hahahahaaaahaaaaahaaaahahaahahahaaahhaaahhaaahhaaaaahaaaa…..mehn! this is not IT at all, why on earth would u do this to ur already dieing reputation. I've heard worse dou…. haaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahah

  24. KAS signed her on.You guys told KAS he can sing,so he started singing.
    Now he has told TONTO DIKEH she can sing,so now she’s singing.
    Soon she will tell VIC-O he can sing n he will try to relunch his career.
    Why can’t they do like KATE HENSHAW,write a song,give a gud artists to sing.
    So i ask “Is Recording Session getting expensive or less”.
    OMOTOLA was the BEST.

  25. mehn i love u buhh what was that u was not even singing sef! stop it jare!

  26. All those criticizing tonto dike..cos she did a joint, why hating?. If u thinking doing joints its by mouth, why not do 1 n send it to tooxclusive let’s listen to ur wack ish…fuck u all

  27. oloroburukwagi there…

  28. i love this song……………………………

  29. I have not heard the song, but seriously tonto doesn’t have music in her, when u say a good actress then she is ur gal but music she doesn’t strike me like one who has that in her more over she doesn’t have a sell out voice..I wonder how the music will be

  30. Make una free dis babe she dey try as for me i like de music….
    If e easy make una go release una own…
    Tonto carry on u balm

  31. Is good fr him To sing at list All d musicians ar singiNg rubbish So lEt Ar be,tonto my dear sister keep it up if dem like make dem tAlk is uR boy frankluv 30f7a500

  32. Sentiments apart,dere’s nuffin bad abt d songz,it doesn’t mean d songz are tite dou buh den d boo here n dere is juz an end-product of a pschological syndrome dat affected many Nigerians who are delighted 2 av sumfin 2 laff abt @d moment…sum av actually stated deir views abt it buh so many odas are juz goin wit d multitude…similar 2d kind of reactions dt dbanj’s oyato attracted…

  33. i?????? dis really muzic or noise. Abeg stick ??? ???? acting joor. L???O????????(=)))????O?????L???. I can’t control ?? ? =))?°? see as laff . won ?. comot my
    _\\_ waist.

  34. Enough of d beef jorh…she has really tried..lovely songs sweetheart….xpectin more 4rm u

  35. Tonto pls stick wit acting.. Dnt try dis shit next time ok

  36. Imagine dis foolish pipul,urna go take money promote dis kind stupid music…meanwhyl wen up coming artists send urna dia stof urna no go gree promote…fools!

  37. Tooxclusive where is your dignity? Don’t you screen songs or something? Its all about the money I guess!

  38. You bloody fool…u make me sick..ur song makes me wanna puke n commit suicide…you incontented fool, ur nt satisfied with acting..don’t u ever in ur life try this shit again… Nwa beef..onyoshi. KMT

  39. Wat’s wrong with dis song it’s ok as far as I’m concerned, at least for a’s much better than many of the rubbish songs we hear these days..pls nigerians shud stop hating.. if a friend of yours released a new song I’m sure u won’t throw all these hateful/hurtful comments..yeah u can air your view doesn’t mean u shud insult the girl slow down with the hating and hurtful comments ,ahh pple could b mean..singing may not be her thing buh she’s an artiste most actors/actresses release a song at one point in time of their career, she dint tell u she wants to b a musician m sure she loves what she does..please pple stop hating..nawa o if the girl sees all these comments she’ll be wondering what she did wrong to people.

  40. This is the worst dick song ve ever heard in my life. Pls and pls stick to ur movie at least for dat we are still helping u managing it to watch it but dis crab NO we cnt dis tune our ear drum its a dick music.

  41. Hmmmmm… At least Tonto u attempted, neva mind…. U can do better! Just get a better Vocal coach and a Better Music Producer like, Cobhams,Masterkraft or DaGenuis. But u weren’t good enof, take a break and work more on yoursrlf 1st if u must do music.

    That’s mine on advice! DaGenius!

  42. if u hate the girl that’s prolly why u hate her music..cos that song’s not too bad for a first..

  43. Like seriously dis is out of it.Its jst a waste of time$ by force.I tire for u ooo

  44. sriously , the problem wit dz song 2me is d producer !!!!!!

  45. Tonto ?ÕU?????? did well jare anybody way kno say him sing why D????? person no go sing ??????????? W?????e????? hear,keep it up

  46. First; world premiere?? , is tooxclusive high on alomo bitters? Secondly; I have never seen these much comments on tooxclusive from any song..

  47. Lol…WTF

  48. pls,is Tonto Dike confuse at ds point in ha career? musik no be force o

  49. Tonto Pls Leave Music Let Music Leave U.. Pls My Love!!! I Care…..

  50. I think blackberry is turning nigerian into smth else, nt jst bcos u can be online 24/7 means u shld start saying stupid things abt ppl. Pls u guys shld get a life and let this chick be. I bet u guys most ppl who say sm shit abt this chick are sm lazist ass mother fucker who dnt do any good tin than to sit and codem others

  51. Buh Really, why do people like copy copy, cos som1 said d song bad, una sef kon 4llow join? Ah! Nigerians;;). A????? a Fan ?????f Music infact Listening 2 Muzic s part ?????f ma hobby and ? ? Absolutely Notin wrong wit Tonto Dike’s song:/ 4 God sake, she is an Actress and ? ? notin Bad in showcasing ???? Talent:*

    Make una sef try Do somtin;;) E’easy?

  52. ha!!!!!!!! Tonto, WHY? this is a heavy noise pollution… pls wait for God's calling, becos when He call's you HE engrase you…

  53. first of all,i no its not easy coming out with something very unique these days especially when you are already a star in a particular field.i am not trying to follow majority here or minority,i just wanna spit the truth."HI" is a good song but the auto tune is too much,what happens in a life performance with that kinda high tempo,all i will say is the producer snypa is inexperienced and should go back to learning from well trained producers.i believe a producer like cohbams will bring out the real vocal strength in Tonto's voice and you will agree with me that the song will come out well..i will rate "HI" 4/10 and "ITZOVA" 5/10…peace!!!!!

  54. Babe abeg I lov you wen you act..pls don’t sing again..its nt ur thing…acting is ur talent! Bt nice try though..

  55. Hmmmm,tonto baby its so so so so wack

  56. tonto my model u try joor no mind dem

  57. Teacher: How do we keep our ears healthy, clean & away from danger?…
    Akpos: By not listening to Tonto Dikeh’s music.

  58. @byakpos…..that your stuff is do funie……..º?a?a?aº°???°º??:)

  59. pls get off the music scene nw nw oooo,b4 its late…..Damn…

  60. I’d say practice makes perfect just lyk wen u started acting for d first tym u weren’t dat gud but nw ure a professional…I’d say do what you want to do and be who you want to be..I’d say Finish wat u started!
    Don’t give up..even if all you see now is impossibility!

  61. Obvious prove that 9ja music industry is dead 4 em 2 accept such noise as song. Tonto I luv u, u re pretty, smart n intelligent but dis is worst than a song a dummy will do. Pls stick 2 actin also an advise u don’t ve good friends nd most of ur fans re cowards cos dey fail 2 tell u d truth all cos dey want u 2 feel better.

  62. W?????e?????t?????i?????n? ????? dz………..mstchewwwwwwww

  63. Babe,u are good.i love ur concept…u are nt d first actress 2sing buh of all i’v heard,urs is d best.kip it up.abi u wan compare tonto with rita dominic?joooor oOº°????°º ur fan

  64. wat's up with the coughing in the middle

    • seriously i dont get dat part too, but the song is nt dat bad to be honest!

  65. Honestly,ppl are jst exaggerating…the song is nt dat bad, she tried oo 4 d fact dat she’s not a pro wen it cms 2 music. As 4 me sha I gbadun d chorus!!!

  66. what do you guys call good music these days? All full of noise with must-move beats. As of Dikeh, guess you guys expected too much from her cos she’s a movie star forgetting that she’s just tryna have a headstart with Music. Not bad for a start Tonto.

  67. Tonto, abeg stick to d movies! If u release any song again, nigerians will hunt u o! Lol! I don’t even knw y d producer allow dis song to leave d studio. Dat “HI” song, were u learning how to pronounce some words u came across in d dictionary or wat? Dat song is so funny and STUPID!! Tonto, seriously, u need to be locked up for dis.

  68. hahaha tonto Dick……

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  70. Tonto nice sing u try if anybody don’t like it there should go nd sing there own god we help u

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