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Young Pizzy – Back Seat Jab [Davido,Phenom,Yung6ix & Cyrus Diss]

Posted by Tyler on September 4, 2013 in AUDIO · 102 Comments


Young Pizzy is not only taking on YUNG6ix anymore,he has decided to take on the whole industry LOL. He did drop some hard punchlines though but i will let you drop your thoughts about this move from the young blood.  🙂 … Pick Your SUB and RETIRE

Listen Below and share your thoughts.



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  1. Dude stay in skool or go sell spare parts nobody needs this ur rubbish … Tooxclusive you guys better post somethg sensible

  2. this nigga needs a rehab asap!!!

  3. Chai I neva hear am ooh . Buh guy no fear go put phenom name der . Chai wetyn phenom go do u eeh u go regret ur life

  4. On ma play mode… Lyk D beat, young pizzy u killd it.. Badoo ur on point

  5. I dont just undastand d bearing of music industry these days. Virtually every1 want to spit on d mic most of which r rubbish.Young pizza,you ought to have a re-tink on ur music career cos dis shit aint gonna take you anywhere

  6. Asuu,should beta do Smthn…n parents should think of taking dia children to private skul…cos dis is d second dude dat is going from just ordinary mental problem to real madness.wts wrng wit tooxclusive by d way…

    To dis dude d best way to commit suicide by shooting urself…its less painful…
    But dis ur death decision is harsh on U,Baba n God will judge U about it…

    U really wanna do dis?..believe me U will get 0 famous…
    Yung6ix n phenoem haaaa…RIP in advance dude…

    I know davido will laf it over n Cyrus dead music carrier has no space to fink abt dead artist at dx tym…he is probably into another better business am sure..

    Asuu do Smthn…dis bois brains dn dy rotten…n plz admission to my skul n.u.o(novena)is on now, dude go get urself a form

  7. Lolz @DJ millz . . . U gat me lafin ma slim butt out. . . 9ce talk jare

  8. I'm force 2 tag dis d wackest rap of eternity,I even fil bad callin it a rap…menh dude go get a life,..kai I'm so tired of all dis wanna be's…check hu u wanna diss "phenom,yungsix,davido,cyrus"?nd imagine d wack quality u used,u where literaly strugglin wiv ur breath,culdnt even finish d sng…get a life *RUBBISH*

  9. yea… Xo xo 4unny

  10. Young wat ever,go back to school or think about ur life,if really u want to do rap,MUMU

  11. Young pizzy you are looking forward to blow, you just want this guys to make you famous when they sing about you., cos you rap notine you dey call south west, north everybody like say u fix rap. Na my woundkid go kill. You.

  12. Guy dis 1 no make sense oh on like da first class u 1st released

  13. Chai see this mumu!!!

  14. Some dumb fools are blaming tooxclusive, dt shows how senseless u are.

    So, bcos some naija artist were dissed on a track, it shud'nt be promoted.

    U guys need to get a life real soon.

  15. Kreative Mindz

  16. All I can do is laugh….jst incase u want to get in a bad mode This is de rite track 2 put u in it…young pizy niggr ur wack.

  17. All I can do is laugh….jst incase u want to get in a bad mode This is de rite track 2 put u in it…young pizzy niggr ur wack.

  18. Young Pizzy be killing this beat I love it putting wack mcs to work . Y'all hating on this joint are bunch of clueless fans,famzers and nobodys. If it aint good why y'all talking ? LOL keep making him famous . Young Pizzy is the best rapper out there #RESPECT

  19. Young Pizzy u re hot jooor!!!! Dis people re just hatinnnn!!! Nice one on the diss…..This Is HipHop!! Competition!!

  20. I can't believe I actually wasted my bis to download dis crap….#Father plz 4give him

  21. hommie wot tha fuck is wrong wif u. have u loose ur manners…. why shuld u diss phenom tha viber…. mehnnn am fuckingly disappointed at u… they only tym u get to rap so tyt is dat of a dullar….leggo

  22. love the Energy but you of key i believe you could do better with a good coach….08166985276 call me lets talk

  23. dis small boy na real mumu. make him go read hi, book or mk him go music school to go learn

  24. see ur vewie stupid 2say dis….go do urs u fool if u tink its easy

  25. Fool if u wan blow go sell ur fada house. U aint gud in dis rap game

  26. lo=))º°???°º?a?a?aº°???°º??=))l,ehya yungpizzy,wid pleasure I tag u †?? dopest mc on earth ???r high up 2 †?? point of madness,onuku!

  27. LoL… He did a rap diss & had my name on it? menh,this shii is whack AF. I see what he's doing,trying to get famous with this. when I hit you with a verse,you won't know what hit you… can't wast mb downloading this trash tho. am out

  28. Tell him ooo bro. @mill js cnt stop lafin @ dis shit!!! Dis dude is lyrically broke

  29. DJ millz how are u doing pls here my bbpin 26f66168! I like 2 chat with u! 9ice one from my men man young pizzy I am by ur side ok! That's my new bbpin make we chet

  30. Jay

  31. hahahahahah dude

  32. Uhmmmmm…. Didn't you listen to yourself before dropping whatever you said you dropped? First of all, what did phenom do to you? I need to sympathize with you, cause if phenom should jump on you, your career will come to an end. If you want to make it in music, is dissing the only way??? Think about your life bro.




  35. Pizzy! U are mad for dropping this sh!t u called beef track! Mehn this is dentrimental to my ear lobes…the beat is louder dan u voice…ur rhymes are so wack and weak! My lil cousin his far better than yur fool!…tooxclusive must be mad 4 uploading this shit..

  36. ASUU strike b inspiring yung n upcoming artist to diss made artist n dey b expecting fans….nigga open ur eyes or better still open ur books n get smart..u won't make money dissing,ur diss is just part of their campaign for them to get bigger,take correction 4rm GRAVITY,don't kill ur future bro

  37. TooXclusive Na waO! I don send dope Jam Tire Una no upload AM O, Na SHIT wey ONE OFRUKPE nigga carry Come na em U con take RUB us! This place is so smelly. Am Sure the pizzy slf get Bad breath., Huh

  38. QewBeat

  39. Ray

  40. young pizzy, you don fall our hand for area oo,boiz from area dere eyez don red oo, you wey we dey rep b4… na stone we go take pursue u commot from area

  41. today na gun we go use shoot ur head commot, you don spoi rap music, shey na diss you wan use blow nii, you don tey for this music oo i knw buh you don fall hand, if you don dey sing for 5yrz and you no blow abeg find something doin

  42. pizzy i know you die shey you know after bin a cinematographer or make i even say camera man you wan come diss pple wey music na there thing

  43. why you no stay for silverbird dey do mingle, you no know weda na ur caling be that

  44. Kiddo duke

  45. Izzy

  46. Dude, 1 comment, get a life cos this one doesn't suit u…..Frustrated u are, i understand but dissing Phenom and 6ix @ once was a horrible mistake. I doubt they'll stoop so low 2 reply, but if they manage & reply u, ma guy, it will be d END of ur career as far as any1 is concerned.

  47. Lmfao..dude wen d song first started I was expecting somefin dope kai..damm ur a disgrace to rap..pls na u need the Back seat Jab..u just dissed ur self… Damm.

  48. Guy I have never posted a comment here but for this foolish triat u just demonstrated I just have 2 take pain and type !! U are a big fool,u just make a fool of your entire family,I guess maybe na ur papa get the studio u just dei use am they play,just go and learn valcanizer and be useful 2 urself ,my pin 2a58afd3 add me if u want 2 be somebody

  49. Hahahhahahaha; I laff.. Pls who ????? dis Nigga..? Listen young man. Rap Get Rules N I see u fail 2 master d Rule b4 goin in.. Nobdy gv a dame abt u N u involve ur 7yrs old sis join.. U sound off d beat., wat a nice beat dat u jst waste 4 noting; well if u ar waitin for dem 2 Reply u., am so sorri cus dis boiz ar Buzy Chasing money N u ar here chasing dem.. U nid Psyche evaluation ok.. Dey can arrange one 4 u if only u ask wt gud manner.. Music no bi by force!! Gt seek ur Future else where. haaabaaaa!!!

  50. Wonders they say shall never end. Well I blif we are in a free world so anybody can say what he or she likes,but I believe there is a reason for all this. Well no matter what guy take am easy o…cos small time nao you go wan diss ABAGA,#jeje

  51. Wonders they say shall never end. Well I blif we are in a free world so anybody can say what he or she likes,but I believe there is a reason for all this. Well no matter what guy take am easy o…cos small time nao you go wan diss ABAGA,#jeje

  52. DJ jbi…me dnt ping
    An a windows phone…
    @aaikaey1…beep me

  53. Only chicks pls, add up 238C2743

  54. Phenom?!? Heiiii!!!!!! Wu does dat? He is rily gonna murder u mehn!

  55. Bro u aint brag nor frow cux u rap sag lyk shit.. Abeg go dy sale pizzy dat wah fit ya… Dis rap no good 4 our country

  56. Pizzy ur fada!!!!!!!!

  57. ooh lord save us from sin!!! this guy just sinned!!! I couldn't wait to press the stop button!!! pizzy or pizza, I prefer pizza cause pizzy is shit! I dnt do rap. buh am better dan u!!! that beat was dope buh u were loped!

  58. young pizzy na wa for u ooo….u be disgrace to your whole lineage. u don't have friends coz if u do no one wud let u make dis garbage go public. was really expecting sometin great but dis young pussy just fucked my ears up. go back to the basics bruh

  59. @pussy…wen it comz 2 rapp..???? kno my 95yrs granpa iz berra dan yu…….

  60. Guy, u'er really fuck up, who are u talking to famous musician?who knws um better tink well and do responsible thing for ur life,time is going,people making money u, u'er yep people that pass u

  61. Young watin 4 U???????? mind ??????? rap ???? dis ?????º°?. may God 4give ??? cos U???????? just westing U???????? time. ???? need workers so U????? can call M????????? '???????d????? ???? ???? give U????? A???? job. just 4get music thanks 08052118204

  62. Young watin 4 ur mind na rap ?e dis ooo. may God 4give you cos ur just westing ur time. I need workers so u can call me and i will get U a job. just 4get music thanks 08052118204 or ping 221593A8

  63. That's the Key 2get Famous bro keepit up..verY soon all these hatterz Go want become ur's what you wanna do wit ur laif then go ahead an doit..dnt let dia loudmouth hold u bac….that's the same way dey abused Jesus an now he's Famous & his name iz evry where now an we cnt do without him….sO believ me ur betta than them……congratulationz bro yOu are Wellcome to the industrY…bigupz 2u bro….@rythmzbeat

  64. Wtf! Wat ws dis nigguh thinking?

    D song sounds rough n the rap sounds childish!

    Its well

  65. Hmmmm young pizzy……ur music dreams ar ended b4 u started……..get a lyf

  66. Anybody knows this pizzy dude?…tell em he's crazy!!. He calls himself a rapper but he knows nothing about basic things like "time signature". rapping off time, disregarding beats and bars, mentioning game masters like Phenom who could smoke his ass to ashes in just 16 bars. Shit! This nigga thinks he'll get a response from anyone…I'm blaming tooXclusive too cos they should be assessing songs before uploading. Not all pieces of shit should be allowed to come online…its a shame if a foreigner gets on this site and finds crap like this. (FB: Ediongsenyene Umoren. pin:30899092). Thanks.

  67. Good rappers don't diss… 🙂

    Niga u no good… Useless is not enough to describe you… Ah dint download yo music… Ah wonder how wack yu gon be…

  68. Freedom of speech

  69. Dis is d longest c0mments I ve eva cin 0n TX..lma0 dis yung pizzy n0nsense rili caught 0ur attenti0n 0h…hahahahaha

  70. Guuuuuyyy………ur 2uu poor lyrically 2 compete wif doze rap niggaz u dissd….pik ur size dude! Ur cracked flowz 'wack'

  71. Dude …..most of us dar cmntd here r fanz of dose rap niggiz u disd….we din download ur trash cuz we lykt it……mumu oshi…..olodo……

  72. Yung phizzy,ur 2uu poor lyrically 2 compete wif dose rap nigaz u dissd…….nt sure ur getn ar reply @all……….learn 2 pik ur size. Ur ‘cracked’ flowz ‘wack’

  73. I just wasted space and time downloading dis ish….it was WACK!!……if u wanna diss at least let it be a hit track……wack ass binsh!!

  74. Lolz Prsn get mind diss Yung6ix, phenoem nd davido 4 1 song…mehn young-puzzy RIP in advance dude…

  75. Aswear Yung Pizzy na d biggest fool ever… See d kind correct guyz wey d idiot go dey beef…mtcheeeeew

  76. "Am a celebrity". young pizzy or whah you called I don't know you man. so juss fucj off with your trash, u said OBO sleeping with hoes but mind you he can buy you in a minute.. don't just try this shit with #Abaga or #VEC only if your coffin is in your ro

  77. D poor dude iz jst lookin 4 fame and drawing unecessary attention…na bcos of am all of una dey comment so.lmfao

  78. i can't sign someone like the wackarian.musiq we are been ashamed of calling Ma sef a rapper

  79. Guy u xo dumb…..u dey beef pple wey geh fame nd popularity pass ur entire family…….mtchew…u beef davido in the nxt 20 yrs u no fih geh em moni…..u beef yung6ix til u die u no fih geh em punchliness…..u beef ma mentor phenom…….na die u dey ooi…..coz of phenom me nd ma boiz fih go drop beef track 4 u oi…..take time oi………u said ur 7yrs old sis is bera buh u dumb dan her…..xtchew…big fool….smh!!!i kw u didnt do diz ina studio coz the mixin nd beat iz nt makin brain

  80. Baba yu wack ooo ……were yu frm cum sef la….@ holuwasupa yu dy mind dis fool…..6ix,davido nd ma main man phenom…..wahs yur family name!!!smh dnt even ansa,we knw yur family is lame

  81. @pizzy, who the fuck are yhu, ur song wack and ur name wack sef……tooxclusive una no try for uploadin thiz guy shit, for your lyf u no fIt reach where them they…..

  82. Pizzy yu shuld go try dah skelewu video……nah sept 16th e go xpire….jux try it manh….gr8 advice…lol..yu 1 die….mayb yu jux tryin to geh dia replies…dnt worri yu no fit sell..xthheeewww

  83. Guy sowi to say, u be fool, how yhu go diss davido,phenom e.t.c u know no say u be upcoming fool, tooxclusive site gat to do pages for stupid songz, and ur song gat to be thrown inside it….

  84. This is wack. if you're gonna diss people to get on the map, at least try to make sense. absolute waste of my time.

  85. Thank God derz a delete button on every fone…Cant waste ma BIS on diz shit…absolute waste of time on a stupiid song….Af told u to start doing bambianla

  86. Lol dis guy is really funny which kin rubbish diss be dis one nah… S m h•

  87. Lol dis guy is really funny which kin rubbish diss be dis one nah… S m h• Dis hommies is hunry dats d full explainantion 4 dis

  88. Stupid ass murda fucker!! U must be dumb 2 tink u can take on dis guys. Ur punchlines are so damn lame n ur trying 2 go hard bt honestly I aint feeling ur shit. Punk ass sucker!!! Wait till I get into d industry, u go hate urself. BASTARD!!

  89. Omo dis nigga smoke only white paper witout green in it nigga u ah r a mad man u need rehab asap buh u nd ur producer see broke ass warey say him wan blow nd nobody fit stop u lol u 4 lyk go north listen 2 d next news of were boko haram go blow u soppose blow among d next set fooooool u wan get atention na diss na first tink ur papa go start sell weed bcus 4 dis 9ja idustry no mad men inside apart frm terry g only say him de licenced

  90. No erry body de soppose allow enta studio walahi dis g is so wack did I just call u g god forbid dis goat is wack d studio u sang dat song needs 2 b shot down lyk seriously bcus u nd ur producer de kolo big tym

  91. YungKiz

  92. na wa o, na studio abuse b

    diz o

  93. D worse trash av heard in ages…smh

  94. Sammy

  95. younp pizzy, its me sellibrown. Lng time mehn. What the furck, i’ve been reading this chat since. I was in the ship catching some rubbers 4 d hood meehhn. Dnt worry, am making plans 4 me and u.

  96. but am coming up this time around, with my brother and my boss. RAPSEAZ is taking over cause my best friend and my future partner is here. But never 4get that, u ar still my causing brother.

  97. Vis sonq is da wackest sonq ah heard last year

  98. pizzy where u frm cum??? I never even hear d shit buh 4 d fact dt u diss yung6ix n knighthouse general, u b fuckup guy, am an upcumin rapper n for dis shit u dropped i can tell u re sick(fuckup) call me doctor D’Rock n i promised i wont ask 4 a deposit 2 treat ur fuckup, who send u?? I go send u back 2 ur cashless village street, OLILA, Olele

  99. God forgive me for wasting my mb on dis one
    so wack …..

  100. Thunder wey dey do pressup na im go fire diz mumu #peazy.. dissing niccurs lyk yung6ix , phenom… omo if i catch yu i go beat u i swear #BULLY

  101. See pizzy
    Dah guy ur a flop
    Big flop
    See huz talking….
    Ur a loser u cant compare yhasef with six
    Well if u want fame go tell em nd stop blabing
    For yha mine… Ur jass saying wah em gonna do to you
    Beta watch your tongue oo
    Niggas want beef when dere dont have teeth..
    Careful pizzy…
    I rep kktbm…. Who d hell re you??

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