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Danas – My Melody

melo e1370027504320 Danas   My MelodyMy Melody Danas



Last year Danas released Blowyazz Music, the tune totally blew me away, ever since then he has been in the studio grinding out new tunes.


Danas finally drops a fresh material to kick off his 2013, this one is titled My Melody and yes the song comes with a replay factor. Watch out for the visuals of this song, he his also working on his debut album, i will definitely cop one when it drops.


pixel Danas   My MelodyMy Melody Danas

Posted by on May 31, 2013.

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  1. Oluwasegun Dada Jesse Shegs says:

    Danas oo e, and skillful J, Blowayzz, uhn Make a toast as I approach, no fear this is blowayzz, time is money and 100 G’s for the Rolex. Bowling am bowling everyday we bowling all those chats we calling watching haters falling, mother * mother* whatever you telling me! Things like this happens ones every century. Thomas o thomas o comot for my domot o, danas o blowayz o shorty’s gonna love us, I beg I no wan hear shoothing bird mama fly away!, I no wan hear shoothing bird mama fly away! I am feeling you baby o you are killing me baby o, te le mi baby o mo ma te le e baby o. Don’t you that time na money oo time na money o, everyday am hustling everyday I’m grinding

  2. Oluwasegun Dada Jesse Shegs says:

    Danas… Unm, you know what? I just feel like you could know how I feel when I hear this Your Glamorous song- My Melody… I feel like am Good forever!. You know: the beat- 100%. Sound- 100%. Video- 100%. Girls too are 100% in the video. Esp the that danced with you, mehn You are indeed an experienced Melody Musician… Eeehh o! I like the way that You looking at me uh

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nene ft braket

  4. Xavier says:

    Fuck, this song is dope, the beat was smashing… Strictly on repeat

  5. Akeni eli says:

    Good song guyz i wish u d best

  6. Akeni eli says:

    Nice song guyz keep it up

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice song guyz keep it up

  8. Anonymous says:

    Loook for this song for lang

  9. Anonymous says:

    intro_ danas ooo! eee
    and skillful J
    blowing eee eee
    Rap_ make I toast
    as I approach
    no fear
    this is blowing
    Time is money
    honey G for d Rolex
    bowling, am bowling
    everyday we bowling
    all the shots we calling
    watching haters falling
    mother ooo ×2
    whatever u re telling me
    things like did happen once every century
    1– Thomas ooo ×2
    comot for my domot ooo
    danas ooo blow waist
    sure did girl is got to love us ooo

    Abeg i no wan hear shooting bird him fly away ×2
    I am feeling u baby, u re killing me baby
    telling me baby, u wan telling me baby
    don’t u know DAT
    time na money ooo ×4
    days why everyday am hustling ×2
    everyday am grinding ×2
    I like d way DAT u re looking at me ooo×2
    girl I like d way dat u re looking at me ooo
    I like d way DAT u re looking at me ooo
    why u looking at me ooo
    you too dey looking at me ooo! eee aaa!
    2– recording recording recording my melodies
    out here struggling, boy am trying to make money
    killing them monarstries
    they saying is felony
    you don chop my head ooo
    you’ve taken my memories
    I don’t wan to lose you×4
    Everyday ooo×2
    notin do you notin do me
    Everyday ooo
    notin do you notin do me

  10. bad man kenny says:

    Out here struggleing. Boy am trying 2 get money
    Dansa u ar killing ……….DOPE…….DOPE …… I like the way she’s looking @me

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dope song …I no wan hear shoot e bird,mama fly

  12. Danas uve taken my memories..i dnt wnt 2 loose u..oh my gosh dix song iz breath taken says:

    Time na moni eh eh eh..time na money..evriday am hustling..danaz keep it up..i luv u

  13. Anonymous says:

    Keep putting your best man your crown is waiting for you…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Luv u danas?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Luvly 4rm dis guy DANAS e s awesome….?kip it up

  16. Anonymous says:

    Guy u done finish work 4 dis ur track oboy u 2 bad, kai dis song na die

  17. Anonymous says:

    danas i don’t want too loose u,it’s time the world knows u,do a remix collabo with an A list artist and thank me later

  18. Anonymous says:

    Danas u don chop my head Ooo, u ve taken my memoriessss

  19. Frank says:

    ur head dey there!jooooooo

  20. luv diz song badly says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    abeg i no wan hear…..Danas Joh oh!!

  22. stylez says:

    This guy is toooo much

  23. foxy says:

    so in luv wit dis song.

  24. foxy says:

    so in luv wit dis song.

  25. smartMajor says:

    One word 4 dis song "dope"

  26. william says:

    Blowwwwwaaayyyyyyyzzzzzzzzzzzz to the last!!!! Thomos o thomos o,comot 4 my dormot o….i no wan hear shoot e bird,mama fly away…kai danas noni

  27. arogss says:

    Nice song

  28. Ikenna says:

    Mehn! Calm yo salty ass down..Why you acting like its your birthright? Rubbish.

  29. kelvin says:

    No download link,u stupid people.Dis is exactly d problem,nigerians rarely pay attention to detail,rubish!

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