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D’banj – Oyato

Posted by Tyler on July 14, 2012 in AUDIO · 99 Comments

D’banj is finally back with a new single without Don Jazzy ,after so much anticipation and expectation on what would become of his music without the legendary producer. Oyato is the outcome and this is one of a kind and a fresh new beginning for the kokomaster on his new record label DB records.

Listen ,Enjoy and Share your thoughts

Produced by Jaysleek



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  1. joo o fin boy but u out of music

  2. Big Bros u need to get it right: Lemme give u some lines.

    I am different, classic and I rock wiv my oliver twist and d world over can tell who skibanj iss
    No marrer d dissing brove I am reaching to d very top, like something I can call top topper toppest.

  3. D'banj you are to gbaski

  4. hahahaha…… Funniest freestyle ever

  5. Haters go and die… Dbanj ure the best mehn. I love oyato to my bone marrow

  6. Gud one dude bt somfin is wrong d language .dude without u dere is no sorri I dnt say n fin but u no wat I mean gud one u re d best.

  7. It is ok..we can call it a freestyle but he needs to come out with something more serious so we can really judge if he missed Donjazy for now..this is acceptable

  8. Too tooi gbaski! Me sef oyato

  9. Woooow I had to Scroll Down for soo long just to comment on Dis Bulshit!! # Dbanj Your nobody without Don Jazzy..Run back to Month Hits # # Advise brov!


  11. I so much luv dis track cos it's so superwhack

  12. Lyk dbang buh oyato is such a wack cumin from international sumtin betA joooRrrrr!!!….mavin rocks.Mavin all the way.

  13. Mehn!!! No beats lik Don baba J! Dapo dis is Wak!!!!re-unite and be berra even wif ur concnz!!! Don baba J.U????? rock!!! SNEEZE.

  14. World people Pls leav dbang alone. Dos condemning him how many of yo Can sing de national anthem successfully? Pls if yo dont lik him shut up wit all due respect*

  15. Fuck all of ya haterz saying u expected more. wat ya’ll want, sumtin like NO AIR? Yu haters go waste ur pathetic lives sipping HCL till ya’ll D.I.E


  17. wack is d name of d song…d wackest i'v heard from D'banj

  18. This song is bullshit….iswear!!!

  19. The beat sounds cool but the song is wack and still no1 should criticize dis song cos Dbanj was real on it . I’m sure if u go 2 club and listen to this song 3 times you will know it word 4 word and I’m expecting Oyato on every1’s BB status , I expect oyato to be a new slang . Those tht dis d song hav it on dere phones and Laptops so thts why Dbanj Yato . I only expect somthng Beta on ur xt single , keep ur comments and let the world knw Oyato is just a freestyle .

  20. Nice one from dkoko master…always on top big bros…hater pls don’t lik it cuz u we always hate gud tins…suck

  21. The song so sucks!.was expectin sumtin more interestin.the much waited oyato!.so very funny.didn’t even undastanD wats all wasted ma tym listenin.Gosh!!!!!!!!!!

  22. dis song is ok for an upcomin act bt for dbanj meh! is too poor, I love dbanj bt dis song is nt jos dbanj

  23. Let’s say d truth, we love u d’banj but the song didn’t make any sense. We were expecting more from u.

  24. Let’s say d truth, we love u d’banj but the song didn’t make any sense. We were aspecting more from u.

  25. Nice one D’banj. Guys less be real and not be biased in our opinions. Most of castigating him can’t do jack yet insult and downgrade him. To sing na beans? Him and Don Jazy parted and so what. Life goes on no matter who is at fault. Let’s live pass all dis trivial issues.we all have parted wit ppl/ sm1 on our journey so far and are still pushing ahead. Go D’Banj! Nice one! It wld kip getting beta and you wld find your rhythm as time goes on!many Kudos bro!

  26. Dbanj Do yur thing Bruv!

  27. Oyato!!!pls I wanna know if Its a soundtrack for a yoruba movie coming out soon???seriously I don’t wanna believe is D’banj……ogbeni u need help call donjazzy

  28. Good~buh ?ö† ?? dancing song.

  29. mhn im nawt a dbanj fan… D song waz wack cos im an igbo gy nd i dont undstand yoruba.. I’ll gv d beats 89percent cos it waz on focal point… Dbanj betr knw ure nw in usa.. So if u want 2 mk money by singn use a universal language .. Datx english… Cos im nawt sure d yts wuld unastand a sht of wat u sang… Even kanye wuldnt.. Abeg do well…emul8 psquare

  30. I ?O?????? knw why una wan kill unaself all Dbanj haters…wen ts time 2 speak d truth let’s say it,ds guy will keep going high ?O?????? matter how much you hate him or say his music is bad.y’all heard him he said he isn’t telling y’all he s d best.He jes wanna get †?? best out ?????f life.What we don’t appreciate here is been appreciated overseas..I wonder what you all have †? say about his single “come †? me” ft sarkodie probably y’all will say that’s ?† also ?† a good don’t xpect all his song †? be a hit all †?? time,it aint easy composing song maybe y’all should try this song he is just trying †? pass a message ??å? he is “different” and afta delivering his message he stopped there is ?O?????? need in making much noise again..I know you haters can’t deny ??å? †?? beat aint good and d lyrics ?????f †?? song is cool so what else do you want again..naija pple will neva appreciate good music until you sing nonsense.its nonsense ??å? makes sense in †?? ears ?????f sme pple..Try and be appreciative,all you haters want is for †?? Dbanj †? go and apologize †? don jazzy which I’m in support ?????f but you can’t get this done by destroying his works…Dbanj m feelin yo,keep it up bro..if una like make criticize A????? pass dis dt won’t stop his shine if U????? come D???????????????? vex too much go hug transformer or make U????? nack U?????? head against wall

  31. Gosh dis one na real non sense wey dey make sense dbanj waited dis long to drop dis track I beg make u go dey mascot for kanye e beta pass dis un professional track.thou sleek tried is best to rilly up grade wit his beat but ur yrics wasted dat beat OMG OYATO turly lwkmd

  32. Great song here dbanj, I like ur delivery & d beat is tight….big ups 2 jaysleek….it turns out dat dbanj is nt rily missing don jazzy as erryone tot…

  33. 4 all u haterz,if una lyk make una hate till una die, D’Banj go still make waves even after una don receive judgement!!!

  34. For those hypin’ d’banj, Lemme say y’all don’t have coMmon sense…. D’banj thinks he can compete wiv 2baba by signing j.sleek.. For oyato, I downloaded it, played it and got it deleted cos its trash… Nuffin inspirational self… Imagine jazzy producinG beats for 2baba!! D’banj has no career, sing, he can’t sing.., Rap you knoW, He can’t rap….. Fuck d’banj and all his fans..

  35. Can’t really say much now,till we hear more from u. #smh#

  36. 2 everybody who loves and hate dis song.
    D controversy about dis single is clear and was specified, he wanted 2 show Nigerians he hasn’t forsaken he’s old style and d harmonica cuz he’s now on GOOD music, so y not sit down listen and stop criticising and saying if Don jazzy was on it, was Don jazzy not on “we got people talkin”? Good or wack he exhibited d content of d song.

  37. Nice single bt I fink it wud hav been beta wif don-jazzy dia!!! Stil waiz (y) !!!

  38. Any1 dat calls dis a good song is just a fucked up fool,dis is trash…I can imagine how beautiful dis would hav bin with don jazzy’s very perculiar voice in d background…mehn dbanj u rili need 2 go in2 business,maybe selling of cars,cus I won’t advice u go back 2 don jazzy cus u still won’t make it…but on d oda hand,maybe if u tell us what u know,we might like u…lmao…oyato:downloaded once,played once and deleted at once

  39. M….not wat i xpected,shld hav done beta dan dis…buh all d same,..lets see others first

  40. DBanj, u b d bomb jooo, nice wrk, sound n instrumental. All complete jare leave haters alone

  41. Nice hit….Its really Oyato!

  42. If you no like dis track or u r hating den u r a COCK.wat more do you want….Dbang ya d best as far as I’m concern.none of d mavin tracks better reach dis joint#gbam

  43. If you no like dis track or u r hating den u r a COCK.wat more do you want….Dbang ya d best as far as I’m concern.

  44. Dbang
    ?U????? re ?????? best i appricate ur courage to go on GOODmúsiz baby

  45. Dbang
    ?U????? re ?????? best i appricate ur courage to go on GOODmúsiz baby

  46. have been wait …now am much proud of you…pls dont mind anyone who talk talk about you…..remember they u rose them up …they all become famous through your name…….keep its up biggest boss……from ekiti state university……

  47. Tha song is ok…mehn u guys have to think o…this is only that First track he’s done with J SLEEK and u all are already waggin ur tounges …if so u guys shud xpect more trash 4rm d’banj,,,in d end na who dey lose?? D song go dey sell u na go still dey hate….

  48. Waaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!

  49. Wat nonsense dis song is total nonsense, just repeating one word(Oyato), dbanj we gave u much time 4 u 2 do sometin senseble but u cameup wit wat I call total nonsense, don baba did his own 4 some weeks and it was d best, one love mavin u d best

  50. To all you assholes hypin dis trash…dBanj’s name is wat u all appreciate n his past glory…wake up from yor sleeps…duns dem!!

  51. I likey it

  52. Nice one dbanj haterz goan hug transformer

  53. So Original!!!!!! Nice One. Haters will always hate,real fans will always appreciate

  54. lol why una dey kil una selves. dbanj knws hez wack daz why he told us dat he z not a singer or rapper buh an entertainer. ask him why hez singin den if hez not a singer. b4 the download link came out, i was killin ma self jus 2 download the ish hopin hez gona do bera since his go down is fuckin wack. Now i heard oyato and its wack again. Evn child singers in nigeria can do bera. I knw hw he srugled and managed 2 do dis buh stil its wack. Dbanj if any1 can raise u musically again, its me or donjazzy. Ping 4 more details 2887BF8F

  55. Pls stop saying rubish don jazzy is also i?????n????? good muzik check google,and it is produce by sleeky not from gud muzik,??ß?? d song na like amateur song poor for u dbanj

  56. Ha! Let’s be sincere oo . The beat alone is nice, but the song had just a verse! Like WTF! If you can’t write a song, there is no shame in paying someone to write you a complete song. If am to enjoy this song, I will gladly mute the words and enjoy the beat. Very disappointing

  57. Abeg…make all the HATERz…chop shit n die….I didn’t miss Donjazzy in this track…but you will agree with ??????? that the whole mavin album missed D?????’banj…..that album is so wack..EME blew it out of water..NO sAil for the mavin album

  58. Anytin Dbanj iz till Don Jazzy made!!!…

  59. Welcome bak †??? Harmonica. ???? knew don jazzy Stopd u from usin !†. ????. BEAT KILLAh

  60. This dude needs don jazzy’s beat just saying not hating

  61. U too gbaski,luv d beat

  62. All d’banj haters I guess if u listen the song I will knw the song is for u…. Int’l act.. Dtz the more reason the song make sense.. Cos e go sell pass ejebu garri…. Stop hating n fink of how to make ur life meaningful…

  63. Nice one bro. But the song is whack. International artist? Don jazzy could have make it greater. It’s high time we begged him o. Ah-ba! Sista caro self better pass dis one tey tey

  64. Sum ppl can hate shaaaaa….4 D fact dat he was origanal on Diz track we shuld be happi as nigerianz coz diz airin all ova D world….#fu*k hatterz jorrrrrrr!!!!#

  65. I think the earlier D’banj lets go the better. The earlier he goes back to appologise to the Mavins the better. It is becoming super obvious he can’t do nothing without them. This is a week and feable attempt. Try again.

  66. Any body dat has gud ears. Will kw dat dis track is ova_supa_xtra poor,doh d instru cool!,bt it cnt b lik d-african-jazy_producer,haba hear d backup.Mr d-banj u nid a catalystiC_african_producer

  67. All I can say n0 beffing is that the pr0duction 0f this ur. New s0ng is s0 wack the beat is a kind 0f d0pe. All in general this track wit ur t-pain type 0f aut0tune is s0 wack the track is dry

  68. Sorry to say this, but this song sucks. I was expecting more from him. I guess he should just run back and beg donjazzy if not oliver will be his best song for years to come.

  69. God forbid backwardness awh this is too poor from an international act Mr Dbanj ¥??????ø??????????????u?????????? no try on this at all ooooooo mi o le tan Yin egbon .

  70. Heheee…’Subbing Donjazzy’ ‘Apala Music’ ‘cleaning bleeding ears’ *rolliing*


  72. Oyato; different indeed…………D’banj eh eeeh ehh eeeh. WE GAT’em TALKING.

  73. The song sounds more of an Apala music…

  74. Dis track is damn mad
    Nice one frm dbanj and tooxclusive…

  75. Nice tune, sounds like D’banj from way back. Lovely. Keep it up

  76. I’ll give him 40 percent for that track.Not bad

  77. WTF??!!!! Dis song sucks!!!! *cleaning bleeding ears*

  78. Average song,could have done better. But den again,its dbanj. Can’t rili expect much from him

  79. I. Love u so much…anytime anyday u got ma heart

  80. Skibanj oya to tru tru, let dem no…. All wat dey say na fallacy, waitin dem talk no matter at all and at end there’s no contest. I respect U. Let them no, o to laye won. *gbam*

  81. oyato? hmm! I just heard d chrous almost all through d song.Nice beat production though! I give u 30%

  82. Eja nla ur head ????§ dere

  83. to gbaski me self yato

  84. New skool tinz

  85. Nice wan Skibanj .,…. subbing Don Jazzy all the way…OYATOO JORRRR

    • nt jazzy’s wrk. Sleek insted. J_sleek producd d song. bt gud 2 knw u lik d song. i play it daily. lol

  86. U gt mouth

  87. Great tune….nice one D'banj

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