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Kcee- Okoso

Kcee 360x360 Kcee  Okoso

Kcee of 5star music popular known as the “Limpopo master” is back again with a new single titled Okoso….


pixel Kcee  Okoso

Posted by on August 6, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kcee u too much but try to change a little bit

  2. Anonymous says:

    If yu make food sweet den ready to spend money

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wit gud promo ur music must sweet

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dis life is too short for us to be condenmin anoda person’s work….two things required love d song or delete d song…kcee is not forcing anybody to love it,der ar so many oda artiste is not only him abeg….make una leave am….enuff space *aye po gan* #chikena

  5. @jyvibes says:

    I love the rnb feel of the song. Nice concept tight song

  6. Anonymous says:

    D song so badly on poin

  7. JOYGIRL says:

    d song very ok!haters make una enter studio go sing if naso e easy!Big heads

  8. Deltaboi says:

    nyc one bro, as 4 u haters!! kip it up, d guy is dia making his moni nd ur hia hating.. dumbass.. cudos 2 u kcee..

  9. serinza says:

    Nice track kcee

  10. nice song bro...hate says:


  11. sufiat says:

    Mehn kceee iz jux too gud… Itz a known fact.. Luv u wella

  12. Som.tee says:

    Kay cee na crrt guy

  13. trouble-maker says:

    Y'll saying the song is rubbish are mad. Your mum n dad at home wud dance to dis song, dweebs. #TeamKcee

  14. it ok cool song. says:


  15. 042 boy says:

    Guy U????? try but stil dnt mak sence…….plz try go nd retuch d music…..it looks lik up coming muscian song….tak care

  16. Mohamed jagitay says:

    Wow! I like you kc because you are making us the fans proud.

  17. Mohamed jagitay says:

    Wow! I like you kc because you are making us the fans proud

  18. nipzee says:

    Deres ntin new in d song,to me its as if am listening to limpopo. Kcee you nid step up ur game.

  19. Anonymous says:

    We nid more in music than telln us abt holes al d tym,sone of ys sick solace in music!!!!!

  20. TamTam says:

    Average! same Limpopo beat…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Kcee gettin' Hotter

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  23. misdancer says:

    u al are mumu u no say kcee dy sing wel kcee i dy respect u

  24. AKOJA BAYO says:


  25. martins says:

    Nice 1 kcee kip it uP bro

  26. Chidera says:

    limpop master don come again wit anoda bomb.

  27. Stankovic says:

    Nice track… If u don't like dis song den its clear ur no good music fan.

  28. Hene Udeh says:


  29. sodiq says:

    I wonder why. Poeple can't say the truth. KCEE go find better work do u just a crap

  30. dj des the m?x w?zza says:

    @ makablue and sammie and mykel ? agree w?th ideye that song was not really good after play?ng that song ? never want to hear ?t aga?n all the verses are nonsense my upcom?ng art?st w?ll not do that. L?mpopo n g?ve ?t to me cool but th?s one rub?sh thats the truth ?f u know mus?k

  31. musty. says:

    Well guys!! i dont think is good enough for us to come up here to run our mouths just anyhow condemning other peoples hard work.its really bad.we can only encourage them.this things dont happen in foriegn countries.we need to Stop the envy and the beef!!Kcee, nice one bro.God bless.

  32. couldnt listen to th says:


  33. Pro DJ Lynxx FCT says:

    The song may not be limpopo or 'give it to me' but its lovely. For those that think its crap one thin about music is that when u keep hearing it on FMs, clubs and ur loved ones like the song then however u uncontrollably start to like the song.

  34. master marvin says:

    Woow nice hit u r d boss oga limpopo

  35. Edy says:

    Every one is left to his opinion so guys post your own comment and leave others to their thoughts.

  36. lolade says:

    Ermm.. I agree with every single word from ideye.. If Ÿ'all know the first thing about Good music, yu'd agree with me that this is not even close to what is close to tunes that may prolly win an award @ d grammies for nigerian acts one day.. Crap!!!

  37. Illtwin says:

    See larry gbagaun! You ????
    This DONG… Na dong dem dey call am

  38. Anonymous says:

    naija what is paining u guys,if u know how to sing go and sing stop talking nonsense

  39. Henrystar says:

    a nice track but i tink its not gud for som1 of his status simple.

  40. dj. des says:

    N?ce one bro

  41. Dj~Dav'D says:

    Wow d track is gud.. Kip on doin' ur best..Kcee..

  42. Lappy says:

    Jezz…. Same beat with limpopo, nd same meaning of track with limpopo…. Must it be all about gurls…… Am sure does commemnding dis as a good track are does dat knws nuffin about singing……. As for me, dere is no improvement watsoever in dis track.. Ow come he his now critisizing ppl on STAR QUEST.

  43. 1DAFE says:

    Mehn i lik dis So Called nonsense of urs. Its So head bursting

  44. follyjay says:

    Kcee na baba anythin wey d'guy sing na confamer so enemies mak no dy bobo urself

  45. larry adorable says:

    Mehn u re mounted… I love dis dong kcee, na work u do

  46. Larry adorable says:

    mehn, am blunshing here!kcee kip it up dearie

  47. Nice 1 says:

    Miss nicky mark

  48. juddo says:

    Kul song but d same limpopo beat na.

  49. breezy says:

    Kcee u get mouth die

  50. sasu says:

    #jam of life…thumbs up kcee

  51. jb says:

    e no eazy

  52. Bharbarthunday says:

    Nice track, to hell with you haters.

  53. Alexandra says:

    I think kcee will b a beta 9ja musician

  54. freaky says:

    i fuqn agree with egbuson.kcee biko just dont come and perform that noise u call music here in d uk.u re a laffing stock alredi

  55. http://cashite.com/i says:


  56. Egbuson says:

    Kcee d song is so tight but don't talk about anything else other than girls.

  57. Gee says:

    This is A PURE crappppppppppppppppppppp…………WTF is this cat muaing …mehnn this is nosense

  58. dj dani molla says:

    D song is off d hook

  59. floe says:

    song is fcking dope!!!!!!

  60. haywaya says:

    I dey go haywaya wif dis song o, I deey even dance akatako here self,don't mind bad belle o

  61. mike ESSIEN says:

    Song no mk sence…simple !

  62. mykel says:

    Ideye u mumu oh.d song is a bomb if kcee dey piece u off am sure transformer dey ur area try go baff on top.kcee kip goin u are ontop bro.

  63. sammie says:

    Dix song go dy on replay till next 5month and go b my ringtone gan xef…baby dance akatako…baby roll lyk okoso 4 me…i'm fucking in love wit dix song..kcee respect to u

  64. jboycul says:

    KCEE on the M.I.C

  65. sammie says:

    I fit bet am xay dix ideye don smoke some weed b4 typin dat shit…song wey sweet pax anytin even p***y na im u dy condemn lyk dix…O.D.E buruku

  66. sammie says:

    I fit bet am xay dix ideye don smoke some weed b4 type dat shit…song wey sweet pax anytin even p***y na im u dy condemn lyk dix…O.D.E buruku

  67. makablue says:

    guy @ideye u b mumu go sing ur own nw if e easy i knw tink any of ur family don handle mic b4……. Kcee keep d flag flying

  68. ideye says:

    Ahhhhhhh anoda nonsense from anoda musician, wack!!!!

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