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Timaya – Ukwu

Timaya UKU Promo Art Timaya   Ukwu

Timaya is back with another dance tune. Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa drops a follow up single to EKOLOMA BEMBA and Video . Timaya has been consistent with delivery and hit singles in the last 1 year.

Listen and Share your thoughts.


pixel Timaya   Ukwu

Posted by on August 2, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Dis Ukwu song is da bomb, I love it like kilode

  2. lorloh says:

    ‘Ukwu’ da bomb!…gud job Timaya!all bad belle pple plz flush!

  3. Usman Abubakar says:

    If there is one thing all the fine girls would dance in a party, that is………. UKWU! Timaya you’re the man. I can’t stop thinking about it. Keep it up. Dropped from Bayelsa!

  4. Vj M@bet@h says:

    Beats are so dope keep/Pump those up

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ukwu! I de waka for road de shout am since. I dnt go past a bar playing this song i must stop and dance

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love d song

  7. Nice song says:

    Nt 2 bad

  8. Tom precious says:

    Hahahaha luv diz video; oyimbo sef sabi “ukwu” lolz i like timaya for his comedy videos…

  9. dee says:

    Brilliant use of lyrics and words!!*shaking my boootyy* :D lol!just kidding!!nice jam thou *dancing*

  10. UKWU!!!!!!!this is the real THANG!!!very brilliant use of beats and lyrics!!*shaking my boootyy* :D lol! says:


  11. Young master says:

    men dem mama take am easy oh ukwu abeg make another people shine na u one kill us

  12. Ukwu hahahaha says:

    Dj kamla

  13. Xkey boi says:

    D song is crazy mehn…i luv d beat lik any oda beat kip it up yex boss.

  14. timaya you to good. ukwu na die says:


  15. d ukwu song is making real sense can't stop playing it says:

    Hadiza aligbo

  16. Donmikel says:

    o my god dis uwku dey mak me dey maga

  17. Dj tilde says:

    My oga u are unbeatable and unstopable.. keep it up

  18. Anonymous says:

    No doubt,i knw TimTim will surely make it..luv d song,luv d beat..i luv ukwu…clear road 4 timaya

  19. David says:

    Mi I like ukwu nd timaya don baptise SA wit ukwu song chai african women ar blessed wit UKWU

  20. Spairow says:

    ukwu tins on my mind nice job

  21. mysteriouz wizdom says:

    o my god ….. Gal u make me mad o…. Sotal i no know what to c

    os the way you put it down o….. Ukwu……..

  22. young m d says:

    Timaya ur d bomb ukw tins

  23. Timaya d eberi papa says:


  24. Mr Sammy says:

    Timaya, abeg u re too good. Can't stop replaying..

  25. Anonymous says:

    Timaya no my dj man and co. Na olofofo, and bad belle people. Timaya u still dey hot like fire. And Dey stil dey dance and mix ur song 4 club..

  26. Anonymous says:

    Timaya no my dj man and co. Na olofofo, and bad belle people. Timaya u still dey hot like fire. And Dey stil dey dance and mix ur song 4 club..

  27. gee says:

    Let's be original! Dis beat was stolen frm a South African song!

  28. victor says:

    Piss poor. Total trash !

  29. timaya hs sooooooooo says:


  30. NimiB says:

    real kul…nyc u gt 2 kip t up…mke t hapn do ur tin

  31. Abuh shehu says:

    My name u knw

  32. timaya alwyz onpoint says:


  33. ho9ja.com says:

    Lol.. Cool track dj man even using it for a parry mix today.. Stop beefing Biko

  34. lil-timaya says:

    wow cnt stop dancing men i luv dis song men-oga carry on u still d master

  35. DJ man No Run says:

    I like…but i am getting tired, he has been singing the same song for two years now…where is the creativity….

    • Anonymous says:


      • D.j frenzy says:

        Na so broda make he go do he own shey he no dey jam any timaya track 4 show keep it up timaya we love it ukwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

        • ibrahim a.k.a ukwu says:

          i rep ukwu agberipapa 1 of bayelsa, this ur ukwu song + d video shoot out na him be d best o, e day make our african ladies dem go ‘UKWU’ i rilli luv it bro, keep doing d great work, we d timaya fans luv u………

  36. salvatus perez says:

    Oh my God! sophiscated beat with simple and fresh lyrics.me and my austrilian ukwu can’t stop dancing to this song since download, its been uwku things….weldone timaya + mastercraft.. Ping me if you got ukwu 2845044C

  37. Obi chijioke says:

    Timaya has finished me wit dis beats @masterkraftonthebeats……I jst dey replay d song anyhow since “Ukwu legooo”

  38. revanche says:

    kuul<img src="http://tinyurl.com/c7l9ck6&quot; width="1">

  39. jboycul says:

    King of commercial no1 in africa is back again mehn i cant wait 2 download….

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