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FULL DOWNLOAD: Mavin – Solar Plexus

SPfin FULL DOWNLOAD: Mavin   Solar Plexus

The wait is finally over, Don Jazzy presents Solar Plexus, a twelve track EP  featuring Mavin Records acts Dr  Sid, Wande Coal, D’prince and Tiwa Savage.  

Listen  and share your thoughts


1. Intro   DOWNLOAD

2. I’m a MAVIN – Mavin Stars  DOWNLOAD

3. Omo Ga – Tiwa Savage   DOWNLOAD


5. See Me Ri – Wande Coal   DOWNLOAD

6. Take Banana – D’Prince    DOWNLOAD


8. Forever – Wande Coal   DOWNLOAD

9. Why You Over There – D’Prince   DOWNLOAD

10. Chocolate – Dr. SID   DOWNLOAD

11. Pretty Girls – Wande Coal  DOWNLOAD

12. Amarachi – D’Prince   DOWNLOAD


pixel FULL DOWNLOAD: Mavin   Solar Plexus

Posted by on May 8, 2012.

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  1. 2290C8A3 says:

    F***k wah haters think….release your own album make we hear am….this album is DOPE!!!

  2. papi breeze says:

    One word : AWESOME….just plain AWESOME
    And y’all knuckle-heads hating on d album,saying it was below expectation…y’all should go back n listen 2 old schl jamz.
    TEAM MAVIN# Woot Woot!!!!!

  3. harryblaze says:

    Diz z d kulest tyn I ve eva sin…mo’hits kip hittin it hot

  4. stanley johnbull says:

    am crazy over dis album don jazzy u are too much.we love you

  5. slam says:

    two heads is better than 1, don baba is still ahead of dbanj in the game bcos dbanj is lost 4 now wit nothing o offer to his fan, don baba nice work but i still expect more from u.

  6. Ifeyinwa says:

    Whoa!!!!! Mavin records rock!!!…..f*** d’bang…..YOLO

  7. don jazzy u are the best.

  8. Odih, N. D. says:

    Don Jazzy’s production under Mavin is commendable, considering the time frame he used in producing the album. In a business where competition and relevance are paramount, this album is no child’s play. At least, four songs draw my attention from the album: “Oma Ga”(with Tiwa Savage), “Forever”(with Wande Coal), “Chocolate” (with Dr Sid) and “CPR”(with Dr Sid). Of all these tracks, “Forever” with Wande Coal is my favourite and I have been listening to the song since I downloaded it without getting tired of it. D’banj’s “Go Down” real goes down the gutter and can never withstand even the “Intro” track of this album – Solar Plexus. The Don remains the Don any day, any time.

  9. BisMc says:

    Dis is far below xpectation.. Any1 satisfied wit dis dosnt knw good musik…..

  10. omoyeni says:

    Wande coal and tiwa savage una level pass dis record label

  11. abdulazeez says:

    I reli fink all dis hateRs need to listen to terry gs troway………d song Is for dem,,,,,hehehhehhe,grt job don baba j……I lov dis guy.baba niyen

  12. kuzukings says:

    Seriously I dnt know wat to say.but more greese to ur elbow.@don baba its like u downgrading ur improvement at us dat with out dbanj u can still make it

  13. Franky says:

    Still Don baba j again! @camili ur fada go fit make beat…. Take time o

  14. kojovi says:

    mavins’ #on-point jor…. the songs were nice…. ermmm dr SIDS’ YOLO. wandes’ forever, pretty girls then omobas’ why you over there – it’ll be a nice club song. S/O to @donjazzy – yyur always dope…

  15. Qareemi says:

    Its funny when i c sum foolish people hatin….lol.mavin record still on point

  16. niyi says:

    What a dry album… Sorry to say but dats d truth. Up dbanj

  17. sean sheyman says:

    Oma ga oo…eyin pple ga oo…

  18. sean sheyman says:

    Na wa 4 una oo..4 me nutin is rong wit dat album..u guy ar fake pple..jazzy kip it up God dey ur una tke talk 4 kokolet dat tym

  19. Pat says:

    Una get tym..Yolo got me dancin etighi!!wat more can I say It’s Don Jazzy Again..go make ur own songs then cum bk and talk bout Don J..kudos Mavin

  20. Olusesi Weloveyou says:

    Hi peeps, my name is Olusesi and I'm not just another naija artiste on the come-up. I don't mean to blow my own trumpet but I know I can do what your favorite artistes are doing. Pls just check out my song on the link below, listen, download and spread the name "Olusesi". I can be reached on facebook. cheers!

  21. Seun says:

    Haters take banana… The Album is so gr8t considering the time of release.

  22. henry says:

    Wow nyce beats……I love dat omo ga by tiwa ….buh d albulm is great so ? haterz just go home {hell}

  23. Dudu says:

    The only question i av to ask is "is this the real sound quality of the songs"? If yes then the don really rushed this album. But to say the truth, all the beats ar on point and the songs ar really good. Let me believe they just did this to put something out to show they ar much into the game so that pple wont start suspecting that they cant do anything after the break up coz if not i think an album is always released after the launching. I believe these guys with don jazzy will really go far and wont disappoint wit their individual albums.

  24. fazhell says:

    Why is wande coal is always place at the back ok all pics always and he is best.
    He has the best lyrics, best voice best song out of all the mavins album
    Wande coal is surpose to be the head not tail or he should find an international producer or he start a new record lebel by himself and produce

  25. camill says:

    Its S??????????? bad…..I downloaded all tracks ……..and deleted all afta listening 2 dem!!

  26. T.M.I says:

    Who say Mavin Album ?? make brain? Chop shit!!!!!! Only d 1st track I heard itz makib sense….

  27. AMARACHI! Nice one, I can't stop playing this track.

  28. mary says:

    life is nt albout wat u cn do but wat u’v done…don ja$$y i dnt xpect dis kind job 4rm u. D mixin is messing my deck up. Relax nd gv us Gud job, no best prod but u. U cn do beta.

  29. mandid says:

    This album has failed to deliver! And person no fit talk them go say I be enemy of progress! Or I be dbanj!! Rubbish album

  30. gaotal says:

    @Sammiey u got it right! this album is rubbish anyone who wants to insult Me should go ahead! They were just trying to prove a point that without dbanj they can make it!well they just proved otherwise!!!

  31. sammiey says:

    Jeez!…the whole album is bunch of garbage…..collins ought to have taken a whole lots of tym 2relax and give us outstandin music not dis,I’m pretty sure Dbanj would be mocking and smiling at them right now!…Mavin without dbanj is like a man without manhood

  32. What a Well Compiled Songs with a well organised production. Keep the Light On DON and the entire MARVIN Records.

  33. dafidi says:

    Drezz or wat do Ÿ?????ø????u????? call ur name……Ÿ?????ø????u????? are an enemy of progress_______just f**k off if Ÿ?????ø????u????? don’t know wat to say……..Don jazzy kip up da G????????????????d???? work………And bigg ups to wande coal more grease to ya elbows………dafidi say so

  34. demola says:

    Not all but sum tracks are o.k,kudus 2 dem cos its not easy.dbanj absent doesn’t mean anytin.

  35. kulio says:

    I seriously think d beats are great as ever.. It’s Don baba J now..watcha expect? But d songs are too much of commercial…more like up and dance hits..not saying I don’t like dem tho bt I still like to listen to those slows dat make u nod gently in d car when u drive… In all, I think mavin is about to hit d market hard…and wit more listening, u gon hear more of some internal works and lyrics… Bt I av to add dat I don’t like DBanj sha and I’m proud of dis album.. No sentiments

  36. kulio says:

    I seriously think d beats are great as ever.. It’s Don baba J now..watcha expect? But d songs are too much of commercial…more like up and dance hits..not saying I don’t like dem tho bt I still like to listen to those slows dat make u nod gently in d car when u drive… In all, I think mavin is about to hit d market hard…and wit more listening, u gon hear more of some internal works and lyrics…

  37. Lil Prinz says:

    Drezz don’t be a big fool, deceive urself as much as u can, d’banj won’t cal u for a dinner, just support d music ur seeing now,(MAVIN) stop critising d gud works of odas..cos if u evn be a celeb won’t boda buyn ur album not to talk to listening to ur track on radio station, cos dat day I’ll cut my ear-piece!!!.

  38. Gus Ikenyiri says:

    thumbs up DOon jazzy.

  39. Oyesk says:

    As D????? old saying goes,’behind every succesful person lies a pack of haters’ ?ow else would we know that its a killing album if some people,being dazzled by D????? professionalism and lyrical eloquence displayed by D????? Mavins…don’t try to sabotage I† all by badmouthing,,..I realise sum people base their life achievements on how well dem fit badmouth… Dissing is easy,I† takes a real sense to analyze music,and a real music lover to know good music,not someone who doesn’t know is left from right like the likes of Drezz…peace out

  40. Kamal-Deen Akanni says:

    Take Banna go rock club die….Dancing and typing rubbish jkjkjbhwejeeji hdcjkcvjkknasdcjc;/jn efcuiojnfifvejkndvuisdiowdfv the beat is killing.

  41. Dr Dee says:

    Its don jazzy again!!!
    Ur production is S???????????? out of dis world D??????????? i felt like i was no longer on dis planet while listenin to d tracks…guess d feelin is normal since d album title is “SOLAR PLEXUS” ie …takin U????? to outer space.
    And to all d artistes featured..welldone U????? guys,nice vocals and good delivery.
    Also perfect choice for a female frontliner;TIWA rocks.
    Thumbs up!!! Y’all
    Team mavin……Leggo

  42. Johnjay says:

    Don u too much abeg u try I love u all

  43. Loverush says:

    Nice beats, some tracks were so tite(kudos 2 Wande coal n Dr Sid)… Bt must confess z still a lil bit below xpectation… Maybe Mavin Records should take more time to produce very good musics… Nice work thou, i sense great future here… Thumbs up!!!..

  44. Mr€ says:

    At the end ya’all will dance to the tracks this weekend …. #Take Banana

  45. dreamz says:

    Wow! Its don jazzy again…Mavins,u make my world revolve,pls keep it up. Ur tracks? D coolest I’ve downloaded for months.

  46. Oxbeemixx says:

    For a fast job its ok but u guyz can do more than this. Mavin records welcome

  47. skeelo says:

    Its not a bad album at all,wait until the tracks get air play and you hear it regularly before judging,how many people actually liked oliver twist when it was released? Music is sometimes like that so chill out unless you have beef for don jazzy and co. As for me its #teammavin all the way!

  48. Dr MOKS says:

    Am done wit my analysis, Y so. Its simple, Good and superb music speaks 4 itself. And wat we ‘ve here is damn gud considering d circumstances dat led 2 it. A last word for d haters, c’mon TAKE BANANA.

  49. SingleHD says:

    Shout out to all the mavin fans and a big well done to don baba j,e no the haters “silent”is the best comment or go try your own if it is easy.

  50. emzareeyah says:

    Yea don j keep up d good work.

  51. Positive Guy says:

    This album is the dopest album released this year in 9ja music industry. Considering the short time and the circumstances leading to the release of this album, I say weldone to the Mavin Records team.

    For those dissing this album, what more do you expect – some alien lyrics and beats from Mars? I wonder how better an album such as this could be.

    Mavin Records onwards! I am all for Mavin Records now.

  52. Eddiegeetango Production says:

    Mavin-Solar plexus!!!The album is ok.Wande coal is the star of the album cos he dropped melodic tunes,nice choruses and great vocal skills.Don jazzy the veteran producer did it again and Dr sid’s yolo is groovy and catchy.I give it to Don jazzy for recording these great tracks within a short period of time regardless the fall of Mo’Hit dynasty.I’m a mavin is my favorite track though!

  53. Dr MOKS says:

    Dr MOKS ‘S ANALYSIS 2 : If u still wanna dis d record, d haters floor is all urs. I heard some saying ‘Don jazzy shouldnt rush his production’. Yeah, d album was made in 3 weeks, schmucks. And for wat, FREE. Wen is time for the release of their commercial album, i bet y’all gonna be put 2 shame, cos dats gonna be serious business. U will ve to pay to buy and if by luck u afford buying it, then will u feel d proficient touch of Don jazzy. Lol, i will be waiting 4 apologies.

    • Drezz says:


      • Positive Guy says:

        Drezz…stop hating and get a life. The album is solid! You only find very few 9ja albums that will have a lot of tight songs such as the ones you have on the Solar Plexus.

        I feel you are just hating the album out of sheer jealousy; or just out sheer likeness for D'banj. Probably you are even D'banj sef…

        Nigga, be positive and objective. This is album is good!

  54. stech says:

    Wande coal’s forever on point………..nice beats tho!!!

  55. Dr MOKS says:

    Dr MOKS ‘S ANALYSIS 1 : U dnt have 2 get sentimental wen analysing music. Ist of all, dis is free music, so download and shut ur trap cos u aint paying 4 it. And if u wanna talk, be objective abt it. Dat said, lets get started. Ist thing u must acknowledge here is dat don jazzy is still a dope beat master, d tracks are pretty gud, maybe nt all. U can say dat d artistes didnt quite deliver on some tracks despite d monster beats, but come on, there are tracks here dat are off d hook and a sizeable amount of them too. For those saying u can feel d dbanj absence or dat dbanj or dat artiste could ve killed dis or dat track. Business 101, think of dis as a promotional album and as a new record label, there aint suppose to be a damn feature (certainly nt dbanj or any other artiste) cos u ve to project ur artistes as being competent enough.

  56. T-Richards says:

    Don jazzy again,still got d touch n d dopest of all time. Thumbs up.

  57. modal says:

    I’m Not On Team D’Banj Or Team Mavin…..As Long As I See Good Music To Listen To,I’m Good.but this was too fast they need to spend time in producing good music not this!

  58. kayzee says:

    Good music just got better… Don’t know wot y’all were xpecting but dis got me dancing in d office dis early hours. Beautiful post TX.

  59. PROMO says:

    Mo'Hits CV album > Mavin's Solar Plexus #MyOpinion

  60. takson says:

    No critics am a fan of Mo’Hits, but artists in Mavin should please use more time in the production. You’ve got it. Wande coal’s tracks ????????? the. Baddest on the tracklistings, big ups to U????? all.

  61. Lil Prinz says:

    Abeg mk una comot jor, its cool, all of una na d’banj followers so dt mins ur arrogant and ungrateful, am a MAVIN(take it)

    • Drezz says:

      So if we dont like the Mixtape then we are automatically following Dbanj …Ur foolishness is MAJOR ..Go and f**K Urself

  62. henry says:

    It’s aiite nt bad tho!

  63. King khaj says:

    I shuld. Hav read dis previous coments before I started downloadin

  64. AyO says:

    PLS O! No give me addiction!! I LOVE LOVE ????!!!

  65. Gift says:

    Drezz u are right joor!I think he just wanted to prove he is still in the game!! We need good music not this!!!

  66. Osasu Alfred says:

    Hmmm! THIS IS GREAT DON JAZZY… GREAT SOUNDS! GREAT VOCALS! Nice 1 Wande, Dr.Seedz, Omoba and Tiwa. Rilly love this….. Knew was going to ill once Don Baba deh involved….Nice Mohits….oops! MAY VINS…gess ama MAYVIN too.

  67. Drezz says:

    Below expectation For me .!! Don jazzy Relax and give us G.O.O.D Music

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