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Ice Prince – Aboki + More

Iceprince aboki more 1024x5121 Ice Prince   Aboki + MoreMore Ice Prince Aboki

Chocolate City Music is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated singles from Ice Prince out 28 August 2012. After a year of continued growth and success in his music career, Ice Prince gives his fans not one but two singles, titled Aboki and More.

Aboki which means friend in Hausa and More were both written by Ice Prince, also known as Panshak Zamani and produced by the young talented producer Chopstix. Celebrating some of the most successful individuals hailing from the Northern part of Nigeria, Aboki is a song that is guaranteed to get you on your feet.

More on the other hand is a beautiful love song which highlights the situations faced in relationships. Speaking briefly on his new singles, Ice Prince said:

“I’m absolutely excited about my new project; I feel it shows my fans a different side to me. My whole approach to the music, the delivery, my thought process is different from how it was last year.”

The songs are available for streaming alone 


pixel Ice Prince   Aboki + MoreMore Ice Prince Aboki

Posted by on August 28, 2012.

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  1. juney says:

    Ice pince ur d bomb jare I jst luv both aboki nd more….U haters r missin

  2. lilian says:

    Dunno about u guyz oo buh i like ‘More’..Nyx vid jst simple!

  3. Palang Attah says:

    Job well done pansak

  4. Nice one! Ice Prince. U still keeping it real.

  5. girl says:

    *smhv hw som jobless guys will jus take dia tym come on here n start givin comment ova a song dat has been done already n d owner f d song will get paid den som BB boys will b here crying ova d song. I fear o “I’m disappointed” day say lyk he gives a fuck bout wat Eva u say .most f u can’t even handle a mic n u r here ritin rubbish .bunch of dry animals

  6. #DisapointedFanOfIcePrince says:

    Ice, as much as I [??L][??o][??v][????e] you, you really disapointed me with this crappy song, if your single could be this wack, what’s the whole album gonna sound [??L][??i??][??k??][??e??]?
    Shit right!?
    To all those that [??L][??o][??v][????e] this trashy song, I guess your ears aint working well, no offence;p

  7. dj gwask says:

    ice prince aboki iz so on point.african rapper no 1.

  8. #LaaQ says:

    Mad tune iceprince i love d song

  9. emeka says:

    Ice prince ??†?? song is whack!!! And he used *i think ah ?see myself* beats and concept!!!! Mtchewwww much anticipated inDEED!

  10. sagis choc boii says:

    Kep it up more oil on ur fecund head nice song aboki I smch crave it

  11. slimslog says:

    I know †?? song go make brain dat 1 na sure tin…IP..more oil to U?????r elbow as ?? grice don finish

  12. ACCEX says:

    Whats this all about? Cos them sing rubbish mean you go follow them sing same? Mtchewwwwww™®

  13. tynny says:

    Cant just wait to hear the song,,,why snippet na

  14. jerunski says:

    tooxclusive u guys don’t av sense. while u are only allowing us to stream the song, other better sites ares giving us the download links. rubbish!

  15. yomdok519 says:

    Y d fuck up joor #angry face

  16. cant wait to listen to it.

  17. Adeyemo Ayokunle Yokky says:

    Hello frnds, download my hit single “No One” by Yokky ft 2ds on http://m.naijapals.com/music.php?id=22630
    Enjoy good music.
    Follow @yokky4real.

  18. madpuppy says:

    Download Madpuppy's naija mixtape here.

    Follow @madpuppyinc

  19. leke says:

    Cmon people ease up on prince he's keeping it real.Cul dude

  20. Ill eddie says:

    Nice one henry

  21. eFtEe says:

    Aboki on point

  22. eFtEe says:

    9c1 jor

  23. soShy.Mkpatele says:

    Ice prince Zamani, Aboki is nice.. I love it but u didnt deliver lyk how u did on Oleku..xo on point beats from Chopstix

  24. soShy.Mkpatele says:

    Zamani, Aboki is nice.. I love it but u didnt deliver lyk how u did on Oleku..xo on point beats from Chopstix

  25. asa says:

    Y U????? ‘A??????? hatin

  26. gboko says:

    Ice my friend u have done notting#SoFuckingDisapointed

  27. DJ Palata says:

    Ice Prince, am §ø f**kn disappointed…

  28. joey says:

    Dead song!!! Sounds lyk Shittttttt…waz he sayin sef

  29. nathan young says:

    Ice_prince take ?????? tm o…if U??? knw say U??? nor 1t may ppo downLd ?????? music ehn, no jst D???????????????? do advert online o, bcos if we catch u ehn, U??? go pay dearLy 4 Fuck_up o…Lafin…ice Ma nigga, Na joke i is o, nor risin am. . .notin does U???, kip doin ya tin, U??? get mouf n ?????? teeth complete. . .jooor 0oh.

  30. Flash says:

    Mtchew!!. . Da song no sweet sef

  31. Abbey Bash says:

    Where is d download link o?

  32. SwaggER says:

    Shuu! Which kind ojuju b dis na? Mek una allow us download nd listen 2 d so-called much anticipated song na #vexin’

  33. Eshady says:

    Why can’t I download d songs?

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