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Ice Prince – VIP | Gimme Dat ft Burna Boy, Yung L & Olamide

artworks 000046302858 xcfq4y t500x500 Ice Prince   VIP | Gimme Dat ft Burna Boy, Yung L & OlamideYung L VIP Olamide Ice Prince Gimme Dat Burna Boy

Ice Prince returns with two fresh cuts off his forthcoming album, Fire Of Zamani, both joints were produced by Chopstix, VIP was a solo effort, Gimme Dat features the raves of the moment Olamide and Burna Boy, Yung L also joined the party, Wande Coal was initially billed to be on the song, still don’t why he was removed.

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pixel Ice Prince   VIP | Gimme Dat ft Burna Boy, Yung L & OlamideYung L VIP Olamide Ice Prince Gimme Dat Burna Boy

Posted by on April 24, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bad song from ice prince

  2. jones says:

    Ice prince needs some good high grade jos kush and gum to get back his game. #Nuffsaid.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Burna almost off key,yung l make brain,but baddo baddddd,he really seems to be smoking inside that studio,o n gbona smoking section..I tuale baba,se ko wale..jagaban nla

  4. respect burna boi ni says:


  5. Arnold Knighty says:

    Mr. Ice prince, am so so proud of you man, Olamide you are already a Badoooooo, so I surprise, Burn, yung L, Love you Guys. Much love, hope to work with you guyz some day. Am taking that good stuff like right now. One Love. Every Body Love Ice Prince oooooooOh

  6. Jamesbode says:

    I dey feel u my bro ice prince.fuck all those criticizers for there bullshit.

  7. nice 1 says:

    SWEETSONG,up coming artist

  8. Egbuson says:

    Vip the lyrics are tite really of d hizzle but sound like aboki,as for gimme dat olamide murdered d song.

  9. flash says:

    Dat VIP is rubbish.. Deleted it immediately after download

  10. PHIZZIKUL says:

    you all should download and listen to this ,dont miss out .http://www.hulkshare.com/b5252wpumark

  11. Mallam Ade says:

    Zamani, huge task ahead

  12. Najite says:

    Gimme dat on replay, OLamide murdered that track, Ambulance PLEase!!!

  13. @lexander says:

    cool….buh I will say dis is same as aboki tins

  14. TOSAN says:


  15. marychic says:

    best track ice prince #vip #gimmedat!!!

  16. freakydeni says:

    i swear!!!!! u are really my oga @the top!! ice i humble oo

  17. nedubabe says:

    omo icee too gbaskiiii!!!! u be d bosss

  18. juluking says:


  19. @Wirelessondlyre says:

    Ah, I tot it was only me too o.. Dis vip is a total aboki rip-off.. Stil dsnt stop me frm feelin it sha #lol#.. N as for gimmie dat, burna boi was soooo on point.. Olamide sef tirayi #smal try# sha.. N as fo chopstix, ure a kadilag bag guy mhen.

  20. waley says:

    @ice prince, I really appriciate your effort.. Buh my own advise to u is not everytime u av to be commercial. Other genres like crunk, r n b cos what I believe in is dat if u make good music, people will buy it… And @burna boy, I like your style buh perfect yourself becos recording… Uve got a nice style man… Tho, its not easy I understand…to make money is not easy.. GOD will help u all!

  21. iamrashman says:

    Can’t wait 2 see a Vector vs Iceprince beef, Iceprince seems 2 me like a flash in the pan.. He is a very good rapper but seems 2 be distracted by d so called “Commercial” stuff!! M.I is still d best, e put out album for commercial listener and puts out Mixtape for dope rap listener!! Vector tryna do dat too…

  22. abbey says:

    I thought we will probably be farther than this by now judging from d pace u stated with, ice u ar tite u jst need 2 speed thins up a lil more nobody knws hw many moons he’s got left.Drop epic tracs so u could get 2 b one urself. Kudos!!

  23. princetin says:

    Mehn wasssup wit all dz yarbin’s..mehn nigerias are 2 hard 2 satisfy..lemme download the jam bt for now i reserve my comments

  24. musikkush says:

    Ppl r giving Yung L’s pundit to Burna here, d former was cool too tho buh YUNG L nd OLAMIDE were d smash on diz no doubt….nd again, ICE reali mixin d magic fingers of Jago here, no wonder Chairman wsnt smashy lik I xpected ….letz say d video wud hype d song buh I’m tired of dis aboki sound around! ICE go fasten ya beltz!!!!!! U are a champion until u start becoming comfortabl wit loosing

  25. razielkaine says:

    there's one thing about getting to the top…. it is how you handle the standards which you have set for yourself. ice prince is a good rapper…i dont get why he keeps doing these bubble gum songs. i understand the naija market is fucked up but, dammit homie, using the useless cuts from ur old single (which was rather a fun listen) as a second single and even worse, it sounds exactly like the old song.thats just pure laziness. i wish he's as creative now as he is on instagram these days….smh!!. NO BE SWAG WE WAN CHOP

  26. habiba says:

    Habaa iceprince.u cn do beta…I’m a diehard fan ov urs though.vip is jst aboki all d way *rme*

  27. kels says:

    Good observation on daht VIP track, really sounds like aboki, dahz d problem wit goin commercial.

  28. @babynice_1 says:

    Ice baba, weldon 4d job, but den u shuld av jst called dis VIP track “ABOKI part2″ may b we wuld av spared u dis trashin comments.u tyter dan dis nau, same rhymes flowing tru ur mouth? Aba, no good

  29. Dopest says:

    @Mykells,I feel u die bro.Ice is rili runnin out of ideas.He sooo isnt d rapper I fell in love wit bk den*no homo*.Personally I tink dese 2 singles wr rili over hyped,VIP is the Part 2 of Aboki Remix,wyl Gimme dat is jst dr,it lacks d ‘blow ur mind’ touch. U rili nid 2 get ur game back Ice,until u do….TEAM YSG Baby!!! Ondun!!!

  30. Mykells says:

    Am a die hard fan of ice prince zamani…bt 2 be sincere dis is arrant bullshit…he remixes aboki wit dy title vip…and does a song dat sounds like a grip boiz freestyle…GOSH!….wot happened 2 ol rumours abt david queta’s colabo?…ice prince needs ideas abeg..thumbs up 2 burna boy sha

  31. Kelbass says:

    Gimme dat is dope, Burna and Olamide are strong on the beat, kudos to Ice for doing good again

  32. Kelbass says:

    VIP is poor as per creativity, it is Aboki remix part 2. Ice will always deliver lyrically but the producer didn’t do him any favours.

  33. Wow. Am feeling this VIP track ooo but sounds lik Aboki ,Kudos to badoo of Life chopstix nice beats

  34. leumas says:

    @bankheadDude.. I’m glad dat u noticed too.. well, let’s see how d acceptance of the songs will be lyk out dere..

  35. BankHeadDude says:

    @leumas– you are right bout dis VIP song same hyping shit!! Burna Boy and Yung L killed d Gimme That! :D

  36. leumas says:

    So feeling Gimme dat but VIP sounds d same with aboki.. Burna boi killed d gimme dat song.. I c u chopstick.. *CBN in da buildin

  37. BankHeadDude says:

    Big up to Burna Boy,Yung L n Olamide. Gimme d light, gimme dah kush…. Chopstix is not left out on this one! Nyc Beat :) I’m so VIP!!

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