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Iyanya – Kukere (remix) Feat. D’banj

Posted by Tyler on August 20, 2012 in AUDIO · 86 Comments

The remix to the monster hit single kukere from iyanya produced by the young and talented Dtunes is finally out ,no one anticipated this turn of events but we are glad iyanya could pull a lovely turn.D’banj adds more flavour to the remix and smashes it up with his style. Listen and Enjoy!!



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  1. This remix make sense die D’banj make it more interesting.

  2. Sexxyboo@ 2695cf11

  3. My hat is off to your astute command over this tob-ripcavo!

  4. That's cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cotitnburing.

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  6. Seriously,I neva tot of seein all dis dis fault brought out by fans,cos tu me dis remix is beta dan d origina kukere n what makes d diff is d ft artist(dbanj).pls fans try tu appraise n stop destructive criticism

  7. D'banj ! Vraiment tu es le meilleur je t'apprecis beaucoup bon courage a toi tu es fort

  8. @kelevra , learn Rich men Attitude, idiot, how that song dey related to the rubbish u dey yan, Dbanj was my classmate back at EPE Campus, LASU, let him do his thing.He killed it again!! BRA!!!!

  9. D’banj ds guy na only fame him d use nw song don finished for him mouth, make him drop proudness we know say him do get money bt pride go b4 fall.

  10. dis song make sense die

  11. ode and mumu na hin no go like dis remix>>>…but d origial tit pass remix

    • i agree wit u my broda,na D
      banji make d song sweet small

  12. we ur ppl sabi u wella nd we dey enjoy ur swagger world best singer

  13. fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile na kokomaster no be by force to like dbanj ride on oyato

  14. Dbanj murder this jamz…i dey feel this song like kai kai

  15. Even b4 nw, i’ve always known dat D’banj D???????????????? 4k up.. D guy cannot singg nadaa. Its nt 2 late 4 him 2 retrace his steps n think of sumfin else 2 do, may be fashion.. D’banj need 2 be jailed 4 killin dat song Allah. Rubbish

  16. I expected a total rubish song like rubish people ve been criticizin de song! Who God don bless no man can curse! Make una find studio enter too nah, una wey never make notin dey condemn person wey fit buy una chop! Dbanj rocks and he is one of de best…weda una like am or not!

  17. Dbanj is an ok artiste and we all know is a force to reckon with in Africa bur at dis level he shud be able to sing like a mature artiste not like a starter. With all due respect Dbanj much love bur we nid more from u

  18. i’m dbanj,haters why u hate me sey na bcos God don bless me. ha ! dnt try to double dare me cos dbanj oyato ! d song good or bad i don do ma part make u do ur part by dancin oh !…..dnt have time 4 rubbish,makin more money onpoint

  19. Still Rocking the Air waves!Download Dj Rockwildah ft Krestup &Briggz Mixtape !!

  20. 2me everybody is tryin no mata d levu u r today or tomao, dbanj n fans una try jawey …. Bur fans must dere b featuring audition again ni????

  21. i no 1st like d real song but d’banj make me like d remix d’banj u tri ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  22. the song is wow

  23. D song is jes dere let’s b sincere d banji sang rubbish dere dou he is good bt his performance in kukere remix is nuffing 2talk home of

  24. D song is jes dere let’s b sincere d banji sang rubbish dere dou he is good bt his performance in kukere remix is nuffing 2talk home of he shld av made a beta rhymes

  25. #RUBBISH»»»»» D banj dey fucccccccck up!!! if I were iyanya I no go release dis song with dbanj… nonsence. bcos we won chop cow, we go dey ? cow brother. mutchewwwwwwW

  26. #RUBBISH»»»»» D banj dey fucccccccck up!!! if I wea iyanya I no go release dis song with dbanj… nonsence. bcos we won chop cow, we go dey ? cow brother. mutchewwwwwwW

  27. D’banj, u rily tried 2 d song. 4rm lagos 2 London, 4rm NY 2 Hong kong. D’banj na true yan o… Oto laye re

  28. God punish anybody that criticized dbanj…..go and hear the remix of moterna by necto c…..dbanj make d song best of necto c….see what dbanj drop as a verse….dbanj is the best you dont need to compare him to anybody…… U dat critized him u can reach is level….till u go die 4 ur life…..dbanj no send them..u better pass their father…..dbanj omo ti oyato jooo…..iyanya thanks 4 featuring the best man in African…I love u iyanya….enermy go die…of hatred..dbanj keep rooming

  29. A Remix with Daddy shoki wudav sounded beta…kukere Master,galala Master,Two Masters

    • nice one bruv

  30. @nobody_i’m wit u on dis.dis is no player hating,I am ??? an anti-dbanj camp buh I tink dbanj should pay iyanya 4 damages coz he “KILLED” d track

  31. Menh…. Dbanj I tot ur game don step up y u dey fall hand like dis nw ur style don de fade. U almost spoil dis mad jam. Abeg 4 d sake those d@ love u reconcile wiv ur guy Don jazzy he is really a big help in ur career. Pis

  32. Dbanj rocks if u gat problem wif dat u can shit in ur pants and u haters can ff @budsegun1 for u to no how to love dbanj.

  33. U all are criticizing someone who has made it.make una go find better living do.shamless people.follow me @invisiblies

  34. Hm wat nonsense

  35. @Dbanj expected more, D??????????t????? was reali poor man @iyanya nice1 GGMUB jooo!

  36. @Dbanj expected more @iyanya nice1 GGMUB jooo!

  37. Dbang really tried… Its not easy to come into a song as he did… Kokomaster, kukere master, 2masters.. Lwkmd

  38. D’banj ??? just spoil the song wiff ???r stupid verse•••

  39. iyanya,seriously,you would have put terry g,timaya or me on this song,i would have done better than that koko boy

  40. i av not heard the song but nw i think its not gonna make any sense to me,abeg nobody likes the song

  41. Guys d fact dt sm1 is critcising a song doesn’t make d psn a bad psn or *hater* like v been seeing since #individual choices#

  42. d'banj u r a bloody bastard for spoiling this song and iyanaya where the f**k is terry G, Timaya or Flavour to feature on dis track…..God punish D'banj……….D'banj go and beg DON JAZZY……..Foolish D'banj

  43. DAPO….DAPO….DAPO…….in one word,u be pure GOD wan catch u that’s y u commot for mohits.if I were to be u I’d leave d music scene entirely and become a fashion designer of sth…coz uve shown to all nigerians now that ure not “GOOD” at all….ion even know what kanye saw in u….mtcheeeeww……u just spoil d poor boy song.

  44. Absolute rubbish…Iyanya shud neva mk dat mstk agn…I ws xpctin somtin more nd dey gave somtin evn lesser dan d original song,mstwwww

  45. Dbanj Dbanj Dbanj!!!!!I knew it wud cum to dis one day.he was tryin so hard to make sense and eventually didn’t.iyanya shud giv us anoda track and shud stop throwin shit remix at our b by force to feature star.

  46. Don Jazzy knew it all dat D'banj was not good.. imagine na God just dey help am all dis while, Dbanj now sings like a learner.

  47. He Killed It.

  48. New Leak…Download now KO MA JO by Fwesh Kidd feat…….Datz wasssaaaaappp…

  49. D’banj spoiled it. Guy do something other dan hailing yourself

  50. Dbanj its cool wif d song fuck u haters n fuck d don haters outfit coz dbanj is oyato.I v yall all iyanya keep ip up

  51. Mumuye ft. Akpan

  52. Dbanj fucked up on this joint let’s face the face ,think I even prefere the other kukure to tis , would have felt 2face more on tis kinda tin . iyanyan wrong choice in picking dbanj

  53. Ð’banj should pay iyanya for damages.. (??? )

    • #gbam

  54. Guy, u for ft better person wey no da meaning of kukere no be dbanj coz dbanj don fail hand here no be small

  55. Wack ass joint. Dbanj spoilt this song with his useless style. Musicians are unique in there own way da fact ur jesus in ur own doesn’t mean u wud be in another. Kukere remix crap!!!

  56. D’banj no mind dem joor u 2 gbaski hw many people wan ft u sef dem wan kill u

  57. Mr. Banj the song is on point as for me I give it a fair remark.

  58. D banj ur yanch don open, u nor sabi musik @ all, iyanyan na mumu to agree feature u for this hit

  59. Y’all mentioning haters are just as mediocre as dapo.wheres that midas touch every remix begs for?.smh…the boy needs to grow up.

  60. Nice one D'banj!!!!!

  61. its C?????????????????????

  62. I tink the sonq is ok Õõøº°??°º!……hatez*rss feed your beef 2 your nxt generation……gbam#

  63. Mehn Dbanj just spoiled this song for this iyanya niccur that dbanj musician ??????a fake Oo°???°

  64. LMAO!!!!! Ok I gotta hear dis joint.

  65. Dbanj jst fall him hand for dis song.D song is rubbish.Inyanya u for feature better person joor

  66. Nice one !!!!!am feeling it!!!!!!!!!!!!men guys you all need to check dis song out!!!!!its d bomb..

  67. Omo dbanj try joor!!!! 4k d hatters

  68. Omo dbanj try joor!!!! 4k ? haters

  69. Didnt reallyu feel Dbanj in d song….i feel he could av done better but d remix was on point…

  70. Una no go talk true,so dat e go improve…jst dey hail am until e crash finish.

  71. D’banj u are riding on the waves of glory, Ride on!!! May God punish & destroy the careers of your fake fans & haters. Oyato

  72. Not gud @all joor

    • HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Dbanj why u dey fall hand?u jst go dull d song wey iyanya down do song,abeg.I like you,I be ur fan…

  74. Not sooo gud joor.

  75. Mehn make senze song die…I guess am da 1st person do download diz song…Thankz dbanj for lettin me know…datz d song is out….

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