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Jesse Jagz – Redemption

Screen Shot 2013 05 30 at 1.19.01 AM Jesse Jagz   Redemption Redemption Jesse Jagz

Life after Chocolate city begins for Jargo, here is his latest work, Redemption, something out of the norm, Jesse Jagz is definitely blessed. Listen and check on the visuals your self.



0 Jesse Jagz   Redemption Redemption Jesse Jagz




Posted by on May 30, 2013.

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  1. make brain song!!!we says:


  2. yungchase says:

    Jah bless yuh man…yuh nevr fear nothing

  3. lot fidelis says:

    i think this song will make sense, iam dawnload it right now…….#let me start dance before play it

  4. S-5ive says:

    A lot of bullshit trash have been done in the name of naija gbedu, dont see the poetry in the RAP and no blues in the RnB. Thumbs up Jaggz on this one, real ish you know, something to relate with. This is dope, I rate it a 10 (5mics)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Been jargo's drummer I will say redemption ????§ off d hook dis. One ?o?????? b mouth omo c beat.dis song ????§ inspiring and motivating .@vsticks

  6. th3rayflowz says:

    This is DEEP! Redemption z d word bro! Bringing bk dis folks 2 do music dt wud prickle d thinkin' faculty. Luvly lyrics boss! U brut back d buzz!

  7. Borisblue says:

    kai! jesse u murder dem, dis song is jst 2much I realy cnt bliv it,mhen u got me inspired, Nice1 bro!

  8. r diddy says:

    4 mics

  9. Lil jo says:

    Jargo ure dere ur work and ur style realy difa even di entire chocoo cnt had a plan u got wit ur litle fame;jag dnt 4get to. Add me to ur label pls am also a truta lyk u boss,nice job

  10. nice song,grt though says:


  11. patrick Pami says:

    Jargo now I can beat my chest like king kong dat we are listening to good music in naija, I know choc city will regret ur leaving.
    Keep d good work and d sky is your spring board.

  12. @sholzyfillz says:

    Jesse am impressed,d song with 9ice nd brymo..no be small thing,infact,all d song hav heard from dis new album is off d hook!! Nuffin like “wyn ur bum bum” which is wizkid’s normal talk or shake something….u dope die!! One love(like bob marley taught us)

  13. Ibrahym keita says:

    Oh yes, it is his royal highness,on flyness,d nation’s wonder,producer extra-ordinary,artist to d year…i luv u man,kip dropin da dope shit

  14. #TeamJargo says:

    Damn this is a song. :-) . Touching. Jesse Jagz is da best

  15. Slim says:

    Just wen I tot good music’s left us here in naija……..Jag..tanks a bunch,I luv U????? man,shame on you ppl(ice prince,wizkid,iyanya,davido,ednut,mavins,timaya and co)for d first time after a while…I listened to good music.God bless U????? jag,I look forward to more

  16. jahleel says:

    Now this is wat am talking about…………jesse thumps up/smashing track.Best so far for me dis year…….JN Baby

  17. #SYYB says:

    Jesse Jagz!!!! Best Nigerian Song I’ve heard this year is from you! Tight song!

  18. stolichnaya says:

    I concour wit d ppl b4 me, Jagz I’m dumbfounded… On d way 2 calvary… Whole world livivng in vanity… Moving steady aiii. Plus bahddest video ever. Choc city U????? jst lost d Golden fish.. Hope U????? can copy dt. Respeeeeeeect

  19. badooooo says:

    J.jagz, now I knw y u left Choc city, u don win am. I’m speechless, u killed it. Listened 2 it more than 50 somthing timez. man never fear nutthin…Revolutionary… Red gangsta… Haile Sallasie… Eye so dirty. Gba! Love jargo. Jah rastafarai

  20. Ruks says:

    5 star. Never saw this coming from jesse.

  21. Phillips says:

    Jesse :) you’re da best. No can contest!
    I b’liv in evry music u bring-out frm ur mouth. I love d confident in u. I envy u though! *smilling*
    Wen u left chocolate-city,I knew u’re way-solo to da TOP. U explode in ur mind wen ur alone. Guess I took ma time to knw u frm afar. Would love to free-style wit u. No kidding. I b’liv in u!

  22. habbey says:

    I don’t know what to say cos this song is breath taking. I swear this is the best song I have ever listened/watch Jargo ? ?
    ( :D )
    / \ ,
    ?’ ??? Double tuale!

  23. Tush says:

    Alaye dis song tab tush say so#jam of life

  24. Dopest says:

    4got 2 say,nyc video 2. Me luv it 2 bits,sooooooooooooo dope,lyk me. #winks#

  25. Dopest says:

    Jago,I bow 4 u.D word ‘Impressive’ does nt do justice 2 ds song.In a tym wen ppl r makin meaninless music,thumbs up 2 u 4 remindin us wt creativity is,n wt it mins 4 a song 2 v content.2 bad ur nigga Ice prince is makin empty music tho,I hpe he hs a rethink. As 4 dem wizkid,davido,d prince,iyanya n d likes,kip telin us d same old story.No b una fault.

  26. HubEnt says:

    nice one…Jesse is underrated though

  27. kingfad says:

    This is good ish….#teamjargo

  28. CELLs says:

    Excellent production

  29. tolu says:

    @prince,true talk bro…I will share and talk abt it also. Just like Kelly handsomes ‘what is happening’ I lov god music. Truly redemed super Jago ..praaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  30. prince ,@PRINCEOBIAMOBI says:

    dis is wat am talkin abt………someone who will giv me somtin reseanable dat can inspire me…….not all these I don mak and shake ur bum bum. jago,I beg u nt to depart frm dis lane. I will personally distribute and talk abt dis song,and believe so many odas will follow suit. musicians r beer popin….bullshit,dats all dey knw and will end up shakin der sistas and who Eva bum bum. tuale JAGO and the NATION

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