P-Square – Taste The Money (Testimony)

Posted by Tyler on February 11, 2014 in AUDIO, Feature · 120 Comments

 P Square   Taste The Money (Testimony)P Square

Reminiscent of Charass’ ‘Coco Butter’; Africa leading musical duo P-Square debuts a brand new single christened ‘Taste The Money (Testimony)’. The song which has Francophone smashMwritten all over follows up Personally and will be housed on their forthcoming studio album. Hit or Miss?! Bask in the audio and air your views.


pixel P Square   Taste The Money (Testimony)P Square

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  1. na p-square be baba,i dey feel una

  2. congratulations

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  4. I love dis song like die_ Taste the money by square, love you guys sooooo muuuuch
    kip it rolling!!!

  5. I love dis song like die_ Taste the money by psquare, love you guys sooooo muuuuch

  6. the song is very fantasic.

  7. the song is cute!! i enjoy it

  8. Not bad but i expected more 4rm u guys

  9. At least Square tries in making sense in their tracks and still giving us a dancable track… The lucky and massively untalented wizzkid will drop “his open and close, touch ur toes” shit and this same people calling Squares song average and coco butter will praise it the most… I have never seen where wizzkid was featured in any song that is meant to pass a message to people and he does it well… Its only pussy, ass, sex, dance and whyne he does well… Any day any time, I will take a Burner boy or Davido over 20 wizzkids! Fact..

  10. As for me oo. I don’t have time to check time for u haters pls una fit go jump into third mainland bridge..psquare is d best..lov u guys. me self am giving my testimony cos I don taste d money*wink*

  11. I love the lyrics of the song! Great song by P-Square and should continue to make good music as a group not separately.

  12. Nice1 guys

  13. These guys are naturally blessed. Best ever!

  14. now see d banj he went to sing ewa na beans what does that mean and u see two fantastic twin that are tryin their best u are stil their criticizin why i sing but am tryin my best to drop my first track but that does not mean that if i see the truth i should not say if u admire some one litle effort thats how people we admire your own too so lets be fidelity

  15. is good for some one to see the truth and say u should live jealous

  16. Were are u nw i dy market

  17. Hmmm

  18. Dis song blends in with today’s demands..keep on psquare.luv u guyz

  19. Dis song blends in with today’s demands..keep on psquare.

  20. nothing ever satisfies Nigerians,derz always something to criticize….d song is dope and datz final

  21. P quare my favorite

  22. P square are highly respected

  23. U re d best mehn! Luv ya!

  24. Money is good

  25. Amazing super square. Personaly tasting their money cos e no easy. If u hate d sng abeg go die inside dust bin. Rating 125 over 100 haa ha ha haaa. Open dat ur big mouth cdown dier dey hate dem idiot. P square is rating 125 over 100 oo if u no knw yeye haterz

  26. d sung is awesome,it inspire’s me each day i listen to it,guys more grease 2 ur elbow psquare

  27. I luv u guys so much

  28. Jst love dis guys…..keep it up guys cheers!!


  30. English hasnt coined a word 2 describe u guys… Kip tastin ur money and let haters kip tasting their mourning… U are da best…. No matter wat people say, knw dt alotta people gat ur bck… Much love bros..

  31. Dis sound like upcoming artists songs. p sq u guys r bigger Dan dis

  32. U Guys r gud pls keep it up,u guys should always be together dat d key to d motor. We had a gud tym @ paulz TD nice 1

  33. Good music keep rocking all the way Paul and peter p square


  34. AbeG p square Y alwaYs una abEg una 2much…testimoneY I nor chop I noR testimonmoney

  35. For u critics of psqare can u even sing to the beat? if u comdemn what is good, good things will b runing from u.

  36. haters dey hate,, de guyz re busy mkin der bars,, most of una wey tok say na copy oya mke una go do una own mke we hear nah,, de guyz re stll de richest naija artistes weda u lyk it or not

  37. Nice track psquare u too much

  38. Meeen dis one is a real hit anyone who hate dis sont should go nd hug d transformer xcus I see no reason why people a ceritisizing nomater wat d song will also sale is even saling already cx am love wit d song testimony

  39. Nice one

  40. nice one dia

  41. nice one dia

  42. D’s taste d money x d worst psquare track ever coz they ain’t makossa singers

    • Dis is d bomb, dnt mind d haters

  43. #Psquare Always make it Boom… Ah Jst can’t away with it…#It’s ma ring back tone…

  44. Nice one Bro even if na copy mehn . I believe say dis one pass the original, lyrics gooo obad nii keep it up Anambra no dey carry last joo dnt forget to vote for mua in Naija idol cos I knw say I go pass the audition nii Stay tuned Bro from another mother… Rhythm

  45. p square if to say u be woman I should have marry u,a nice melody

  46. when you’re hating on p square they are busy making jump africa. i didn’t say Nigeria but Africa. they might not be the first act for some pipo in Nigeria but in the all continent every one is dancing on p square. Ask d banj or 2 face to fill a full stadium go in angola Mozambique or congo. i don’t think they will.

  47. 2face geh more voice, wetin u xpect. Top of the world is produced by Grammy award winnerz, so even if his song aint good fr you, its appreciated globally. @Anthony

  48. Psqure I ll love u guyz till I Die,cos ur booooooooomb…….

  49. p square and dbanj are the people that make us overcelebrate TUFACE.. After listening to this type of song, u have no choice but to run to tuface for some real music…”it cld be hunger for some knowledge, hunger for the truth”..(2face in ‘if i got it’) .. I bet these type of lines have no space in p square or dbanj mind when writing songs.. Abeg make i go listen to away and beyond

  50. I came here earlier, saw people commenting that ‘taste the money’ is a remake of Charass’ song. I listened to the song ‘cocoa Butter’ by Charass, and I do not see any connection. Both songs are not d same. maybe the introductory beats sound alike, but that changed in just 3 seconds. This song is a complete work of their own. People have opinions, but u shouldn’t try to bring people down just because u do not like them. The guy who posted this song on here is even more biased for linking both songs. Looks like every time P Square drops a song, people wanna know who/where they copied the work from. Funny thing is they keep selling these ‘copied’ records.

  51. This is not the first time Psquare will be getting inspiration or let me simply say copy someones song, I wonder why you keep uploading this song. This is a total dissapointment from Psquare or is it just a leak? You guys can do better.

  52. God will bless ur people the grate men in nig

  53. God will bless ur people the grate men in nig

  54. Nice one from psquare,charass or no charass they can still sing d music,cos d beat of this music is a lot more matured than charass’ koko butter…..

  55. P square recorded this song even before charass released his ‘coco butter’ track, so be well informed before you make comments. Nice one from p square

    • Thank u jare. Abeg yarn them more o make dem kno.



  58. U 2 much jare

  59. let try to encouraged d best we see Dan to cast dem

  60. I like this track die,it makes sense…keeping it on repeat here,I never get tired

  61. Psuaure came out wit alingo which was timaya patern of song an now charass, too bad

  62. Psuaure came out wit alingo which was timaya patern of song an now charass, too bad

  63. Kai psquare una just mak me waste my m•b to download dis animal song••••una for don tel me say na charass song d inspire una••••wel d song is average• Kai psquare una pass dis tin oo hw una go use charass track sing una own• Una pass charass well well na plz try and be independent of oda pple songs • Infact una must pay for ma m•b

  64. my number one fans

  65. P- square choi i dont no hw to start una too much

  66. So som1 canot coment on somtin he feels wasn’t good n u guys will take it as hating..some ppl hav lowminds,well its an OK song,can do beta

  67. Nice track

  68. Total disappointment From P-square. This is an Ear Soar. Lol. Rubbish

  69. The reality is that this guys aint singing anytin dis days…. Just blabbing rubbish. psquare need to upgrade big time
    . I aint feeling them @ all

  70. rubish songs,y u go dey copy charass nw,p square u fuck.u need to go and learn frm bangaleee

  71. P-square, go to ur state, go find land fr dere wey go good fr Farming make u con meet Dbanj fr assistance. Help millions of ur fans wif worthwhile things more than d *Testimony of ur Wealth* love u guyz after Dbanj Nd 2face

  72. Gud music,waiting 4 d video

  73. Nice tract no love matter this time good to see

  74. p square more of dis to come

    • this guy are makin me go crays they are best video sooter if i may guest their video is incredible fantastic amazin if u are watchin their video u must be hapy even if u are not hapy befor u wil be hapy suddenly just believe me this guy is too much

  75. Harry song better pikin and wizkid on top ur matter is it nt the same? Haters will always be haters make una go hug transformer psquare you guys are too much ever green

  76. Dis is xclusive… I cnt wait 2c d video

  77. too badt……. making sense

  78. 3 words for dis guys.simply d best

  79. T

  80. Ah too luv dis song abeg…p. u guys too much?

  81. Nice song, Nice beats ..Psquare always deliver…I just read the lyrics on Naija LyricsZone.blogspot.com

  82. Kul song, love u guys P2

  83. Make una do ur tin as we’ll knw u nt copying growing artist song…..Dis is rubbish mehn

  84. Hmmmmmmm

  85. … Dis sounds normal; can be better I tell u. Average for me.

  86. Nice one guys I love u

  87. The above link is 4 the Snippet of an upcoming track of Masterkraft ft Burna boy
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  88. The above link is 4 the Snippet of an upcoming track of Masterkraft ft Burna boy
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  89. The above link is 4 the Snippet of an upcoming track of Masterkraft ft Burna boy
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  90. The above link is 4 the Snippet of an upcoming track of Masterkraft ft Burna boy
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  91. I wan.t make money pls

  92. Rubsh song

  93. Ok

  94. U guyz are just amazing!

  95. Yea yea yea dis song is indeed too much…

  96. p-square abeg u na don fall my hand dis is “charass coco butter” wen una change ooo average track

  97. p-square abeg u na don fall my hand u dis is charass coco butter wen una change ooo average track

  98. Nice song. Visit Affairsofdheart.blogspot.com

  99. 9ice one from psquare, I can wait 2 see ur Album but make sure u feature the right artists both locally n international. Love yhu the Dynamic Duo’s

  100. The song make sense but na Pure Coco Butter Sound looking at it from the chorus, na Charass song inspire them jooor

  101. d duo artiste try sha,buh we ar waitin ya album (Y)

  102. psquare leave oooohhh and eehhhhhh…
    average track 2 me

  103. Dem get am, anytin dem cari mic sing follow…..dats my “Testimony” jst waiting for d ryt tym to “Taste my own money” nyz song(continue giving us hit and everything) “P-BaBa”

    • luv ur comment

  104. Square d bomb, u guys r doing d gr8test in da industry! Much love

  105. Nice lyric n melody, but d producer should hv done a better job. He should hv made it more dancable n less monotonous n artiFicial. We xpected more dn dis from psquare sha.

    • U guyz re d best mehn I swear….dnt mind d hater…nice track

  106. Oga dis 1 na charass – coco butter jhor. . . . . P-square u fall ma hand ooo.

  107. Dope track, …on repeat!

  108. Psquare too much abeg

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