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SARZ ft Wizkid – Beat of Life (Samba)

 SARZ ft Wizkid – Beat of Life (Samba)Wizkid Trybe Records Sarz Samba Beat of life

Some weeks ago Trybe records put a video online of Wizkid with super star Producer Sarz in the studio working and we were all “feeling the beat Spiritually”. Here is the product  Sarz Ft Wizkid Beat Of Life enjoy


pixel SARZ ft Wizkid – Beat of Life (Samba)Wizkid Trybe Records Sarz Samba Beat of life

Posted by on December 4, 2012.

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  1. goody cruz says:

    I luv dis music

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lovely muisic

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice beat

  4. u 1 of a typ i hv ever i wise 2 be lk dis my 4ne namber 08106745964 tnk wizzy says:

    judge joel (blinkz new coming musician.)

  5. Stunna says:

    man gud beat

  6. Swexzy says:

    Mehn ?? just love wizkid 2 be frank..if yu are a fan of ma bro wizzy just add mee up on BBM..2A107B9D!!peace!!wizzy hail armstronq for mee bro!!dis track was da BOkO man

  7. Aminu malikawa says:

    Datx a very gud job

  8. lilaashraff says:

    Yeah ‘that’s damn chill h0mmies ,y’all did a great j0b!!! Nyc 0ne

  9. lilaashraff says:

    Yeah ‘that’s damn killin h0mmies ,y’all did a great j0b!!! Nyc 0ne

  10. It’s obvious that you take great pride in writing quality informative articles. Your article is writing I can really appreciate. Keep up the good work.

  11. Terkuma says:

    Wizzy and sarz, na God alone know wetin enter una head make una do track wey de make me go GAGA. If na d onki tin wey u go sing 4 d album den na onli ,e go buy am. Una 2gbaski. Thumbs up ,eeehhhn.

  12. Afrosol Eneyo says:

    mehn wizzy and sarz , u guys r tighter dan a virgins p*s*ya, troways tu allya… if u an up komin producer(FL studios), add d pin 3236440D let’s teach.

  13. peero says:

    i tyer 4 haterz

  14. peero says:

    mennh u guyz ar d bomb i luv dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Wizkid u get mouth base on samba

  16. Benny says:

    This is jst on point,kudos †??? sarz n wizzy

  17. DON-JAY says:

    if you are wizkid’s fan dis my pin 22A4EDB0

  18. ima not surprise though trust me real G so gifted talented lol.

  19. davido says:

    Man this hit got m?????? goin cwazy,fuck U????? haters men,dis is da bomb

  20. viper says:

    thumbs up 4 wizkid n sarz on dis one….una 2much jooooor

  21. wow… wizkid u r sumtin else o, hw were u able 2 do a freestyle on dat crazy beat lolz…

  22. quebra says:


  23. Yung says:

    Nice song 4rm both of yah..and u niggas stop hatin over this guy..if u tink it easy get ur a** into a studio and let see wats up..

  24. christopher onyido says:

    U niggaz just sit around to criticize,thiss pple has all made it ,y not add more grease to their shoulder,d beat is good,if u say otherwise y not do yours cos he paid for d beat with his money nd not urs….

  25. Me says:

    Feeling erthing bout the beat and singing.thumbs up

  26. tawla says:

    Cray beat…I L??? dis song joor

  27. Chigirl says:

    Samba…..wizkid tried sha but i expected somtin hotter 4rm my big brother (wizkid)

  28. Lala Weed says:

    Saz your Beat is Maddd Unto that thing Samba.

  29. sarz…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  30. kerry says:

    Don’t c what’s crazy bout this beat o or d song sef. And what’s with the “if you know you are feeling this spiritually say yea yea” stuff.duh!. E try, but not as I xpected tho.

  31. bizzle says:

    Its apparent that wiiz is singing nonesensical tunes lately..I never expected this from wizz its just a rubbish music..thumbs sarz but you have a long way ahead of you. Shizzy HKN is dope.

  32. peezie says:

    Cray beat!!!..buh i expected mur 4m wizkid sha..dope jam by d way

  33. jay says:

    what the hell is this?? some of dis niggas should get some life

  34. @sleemboi says:

    Not what I was expecting from wizkid… Kinda disappointed sha… Sha they can’t all be hits

  35. brown says:

    No lie …go to hell haters….everytin abt dis song make sence joor …wizkid kill am joor.d guy jus want used wizkid blow

  36. Da Rich Wiz says:

    sarz should have done something hotter than this….
    Thumbup wiz alway got me dancing u be maleka…

  37. arhcent says:

    Crazy track_

  38. leumas says:

    it’s a spiritual sumtinz.. madt beat . Feelin da song in ma bone marrow..

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