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Sauce Kid – Kitchen Street Feat. Vector

SMG Sauce Kid   Kitchen Street Feat. Vector vector Sauce Kid Kitchen Street

Sauce Is the Animal ,VEC is the beast and this is the rap straight from the rap kitchen.. “You got too much pepper we got tomatoes to cool you down” .Punchlines after punchlines VEC and the kid Sauce on a track ..This is History made right here.

listen and Enjoy!!



pixel Sauce Kid   Kitchen Street Feat. Vector vector Sauce Kid Kitchen Street

Posted by on February 27, 2012.

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  1. reminisce iz the best rapper alive ouch!

  2. [...] the first of many to come this year ,Reminisce  drops ATA a reply to the first line by Vector on  Street Kitchen “Ti Ehin Ba ni Eyin ATA a ma ni Tomato To ma to ” Was Vector talking to Reminisce [...]

  3. @SmokeyBear_69 says:

    Sauce man murdered the shit !

  4. Adiz Micheal says:

    This lyrics is freeze and spacious,the two rap dude are fucking drain into there brain before there collaboration two show each other fitness they really work on that track.the beat was marvelous and twisting.Sinzu ft Vec

  5. hafesz says:

    4 d record sauce & vector just made history…….d 1st time in a very long time we dey here something doper dan dope…kudos

  6. Cannie says:

    Kitchen Street, this is the kind of song we need, Mad collab, Dope Joint. No flaws.

  7. Akpan says:

    SMG & YSG jez made a huge mess tho. They killed the Kitchen street

  8. Idris says:

    dat track kitchen street is maaaad and sick wicked flows vector killed it men shiit what e sinzu

  9. Promise says:

    Kitchen street on repeat all day!!! Damn!!

  10. Onwubiko says:

    KITCHEN STREET!!!…..shii on Rplay!!!

  11. ruki says:

    Vector.. That boy is something else.

  12. PRISCA says:

    But really, Sauce kid & Vector in Nigeria. It doesn’t get any better yo…

  13. Amenawon says:

    Vector’s Lyrics sha!!!!! The dude is good!!!

  14. emmanuel says:

    Kitchen street on replay

  15. Ride says:

    This is rap @ its finest ..Loving it

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