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Shaydee & Wizkid – Won Gbo Mi

 Shaydee & Wizkid   Won Gbo Mi

EME and StarBoy are in the building!!! Wizkid and Shaydee on the same track for the first time i believe . This track is just off the hook ,anything with wizkid on is just the next big thing.

Listen to this new monster hit single and share your thoughts


pixel Shaydee & Wizkid   Won Gbo Mi

Posted by on November 16, 2013.

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  1. gip6ix says:

    kill dem all guys

  2. […] Mates Entertainment is proud to present the music video for “Won Gbo Mi”… introducing the amazing Singer ShayDee, and featuring EME’s StarBoy WizKid. The song was […]

  3. Anonymous says:

    Haterz shut that fuck up big shut out to shaydee keep trying u’re doing great as for wizzy yagaaa u da best

  4. love says:

    Haters shut that fuck up big shut out to shaydee keep trying as for wizkid yagaaaa u the best

  5. ola. says:

    U guys are d best

  6. Anonymous says:

    I luv u shady n wizkid

  7. Anonymous says:

    track was off the hizzle…

  8. Anonymous says:

    weda lyk am o,weda una no lyk am…..weezy remains weezy n shaydee remains shaydee,IF U DNT LYK IT GO 2 SKUL afta all if u hear dia songs dey go deep in2 ya soul n meks u muv ya feet…BRA BADMAN WIZZY

  9. Anonymous says:

    You can wake up in d morning and let’s it get to your brian 2 criticise and demolish an artist hardwork, at least u haters should use your. Mouth 2 say a positive words in everyday of ur life, except u don’t have a life 2 live and a mission 2 accomplish in life, foolish haters, e no go better 4 una, I love both of dem, even if d song is not so impressed @all they are still my no 1

  10. Anonymous says:

    Love d beat sha @ least its gud for ring tone lol and wizzy get serious u suppose try pass dat 1 naa

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wizzy didn’t give his best “zero content”

  12. Anonymous says:

    wizzy on fire

  13. Albashiru temitope says:

    We all love u nd i love u too

  14. Anonymous says:

    We all love u i love u to wizkid

  15. Z says:

    Badd ass song,i love U shaydee,wizzy u 2much.

  16. olasquare-G says:

    wizzy is da star,shaydee is da upcoming star,no offence but you have to be deaf not to know dat shaydee has a better vocal compared to star boi,people shoul stop been sentimental jooo,nice job from both young folks

  17. bendevon says:

    Wizzy baby loke loke…….. Lolz your girl friend is a lose girl… I tell her she is a loose girl, loose girl….

  18. oloshi ni awon haters o!!!!!! wetin do dat song now? eyin mofos dem don sing their own finish!!!! money don dey enter bank u dey here dey hate if na so e easy make una go sing una own na if one person download ur song make I know why beta watch what u say says:

    Ruud Boi

  19. teeguggzy says:

    the song is fuckin onpoint, dy both tried, fuck all d haterz.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Y do some people jst lov 2 hate,dis re people dat ave worked hard on a track bt we jst pick oUr fones nd tk shit thereby discouraging people 4rm listenin 2 dere work….shaydee,wizzy nice one…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Mehn wizzy killed d song u jus d best no rival @ all

  22. hehehe with all these comments i dont know if i should download this song again i dont wanna waste my MB . LOL . says:


  23. Bella says:

    notin big , just a freestyle , not bad doe

  24. g-man says:

    i rilly enjoy dis track.
    …jez kip it up

  25. Mike says:

    †????????? those talkin abt repitition ?? guess u guys are oblivious †????????? d fact daht any work of art wit out dat litrary device xpecially in poems, song is almost not okay repitition brings out the melody in it

  26. @bablononi says:

    The fuck is wizzy saying?

  27. the fuck is wizkid sayin? says:


  28. dj king says:

    Y’all shud shut d hell up..d song aint bad @all..Gosh seein such comments cn discourage one into downloading d song matchwood..d song iz wok joor,evn prefer Shandee voice 2wizzy’s..pfft fuckn hater djking remix nanananana ??????????????????

  29. Gold says:

    I dnt normally do dis bt I had to seeing d criticisms……haba!!! How u go talk say @shadeeboi no try for dis song dats a very sentimental statement to make infact it is wizkid dt flopped in his part shadee was perfect abeg make una haters shut d f**k up if una no sabi music joooor…..shadeeboi holla!!! Nice one d only problem I hv with d song is dt its too short shadee u for do a last verse anyways sha dis a street banger

  30. Anonymous says:

    Shaydee and wizkid did a good jam and surely der gonna make money frm it stop hating

  31. fabby says:

    Wow dis song is nice av always being a fan of shadeey.luv Is voice.wiz did is usual thing.so u all niggas hating shaydee are learners it d lyks of u dat will say ice prince is naija best rapper.4uck up fellas.kip it up shaydee

  32. Josh says:

    I swear na Ogun go kill all of una wey say Shaydee & Wizkid no try for this song. Una father fit carry him quack voice sing on top this beat? I’m no big fan of either artistes but I had to listen to the songs due to the negative criticism I read from y’all. I must admit both of them massacred the beat!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Me C face 9ice 1 wizkid

  34. tj says:

    Haters!!! How pathetic! Bad comments on a persons effort, while u keep idle doin and making no efforts. Endeavour to appreciate.

  35. Blackj says:

    gentle all na stunt!!!! promo tins on their mind!!!

  36. Starprince says:

    Wll dne @ u starboy wizzy nd shaydee u both tried. discriminators shld lve diz site dey ar stil kids.

  37. Dixie don says:

    Nice job wizzy and shaydee.

  38. Anybody wit sense will kno Shaydee iz good,comparing wit wizkid is not kul,respect 2 wizzy but i tink shaydee iz better in everyway.Wizkid shud stop wit d repetition and childish lyrics. says:


  39. The truth..... says:

    Smh…4 dos “anti shaydee”…I guess dis d 1st tym u gonna hear his voice…f u wanna criticise…pls do wivout sentiments r preferences..t shud b on der output..playn d song ova agn…n I cnt find any repitition in shaydee’s line…unlike d repitition king..u’d beta a vewi gud earpiece wiv a clear audible output….

  40. Kcee says:

    Wizkid is legendary shayee learn from wizzy abeg

  41. Anonymous says:

    wizzy u 2 much jawe

  42. hmmm says:

    This song is bad…wizzy and shaydee didn’t not understand the beat before jumping on it. Smh

  43. jason berry says:

    nice wizzy…..wizzzz u are d boss….well shaydee tried sha….

  44. P'tani says:

    U haters r so full of shit! Dts y u can neva do anytin dt makes sense cos u dnt even lyk ursef! F**k u haters! Dis jam is nice! Shaydee n starboy nice work!

  45. juddo says:

    Nice jam jor nice beat.

  46. Sakpana Raymond aka Nellyblaze says:

    Nice work Guys

  47. Rapheal says:

    Really I just had 2 comment on this song dis is not constructive critisism soo don’t expect daht.the thing is shadee has a preety good voice but no music sence,wizkid on the other hand dosent have a fantastic voice but damn dat dude sure knows how 2 make

  48. Wizzybaby says:

    Wow dis z gr8 any song dat wizzy z involved alwayz mke sence nd as for shayde e also tried is best bt z best z nt enough wel don wizzy am ur numba 1fan

  49. @Hay2kay_ybnl says:

    Dis song without wizzy is nothing. Drop it in d trashcan. Shaydee never learn ooooo.

  50. miguel says:

    Haters will always say errtin is nt gud.most of dem can’t even impress demselves wit deir voice,yet dey always wanna talk. Shaydee n wizzy killed d beat legenduuuuury!

  51. Chukwuma says:

    nice one frm two bad guyz wizzy I see u on a 3D wizzy killed it

  52. Kiddy says:

    Its cOol,,love d vibe @shaydee,,,wizzy is jes der

  53. Strange says:

    Gudjoint no need for discriminatn or comparng. Both did verywel on difrnt voice textur n edges. Gudone frm shadywizzy. More joint expctd

  54. Anonymous says:

    Y’all shud shut d hell up..d song aint bad @all..Gosh seein such comments cn discourage one into downloadin d song mtchww..d song iz owk joor,evn prefer shaydee’s voice 2wizzy’s..pfft fuckn haterz

  55. esheqbe says:

    Rubbish ….diz shaydEe ?? and learn w0rk…ah l???????ve U????? wizzy

  56. wizzy f says:

    Abeg shady, music no b by force..wizzy try sha

  57. mekxx_D says:

    Mehn ehn,this one just on the way the real bad man wizzy, sha keep it up, your doing grate, wizzy wizzy oshea,

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