OFFICIAL VIDEO:P.Square ft Rick Ross- Beautiful Onyinye (Remix)

Posted by Tyler on June 11, 2012 in AUDIO · 74 Comments

0 OFFICIAL VIDEO:P.Square ft Rick Ross  Beautiful Onyinye (Remix)Rick Ross P Square Beautiful Oyinye (Remix)


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  1. U guys r doing real gud in d music grc 2 ur elbow

  2. Abegi wetin…make una free dis guy’s…i hail U????? guys jawe(psquare).alot of nigerian artists av nt done half of what these guys av done,its nt J?????u????????????????? easy,R n B,party tracks,dancing,production n so on frm d days of senorita †?? oyinye…let dem b UNA do well jawe

  3. Nice vid, but should have put in more effort on †?? audio. P-square dey try sha…….as anyone heard of D’banj Ã?? his new boss. Is he making moves like †?? p-square boiz. I think he misses Don-jazzy.

  4. Nice colaboration but that’s not a good concept of remix. At the start I sounded just ?i????ke???? the original song there should have been a change in beat and rickross should have taken more bars than what he took, and rather the she’s hot track they did with naeto c would have been the best song †?? remix with the boss co that’s a rap song. Anywayz nice colabo and thanks †?? the okoye’s for taking nigerias mus?c industry †?? the next level

  5. Although its gud t?????o ft high class artist,but p sqr did N????ø???? job on †?? musik only rossy who J??????S????T tried t?????o ????k?????? it hpn although its not that gud shaaa but its encouraging

  6. if there’z 1 person dt hs done justice 2a remix lyk dis(i.e featurin a foreign act) i’ll say it’s skibanj…am tired of hearin dsame lines on both d real n remix. D okoye’s jst wastd rosse on dis 1 jst lyk dey did 2d oda 1 ft. Akon. Smbdy shud teach diz guys hw 2 maximize featured artistes.

  7. they should have used a more recent song….anyway, nice song…thumb up !

  8. Psquare definately don’t know W???????t a remix means…. Dey obviously need to sit down A????n?????d watch mr. Endowned remix again… Why d greed wit new lines… Thumbs up Rick Ross.. Wish I culd edit d song A????n?????d cut off d p.suare part.

  9. At the beginning the song sounded just like the original, until “The Boss” came in. P-Square should learn how to remix a song. Atleast there should be some changes either in the beat or the lyrics. And also Rick Ross came into the song very late; he should have started or better still in the middle. I hate this song but I love Rickey Rosey’s part.

  10. I hv notin to say Dan double P has to learn
    frm d’banj wen doin remix wt big boys..

  11. Yeah I agree dey shld have changed the beat,or better still done a different song entirely cos ricky is one dude u need to use as leverage,nice video but I agree dey should put more effort in using the links

  12. Wow….I am impressed with the amount of appreciation for good music all the earlier critics have demonstrated. Constructive, precise and impartial. Ur words bring out the disappointments within over this remix(esp listening to it without d benefits of watching d video). I can’t help but remember d-banj’s ‘endowed remix’..p square shld ve shaken up the track and allowed rick ross more time to ventilate on the track…even akon shld ve whispered a couple of lines as well.
    All that said, nice try by the okoyes, they make our music industry proud by reachingfurther than their peers dared.

  13. It was a nice attempt I must say, but I wish it was another song they remixed. The rap was out of place and Akon and Ross couldn’t even sing along. Made the whole thing quite weak. But they are getting there though. More grease to ya elbows P Square..

  14. Someone needs to teach Psquare how to make a remix, I swear. Great Collabo but surely dey clda used Rick Ross for something bigger? The original song was a bore, the remix was saved by Ricky Rosay who murdered both Okoye brothers bdw..

  15. jst dunno wat 2 say again coz nelson has said it all….i dnt knw y our artist find it dificult 2 understand d meaning of remix and i wander if dey’ve neva seen a gwud remix b4….m awt.

  16. In as much as it is, wat can we §a????????? D???????????????? tried but,abeg mak dem D????????????? more, rick ross came in too late…

  17. In as much as it is, wat can we §a????????? D???????????????? tried but,abeg mak dem D????????????? more, rick ross came in too late…

  18. Gud try though–lets try 2b mor constructiv in our crits-bcus anytim a Nigerian does a colabo wit big sloggers lik ricky rosay the newest chief lyricists-my country is put up in d map–d benefits are comin somday soon-wait minute-dnt u knw that there are millions of ppl livin ind states that dosn’t know if NIG exists-or a place cald NIG-go getcho own do ur own player mtcheeewwwww!!Gud try double P jarre!

  19. I agree with the first 3 comments especially nelson. Very sad cos it’s a first time collabo with an artist of such high esteem(ross) they should have put more effort in the remix instead of sticking to status quo

  20. Psquare and akon need to be taught how to make remix of songs…there should be change in d beat,Rick Ross should hv started d music with his rap at least to make us know its a new song different from d old one.I hate dis song…u guys fooled us…its best to be watched or seen not Audio cos one can’t differentiate btw d remix and the old one. U guys need serious Lessons…..

  21. Nic vid, although it was gettin dry, but BOSS came to rescue..psquare naija swag and dance steps wld av mad a better vid

  22. Nofn special bout d video buh rick ross murdered d song..

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