VIDEO: Wizkid – Azonto

Posted by @Tobi_tx on February 27, 2013 in AUDIO, VIDEOS · 48 Comments

Here’s the long awaited video to wizkid’s single “Azonto“. Not a bad video at all.



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  1. Ppl who say wizzy shld learn frm divido r really razz ppl,how will u even compare wiZzy nd wizkid though there ws no serious dance buh nofin is wrong wif d video @all

  2. MAKCOuche nyc shot “what were you think” abi!…..ordinary simple n correct english u cant put 2geda yet u r hating so badly!… 1 wizzy #StarBoyTeam 4 life!

  3. T
    He video is below expectation, with too much effects and much lights, wizkid should watch davido gobe video an learn from it. Although I’m a big fan of starboy but, what’s not ?oº°?°º? is not ?oº°?°º? . Ko ni oruko meji ko da nii

  4. Make. Una go do una own video na rubbish pple. The guy is doin his best and u are here criticising him. What have u pple done beta in ur life for the media. Always encourage pple.. Crazy pple. If u dis wizkid u are a fool

  5. Tot I was the only 1 that watched dat nonsense called a video well its not his
    fault pride is takin ova him for now dats the worst video so far for the year 2013

  6. Tot I was the only 1 that watched dat nonsense called a video well its not him fault pride is takin ova him for now dats the worst video so far for the year 2013

  7. Star boy,kip doin w?ã†? u know ??w †?o do best. De lord ???????? ???? strength.

  8. really don’t knw y davido is doin better avi dan u…bobo,copy n paste what davido is doing#dont b ah learner anymore joor#trash!!

  9. What a boring and rubbish nonsense WIZKID what were you think.So we waited long enough for this TA! this is a fake copy Wizkid make the real copy please everyone is angry

  10. Don’t really see anyfin bad in tis video,d guy try now.I guess u shud av asked pple to send in dier ideas of video n make somefin outa it. Anyway nice wizkidayo,keep it rolling.

  11. Dis video is so fucked……..wizkid u nid 2 learn 4rm davido……….cnt believe u made us wait 4 dis shit gosh

  12. dis wasn’t wat I was xpectin…….majority was xpectin mad. Nd interestin azontodances where people can watch nd. learn hw 2 dance it.wrk on ur video…..

  13. The video really lacks a good sense of creativity sha…anyways sha the boy try

  14. this video is a piece of shits, not after waitin too long

  15. Really below expectation…..

  16. this is vry poor, this guy need to learn frm davido hw he go abt doing his videos, wizkid produce good lyrics but poor video as usual. U need a beta producer

  17. Music video seriously lacking some creativity….poor I must say

  18. Complete rubbish…just waste my precious tym downloadn dis shit

  19. Below expectation.

  20. This video is below expectation.

  21. impressive video frm wizkid.

  22. mike…you ????????????? ?? a complete idiot, what good thing Have U????? achieved S???????????? faaar since U????? were Born? Mumu buruku… Na Person wey D???????????????? Progress U????? D???????????????? Hate. Kip Hating yl he kips gettin it :/

  23. Can’t believe he made us wait for this piece of shit!….totally fucked up video

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