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VIDEO: Olamide – Durosoke

The Video for the monster hit single Durosoke By Olamide just got leaked on the internet a few minutes ago . Durosoke is currently making massive waves on air ,around the street and in every household .

Video directed by Clarence Peters is a totally different video from what we are used to in terms of concept and ideas. Its safe to say Olamide has not only captured the street he has been able to get through to his so called haters too

Watch and share your thoughts about the video.


pixel VIDEO: Olamide   DurosokeOlamide Durosoke

Posted by on July 31, 2013.

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  1. marlae janzaki says:

    Dix is absolute rubish ..can’t u see how wizkid do most of is videos. Nonsence

  2. […] Olamide – Durosoke                                         358,610  hits […]

  3. ameer romeo says:

    This is nonsense…badoo

  4. Oba-Akobi says:

    Hilarious video, looks like a spoof or mild satire…well done Young Erikina!

  5. abourika says:

    dia is a sayin dt implies ….if uy dnt like a mans work of art go nd do urs ….dum heads dt video ws a boom ar u nt tire of one pattern piple dt refuse to upgrade

  6. Vitor says:

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  8. Bobby says:

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  9. Jens says:

    I did'nt know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

  10. Adeoye busayo says:

    badoo,u really really tried 4 d video cos to shoot video is not an easy task but plss try nd give us another hit better dan dis.kudos joo

  11. Ibikunle john gboten says:

    infact wat I tink is olamide gonna use dat school,even if he did nt use d school at Leas he we try and arrange a place were he we sit and those girls we enter,he said him self dat ebami si awon omo wole .olamide we expect more Dan wat u did but nice bravi

  12. john says:

    Abegie all this dumb heads no knw watsup ,carrie on jor ,nice. Unique and I love the whole shooting crew idea and his act,thumbs up bro my best video 4 now

  13. john says:

    Abegie all this dumb heads no knw watsup ,carrie on jour ,nice. Unique and I love the whole shooting crew idea and his act,thumbs up bro my best video 4 now

  14. youngquad wizzy says:

    Olamide did rada rada is dz a video or rubbish I tank God say no b wizzy wizzy baby lokeloke sebi oluwa lo seyi oo I go follow wizzy die although I also luv olamide but not 4 dz

  15. josfyn says:

    D video drove me crazy cos it was 2 guuuuuuuuud! Olamide carry go jor, ppl must criticize bt dnt let it bother u!

  16. Patience says:

    love the video die, u can neva pls people if u kn what am talking abt, they want to c un-usual.

  17. nyben says:

    Baddest guy ever baddo

  18. It just OK says:


  19. nice one keep it up says:

    Akinwale madewell

  20. flamzzy says:

    Omo c beef,bad bele pole

  21. omo c beef says:

    Da. Don kenny

  22. Anonymous says:

    Azstyle U????? cn do beta NW.b'like u????????? fowl don born cow so U????? don forget street.

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. @shawnfizzle says:

    Mehhhhn baddo left all dis sh*t dis kido's are voumiting, ya video is cool, unique, different, nd bow far all de expensive outfits you put on dia,,,,mehhhhn guys 4get,,de video is owkay,,,,,i luv it,,,keep it Up baddo,,,de best guy ever liveth

  25. olympio ™ says:

    »Nice video concept there totally awesome but the video quality fell below. 9ice 1 badoo «

  26. Anonymous says:

    Nice video concept there totally awesome but the video quality fell below. 9ice 1 badoo «

  27. Fans ya says:

    Nigerians change from being stereotypes,dts what makes you unique.*thumbs up olamide,ds video is a sign dt uve got different concepts,talented.Fuck haters!

  28. Ttopsy says:

    stupid ppl wt stupid comments.naija una lov to criticise ehn!make una compose una song,talkless of makein video.OLAMIDE's concept is diff ds time ard.its diff frm d normal local videos ure ???? used to.mumu,stereotypes.Badoo i love dt fela side most.*thum

  29. Kel says:

    Great Video mehn the comments got me a lil scared at first but then I watched it and was amazed. Most of the people who commented fuckery are just pitiful copy cats, kindly swerve and get off Olamide's dick, ya'll won't know a nice concept even if it slapped you twice on the face.

  30. babynice says:

    So @last Baddo lee has d highest coment ever on tooxclusive. Thumbs up. Any1 beefin dz video does nt av wide musicl knoledge n shud go stik tu Africa Magic" go watch "wouldn't get far" by Game ft. Kanye west" den u knw ur 2litttle tu b a music critic

  31. fans says:

    this is so cool mehn …This is a Fela concept..goodwork Olamide keep it up..well for u guys that dont like it..he cant satisfy everyone just accept this,the next one shld be your taste

  32. Anonymous says:

    Keep it loud jor

  33. ossy says:

    I love dis video is d best I ever seen

  34. damwiz says:

    Am speechless n astonished oooooo…oga ooo a whole baddo

  35. Damwiz says:

    astonished………am speechless

  36. sega says:

    nice one baddo I think it ok by some people. and you have to kown that you can't sartisfy just do your best.for those who trashing you they forgot that u're making this industry proud.ibile united

  37. Donfeezy says:

    see all of u saying d video isn't good enough,ur all drunkards! I don't even see any sense in ur comments,u talk lyk ur sleeping n commenting @ d same time. the video is perfect,n u all who don't like it are junks,good for nothing fools! Ola keep it up ja

  38. moradeyo says:

    fuck u guys with trashes,its indeed a gud concept,dis is creativity,if u hav gat nth to say,just straight up shut up.

  39. fabian says:

    olamide don't tell me this d video that ee were waiting 4

  40. Anonymous says:


  41. Courge says:

    Seriously speaking….evry1 talkin about dis video in a negative way shuld b seriously chekd again 4 malaria of the brain….are u guys rilly cerious….wen ah saw d comments I dint want to download it but later saw it in a friends fone and ah waz like WOW….dis is d best clarence peters footage ever…just normal concept,if na DRAKE or JAY Z do dis video we for dey hail dem now but bcos say na Badoo una come d talk rubbish,…inferiority Complex

  42. Olamide's fan says:

    I’ve always liked olamide’s songs. Durosoke is one of his singles dat makes me like him more. To be candid(no beef or hating), this video won’t get a star rating…doesn’t go wit d song @ all. The concept is poor n d whole tin doesn’t correlate. Olamide, d pikin wey no die neva fail…..kindly re-do d video(maybe include some street tins blended into luxury) C.peters should know betta. Thanks

  43. xmarcy says:

    Olamide baddoo of life u????? are the one of best articl I like in the world But I don’t expect dis kind of vedio from u????? have to be take Banji step to do your video everything is Alway try to adult for your video ok nice try.

  44. ila belz says:

    Baaddoooo baddest Guy ever liveth dis video is different and nice compare it to recent naija videos this is unique in a very good way Nigerians don’t like anything that’s why u guys are hating on this. Dope video thumbs up olamide thumbs up Clarence Peters

  45. maygold says:

    I mean d real duro soke video this can be true if it true then clarence peters should be flogged

  46. By BHARDHOO says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh Olamide na wa ooooooo y all dis now u don upgrade pass all dis now ( u don let me down wit dis vedio oooooooo ) wu b ur adviser self ? Nd cn u listen 2 d song b4 u make dis nonsense ? Just go back nd edit d vedio nd track cars enter a show wit a funny funny cars like keke -lapep , maruua nd others funny cars

  47. SLY says:

    You guys are just bluffing, dat video’s perfect try’n’compose a chorus if u can,tongues out 2 olamides h8er’s

  48. Obi chijioke says:

    I’m so dumbfounded @ d level of reasoning of some music fans,how can u say d video is bad or below xpectation. If u can’t see anytin gud abt d video den its either u r a retard or a complete olamide hater but I so doubt its d latter cos nobody hates olamide…….and 2 u clarence peters,u r indeed a blessing 2 our generation d sky is ya limit thumbs up bro(my best video concept besides “ghost mode”)

  49. shomo says:

    Ds can’t bd video…..d so much anticipated video? Lailai. Like just a footage probably or leak as u av said…for all dose using 3310 to watch it .smh

  50. taiwo says:

    Badoo u much dan dis trash jooooooor, we ar 2 many 4 here $ no body cherish dis ur waka waka 4rm 1 room 2 anoda. If nar ur real video be dis abeg kodurosoke ko ma walee

  51. Stinson says:

    Hahaahahahahaahahahaha….can’t just stop laughing!You guys are funny mehn!!!Please free Baddo lee o!

  52. Azeez says:

    This is truly Africa concept, I luv this some Jaguda guys r here commenting trash

  53. jboycul says:

    Badoo making doo….

  54. flykid says:

    Awesome video it was different

  55. t boi says:

    all of u dat z abusing diz video una father,una dy crazy, bado carry on joor…… u are d are d best en 4 ever b

  56. Adebanjo007 says:

    Actually comments I read isn’t enticing at all but all join the song and the artiste is somthin worthj to clikc the download page Praaaaa

  57. Iczy says:

    U guyz re all dumb, knt u c d guy brought out a new concept__d video is dope, unless u re using nokia 2110

  58. Iczy says:

    U guyz re all dumb, knt u c d guy brought out new concept__d video is dope, unless u re using nokia 2110

  59. mjay says:

    Let agree it is leak but when d original comes out d only diff. Dt will be dia is a clearer piC. It is dsame sh*t concept dt will be dia. Somepple are sayin it ok,It’s fine, I’m sorry for u, u are used to ur local wack videos.Olamide step up ur video produtn and concept Abeg,I like u more than dis.

  60. eddie says:

    Kudos badoo,unique nd diff..Got d concept comeon guyzzz!!! Go ahead kazeem nd dwnld its ok!!!

  61. kazeem okikiola says:

    Thank God ?? hav not downloaded but wit dis comment am reading which means u hav done rubbish pls adjust it

  62. fresh says:

    U guys are trash talkers. The video makes a hell of sense

  63. Murphy2fit says:

    Am very sure this is just a testing testing promo video …BADOO IS SMATTER THAN THIS ……WE RE NOT IN HURRY WE WILL BE WAITING

  64. 4real says:

    Y’all are as dumb as mr ibu…..that’s unofficial video…its a leak video….d official video is coming out soon..

  65. M'jay says:

    let me assume dis is not the video,he was only avin fun and recordin himself wit his phone..But if this is d video then this is complete nonsense, absolute sh*t,total rubbish, total waste of MB, I regret downloading a video for d 1st time dis year.

  66. ojem says:

    Diz owkay naw itz diff

  67. the thing tit gan olamide go on jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor.

  68. JERRy says:


  69. Dlight says:

    A good costume,expensive video and a brilliant picture,but there is no interpretation of both 16s in the pic,that shows no concept,although I was expecting a local,street minded and indigenous video,but I guess I that’s one your brilliantly crazy concept…let’s see more of story telling concepts next still got my kudos!!!

  70. sopieez says:

    Yu guys and yur rubbish comments!!!! D videos z OK, atleast t’s sumtin different tho t wasn’t properly set lik daaa, bt t wasn’t d normal clubs or Hotel room shit da we watch all d tym !!! T’s differnt and unique

  71. zeban says:

    Don’t be deceived jor its just the making, watch out for the real video soon *yimu*

  72. dabest says:

    wat z dis<img src="; width="1">

  73. kkb edo boi says:

    Haba olamide ????§ more dan ??s nw, ??s shudnt b d real video cos ppl respect ??s guy so much n he shudnt betray d trust. Go do a beta video abeg

  74. kunle killz says:

    @ibrahim tope.. u should be watchin pasuma videos because ur dumb as fuck … retarded fellow

  75. olumide says:

    Pls dnt tel me dis d video,cos am gonna break ur head if u do.

  76. ibrahin tope says:

    M sure dis iz d making….but if truly dis iz d video,na rubbish

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