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Bebe Cool Fires Back at Suudiman After Calling his Music “Bubble Gum”


Finally Big size Bebe Cool has fired a shot back at faded music and events promoter Suudi Lukwago alias Suudiman for cautioning his music hits claiming that he now settles for bubble gum music and the ‘Gagagamel’ CEO believes Suudiman attacking his music works evidently tells why he is fighting heard to seek public attention so as to revive his stunted career.

Recently, Suudiman through his social media platform advised the ‘Batidde’ hit singer to seek lectures from the likes of talented singers like Maddox Ssematimba about how to drop reasonable music worth public attention and donate his bubble gum music to his son and upcoming kid on the block Hendricks Ssali.

In a sounding reason that sums up Bebe Cool’s perception of Suudiman’s childish minds to the ‘so called bubble gum’ music he claims the ‘Pass and go’ hit maker is currently dropping monthly, Bebe Cool believes it’s a normal music trend to keep with your fan base by giving them the kind of music they expect from you despite going old because he is still relevant for in the local music industry for another 25 years.

“In a lay man’s language, the music business must be seen as a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid, a musician is a youth and the fans are youth. As you grow, the fans grow up too.
By nature the older you get, the fan base decreases not because you have lost fame or popularity but because the fans grow into different directions and lives, ie some die, some get married, some get saved, some loose interest in music, some travel, etc. At this point, it’s up to you the grown up artist to stay with the few fans you are left with or tap into the new age bracket below you for continued business since that’s where any government and the main business community’s focus is.

Therefore as a smart business man, the brand BEBECOOL’s focus is on keeping its age bracket of 35 and above, and tapping into 35 and below. It’s at this point that i will record different songs for my different target audiences but mainly 35 and below,” stated Bebe Cool.

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