Chagga Distances Himself From Weasel and All His Actions


The long wait is finally over as singer Douglas Mayanja also known by his stage name Weasel Manizo has finally cut his business ties with manager Geoffrey Kyagambidwa alias Chagga affiliated to Goodlyfe music group.

The disaster that befell the Goodlyfe music crew seems to be not ending so soon following the untimely death of vocalist, song writer and instrumentalist Moses Nakintijje Ssekiboggo aka Mowzey Radio.

The effects of Radio’s death have been witnessed through the sudden crippling of the crew he was cherished as heaven; from managers Emma Carlos and Chagga disowning their responsibilities that led to the uncordination in the Goodlyfe music family to Weasel’s emotional break down and at last dying in his own movie.

Following Weasel Manizo’s furious burst up with his fans piled up in the Goodlyfe music Whatsapp group who forced him to angrily fire at them in an unpleasing manner over the weekend, thus commanding them to extract Radio’s body from the grave and consume it, Chagga has also announced publicly that he is no longer part of Weasel’s music journey.

While having a one on one with our credible sources to have his side of the story about singer Weasel’s audio where he was overheard saying he owns Angel Music and claimed that its registered in his name before attacking the Whatsapp group boys who have on several occasions been negatively stinging at his back, Chagga has affirmed that the ‘Tokyayitaba’ hit singer and the Goodlyfe management got messed up long time ago and he is currently concentrating on his personal businesses.

“Weasel and the Goodlyfe management got messed up way back, nothing is still standing”, lamented singer Geoffrey Kyagambidwa alias Chagga

Though the saying states that ‘All good things come to an end’, Chagga is renowned as one of the long serving members of the Goodlyfe music group ever since its initiation and though he was still pretending to be managing musician Weasel, the truth is all eggs had to rot ever since he came out publicly to denounce his association with Chagga.


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