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Cindy and Sheebah Karungi to Face it Out in a Battle


The King Herself Cinderella Sanyu has confirmed her readiness to prove revelers beyond doubt that she is the only lioness that does roar in the Ugandan music industry by daring to battle Queen Sheebah Karungi.

Forget about the recent music battles between celebrated Ugandan artistes that has been always dominated by male counterparts mention Bid Size Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Goodlyfe, the first female show down must have ripen and the ‘Run this City’ is more than ready to slice Queen Karma into pieces evidently to prove that she solely runs the dance hall music genre.

In an exclusive interview with UBC’s Magic Radio, Cindy has confidently asserted that she is ready for the music fight as she goes bare knuckles with the ‘Beera Nange’ hit singer to prove who rules the jungle.

“You guys already know what it is I’m not the Queen, I am the Kingherself so I’m ever ready 24/7 so anytime you wanna bring on Sheebah I’m right here baibe,” affirmed singer Cindy Sanyu.

Party animals should warm up for the s@xiest music battle 2018 between two of the talented dance hall divas as dates for the show down will be soon on schedule accordingly.

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