David Lutalo at Logger Heads with Music Promoter Munnamasaka


Musician David Lutalo is at logger heads with long time friend and music promoter known as Lukwago Munnamasaka ugbliz has learnt.

One of the veteran music and events promoter, Lukwago Munnamasaka has been the back bone of the ‘Kwasa’ hit singer supporting him financially where need arises and boasting his music concert and countrywide tours with musical instruments.

News reaching our news desk affirms that Lutalo having failed to pay back a loan deal of 20million UGX he borrowed from the Mubende based tycoon to shoot his ‘Mile’ music video with Nigerian solid star has spoilt the milk at last.

During a one on one interview with our Blizzmoles, promoter Munnamasaka pins Lutalo for being such a little church mouse thief that decided to steal his 20million shillings, a sign of not appreciating the tireless efforts rendered to the singer during his musical journey.

The promoter reached to the extent of withdrawing his vehicle from the ‘Nguwe ani’ hit maker because of his disloyalty to the extent of even denying him the chance to cook up his recently concluded ‘Wololo’ live concert and instead chose promoter Balaam to take it over.

Munnamasaka is now vowing to fight tooth and nail to see to it that Lutalo apologizes to him and clears up his dimes with costs or else the courts of law will determine their next cause of action.

This comes just months after singer David Lutalo and manager Kaddu were detained at Katwe police station in August 2017 on charges of defrauding 40million UGX from another city music promoter known as John Kabanda and later released after refunding the tycoon his bundles of money.

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