Kenyan Singer, Ringtone Dares Zari to Find a Man to Love her Like Him


Ever since the dramatic Range Rover Sport 2017 model gift that Kenya’s horny gospel singer Ringtone Apoko bought for Zari, this gentleman has been in the news all over East Africa and beyond for having swallowed a pin and poured his heart the mother of five for a relationship. But her refusal has given birth to a bitter backfire.

After Zari trashed his gift by asserting that she currently drives a more recent model that the gift and that she did not know the artiste so she advised him to chill his horn and sit down. This did not get down well with the artiste and instead of swallowing the humiliation and keep quiet, he replied to her asserting that Zari is not serious.

He said this to one of his close friends who went on to post it for him that Ringtone also was trying his luck but Zari should not take herself to be over the cloud as he is the man that loves her and she may not get a man that loves her the way he does in her entire life.

“Me I have her love but she refused, let her find a man that will love her the way I do” Ringtone’s friend was quoted quoting Ringtone’s words.

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