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Reasons Why Bebe Cool Came with a Cake on Spark TV


Last night the 12th of January Gagamel boss and dancehall messiah Bebe Cool Banton did something that shocked the nation as he was being invited for a live face off with singer A Pass as they talked about music and who wins who in the industry. But what surprised viewers was the fact that Bebe Cool came with a flask of tea and cakes to feast on as he had the talk show at the Serena based Spark television hosted by Miles Rwamiti.

It was not only a music talk show although, in general it was a Bebe Cool a state of the music nation address where much as discussed and it was at that juncture that Bebe came with cakes and a flask of tea which we have been puzzled about until we came to know the reason as to why.

Well, the reason Bebe parted with these cakes was a direct slap hit at those that doubted his wifes Zuena pastry skills and those who have been dissing her for making bad cakes and more above that, he was doing a free marketing to the cakes of his wifes company Zuena pastries.

It should be noted that he came to a point in the show that he talked about the cakes and how they originated from Zuena pastries and showered her with praises that she was the one that made the tea even and the whole credit was given to Zuena which made him a winner of that time.

And also it was a slap to people like Weasel who has always called it the couple of Bebe and wife a Fake Cake Team. Bebe Cool while on the show praised the tea which he was sipping together with Miles Rwamiti the show host and A Pass. He said the tea and Cake had been prepared and sliced in a special way by his wife Zuena.

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