It is amazing how competitive the music industries runs, we have seen a number of people working hard on their careers, we have witnessed talent born and develop on market.

Kigozi Shafiq aka Kash Goodluck, is well known for his efforts and ideas as his contributions to the entertainment industry. “I resigned when i realised i still have time a head of me. It was towards my graduation.”

“My time at the company was a great experience, learnt so many things and so is how i grew in understanding business. I was awarded for my services.” Relating his time doing music, managing talent, arranging and promoting of events, and at the same time for the company which he worked for 9hrs or more a day.

After his graduation in March, he decided to concentrate on his long waited extended play “EP” titled “Spell OF Love.

“This is music that has took me a lot of time to compile both in creation to production, to the final ear, it is not a joke. I took a course in my line of passion simply to make my life easy, i graduated.”

Artist releases new video and audio with Bantu productions.

“Urgency follows the fact that i have spent a couple of months without a phone on me, connecting to people is quite had without a clear appointment. It’s the message i delivered in the song, it’s not just a love jam.” Kash speaks about his latest single URGENCY, produced by Rasto at Bantu productions in Makindye.

Sekamu is another love jam from the artist, a fusion of reggae and rnb featuring Joseph Sax of Janzzi band. “It speaks to me visually, it’s a story of a couple celebrating life and the journey as well.” says Kash, the audio was produced at AO records by Timothy Okia, and the video by Keith Enoch Bantu productions.

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