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Spice Diana Asks Kato Lubwama To Stop Acting Like He Understands Today’s Music


Last week when city comedian turned politician one Kato Lubwama was hosted on one of the national TVs, the iconic comedian made statements that have made several musicians go personal and bring out their emotions.

The comedian who critically cautioned artistes to embark on creating and singing meaningful music has received mocking and embarrassing responses from several artistes. Goodlyfe half Weasel Manizo did not only headline and express his emotional dis-satisfactory reply but has yet been joined by another artiste who has trashed Kato Lubwama’s statements.

The Rubaga North legislator has been advised by female Diva Spice Diana to stay away from the music scenes calling him an out dated version of an artiste who can’t relate the current music with the trend but rather stay away from the scenes and concentrate on politics

“Kato Lubwama is our grandfather and is just speaking because they talk. He cannot talk of the current trend and the music; 32 is a big hit trending all over he should just continue with his politics”, spice Diana affirmed.

The singer further affirmed that the legislator should just learn how to appreciate the new art rather than criticizing. However Blizz Uganda has learned of the development where the two artistes Spice Diana and Weasel Manizo are reacting to the statements after the comedian trashed their style of music and doubted their credibility

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