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“If 2Baba Decide To Hang Boot, He Has Tried” – Jim Donnett Writes

Posted by Jim Donnett on September 22, 2016 in Editorial · 48 Comments


Could I help ignoring the fact that my colleague and writer, ‘Tope Delano listed the legendary afro R&B music sensation, 2Baba amongst those other guys that have lost their mojo in music? Hell nah!

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And what was even more intriguing to note was the fact that we’re so many who shared conflicting views on the 2Baba subject. I mean, it wasn’t so intriguing at all. Of course, it obviously wouldn’t have gone down well with a lot of us. Thus the reaction it was greeted by, was only appropriate and normal at best. Some of you called it total disrespect but I honestly thought it was a crazy and purely uninformed utterance. That’s why I’ll be speaking the minds of the disagreeing others… as a vocal piece that I is now.

To start with, what’s a music industry without 2face Idibia? Can you picture it? Let alone imagine it? I guess not. Truly, there was a misnomer of a Nigerian music industry before the era of 2face but this guy evolved himself into becoming an ideal standard for the propaganda of music in Nigerian entertainment. He didn’t even stop there, he willed himself and ran tirelessly till he assumed a pivotal position upon which the industry stands today. He hasn’t stopped even, he is still running.

His artistry is so broad, boundary defying and versatile, making him the only and perhaps the first largely successful Nigerian artiste to conquer demographic factions of both the young and old ages with singular music hits. This, he even did time over and again. And he still didn’t stop there. His career gave insight, direction and illumination to a whole lot other aspiring careers. Some of which have entered the category of budding and now, buzzing artistes. Just last year, the industry held sway for the iconic musician who traversed the turfs of the African music terrain when they celebrated his over 2-decade achievement. At Fortyfied, industry veterans and executives the likes of Cobhams, Victor Olaiya, 9ice, Omawumi, D’Banj, Wizkid, Vector, Patoranking, M.I, Olamide, Banky W, OJB and DJ Jimmy Jatt were literally singing his praises while heralding his high-flying flag. I can’t think of anyone else who would have pulled off such a breaking tribute feat at this time.

However, because our industry has neither structure nor strategy for artistes who have crossed the youthful benchmark, it appeared that the singer was done and dusted shortly after a decade into the millennial era. Because we didn’t find his newer singles as spell-binding like those from Olamide and Wizkid who had pretty much become the new school cats, and his albums which were still never short of their essential standards weren’t raking in expectations doesn’t mean the Benue State-born superstar had lost it. These so-called ‘new school cats’ had unknowingly pulled a stunt with music releases that totally revolutionized the Nigerian music scene. For good though, but definitely not the better off anyways. Sounds began to change. Even musical content too experienced a downward overhaul. But 2face remained. This tectonic shift left us in an abysmal wonder why the living legend didn’t quiver at the thought of evolving trends. But like a leopard wouldn’t ever lose it’s spots, the only transcend we got was a name change from 2face to 2Baba.

The later title would immediately suggest the welcoming era of a new don. 2Baba perhaps had understood that the industry belonged to the youth folk (not even those at heart) and decided to make a move of necessary ascension. He’s definitely not into a competition with anybody. Not with his high rolling colleagues, M.I, Sound Sultan or even D’Banj, and definitely not with these new school cats. He’s their daddy sef. So was 2Baba wavered? But of course, yes! That’s what gave rise to his reinvention itinerary. Where D’Banj, 9ice and Kcee continue to miss it in their desperate hustle to be associated with the trendy bandwagon, 2Baba is holding it down by simply being himself. Yet, this gravitational pull we experienced that yanked us distances away from where good music once refuged has totally obscured whatever new focus in music that his programme can concoct. His musical persona is intact as it always ever was. He’s even a better musician now, content-wise and vocally too. Just that he’s not doing it like we expect him to.

So ask yourself, what should expectations be for a 2Baba-type music? When you’ve figured, then do a quick analysis on whether he is meeting them or not. You’ll come to realize that 2Baba or his mojo even, is not the problem. Is there even one (a problem) if I’m to say? It’s more like a reason being the bane of this conversational principality instead. And by now you should have happened upon the conclusion that you and I, are that reason. Maybe you haven’t moved on yet but best believe that the entirety of the Nigerian music folk have. We’re now too atuned to a new order of sounds patterned after our foreign counterparts in our heinous quest for approval of our African music template. That’s why every other tomorrow to come will leave us in suspense over what Baba Nla‘s next single would sound like, and if OBO really is already chickened by the fast-changing dynamics of the industry right now. I mean who has heard Sean Tizzle and Tory Lanez’ Hit & Run? The fear of keeping up to trends now, has to be every artiste’s beginning of wisdom.

2face conquered and reigned, and just as every good thing occupies it’s own time and season, 2Baba has lived a fair share of his game while he played it. But still, the interesting thing is he’s not even done yet. There’s a little more left for him to give and he’s doing so with stylish, skillful precision. This further calls to question, what else do we want from the person of 2face? A man who’s professional test is in the experience of things seen and an evidence of all of them, done? What more really? And so I draw my closer with an assertion made by my friend ‘Dayo Davids saying even if 2Baba decide to hang boot now, he has tried. Let’s agree to disagree!

Written by Jim Donnett

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  1. Two things, your lame attempt at trying to contradict Tope Delano, for her honest view on tuface is just sad. We get it you are an artist now and would want favors from those who have made it before you [that’s if you do eventually make it] but you needn’t come on here to write such piece that only shows how finished you are as from your last few editorials its obvious you have nothing more to write about, now all you need do to stay relevant is try to steal someone else’s shine. Jim, there was a time, we all thought you were the mouth piece but not anymore, because obviously you have lost it, you are biased.

    Secondly sir, pick one, do you want to focus on your frail music line, because I refuse to regard it as a career or you want to write, if the latter is your choice, take a break, get your anointing back then come on here with original piece that will make us all applaud you.

    • i cant help but wonder whats going on in your head. You just trying to cause a rift between then..a lame move and a lame piece you just wrote. Its a simple fact you cant say 2baba has lost his mojo majorly because he has achieved legend status already…he is not singing for the hustle anymore, he sings for the love and fun of it so micah or wah ever you call yourself be reasonable or dont comment. like saying lionel Richie has lost his mojo or R.Kelly has lost his mojo…brotherly if 2baba decides to hang his boot he has tried

  2. You have written stuff a lot of people do not agree with.Tuface, yes, has done really great for himself, but like the other article said, the artiste on there were majorly those who had dropped hits earlier on, still making music till now but seem to have lost that mojo they started with, so no Jim Donnett, your own article is in no way an answer to what the other writer wrote earlier. In-fact on that other article, I did not agree with a lot of artiste on there, as it is expected for every article people write. I am a huge fan of your work, but this time, you got it all wrong.

  3. This writer na mugu n big one for that matter… Abeg leave tubaba alone o

  4. Your writing looks forced, like you are tired and just doing this just so you can get the likes of a few more people and really did you just call yourself buzzing? LWKMD, Nigga please stop, because you had your songs carried on a few blogs who did it out of hope of getting favors from you doesn’t mean you are buzzing. How many people downloaded your song? have you asked yourself. You put it on here, one of the biggest music sites in the country, yet, I doubt you got enough downloads to compete with upcoming acts like Wale Turner? Jim, please, this color does not sit well on you.

    Tuface is a great artiste and for years gave us hits, he gave major hits and then suddenly lost it because he wanted to give the young one space? Dude, who wants failure just to give others space? The same thing he uses to feed his battalion of a family? Jim, do your resaerch properly then come on back here and write someone briliant.

    • lolllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzz. Dope reply

    • Nailed it…. I don’t know you but I couldn’t be more OK proud….

  5. Totally agree

  6. This article is basically you trying to kiss ass. The other writer did not say he is not a legend, it said he has lost that mojo for d new songs he has been cropping. If he wants to retire he should, but my to keep doing music like 9ice. And this article feels like you hate the guts of the other writer. And again, Biko uusingbig grammar does’t mean you are a good writer

  7. Nice write-up. Well done Jim donnett

  8. Jim is da bomb! I sometimes wonder why people keep talking about 2baba like he got something to prove, hell no. Oya come make we go.

  9. I read both articles and I can say the writer of this piece knows what music and fame is like. In Nigeria, only those that can give you music to dance to for 3months are regarded as reigning. 2face is already at a point in his career where he doesnt make music for you to like him, his music now is for his fans(this is the peak of every artiste career, I wish dbanj understood this after the break), interesting to note is, his content has not changed over the years- Music with essence and message.
    Mention Nigerian songs (pop, hip hop, RnB) in the last 10years that would still mean something today, very few, and am sure majority would be 2faces”.
    No one can shine forever, you have to know when it is time to lay back and I believe thats what he is doing, he is in no competeion with any one and lastly, if he decided not to drop a song anymore, nothing can change the fact that he is a LEGEND.
    BTW, I wont be surprised if those people saying stuffs now change their opinion when the legend drops something smoking hot (like the kpangolo they like and are used to form their noise making folks :p).

    • So you are saying all the times, he worked to drop hit songs, he was just doing it for himself right? You are saying him having a catch phrase, was also not him trying so hard to stay relevant? You are saying, Tuface, doesn’t need to prove himself because for years he did that now he just needs to retire right? Simple, let him stop dropping songs if that’s what he wants. Let him just stick to doing concerts, getting unworked for degrees and of course endorsement deals born from those same songs that became a hit but was never intended.

      You said no one can shine forever, cool stuff, if he knows that he needs to stop releasing stuff.
      Also, the other article never said Tuface isn’t a legend, it said, his continuous attempt at making music is sad as they have lost that shine.

      You say his music still remains the same right, means something must have changed since the times he dropped those other hits and that’s the ‘mojo, the other writer was talking about. He should sit down and find out where the fire is other than dropping badly cooked meal for his loyal customers.

      Lastly, I agree with the Kelechi guy, he couldn’t ahve said it better

      • I need to point this out, this article by Jim Donnett further proves that he not only has lost his own mojo but has been bought over.

        Now to this whole issue, I read the other article and the writer did not mention that tuface isn’t a legend, he has in fact done a lot and like this article says if he decides to hang his boot he has tried, which I believe he should instead of serving us more songs which according to you are better written yet have no real impact on the strenuous life of the people or even the music industry at the moment.

        I have read a few of Tope Delano’s articles and I can boldly say that writer knows good music. One article I would recommend is the one he talked about love songs with really good lyrics, I can’t remember the title now, do yourself a favour search for it here and read through, my point here is never imply that he does not know good music with great lyrical content.

        Tuface, has tried he should hang his boot already and yes he has indeed lost his mojo, I could agree ore. In fact from every comment here, we all seem to agree he has indeed lost his mojo, bone of contention here he is a legend he shouldn’t have been mentioned, well all I get to say is, finally someone is bold enough to say this and am glad it is happening now.

        • You have said it all.. No one is actually saying he hasn’t lost his mojo as rightly revealed by tope, na becos he mentio tuface. Jim donnett has been compromised that’s all I know. And Bros big English no werk again…e no mean say u save jackshit

    • God bless you

  10. As far as the music industry is, there will always be diverse opinions, but based on the last word of Don Jazzy……Respect the Legend..2Face.
    What gets me worried with analysis (tooxclusive) here is that they always want to attach 2Face fame to only ‘African Queen’ but they will always be quick to rate his albums as being great. Digressing a bit, removing ‘African Queen’ from his CV , is he still a good musician and a great performer? That is analysis for another day…but the more I look @ 2face , the more I think that very few tracks till this day can stand Side-by-Side with Right Here, True Love, Ole, See Me So, Outside, Only Me (My favourite), Implication…just to mention a few.
    First Article talked about ‘Mojo’….the question I asked is …Is it all about Kpangolo songs, Lewd Lyrics, nice videos and good beat (due to great Producers) or songs that we can enjoy and relate to and that can live after the Artiste? Too bad that the crave for great song in line with ‘Tope Delano’s’ desire is actually different from some of us. Every time I sit to watch any of the Music Station on DSTV…all what I see from a lot of our musicians( “who still has their mojos) are great vidoes with little lyrical contents. no wonder it has always been a challenge celebrating musician with great content in Nigeria. I have no problem with that once it pays their bills and brings endorsement. To buttress my point, When Adele released ‘Hello’….I wonder why many Artiste jumped on the track to do a cover when we have a lot of ‘skibobo ro bo’ tracks here that they never touched. The truth be told, there are Artiste that make music for the moment and those that make classics SOUNDS.
    From my own view, 2face has gotten better lyrically with so much to think about after most of his songs. Those songs may not work for us when we are in the club and ‘in high spirit’, but they are songs to reckon with. I have been a fan since Plantation Boiz days and I am still a fan. I love a lot of the young Artistes and it is good that 2face respect a lot of them. My conclusion is that if 2face is listed as Artiste that has lost his ‘Mojo’, or as a musician that is not good again then I wonder from what angle Tope checked from if only in August you guys listed two tracks from him as good songs in the month. If someone feels too bad that this guy has been around for ‘too long’, it is better to state it rather than trying to retire a bright star per-maturely like we did to Jay Jay Okocha only for us to keep regretting it….

    • Tope Delano never said Tuface isn’t a legend, he talked about him dropping hits for years and suddenly losing it even as he still deemed it fit to keep dropping songs. If he could drop hits years back with good lyrics, why can’t he do same with the much better lyrics you claim he has now. It is about time Nigerians speak the truth and people stop hiding under the shadow of legends and what ever. Basically Naija artistes hardly have great lyrical content, infact only a few of them do and sell. Now take Tuface for instance,m years ago, he had good lyrical contents and made hits yet he is unable to make more with even greater contents, so do tell, what seems to be the case here? The likes of Waje, Timi Dakolo, Omawumi, Cobhams, are artistes who have been in the game for a while maybe not as long as tuface has, yet they manage to put out songs that sometimes may not be a hit but definitely one everyone would want to cop. Take Psquare for instance, they just released a single, an am certain seventy percent of the nation loves the song? Are you saying their inability to do songs like the ones they had from ist and second album stopped them from still being the hit group? Those guys hardly sang good songs since their first two, yet when they decide to drop a new song, a lot of peeps want to cop it.

      Forget psquare now, lets take Timi Dakolo, I can count the number of songs he has since coming into limelight which is not half of what tuface had when he hit the limelight, yet he stilel has his mojo intact even when he is surrounded by artistes who are just all about the beat. Take Dare art alade for instance too, do I need to go on and on. Tope Delano, couldn’t be more right, Jim Donnett needs to go sit and learn to write properly.

    • Before you come on here to say bull.. Go on wand read other articles by the same writer you feel doesn’t know good song. Bottom line reface has list his mojo… He sold just retire while the applause is loud not louder or loudest anymore

    • i do agree wit you.wat i so much bliv is dat pples dat criticize alot v ntin 2 offer dats y d v tym in ds world 2 fault pple dat sprawl globally in life.wat is naija music wit out 2face.

  11. 2baba is the king

  12. @Andre goat. You are a fucked hater. 2baba has done enormously well.pls tell me one song that he drop this year that go unnoticed. he still remains the king. u said he got unmerited degree now i see that you are mighty bigots. that reward was given to him due to the fact that he has contributed greatly to the growth of Africa music as a whole. #Honorary not honoured. #Illiterate. the song called Babylon he did with mi abaga still remain the most powerful and inspiring song thus far. and you are here forming critic #Punk #deadliving.#Hypocraticbeing.
    well i rest my case here

  13. 2baba has really tried bt u don’t expect him to go into competition with d new school nd moreover dere aren’t song like before

  14. Whoa!!! I’m an ardent addict fan of too exclusive. I dint know opinions get heated like this! Really love d passion every1 has put in this. Whoa!!!

  15. the only song 2face released this year that doesn’t go well with me is coded things.. officially blind and oya come make we go are great songs, I don’t understand this so much hate from u guys….the only problem here is that audience has shifted to the younger generation and this are the people that determine if a song is a hit or not….as good as ‘only me’ was , will not be a hit if released today bcos right now its all about noise making.. He hasn’t lost anything, he is only being human.


    • You just mentioned old albums we are talking now you wimp. No one ever likes to hear the truth about who so ever they are a fan of. Tuface, has lost his mojo its that simple, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a legend. I read comments people saying he has tried but again, if he has tried and he knows it, he should stop releasing songs that won’t fly because I refuse to believe anyone will put in so much work into something without them wanting it to fly like their hits if they had any or even wish it became a hit. People just need to accept this. And Jim, this is very low for you. I have been following your work and this year, it just seems you have lost it, all you do is copy ideas come on here and try to kiss ass…not cool bruv

      • Mehn, Pple are soo short sighted. I can even say we like d poor state of d music industry. Yes!!!, I said THE POOR STATE OF D NIGERIAN MUSICAL INDUSTRY. D only thing good bout our music is our beats, and DAT is even becoming wack. Our lyrical content is BAD, our videos are wack and hardly depict something positive, our artistes all want to open their own record labels cos of greed. Beyonce, Drake, Rihanna are still in their record labels. 2baba is a legend and has definitely not lost his mojo in any way. All u pple saying he has are tuning ur ears to lewd lyrics,good beats and massive promotion dah has engulfed our industry. Listen carefully to Officially blind and even d hit with Sauti Sol ‘oya come make we go’. The legend still has it. U don’t expect him to release songs dah wld be as popular as African Queen or True love. Dose wia his peak songs. Wizkid can never have a song as big as Ojuelegba. Davido can never have a song as big as Aye. For 2baba to be gathering these much comments shows he still gat it. FULLSTOP!!

      • Mehn, Pple are soo short sighted. I can even say we like d poor state of d music industry. Yes!!!, I said THE POOR STATE OF D NIGERIAN MUSICAL INDUSTRY. D only thing good bout our music is our beats, and DAT is even becoming wack. Our lyrical content is BAD, our videos are wack and hardly depict something positive, our artistes all want to open their own record labels cos of greed. Beyonce, Drake, Rihanna are still in their record labels. 2baba is a legend and has definitely not lost his mojo in any way. All u pple saying he has are tuning ur ears to lewd lyrics,good beats and massive promotion dah has engulfed our industry. Listen carefully to Officially blind and even d hit with Sauti Sol ‘oya come make we go’. The legend still has it. U don’t expect him to release songs dah wld be as popular as African Queen or True love. Dose wia his peak songs. Wizkid can never have a song as big as Ojuelegba. Davido can never have a song as big as Aye. For 2baba to be gathering these much comments shows he still gat it. FULLSTOP!!

    • I feel this article should never have been written in the first place, spells two things, the writer is a kiss ass and he obviously is without new idea and just wants to steal someone else’s shine.

      I read the other article and that writer never mentioned that tuface isn’t a legend, we should all get that straight, he only said, tuface has lost his mojo since his earlier albums where all the songs were hits.

      tuface keeps dropping new songs but how many people can actually say just by the mention of the title, the tune immediately comes into play, I doubt any one except ardent fans, but with his old songs, even a market woman could, he was that big.

      I totally disagree with this article and the only ones here agreeing to this are tuface’s ardent fans, those who just can not accept the truth.

      If alapo meji, had had two to three albums like tuface’s where all the songs where a hit, will people not say he shouldn’t be on this list.

      Some say he is doing music for the matured minds, meaning when he started he was doing music for kids right, and the matured minds and people who loved them back then were kids?> I don’t get how people argue. Some even said he is giving the young ones space, cool, then stop doing music and focus on concerts, sing your old songs and let them pay your bills until whenever, because truly they are classic. but if you are going to continue being tuface, we expect the same grass to grace brilliance. Enough already about this, Tuface is a legend, but he has lost his mojo and Jim, wow, this is a new low for you.

      • Hey, I would love to educate you a lil bit. 2baba has dropped 5 singles this year, vis – Coded tins, Officially Blind, Babylon, Mr Senator and Oya Come Make We Go ft Sauti Sol. Apart from Coded Tinz which I think is not the normal 2baba style, the remaining singles how can u Teenagers downplay it’s relevance/brilliance? Is it Officially Blind which is by far the best Love Song so far this year or Oya Come Make We Go which is very inspirational, or Babylon which addressed the state of affairs in 9ja. Well I understand you guys are used to listening to Pana and Bank Alert but don’t ever in your 4king miserable life say 2baba has no lyrics or his standard has drop. The Tope something that wrote the first article is a lazy frumpy writer, an ass kisser, a degenerate whose self actualization is to take picture with Ola dips and Niniola. You think it’s an accident that he is an Ambassador for Airtel, Campari, and Partner Mobile? You think Star is as dumb as you mofos to make him the headliner for Star Music Trek 2016? You think if the organizer of One Africa Music Music are as demented as you guys they will allow him to be an headliner of the 2nd edition of the show? Is it that that Tope mor4ker did not listen or watch the video of Oya Come Make We Go? This same 4king site considered the song as one of the best song around. Nobody is saying you should love 2face but don’t say shit about him, He is still by far the Greatest Musician from this part of the globe. All his songs this year were voted as PulseNG songs of the week, asin are you guys mentally okay?

  17. @ ANDRE…thunder 4 ur English Teacher..Walaiii…E don spoil ur life 4 u…

  18. All u saying that 2baba has lost his MOJO ar mentally defficient,what it he still strugling 4?or ar u pple still xpecting him 2 b struggling wif all these new dudes,,there cums a time in a man’s life when his family will b his 1st business,,and that’s what’s is happening 2 2baba(d boss)..let d kids take over it there time.,,and that’s every matured man(boss,daddy’s) prayer,,4 d kids 2 make it, u guys should leave 2baba alone…but if u love gud music,inspirational musice…always pray 4 his new RELEASE…

  19. #ANDRE…thunder fire ur English Teacher…walaiii,e don spoil ur life…

  20. naija music is @ it verge of bcomin a global noise,coz cnt bliv dat is only 2% out of 100% in naija musicians dat r sing gud lyrical music,plz lets b rational is not abt d bill wat of d sense of belonging. dats oopsy coz sooner or later evry body wil end up bin a musician in naija makin noise dat pple consider it as hit.bless 2baba u v done so much well.

  21. How,you remain loyal to 2face and feel free to abuse D’banj or say shit about him is beyond my reasoning. Yes,you can prefer an artiste over another or not even like him at all,but feeling free to say trash about dbanj us blasphemy. Dbanj and 2face have contributed a lot to Nigerian music even tho the former has contributed immensely more yet you as a fool you are call him out as if he is your mate.. Abeg you pole I mean Tooxclusive is trash a times if not all the time, but what do I know? Secondly you can critic your colleagues work but I only saw you attack his person and his work which is unprofessional ,so whom ever you are that wrote this piece,get your shit together,actually your are shit.

  22. Oshey but Jim just know that 2face makes “forever music” not the standard 5weeks hit that all this mavins and other kpangolo children ‘re making

  23. A couple of questions? All you that say tuface has lost his mojo, can you please state your age ? 2baba has literally stayed high up over 22 years! Did you do the same thing you did in secondary school in the university? ….with growth comes a change! This is evident in our everyday lives so I wonder this is even an argument. To the guys that says he has lost his mojo, if you are not feeling his sound anymore then stop listening! Eminem/Jayz/ Snoop don’t sound the way they used to 20 years ago….would you say these guys have lost their mojo too? Snoop in an interview last year couldn’t comprehend how these ‘new school rapper’s’ with exception to a few,rap through their nose. Truth is people just open their mouth rather in this case type crap because data is now cheap! The Nigerian music industry is big at the moment. ..please mention 10 songs in the same genre bigger than ‘officially blind’ and ‘oya come make we go’ ? Half the hypocritics here that would jump to take a selfie with 2baba (i.e if they don’t already have) would still jam to that song! The key for 2baba is not impressing anyone but staying relevant and I dare say….2baba is and would stay relevant come many more years! *drops phone and walks out*

    • Much love bro *no homo*

  24. Truly, 2face is probably the best when it comes to good music not the pangolo music everywhere now, but right now, but fact is, he’s not so much of the quality we used to know but I understand, he has done more than enough already and that’s why I will not condemn his latest releases like I would condemn Olamide, Kesh, and other Nigeria’s whack artists. So, I say respect to the prof.

  25. people fail to see the difference between trend and good music the fact that Young thug is trending now doesn’t mean Eminem has lost his steam, 2face never lost his steam we Nigerians lost the taste for good music…….

    • Thumbs up,nice point,couldn’t agree more

  26. 2baba is probably d best

  27. 2baba is probably d best ever in naija

  28. It’s obvious that some people here don’t know what is good music….. They are so used to rubbish lyrics that it now affect their brains…. If “oya,make we go and officially blind”,ain’t good songs, then, stick to your” baby shake your bum bum” and leave our great legend alone. The mumu who said he has lost his”mojo”has not achieved anything in his career and he’s busy talking rubbish. Even my grandma knows 2baba as the boy that does good music. Who knows you and your stupid article

  29. the truth is, everybody should just chill and shut up when it comes to 2face, cos most of u guys grew up listening to him, well, i am not surprised, Nigerians never appreciates their own, i bet fela didn’t die, all you senseless people would have said he lost his mojo. let me ask you, what happened to olamide’s glory album, or is the fact that wizkid’s last album was 214 and davido’s last album was 2012 course for concern? make una try get sense abeg!

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