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3 Things I Found Wrong With “Godwin” Video

Posted by funke on June 15, 2015 in Editorial · 170 Comments


Since the release of Korede Bello’s Godwin video, it’s been trailed with mixed reactions mostly positive. However, while most of y’all choose to stay in this safe, happy bubble and give Korede and his team pats on their backs, there were certain things I found curious (I’m trying to be polite here), as such this article will address just that. Note to Bellovers: this is not a review, so… chill!!! Biko.

If there’s such a term as “overcuteness”, then,  there was an overdose of it in this video. I’m of the opinion that Korede needs to loose his cute/innocent boy next door image and pull a Justin Beiber on us in the nearest future (Dear God, I don’t mean go haywire). Back to the matter, Adasa Cookey is actually one of the directors I’ve been rooting for but this?…. Gerarahiaa!! Obviously an HD picture, and from what I heard, the label didn’t have to spend money thanks to sponsorship from Access Bank and Lekki Gardens. It’s not as if it was terrible storytelling, truth is, it was a really good visual translation of the song, also good use of costume, but there were just a couple of things terribly lacking in the video, and more importantly few things we could have done without….


Everybody loves Bovi, but as is typical of the Nigerian entertainment industry we tend to overdo things.  I mean after watching the ‘Hour of Victory’ flick, I did laugh a bit.  Plus it added an extra 40 seconds (or more) to the 3minutes+ video, however it was as unnecessary as the ‘k’ in knee, and if we are being honest here we’ve seen Bovi do better.


At first when I saw the dance I simply assumed our dear Korede Bello was on the verge of an epileptic fit, (I mean it could have been part of the story line…) What was that? Seriously?? I literally cringed every time Korede did  the very weird ….i don’t even know what to call it! As for DonJazzy, don’t be an agbaya pleaseI’ve heard and read various comments on that dance and none of it fit for public consumption so I’ll just keep them to myself. I get that Korede isn’t that much of a performer (unlike Reekado), I mean I’ve watched him struggle to actually get into character on stage and in videos except maybe Dorobucci where he actually had to act cute so that didn’t prove to be too much trouble.

But if you really had to do a dance (or shall i call it jig?) try and get a choreographer to show you some moves so you don’t end up looking like a fulani cultural dancer without his stick. Just don’t do that ever again! On the flip side, his attempt at Igbo dance was pretty impressive.


Someone needs to tell Korede to stop with his winks! It was cute in Dorrobuci video, it was getting a little bit worrying in the Adaobi video, now its just plain annoying!! Please retire the wink !!

I’d describe Godwin as an energetic song with a feel-good nature that inspires this feeling of gratitude and makes you want to do a little jig, sadly watching this video will almost bring all that to a screeching halt.

Written By Funke

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  1. Nope!!! This is plain waste of space on TX…. Now its obvious TX has something against this korodebello guy.. First it was one dude like that, now its Funke…. Lols…. Its enuff with the hating abeg

    • It is not a crime if he dances on his dancing step so please just leave him alone

  2. this is Rubbish…Pure Beef for Korede Bello. that winking signifies his own style….nd d way he danced is nt a long as he moved his body in dat video. Mind u, Don’Jazzy is nt an Agbaya….he is jst supportive..Kudos to him
    Biko don’t beef success

    • Badoo omoaye

  3. I actually looked forward to reading something intelligent…. This is trash

  4. Why do I agree with U so much!? I love that U spoke my mind; From the unnecessary Bovi appearance to the stupid dance( if he had done that once, he would’ve been forgiven but he kept on damn)… Sincerely, It’s so Gay and KB really needs to stop winking. Like this is the 3rd time; U’re making yourself look stupid; no offence.

    • D guy smiles N dimples make up D video and he is demostrating, pointing to the sky showing the way the music is

  5. Well! I myt agree wif u on d bovi part and d dance not been creative enuf, buh den e can’t satisfy erione, buh as 4 d wink, I fink u shud spare d young man, dat cud b his own thing(even tho its def 4 d ladies), its lyk telling Davido 2 do without his dimples, let’s jes b supportive…as 4 Bovi, e cud av done better dan dat, I ddnt laff @ all…

  6. If u think it wasn’t good, produce yours and let’s see how good it will be. Rubbish

  7. Funke d miz writter, u hv all dis to say abt sum1 lyk u r perfect….. U had prefer dem use Bovi? Why didn’t u tell dem to use u on dat part instead? If u laugh @ pples success tinkin dat u r trying to make a point, am vry sorry for u cuz dy will also laugh @ u even bfo u get to d point of succedin.

    • Oh my dear tnx 4 dat,well 4 dos faln and dyn 4 KB say it out and stp makn noise bt u enjoyd d music mtcwwww. Agbarusia ngene ekuru ngene nuo

  8. Must you beef success? Just go straight and let us knw ur mind, mayb u’re tripping for KB, cus I see nothing wrong in d video. Not errbody destined to knw how to dance afterall he #Shake body…. God bless Korede Bello, God bless don jazzy, God bless mavins records.

  9. If no be say u no get sense u for no take ur valuable time criticize person video…..u say him too dey wink… If him like him fit wink 1000 times even sef him fit comot him eye drop for ground march am E NO CONCYN U!….d video was not overdone if u know u can’t do better don’t criticize…In fact Fuck You. #osheeeybaddest

  10. Who paid you to right this shit?

  11. We can’t all feel d same thing d same way, dt’s y we r humans, dt’s y we r different, dt d writer view, it’s nt a must dt urs shld be d same. With me, d video is more than alrit, thumbs up 2 Korede Bello, Don Jazzy nd SMD.

  12. trash talk mhiz funke

  13. Call black black,anyway he is stiil a kid.i mean an amateur in the field.

  14. I liked it

  15. So much true,? like d point 2 nd 3…..

    • As 4me everyfin was cool nd sharp. Kb dnt mind dem, funke dey throw catapult of envy nd al form of jealousy, bt she cnt nt stop ur progress. As 4d wink dia z absolutely nufin wrng wid it, i believe its ur style. As ur star don dey shine na Godwin. Wishing u wat u wish urself dear nd 4 jazz u re a hero, na bad belle dey wori dem… MARVINS z is nd wil always be a LEGEND.

  16. I agree with u . The video iz warck .and must Don jazzy show in all videos . So far the song is korede bello single, I see no reason y don jazy must appear in the video . Mhen the video na low budject , na #5 naira video. Nd as for adasa, U dey fuck up big time making the second video u direct that iz warck the first indomine video now Godwin the second one pls improve nd no they direct all this kind low budject video

    • u nid to go back n listen 2 d joint. who introduced d song? plus korede is a yung act, he still needs don jazzy’s appearance. hater go n hug high tension.

  17. Well, bovi’s intro was just there, but can people Try to understand that he was just jonzing with the dance nt that he was creating a dance step. Gosh! Na wa ooo!

  18. To hell with you and ur articles what achievment hav u made in life to judge korede bello with this ur article I kno u can’t sing u can’t dance and u must not look cute that’s y u said he winks again korede bello may God bless you and ur handworks don’t liSten to haters

  19. That dance dey funny oo…. Looks gayish… Lol

  20. Sincerely u saw evrytin miz funky buh can u pls keep it in ur pocket…To watch d video is nt by force

  21. Who ever that wrote about d video is a big fool…better go n do something they will know u for rather than criticizing others hard work…the wink is his signature…so leave it to him #looser #doro dumb

  22. Am sure the reason for this article goes beyond the context of the write up! Omo naija white doesn’t have that time ok rather they come out with their thing. Anyways food for the belly and belly for food……..

  23. nigga u are saying shit

  24. u guys don’t hav Beta work?than say shit abt sum1 song.Na wa oo….korede kip it up,4 d dance u get mouth

  25. To Me.. d video ain’t bad.. moreover.. ah got into d song after watching d video.. So ah dnt see d need 4 dz criticism. #Peace

  26. guy u got it all….. everything about t
    he video na quack except d story line not even dat sensible….. don jazzy is killing reekado ttalent.korede got no talent just tryin to struggle in da industry

  27. D pexin wen write dix post is suffering 4rm BRAIN WIKILO…. Haba wetin do BOVI? Wetin do d WINK? wetin do d DANCE? And wetin do the LENGTH of d video? Everything too make sense especially d dance….. Xo as 4 d FUNKE, JAMB CHANGE OF INSTITUTION still dey on, so u fit go buy am because I know say u fail JAMB big time, so u fit still go USEN POLY dat na if dem go take u sha ooo…..#MARAFUCKER_and_a_CLARAFUCKER.

    • Lolz V. Hilarious

    • Lolz V. Hilarious

  28. @funke I fully aqree wiv yhu…I expected more on this video buh itz jez #nonsense!!!

  29. Diz ashana dat call herself funke should go nd get sumtin berra and meaningful to do with her life than beefing on other people’s effort,,I hope say u dey get money sha cux e be like say na ur handwork b dat????…is obvious dat u are suffering from juvenile deliquency and behvioural disorde or ur eyes are menstruating…I see notin wrong with diz video unless d Bovi’s part which is not necessary buh as for the dance steps,err’tin about it is cool…and for the Winks,dats his own pattern…So miss Funke or wateva u call urself,u berra fuck off and let the nigga do wah he knows how to do best…if u think is easy to sing and also shoot a video then go and do urs let’s see if it’ll be as good as diz…go mind ur own Biz and fuck off..#Enemy Solo

  30. I don’t see anything wrong with the video. The wink thrilled people alot that’s he’s swag! That’s he’s style! And about the dance, it’s super cool, why not criticize sekem dance which Makes no sense? And about bovi, the director did what he thought it was right for the video, that’s his job!!!! I can’t believe that you’re making reference to dorobucci music video, you people criticize it all then! You can’t be satisfied, you will sha see something.. I think the video is just perfect the way it is…

  31. naija ppl r so emotional about everything, na waa oo, all over d world Dia r critics and it wunt stop with naija, so deal with it or make una go hug transformer, bcos of una make ppl no talk Dia opinion again, mtcheeww, he over did some tins Dats just d plain truth.

  32. Haters…. Mofos fuck out

  33. Call it hate or call it beef but nothing wrong in saying your mind or opinion. I agree partially with the writer. As for Bovi if his appearance is necessary he should have done better (2) that so call dance step is wack I think himself and don baba just woke up from sleep. Then for the wink no issue. The song great in content. People should learn how to say the truth. Adasa I salute ur effort but pls work better boss.

  34. Every one has right to his/her opinion, when’ll Nigerians grow up from picking fight in another pple’s comment when u can easily publish urz….she’s only talking in her own point of view which I see no offense in that…even KB might appreciate this…..grow up and stop picking enemies.

  35. Most of you guys bashing the poster are fools, constructive criticism is accepted all over the world,it opens room for improvement, even when it’s ok; never give it ten over ten,it will help them become lazy and shoot any how video

    and we should try and respect other people’s opinion, i don’t hate that niggga (korede ) but that video is far bello standard
    and bovi was so unnecessary and useless in that video,I was like was I supposed to laugh at what he said ? cuz to me what he said doesn’t make any sense (I wonder what kinda bowl is using for soup cuz my own meet float on the soup)

    we should learn to accept constructive criticism

  36. If u like speak both English..igbo..yoruba..the song rock ur type. Dey play or watch the video

  37. go do ur one best ever God win

  38. D video x kul,buh jst d dance dat funny me

  39. The writer has done absolutely nuffin wrong. Thats her Opinion. U too have Urs. So y misusing words her. KB improve sha.

  40. The writer has done absolutely nuffin wrong. Thats her Opinion. U too have Urs. So y misusing words on her. KB improve sha.

  41. Aside the unnecessary intro by Bovi, every other thing about the v video is cool.

  42. for me d video look lyk underrated musicians label, not many pple feature on d video, I fit count pple on dat video, Bovi is useless in d video, Don jazzy nd KB dancing step so poor, dey rilli fuck up on dat video, evrybodi expct best of KB not dis video type, I hope he wil surely do better NEXT video?

  43. Continue beafing while the guy is making billions, Gowin as at yesterday was number 2 vid of MTV base video top 10 and #shakiti bobo was number 1

  44. Err.. I gat a few comments…
    First, not a heck of a video, I’d say. However, it did pull in some likes (as is obvious from the comments of premature network users).
    Second, I think Jazzy’s role in the video should be comendable –I mean without the Don attachment– otherwise, it becomes the shadow of a nightmere! He could use some intros and exits which in my opinion, is best.
    Third, the “wack” dance is “great”. It all depends on the reflection of light rays percieved by the lens and the process of transmission to the brain…but mine revealed “awkward” anyways!
    Fourth, Bovi! I was actually going to make a joke about Sodium but… Na.
    Ps. Sunny.

  45. haters#…. buh remember if u speak evil against sumone definately!….. ur own is waiting for you…. in a million folds……. hes a celeb nd mkin it in life….. u?…. wah uv u achieved….. God bless Koredobello!!

  46. Boy ! Shall I say f*ck yhu or screw yhu ! ! Yhur jst hatinq 4 nothinq . Koredde bello don blow be say he don blow ! Where u dey when he’s trying to make it this far ? Sayinq abt (the wink) , are yhu dat ugly ? Why u dey bad mouth the fine bobo , eeeh ! Na me tell u make u ugly ? O boy ! ! Change ur way oooh ! !

    • Lol

  47. Cheap Song, Poor Video, Poor Artiste.. D song was d same with an old Church Song if u could Remember… If truly he’s Talented why don’t we hear other of his Songs, he gat over 5 tracks now.. We listen 2 Godwin Only… D guy isn’t 2 Good Unlike Reekado. D Brain of Dorobuchi, Adaobi, Looku Looku nd d rest of Them… God Bless dem Dou

  48. Loving your thoughts like mad, cuz it was also noted

  49. People with hatred, I wonder y u spoil ur own country and praise other counties song……pls go and do ur own and let’s see

  50. Poor or not poor[ fuck all da muckerz cuz ain’t sh*t , Punks ass motherfuckerz

  51. Na true you yarn funke. Biko, it is seriously not needed, I mean the wink, e too overdo am. And for the dance, I no fit break one arm cos of am. I love the bellovers video than this. The dance was so cool on that than the real video. Nice video though, but keep it in fraction next time korede.

  52. The video is 100% ok, I don’t see any wrong with it…wat were u guys expecting to see? Una been won cee semi nude girls abi KB throwing money around which one?….it was jut as simple as the song itself, so u guys park well…

  53. Tooxclusive, your people dey craze oh, did dey want to see girls with gist me paint or what, I love korede and it’s video, why don’t u go and watch nicki minaj video den, foolish people

  54. Actually, i was expecting something bigger than what i saw in that video. i wasn’t really disappointed but i think KB could have done better. It suppose to be the best of KB.

  55. I have seen nothing wrong in what the writer do. . Cuz the way we see things are diffence and u can let her know its wrong by opposing with beta points nd not insultive words to her. . Nice Article @ #Funke Nice Video @ #KordeBello #I’m from LOYALTYLOADED.Com

  56. na so bad belle go de kill ppl for dx we country wr dem de wen him no shoes. wen our kb de wear one shirt one short de carry camera up n down
    nw him do his own u de kill envy him. funke abeg i advice u 2 go hug transformer. abi dat one too small jst lie for road make dangote trailer do Godwill for ur body. all join stl na Godwin

  57. the dance was awful
    …as if he was gay only d igbo dance was kul

  58. Be there forcing ur so called creator to be an article writer while ur f**king article subject keeps been nominated for and grabbing award #fool

  59. Abeggiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apart from say Bovi, my second best comedian, did not prepare well for that, nothing else was wrong with the video. Fulani dance is good to dance na. the dance was unique and keeps me wondering how he got the inspiration. For the Igbo dance, i was wowed too.

  60. But the BELOVERS video sweet pass am o! Then those pretty girls in white…emmm….anyway…

  61. de tin be say dis world too wicked, de no wan c as person de better, if him been use one clothe una for say him too poor, now, de dance
    abi una need de one were wemen de waka neked? c person don pass una so una de jelous, de say if person pass u
    go fin another pass. if e too vex u carry bottle nak ur head if u can’t make in life.

  62. Funke u dy mad….se na dz video u dey write bad comment on…has ur family do sumtin lyk dz in their lyf….u beta stop dz or else ur family will nt do gud tinz in lyf again……wu allow dz stupid gal whey no go skul to write dz stupid tin….well sha bad belle plenty for dz country….if u hate dat beta go die…abi u gt feelings for korede ni…tell us here bt he cnt marry badbelle lyk u…cuz u too small

  63. I quite agree on d Bovi angle,there was no need for Bovi in the video and even if,He really could have done better,such a dry performance from Bovi.

  64. Lols….i swear, I love the video die, I actually had to watch it again after reading this critic, in order to find the faults, and I ended up loving the video more, the dance steps, the wink, infact, err’thing was dope!!!…

  65. mehnnnn the fool who posted this shit is just a hater the video is cool and he’s made his fucking money so look for a better thing to start doing u #foolishpoorstupidfool#

  66. Anything u do they must talk, i tire 4 9ja, enemies of progress everywhre korede fire goooooo! Infact ya next video call me make I feature am 4 u m a comedian 08109133369

  67. Nigerians, we have all become video directors. Swit.
    Funke, ur critism is pointless. I was expecting u to hit on d director of d video and nt on d artist. KB did what he was asked to do and not otherwise.

    1. #Bovi: I think was uncalled for.
    2. #wink: I think was crazy cool cos face it, KB is a cool cat and ladies love him, so he winking to his girls. #notbad.
    3. #Dance: I think his dance was cool. He needed a catchet and he had one. Thanx to dat dance, d video will always stay fresh in d minds of people.
    4. #Don_Jazzy: cool cat, if only d director did a good job with the storyline then Don Jazzy’s role would have stood out.

    Conclusion: KB tried, but there’s room for improvement in his next jobs. Now dis is constructive crtism and not what Funke wrote. Funke’s outright disgust and beef for d young cat.

    Hey video director here on 08059989831 and on whatsapp.


  68. TFY am sorry to say that ooh

  69. believe me my guy that korede bello or what his he called dance was very weird, and don jazzy..hmm well am not surprised at him because na dbanj wey dey blend am e don send go

    • Like seriously kayode I don’t want to belief u r one of all dis dumbasses around town! Dbanj blending don jazzy?? What is Dbanj? Where is he now? Donjazzy made him plz!

  70. Nawawo abegy stop hatin on d guy @tx

    • lik is wz been said an idle man is d devil wrkshop why cn’t u condemer’s;hater’s or wot shuld i say criti wot eva mind ur busines aba or don’t u hv beta tinz doin al u knw hw to do bst jz play a video luk hw e dance luk anykinda moves he made if dy r nt to ur satisfaction d nxt tin dt wil jz cum to ur mind is to pick ur phn startd postn rubbish is korade ur kid broda dt u shuld tel him wz bad or wrng d guy is out dare makn is mone y whr u r here blabing if u don’t hv anytin to do i suggest u beta fin .

  71. Hmmmmm 9ja, Y some of una no dey follow wr better n knowledgeable people dey follow ,una go dey use bad mouth n u can’t do quarter of wot d guy did.eeeh ,mavins records u guys ar infact superb nd as for my KB u go cont to dey blow I love d guy die. Don’t mind dem o , cont ur wink joooor infact na em make girls like u die. As for d #bad belles# @ funke I swear e fit b wan kin daft she b nd dos dt condemn d video. Korede na Godwin for U o.kip it up, it nt yet over untill it over

  72. face ur front. we love the dance



  75. Foolish guy

  76. Anitin una talk na still #Godwin….

  77. Funke you most be an idiot for talking rubbish about this nice production, the dance was good, the don’t need to dace like Yoruba street twat for you to call it great, the production is fantastic, nice script. so please don’t condemn the work of this director.

  78. shoro niyen… Abeg joor… after every,na God still win!

    • @Starzy. Yes oh, after every every destructive criticism, na GOD still every WIN oh!

  79. Shut up and gerara here.

  80. Evryfin bout d video’s cool…everyone has dia own dance steps whenever dey release a video so i don’t c wats wrong in doing his….don’t get jealous buh try to support

  81. I need 5 I mean just five talented artist that I will sign to boast my record label,we will give u evry thing u need but u most be talented whatsapp me on 08108232870

  82. The song is good, great video concept, but not dat dance! It looked weird, seeing him dance like that. And i felt ashamed for him. I mean he’s too cute for that kind of dance. Make baba jazzy calm down na… Him forget sey him na “DON” Jazzy? What happened to de shadow appearance and walking stick swag?

  83. Bad belle….its allowed sha

  84. D video was a flop wit all d hype.Far frm it.

  85. Korede bello dahs my bb pin:293F2947 add me up, so we chat wella, lemme tell u somtin korede enemies of progress plenty jst fire down lo mind dem o. Dix my number 08109133369 incase of ya nxt video or events make I follow u blow tooooo. Let’s blow 2geda korede baba. I love u bro.

  86. bad belle sha…don’t be dumb gal…Korede is out dere making iz money u are ere writing trash…which one can u do..#fool…anyways we like d video and we don’t care about a loser like u…me love Korede muah

  87. Funke stop sayinq trash because he’s not stain
    He’s fans loves him especially me
    It ws actually because of d wink,d dancinq steps make me more like d video
    I love all is winks,he’s dancinq steps or wotever abt him
    He’s so cute
    Not badbelle lyk u
    Fuck haters

  88. common pals, there’s no need insulting .he was just expressing himself in his own way so…just let Bello decide for himself if he wants to take the advice or just go on doing his thing.

  89. Nice observation funke……..I taught it was only me dats seeing the same thing…….thanks to you funke……korede needs to step up to meet up the game

  90. Nice observation but im not comfortable with calling Don Baba J agbaya, it shows Doroboss is in good term with Mavins group.
    As for me I love the music, Korede should work on those observations.

  91. …Mehnnnn am seriously likn d vid..d dance is jst a normal dance ,jst lik skelewu,shakitibobo,azonto,.. he is tryn to bring up his own too….lets us praise d song before condeming it….cheers ppl

  92. dis criticism is not a constructive one… pls stop comparing Reekado banks to KB…deir talent differs nd I no even c anything for dis reekado wey una dae shout self @ observers …. nd as for d video… I tink funke shud shut up bout d wink part Cuz….my God…I mean dat wink is lyk a logo nd every artist get him own logo…. it lyk telling phyno to change his rap style. u also said wen u first saw d dance u tot dere was to be an epileptic display… don’t u tink dat way too much? I tink d dance is unique in every form of it blended with d cultural thing…nd as for bovi….it is part of d song. for Don baba being an agbaya…dats an insult…. dat y I say dis is not constructive criticism buh condemnation in every sense of it….God bless KB johr.

  93. Funke ooooo na wa 4 u o,just because ur eyes and brains have been blinded to the creative side of kb’s dance does not mean dat u should inflict us wif the pain of having to read the outcome of ur unimaginative shortsightedness, pls. Funke go get a life and stop dis ‘condemnation’ and if u really wanna prove ur point go shoot ur own version of the video.shiken


  95. whatever it is whether funke or who be who u are 4 me by the I love you

  96. Life’s a matter of choice and personal desire. The fact that you pointed out your ‘own personal’ observations about the video doesn’t render it media-unfriendly. Moreover, the fact that you do not like the video does not imply that every one else should do same.

    As far as I am concerned, I enjoyed every bit of the videos.

    As they say “One man’s food is another’s poison”.

    KayBee, carry go; me dey feel u scatter!

  97. weda u criticise him or nt he is a star nd wat re u

  98. I believe everyone has his or her own style,just as davido wit his skelewu dance so its bello wit his so pls its sumtin new dt kil d guy’s career.
    korede bello pls dt mind dem anoda man’s meat is anoda man’s poison so dt listen to dem if it were dat bad why did u go ad sing 4 d president so d lord is ur strength keep it up

  99. Abeg Abeg Abeg weather the vid is bad or whatever….it is cute an I loved every bit.its good its yo opinion buh #Korede Bello is the bomb…….an he can wink in every video I love it

  100. all you peeps that are saying he’s cute and all are girls and are blinded by his fine boy face,but honestly its annoying

  101. its pointless funke..

  102. Guy u ar jealous, go do ur own make person see am *hiss*

  103. what your problem funke why re u critizing kb, if that the way you can view it then keep it in mind and that doesn’t mean he won’t sell in music industry and don’t you dare call DonJazzy agbaya you are the agbaya here trying to beef kb glory that just it. The mavins are doing better.
    if you dnt av better thing to post just don’t post stupid enviness stuff. am dissappointed in you cause you are my name sake. #kaybee you are the best#

  104. find somtin beta to do: meanwhile bello bravo keep it up whatso eva u doin always remember dt their is God d bible tels us dt in d book of john ..1v12 for as many dt recieved him to them gav he power to bcome son’s of God evn to dem dt believes in his name’ u r born to shine nd it says light nd darkness hv ntn in cumn may d light of God shine upon u in jesus name AMEN:

  105. Hi, funke I greet u first hw re u doing? witout making much noise I will lyk to tell dat korede has already replied you from the beginning I.e “Anything I do na God wiiiiiiiiin ooooo na God wiiiin oo” nd “Dem being wan fall my hand(FUNKE) but God win oo”. Even if u want to give an observation or correction why not keep it to urself cos the video has already being shot.

  106. Nigerians and banwagonism. please Funke stated her observation politely. you can make your point in a polite manner you must not join the bandwagon biko! you don’t need to insult her.

  107. I love the track. love
    ..bad Belle pple

  108. don’t mind d blind people @funked I luv yhr correction

  109. Funke yhu are rilt d video luks weird nd I hate d way he danced. Oh my gosh is winking habit is d wors

  110. Funke yhu are rilt d video luks weird nd I hate d way he danced. Oh my gosh is winking habit is d worst,tnx 4 d corrections. But pls don jazzy no be Abaya oo.

  111. Hmmmmmm dat is true anyway

  112. he is making hs money,so leave hm he is stil young look look them let hm be cuz he is mega super star wat r u

  113. I love d video no offens and the dance moves love korede forever

  114. Hey guys, although funke is a little bit harsh or shud i say rude, but she is sumhow right. D video was animatin, but dat k.b’s dance is sumhow funny nd luk lyk dat of a little kid. So pls stop al dis chit-chat of urz abt funke. Its a coded observation

  115. Funke u’re such a big fool even though KB wan wink 100 times e concern u? Instead of u to say u dey die for d boy u dey just dey talk rubbish they here they hate d guy him don bcom celeb to d extent buhari dey find him attention bt u who know u were nd were pple don here ur name if u say d video poor u go shoot ur own make we see na #fool. KB abeg no mind dem aproco go talk anytin dem like looku looku just dey follow u KB i love u , love ur song, love ur swag, love ur winks, love ur video, nd everytin about u dnt mind those haters suffering from juvenile deliquency. more grace to ur elbow my dear nd in ur next video pls wink again so dat all those haters will hang themselves

  116. Wow …so appauling..imbeciles are now allowed to make public criticism….I don’t blame u(fault finder funke) this is Nigeria shaa

  117. D truth is there is nothing wrong with d video… Nd even if there is something wrong with it, KB is still making his money…so hw is dat ur concern?

    • i luv luv both d music nd d dance

  118. one thing we always forget about dance is tht its an expression of what you feel. he was feeling excited and that dance is perfect. that is just so him being natural. lets stop faking it. God de win

  119. Stop hating and start rating!!!! How many creativity have u invented that is accepted by your own community not to talk of ur state. Let us cheer dis guys up so dey could do better in days to come

  120. one of the major fact that introduce godwin is presidential inauguration dinner, galanight….* keep it up

  121. Korede bello is a star

  122. u pple shud tink of ur own business nd liv d guy alone

  123. i think the music is inspiring

  124. There is ntin wrong with that Video funke,infact i always Trip wen i watch the video

  125. Excuse me Mhiz Funke. Why not find something much more better to do than wating your precious time critising someone else work? Why not do something for people to also critize too, instead of staying in the dark and throwing pebbles at the limelight. Lmao, the Nigerian government should actually give some people jobs so that they can have something to keep them occupied.

  126. was bovi dia to mk u laf bingos do u think its one of his comedy shows all dz pple saying rubbish wink na mk I c or u come show us ur own dance steps bad belle dem

  127. Haters bieng hateful. Let k.b liv his lyf. Funke liv ur lyf 2 and stop poking ur nose into k.b’s affairs. I luv d way he winks, his unique dance.

  128. Plain rubbish

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