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7 Untold Truths About The Nigerian Music Industry

Posted by Jim Donnett on February 3, 2016 in Editorial · 115 Comments

Peep some of the points I’ve succinctly outlined below and tell me if you already didn’t think them too.

1. Ice Prince


If anybody can mention 5 popularly hot songs on which Ice Prince laced his rapper prowess, I’m talking bars only, no singing, then I might consider retracting this thought. I mean, how can a rapper’s popular songs be the ones where he’s busy making cacophonious melodies? Honestly, Ice Prince trips me the way and manner which he runs his shxt but he seriously needs to have a handle on it.

2. Olamide


I understand that my musical choices can sometimes be far above the obtainable standard in the Nigerian music industry but regardless, there’s a global culture for music be it hip-hop or rap, R&B, alternative, classical and bla bla bla. Thank the stars that Nigerians have found a means to best suit everything they now do under the ‘afro’ context, it still doesn’t suffice… in my opinion though, especially when I think of where Olamide can be classified. Do we really want to call that thing he does, rapping? I rest my case.

3. Lil Kesh

Lil Kesh

I honestly thought talent (skill + hardwork) and presence were the major factors for one to succeed, or better still, gain due recognition. But dramatic turn out of events at the Headies awards stage on new year’s made me start to entertain thoughts otherwise. The obvious question is not whether Lil Kesh is talented, yet it seems the powers that be kept hitting a road block of ‘buts’ every time his izzue was set on cruise control. It may have much to do with the fact that this talent that we so speak of, cannot be in relation to an actual music art, i.e rapping. I may not be one to speculate but personally, I’ve had enough of this near funny yet phonic foolishness that their pac have become admirably famed for.

4. Tiwa Savage


There’s this popular adage that says when the breeze blows, the fowl’s behind will be exposed. The interpretation is quite lucid and suffice to say it’s an expression of best fit for what has now become Tiwa Savage’s music career. I was one of the #SavageSoldiers who stayed rooting for her comeback with a big bang so you can imagine my joy when she announced the surprise album. I am not so ecstatic for her anymore as her album was a mirror to how badly she has given in to pressures from the industry. Afterall it is not by force to be on top.

Unless Mr Billz likes it that way :-p

5. MI Abaga


It’s impressive that M.I (still) has a legion of fans who are ready to stake their lives over a stained glory that is now fast blotted out. So if I go ahead to say M.I is not (or rather, no longer) Nigeria’s king of rap, you’ll agree with me right? Even if you don’t, shall I remind you that Jesus Christ hasn’t ever stopped being Lord? So why then should we make an excuse for M.I when his case afterall isn’t any different? I’m shamed by how kids he inspired have risen far above the ranks where he now settles for less average. M.I has gotta stop being a lazy bastid!

6. Wizkid


Wizkid’s music has experienced a terrible downward slope from the boy who made it right off the ghetto streets of Ojuelegba and crossed onto the paved walkways of Wall Street to becoming the certified face of the Nigerian music industry who now sings absolute rubbish. And even without any regrets whatsoever, Wizkid has failed consistently in delivering songs whose lyrics border on simple common sense. Yet it appears that the potency in his magic potion is ever so strong that we never see him past the galaxy where his star shines the most. How long more before the effect finally wanes though? I suggest boy Wizzy gets a firm lid on his shxt.

7. D’Prince


D’Prince really is not that bad a guy. Very less than often, he shows flash signs of genius and his ovation can sometimes be the loudest when we applaud. But there’s also that satisfactory feeling you get when you use a switch button to turn off the sound of something that no longer gives comfort – this equally represent the very one and same D’Prince. Pathetic, right?

Bless God for the incredible person that is Don Jazzy, he’s brought and kept his kid brother in the music spotlight using savoury tunes that have infectiously stuck in our brains like soft gum on a very bad hair day. Thus, save for those rare moments of brilliance, I can’t categorically state whether D’Prince needs to stop, or be stopped! And so based on this inconclusive premise, I’ve decided to label him a white lie in the mix.

Written by Jim Donnett

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. with this I can decide not to visit your website again it’s totally rubbish.

  2. Excellent article. I’ve thought about all of this & lots more for a while now & they are all true. The Nigerian Music Industry has gone totally commercial & hardly has anything unique to offer these days. We have lots of artistes whose lyrics are balderdash & have only catchy choruses & beats to help the songs. For Example, I love Tekno but he sings SHIT!!!just listen to his lyrics,what about olamide?I got mad love & respect but most of his songs are laced with shitty lines,unfortunately my bro,phyno has joined the bandwagon too. The other day,I read a comment saying Banky W’s songs are not Nigerian standards anymore,they’re wack & boring & only Olamide satisfies Nigerians. Honestly, I didn’t know whether to cry or be mad….I just wish Good Music would be Appreciated & Respected again in this Country but frankly,I don’t see that ever happening again.

    • God bless you. I totally agree with both you and Jim

    • you totally relayed my thoughts. this is why I’ll rather listen to foreign music. only few Nigerians like Brymo, ASA, etal really sings songs of note

      • I agree 100%.Nice

    • Knowing there is still good music lurking around somewhere is at least soothing so some extent. Everyone needs not like them, its just you listening to what you like and feel is good…..

  3. Trust me …. the opnly right thing you got here is on Ice price

  4. true…I totally agree with u, when there is money to promote their music, they force us to listen to d so called sh*t songs, thank God we have new kids that are singing songs that make sense, kiss Daniel, korede bello, Reekado and adekunle Gold are the generation of good music in Nigeria just like 2face, 9ice, dare art alade and mode9, I got a frnd High’B’smart who is better than a lot of top artist in dis country, am sure he wil make it soon

  5. Loooooool, y’all just looking for views and comments. Pls if u have no proof to back up ur claims other than what u think should be, then you guys sld just do what have kept people coming back here, (Posting music and videos). All u do is criticize and try to make lists of opinions and state them as facts. Lol. I wouldn’t go into details but pls stop this rubbish

  6. hello poster, who cares about yur shit opinion when they are making big time money. if its not making money den tag it as not making sense…

  7. Staunch MI fan..but I agree wit Jimmy on this one..especially the Olamide part

  8. Na so one mumu fo smooth fm deh put lil kesh for dsame Class wit d great MI ABAGA, dis one don out wit him own..

  9. He said his thoughts now…why una wan finish this dude!? Looking at it from your views ..I think MI shouldn’t be there! Reason been that, he took a time out to make sure Ice prince makes it big before he came back with his “Chairman album” which ended up as the best rap album 2015(Headies). So you see, he kills it whenever he wants!

  10. Oya na, Oga jimmy begin sing songs wen make sense na, since all our Nigerian musicians are singing nonsense. Abeg liv dem alone wit d nonsense wen dem dey sing, we love dem like dat. Jealous Nigga.

  11. Oya na, Oga jimmy begin sing songs wen make sense na, since all our Nigerian musicians are singing nonsense. Abeg liv dem alone wit d nonsense wen dem dey sing, we love dem like dat. Jealous Nigga.

  12. Jimmy. This comments on your write up are what you get for using international standards to rate a Nigerian product. But try no call anyone bastard. It makes u no different from the guys u r criticizing. thanks for stating what it should be tho.

  13. Last time u wrote sh**t about Blackface but for the first time in long time u wrote good article listing to good music by Blackface, Tu face, gold, TG not terry G talking about guitar man, mode9 and others but their music are not making waves like those rubbish those guy are making money from but the time will soon come

  14. Pls stop making dis site boring by posting dis type op rubbish… Were u bin dy wen Olamide and Wizkid were sufrin? Cum to write rubbish…

  15. U crazy….what on earth will u call Davido?? I can’t see why his name ain’t here…but Wizkid and M.I the kings name is here

  16. Beautiful, someone needs to tell them. Especially Olamide

  17. I agree with you ma niqq.. wiz is the worst
    olamide is good ..but hez a singer not a rapper
    reminisce,,ola dips ,mi , cdq n phyno re d rappers

    • Wtf, are you saying ?

    • Lol, your list of rapper is making me roll on the floor laughing out at your sense of reasoning.

  18. KinG Wizzy #KingofAfrican Music..Wherever you Are ..More Blessings ..Jim or no Jimmy..make dem Talk…StarBoy we Rule ..#teamwizkid .Yaga .One Life to Live.

  19. U may be right in some aspect but dat of wizzy, i totally disagreecoz he’s making waves right nw..

  20. This is the best article I’ve read in while esp concerning the Rappers. They can’t stand the South-African Hip Hop.

  21. this na nonsense, way no dea make sense

  22. I agree with what this niggah said but,he shouldn’t have mention wiz and MI they don’t belong here,they are beyond this level.

  23. Yo Jim, you are the truth maaan!!! Nigerians are generally so dumb that they cant even decipher what good music is anymore. Keep posting ur thoughts man.. Until some of this our so called superstars upgrade that shitty sound they make that they call music. GOD BLESS YOU BRO.


  25. Fu*’k dat sh**t u are only analysing rubi**h next tym u want 2 talk tr*sh don’t put ybnl or either tiwa savage……. Y u no go sing make we c watin u sabi u dy their dy talk trash fu****k uuu

  26. Fu*’k dat sh**t u are only analysing rubi**h next tym u want 2 talk tr*sh don’t put ybnl or either tiwa savage……. Y u no go sing make we c watin u sabi u dy their dy talk trash fu****k uuu
    Jealous nigggggggga

  27. is this your own truth………..

  28. This is so on point, but you should expect backlash cos the industry celebrates a lot commercial rubbish. True they are making money but they are losing their grip on the Fan base in Nigeria gradually again. Suddenly Nigerians are listening to foreign songs again (Not that we stopped before, but we gave a lot of room for Naija jams). This is not the best….real guys must step up so they can have proper endorsement and push the wack guys off the stage. Olamide I love, so much, but I’ll rather celebrate his singing talents now than rapping talent.

  29. Loool, Jimmy is back with this kinda articles again. I like the way this nigga writes his articles. good blogger

  30. Tnks jimmy u jex speak my mind..u suppose to av add reminisce cdq n d likes,buh still luv deir slangs

  31. are a bunch of nonentity. you just come up here and post rubbish.. go sing make we see how many ppl go listen to you… goat

  32. This is why I prefer SA music, niger music is A’class whack but to be sincere must fans of this so called artist are whack too

    • how do u mean. why would u say their listeners are whack??

  33. if u are doubting olamide rap prowess go and listen to #eniduro, voice of the street, duro soke, young erikina, baddest guy ever liveth, reban abacha, sitting on the throne, dope money, ghost mode,

  34. jagaban, ilefo iluminati, skamma ft pele pele, zero joy, prayer for client, hustle loyalty respect, prayer for client,

  35. local rapper, in my circle,

  36. I can relate to e’thing u say but the Title of the article is misleading……True talk but Music generally has lost it soul except in few cases also making music for Nigerians nd expecting to eat from it u gotta know wat makes money nd wat makes money is shitty music man…..If not Ric Hassani wud ve been popular!

  37. U dnt av wat 2 say guy plx go and sleep

  38. U get it wrong on ice all u siad true dat.

  39. I clap for tooxclusive ooo….foolish beings ooo…u gave ybnl ‘movement ‘ 11 of ya awards and cum bk to post dis shit???….ur father!!!……y dnt u start singing tooo.. …….. and see who will knw u even exist…….THINK

  40. olamide ft wale make us proud…. olamide is the baddest rapper. forget that he also love to sing dz days

  41. if u dont want to be bias wizkid is the most successful home base Nigerian musician internationally as seen in his song 1. ojuelegba ft drake skepta 2 ft on r. kelly song 3. i even heard wizkid had a song wif rihanna nd chris brown 4 wif akon 5 etc….

  42. ojuelegba remix was one of d top in d world 2015 and d biggest Africa song in 2015 nd na wizkid get am

  43. listen to olamide ft wale make us proud d guy dey rap abeg shey na bcz say he dey outshine singers join rapping???

  44. ojuelegba remix is d biggest song from africa 2015

  45. and is wizkid song

  46. From what I understand, I think ur article is essentially talking about a lack of identity by these artistes. On my part, I have always believed and will continue to hill onto is that these guys can actually serve you music under a particular genre, with good lyrics, among others. I think they feel they have give render a kind of music that will appeal to a particular listening population, that is Nigeria. And well, its working despite its perceived inadequacy, we will continue to feel it. And well, why fix it when its not broken. Have you realized that some of them –maybe not on this list-are award winners? And I’m sure u know too well its never easy to win. Not forgetting to add, ur heading for this article is IMO, wrong. For the fact that’s its the truth for u doesn’t mean its a generally accepted proposition, although I personally share some of ur thoughts. Next time try to make it more subjective.

  47. rubbish post,wo dey yan rubbish u tink say it easy 2 sing?go try ur own may we see

  48. truth indeed

  49. Stupid nigerian rappers aiint makin us proud out here and dia idiotic fans still wunt letchu talk I kno it ll get to a point where we ll get to listen to good music in naija 4 now ill save my self from d noise and listen to some good SA hip hop

  50. nice article👍… so true about ice…. the nigga is all about commercial…

  51. I remember looking up to M.I as a Nigeria/Africa rap god..
    But things has change, I just hope Suté, Mojeed, Bogeey, A-Q etal will not give in..
    As for Ice Prince, his freestyle on MONEY was his last decent effort on rapping..
    Bro, got bills to pay now, so am not surprised though..
    Oh!! Baba Miliano, a one time rapper is just doing good for himself in singing….
    Ololade, bro just jumping up and down in empty lyrics…
    Sorry to disappoint some dudes here, Nigeria best rappers are underground!

  52. Honestly everything he wrote is d truth Bt utterly pointless…. Because ice prince never claimed to be d best rapper ND classifies himself as a rapper/singer aniwaiz…. ND as for wiz ND tiwa. No one is immune from downward slope as an artist.. Dsame can be said for d likes of RKelly ND many other great singers. ND Mi has really remained average coz he is nt even trying… Bt ones a king always a king. ND since u say ice, olamide, kesh ND phyno , remieniese ain’t real rappers no one else is worthy of d title king.

  53. You dat know so much about standard of music and how to classify music genre, pls what are you doing about it, why r u not showing dem d ryt way wit an example. Na u b God of music. U tanish oda people’s. image to make a living

  54. Iceprince killed rands nd naira rmx!!! Dunno wah dis lame dude is saying….get a new job niccur…..

  55. if u wanna kno if olamide can rap very well listen to 1. responsibility ft adol nd zara 2. awon goons mi 3 anifowose 4 going to heaven 5 the guy don rap tire com dey sing nw…. d guy song too plenty

  56. jamaica dancehall and reggae was once d oda of d day bt now it is dead.the nigerian music industry is like a supernova its explodin and dyin bt we tink it is shinin.

  57. Don’t knw wat is wrong wit sm ppl..I no knw watin 2 call dis..#BADBELLE is allowed…jst dey post nonsense…u tink dis nonsense will depreciate d love we gat 4 dem ?#sowie….#f*** u

  58. So guyz ehnn sha dy re just brainless example jimmy or wat did u call ur self jealousy no go kill uuu u re noffi
    n but a big fool swally


  60. @Jim, you are guilty of the same crime as “some” of these artists you’ve written about, you ask why? you’ve just mixed rubbish with facts(rubfact), hoping that everyone will see everything as the truth which it is not, Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of bla bla bla

  61. Never ever call MI whack again…..that guy is too exceptional….maybe u don’t have the ears for good music

  62. What u wrote is exactly whats happening in the industry, we actually concentrate on beats instead of the lyrics but I think MI is not supposed to be on that list…. u left people like May d,Kcee, illbliss, burna boy,Iyanya, davido etc out of the list. But u still said what have been bothering me for a while now.

  63. this is total crap, thats why its nigerian misic, and besides they are doing Whats best for business, and i dont see nothing wrong with that…. you dont like them then dont listen to their music…

  64. your point exactly, it is more of a life cycle commentary. no hidden facts. i am sure you wont approve this too.

  65. @Jim… i discovered, your post is against YBNL, is BAba Jay your good friend (in any way) ???//// just asking sir

  66. thats why people like brymo do not get the recognition they deserve..

  67. Why would you call someone a stupid bastard when ure nothing better than them. First of all dis guys are making there money thru there music and they actually dont give a fuck about anything u say about them cause ure just making them moe popular by trying to critisize there music and if u think ure any better than them u should go record ur song and lets see if u can do better than them. GO GET A LIFE AND STOP BEING A FOOL.

  68. Dear, Jimmy, you are one of the greatest problem of the black-man. Here’s why I say so – you judge what’s in your mall with what is sold elsewhere. Our music culture is different from the music culture you evaluate it with. If you understand pop culture and how it evolves, you would know that rap wouldn’t still be interesting if 2pac had rapped like Flash, if Lil-Wayne had rapped like 2pac or if Fetty-Waps raps like Lil-Wayne. People like Olamide and Ice Prince came into rap after Kanye West brought his innovation in the game. So, why would you nail any of them for singing? And why the hell would you say Olamide doesn’t rap? Do you even listen to him or yourself? What the fuck! I may not be a fan of Lil Kesh but in five/ten years time, his kind of rap would be all people would like to hear. The problem with people like you is that you judge Nigerian music from the eyes of American music. That is why you may want to tell me that Chris Brown is better than Wiz Kid (Their styles are different) or that D’Prince is trash. D’Prince is a one hit wonder and that is him; love him or hate him. And you talk of MI… Bro, don’t forget there was a time Eminem was under waters. Every great rapper who has been in the game for long has experienced that. So, ogbeni, chill… Give these guys a breathing space. And if you can’t, drop your fucking laptop and hop into a booth. And if you can’t… Well, go to hell coz that’s where every critic ends… Am I harsh? Your article was the definition of cold.

  69. I no even understand the article sef
    This guy deserve some strokes

    • Jim don you don fuck up
      just see what you posted??
      fuck you!

  70. Jim I don’t understand the Hell thing you’re talking about??

  71. its a clear and excellent article

  72. I really disagree to an extent,for m.I,except you cannot grasp his lines,he still remains the best.As for S.A,I don’t see the good songs they sing except for those sang by cassper,who looks up to m.I as a great and a.k.a..which prominent rapper can u call again in S.A?? it k.O..lolz the cara cara man… dear nigeria is the heartbeat of music in africa.

  73. who is this foolish blogger …big fool …can you rap or sing
    ??….you are here making dirty mouth ….shoot yourself there eee ….big fooooooolllllllllllllll

  74. I have to say the blogger that wrote this shit is simply a jobless, microscopic minded foolish retard for saying this negative ish about MI. Seriously you shouldn’t be allowed to write or comment for any one to see ever again. Go and listen to illegal music 3 and bury yourself in your inaccurate baldadash you call bloging/writing

  75. seriously..y’all are just saying trash….the blogger just expressed his thoughts and he is actually saying the truth…olamide should never be classified as a rapper..his songs are cool with good beats but his lyrics are WACK and that’s what the blogger is tryna say….wen u say rap..pple lyk ice prince..phyno e.t.c should be mentioned..n Mr blogger,you have nothing against M.I and Tiwa Savage n wizkid’s music is trash too…stupid lyrics with good beats tho’…d best song he ever made was Ojuelegba…

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