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8 Reasons Why Tiwa Savage Is And Will Remain Queen

Posted by Temitope Delano on April 22, 2016 in Editorial · 34 Comments



For sometime now, there has been a lot of unwarranted debate about who truly is the queen of music in the Nigerian music industry? Several names cropped up with one or two unforgiving and downright rude reason having them being plucked off until the list finally became so light there were two left.

Now for me, for years now, I had absolutely no doubt who is queen and would for a long while sit and laugh when people start the argument, not because I did not love this person so much to want to fight for her, but because, it was mere waste of valuable time to argue with people who knew little or nothing about MUSIC and were just color and stupidity blinded by one hit song of the contender.

Many things, yes, are debatable in life, but I dare say, Tiwa Savage’s Star power, is not one of them.

So guys, here are eight reason why Tiwa Savage Is QUEEN and Will forever be hailed as one. They are in no particular order.

Video thumbnail for youtube video VIDEO: Tiwa Savage Sings The National Anthem On Ndani Sessions -

  1. Killer Voice: Yes, there are other female singers, who are vocal power houses, Tiwa is one of them. Her ability to start and maintain her vocal stability on most songs that she has graciously blessed fans with is amazing. The timbre and tone of her silky voice i dare say is one of the major reasons are songs top charts. Tiwa is actually one of a kind with her voice, which can take you from a  depressed sad mood to a happy, laughing mood and finally place you in the turnt up part of it all.


2. Triple Treat: Yes, its indisputable, she is a wonderful singer, Dancer and actress. How many people will tell me Tiwa dancing the shoki dance isn’t like the most adorable thing ever. Seen her in Shuga…mama gat some Jhud, Beyonce and even Brandy vibes in her.

Tiwa Savage and son land new endorsement deal

3. Net Worth: As at 2015, Tiwa’s net worth was about $4.85 million, and with her endorsement deals with MTN, PepsiForte Oil, Nestle Maggi, and most recently pampers, I am certain she should be worth more than that by now. “If you wan retire make you come collect your pension”.

Tiwa-fab44. Living large: Yes, she is the first female artistes to jet out to a whole new country, all expense paid in a private jet. After her, others came. I mean, when the power is there, what more?


5. Multi Million Naira Wardrobe: From her jetting around the globe attending one fashion event to the other, to actually donning expensive designer outfits or being gifted with branded designers items, mama is living the life!


6. Va Va Voom: Before she had her son, Tiwa’s body was one of the most talked about body in the music industry, then she had her son, and then came the baby weight that only made this hot mama, bootylicious..


7. She makes ratchet classy: Seen her standing ovation video? Ratchet was the word, but not only did she own that look, Tiwa made it more appealing for female artistes and fans. ‘When the boss dey yan, you gat to pay all your attention….’


8. Humility: I have come across so many people who have recounted just how humble this beautiful mama is. Yes, her humility even with all her achievements, awards and all is beyond surprising and this can only make one love her more.

Tiwa is queen, so bow down beeshes!!!!!

Have other reasons that makes Tiwa Queen, please drop it in the comment box for our next post.

Written by: Tope Delano


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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  1. if she is a queen. den what of asa.your fucked
    opinion though.

    • Dude you are beyond foolish and daft….omg are there still people with this much stupidity trait in Nigeria? Asa is a great artiste no doubt about that but really with the list the writer provided how many ur asa don do wey we see na…really toox shld begin banning some fucktards from their site


  2. TooXclusive have the most baseless articles ever. That is why they site can never get industry credibility/respect.

    • I can bet with everything I have that foolishness at its peak day in day out is ur what the fuck men… For a site that has thousands of views daily shouldn’t that be like a reason for you to try and place a lid on it? Ode 1 of ode nation

  3. First of all, I want to say this article is just on point…God bless whosoever wrote this…that said…now to the buffons who are critisizing this list and even the site…the level of your stupidity is beyond heartbreaking…like would it kill u two to read and actually READ properly before commenting..but of cos what more can be expected from shallow minded fucked up faggots!!! One fool said if she is queen what of asa… Are so stupid to realize that yes Asa is big but Tiwa is queen with not just the listed points bt more. No one is doubting Asa’s power, but with all d points the writer listed…how many does Asa have and show case there…to the other imbecile who said tooxclusive is a fucked up site n doesn’t have credibility..biko how u land for the site in the first place?

    • Lolz..guy why u vex na??leave dm make dm dey yarn their trash na..#queen savage.

  4. I tink tiwa has a bit of egde dan the others,yemi is really grt but hv listened to sum of the tracks in her album I jux tink she gat one pattern of musik I jux wish to see her do sumtin differnt that versatility gives tiwa a little edge dan her!

  5. Seriously I really admire her songs

  6. Seriously I really admire her songs , she is a queen music

    • yeh 1 and only miss kelekele love will remain queen no mata wat mey bad Belle go 4 strike o.

  7. Tiwa is a queen and she got a queendom

  8. I salute you guys thanks too exclusive for this write up u guys are so on point. Weldone

  9. In matters like this…. “Everybody thinks they got the best wife at home”

  10. Tiwa savage,is d queen of music cos she got a killing voice and different style as well.

  11. @Emelda…abeg chop kiss. You couldn’t ve said it better

  12. Ds tope delano jst daft sha buh nonetheless Na d only sensible post since all ds while b ds..

  13. I think it’s advisable u do more beautiful reviews like this than telling us dumb stories about how Jim donnet (your colleague who gave a 30/100 song delivery) intends to blow bla bla bla.. Arrant nonsense, but for this tiwa savage’s review I give it to u..

  14. @Emelda,i commend you for your honesty..i must confess..i was never a fan of Tiwa buh I have always acknowledged the fact that she is a powerhouse when it comes to what she does.she is just unique in her for yemi alade and co..Asa is good yes we know..yemi Alade is not really good,she only brings out songs she can dance to.But Tiwa changes to different patterns,I have never seen a person with her kind of voice not to talk of a person doin what she does..she is just exceptional..i give it to her!

  15. She is indeed the best , from Dexmelissa

    • abi na wat do yot think

  16. seriously,you are the best among all the female musician.tiwa i realy admire you,you are the queen music,omo see killing voice.

  17. Their is no one to compare tiwas beauty she is a queen

  18. Was there ever any dispute over her being queen? I don’t get ooo…this no need too much talk sef Tope Delano, Tiwa is queen there is nothing anyone can do about that. Nice write up

  19. Well, the first time I heard kelekele love, I knew something good and different in a positive way has landed into Nig. Music Industry. She for once has never failed to deliver. She is and will always remain a queen. Yet to see another.

  20. Shi is d best 2 show hw gud shi is me n ma guys 4 street dy use ha music high ……..tiwa na mama nla

  21. You got it all,true this article

  22. Who the hell is asa?

  23. She’s really d queen. Thanks to d writer

  24. i love tiwa savage..she is cool..#role model#honest opinion

  25. Its a productive article and at least it shows that not everyone is shallow minded.I’m on Tiwas side but far as I’m concerned only 2 songs in her Red album are even making sense. Standing ovation and before nko. Other albums were on point.
    The others sound as though she was desperate to release an album after pregnancy. Seriously listen to Birthday. Crap!

  26. In terms of sensibility songs,tiwa stand out talkless of attractives look mehn… She beat ’em all nd humilities ain’t left out in a nutshell mama tiwa deserves d queendom u can’t compare her to any other female artiste in industry…mama TIWA ur indeed a queen…stop uttering rubishes.


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