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“Augment” Maybe Phyno Should Just Give Up Rapping?

Blessings follow you nwanne m onye ma echi
Onye ma echi o, Imana onye ma echi oh…

Review by Jim Donnett (@jimancipation)

Phyno makes it look like being a rapper can get pretty boring and tiring sometimes. It almost feels as if it’s when he can’t whip up the magic in his lyrical bars that he opts for singing, which really isn’t a bad thing for him to do. But however I have a personal reserve against him doing that for like the last couple of music releases since his Playmaker album dropped. On If To Say, he sang. Zamo Zamo with Wande Coal, he sang. The one with DJ Enimoney nko? Still sang. Then now this Olamide one again, singing!

For a guy with a famed personality in rap to now become largely synonymous for his musical melodies in like roughly the last two years, then you know there’s something amidst somewhere. However, my personal bias for Phyno and his style of sonorous singing won’t let me see past giving ear to good reason because I just love this Augment song.

My impeccable home training throws out the window once I hear it anywhere – be it in the car, on the streets, in a bus or even at my barber’s shop. I like that it’s a song entreating the message of hope, occasionally breaking into those classic-style praise worship medleys reminiscent of Igbo Pentecostal churches like the type I attend. Owing to the fact that it is ember month season, and nothing dominates this period better than songs that evoke gyration (or the feeling of it), I guess Phyno playing safe with this song is totally allowed. But he needs to watch it though before we relegate him to the trenches of them singer wannabes.


Review by aL Yhusuff (@therealmarcusbrown)

Listening to Augment, one has to give it to Phyno for easily flowing with the tide of the high-life. The vocals isn’t that strong but it’s quite melodious and one can’t resist bumping along to the instrumentation.

Some rap heads could easily say Phyno has left the hip-pop culture aside and gone commercial by singing on this one, but we also have to realize that he has to satisfy his teeming fans, mostly Nigerians who don’t really dig the hip-hop culture anymore.

The high-life feel? Words can’t express that aspect as it feels almost perfect.

Olamide doesn’t fall below par too as he flows sings effortlessly on the tide.

The production quality from Masterkraft is certainly on point.

As for the lyrics, it’s just wishy-washy with no serious attempts at song writing but without doubts, this record is one that would certainly rock the airwaves in this ember period.



Please drop your comments below on Phyno and Olamide’s latest collaboration, Augment.

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  1. Define rap. You illiterate

    • Don Mike, you are senseless.

  2. Hip hop is universal..
    The moment it left the creators it affected the whole world..
    Street fashion and entrepreneurship as one of the elements of hip hop contributed to the demise of the culture..

    Extra extra,read all about it.

  3. Who rap help Nigerian has never been an hip hop country… we will never rock rap in the club… so we highlife fans welcome phyno very well we love his music… who wan hear rap make e go USA or Europe…

  4. Supported! Phyno is loosing it in the rap game. I don’t even get excited when he drops song anymore. ZORO is now my new favourite. Tooxclusive please you guys should lay focus on ZORO that guy is pure fire ???

  5. Tooxclusive una papa.. .. bastards. wot of others na only Phyno una knw, Ycee, olamide, etc… … Ogun kee u dia

    • Ogun kill u first.

      • Ogun kill you second

  6. When you realize phyno is not a rapper, you will realize this write up was a waste of your time

  7. So it is Olamide dat is rapping now abi?

    To be sincere,i cn tell u most Nigerian rappers nw turn into singers…… Dia purpose is still secret

    So mind d way to push it to phyno alone

  8. F*ck off bro. Whether he sings or rap, phyno is still the man and augment is my best hit now

  9. Mumu people is olamide rapping???? Why are you talking about phyno

  10. I agree. I love his singing more than his rapping.

    Considering his songs are majorly in Igbo, i can easily sing along even though i don’t understand than when its a rap.

  11. please go and listen to zamo zamo again phyno rapped listen to his verse ^so gi NA ku my heartbeat ^nwa e di special ka flower di na concrete incase you don’t understand it means ^only you dy knack my heartbeat ^babe you special like flower wey dem plant for concrete. .. Is that not rap ?? even the one with dj enimoney #mmili he rapped too so please be sure of what you post

    • The fact that it ‘rhymed’ doesn’t mean he rapped

  12. Mtcheeeeeews

  13. Phyno should leave singing and focus on rap his doing very well on rap than singing, his voice is not even good for singing ,phyno doesn’t know how to sing .

  14. What is this one even saying
    And I thought tooxclusive have sense
    # Receive sense #

  15. @JimDonnet..what of when you hear the song in your boyfriend’s house? How do you feel then?

  16. U are very stupid 4 saying dat monkey

  17. This write up is really annoying… Remembered when one dumb writer wrote about Wizkid’s song featuring Future as failling below average, da fuck!!!
    Mr whoever wrote this should plsss stop….you ain’t good at this.

  18. Annoying aswear

  19. I can’t find anything wrong with his verse on AUGUMENT …. So the poster must be jealous

  20. i love phyon

  21. noo please he is better as a we rapper.. we al enjoy his rap style thanks…

  22. I Nit More Vidoes

  23. PHYNO is still the best Igbo rapper and the best in Nigeria!!! He motivated many rappers nationwide and even globally!!! Who has heard his rap song “best rapper*!!!??? He nailed it there!!! And it was there he said much!!! Mmili is a rap!!!But for him to wake up one morning and say he has dropped the rappers title, there must be a mystery!!! I keep on asking myself…Is it because MI lashed the Nigerian rappers a hit with his rap saying that he (MI) is still the best… and that all rappers are entering music,some are in both fifty- fifty… or there’s a secret behind it as one commenter said/wrote??? or is PHYNO afraid of MI…??? Of course not!!! Hell no!!! “He isn’t”… if I were asked.
    But, he will miss many rappers that are following his pattern… If I was to say…I’d said My Boss we’ll miss you here!!! Come back to rapping!!! Come back here!!! Come back to us your boys!!! And students!!!

  24. You just don’t know Phyno too well that’s why you saying this. Phyno has been singing since he came into the limelight just that those songs didn’t blow(listen to ‘Shey You Know’, ‘Nme Nme’, ‘Ojigi’). Besides, the one with Enimoney was complete rap flows.

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