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Bring Back Our M.I

Posted by Jim Donnett on September 17, 2014 in Editorial · 51 Comments

Se time never reach make M.I comot with new album fa?
Wetin you sef dey talk, abi you no know sabi eim be Chairman?
Evrytin suppose set first before eim fih use am nack us for insyd market
As e no dey market so, e mean say e never set abi?
You get head so? Wetin we bin dey talk since?

This banter, hardly humorous as it should have been ensued between two fellas at a Lagos garage and as expected, it got me thinking… See how quickly we’re moving on from King James? The instrumental now, has become bait for upcoming rappers to lace their wicked bars spitting prowess on. How long does Mr Incredible think that throne will be left vacant and without someone best suited to fill up the (his) spot? Isn’t it really time for M.I to wake from his slumber and put out that album?

Other of his industry counterparts are steady changing the stakes of the game. 2face had dropped his Ascension album only last month after the previous one in 2012. DJ Jimmy Jatt came out with three stars added to his rank when he put out The Industry Volume 1 – otherwise what we now call the biggest collaborative effort from the shores of Africa. Fellow rapper, Vector reintroduced his status as the overall best student in rap on #A7 – a mixtape that illustrates varying forms of life art. Singing duo, P-Square are enjoying a new found fame. I honestly thought there wasn’t more to be enjoyed given their revere on the streets but they are especially with their latest release Double Trouble.

Not that M.I would give a flipping jack but since the facts are being presented, it should interest him to know that Wizkid will be coming out with Ayo soon enough (bless Jesus for that, finally!) and the news of Timaya’s Epiphany broke waters, causing ripples. Even the blind man can attest that we’re in the season of albums overflow. What’s even more appalling is how quickly the hype for King James fizzled out as quickly as the record was released, save for the numerous covers where aspiring acts like eLVeektor showed prospect in similar kinging manner, radio stations who offer a kind arm of gesture by giving it airplay and perhaps DJ Spinall who samples a listen at his DJ gigs every other time.

I’m not blowing smoke. These fans are thirsty. We had enough of his features and if it were half as close to Olamide’s trumping track record, then maybe I’d have taken a Xanax. 2014 shouldn’t come and go just like that without The Chairman getting stacked in shelves or catalogued in the industry’s album archives. It would just be plain unfair and that’s why I’m moving for the re-emancipation of our M.I, bring him back!

By Jim Donnett

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  1. MI has long retired we dont need him anymore, he should keep chilling with The Glo, we lots of guys See Jargo, na ma best guy as far as jargo dey sing let MI sleep me no care. No be say i no like Mi music but M dey dull people. The greatest be say his music no dey sweet me again, imagine akpat, chairman and kingjames singles all of them dey noisy as if him dey fight with someone if he cud give music like that him verse for can I talk, 6ft feat phenom, imperfect me, cry in the city,etc that will be cool. All his recent singles dem no reach a month i deleted them so M should chill. I gat my Jesse Jagz Royal Niger and Thy nation come.

    • Luv ur comment bro…..though mr jude abaga was 1c ma favourite rapper back then buh now,I dnt fink I can f**kin do without Jesse Garba Abaga(j.jagz)….its painful not to c my idol(j.jagz) getn 16 awards yearly coz e worth it.big shout out to im

  2. The truth is revealing itself. Point of Correction Jim, the SEAT IS NOT VACANT cause the GOD ON THE MIC has enthroned himself ruling the JAGZNATION. M.I is good undoubtedly but his younger brother JESSE JAGZ is f**kingly best. No day passes by without playing my ‘THY NATION COME ‘ n ‘ROYAL NIGER COMPANY’. But M.I needs to do something for himself , I will pick his album when it drops too.

  3. Thanks a lot @Kyauta13. You are indeed a lover of Good Music. #ITSJESSEJAGZNATIONBABY#

  4. Hm

  5. A Dope M.C is a dope m.c—Krs 1. M.I is dope,crytal meth, crack, merlyn”white” moroe,weed in just 1 hit…u smoke him? No physician can save u from d addiction. Baba kno wetin hin dey do

  6. We all should chill and wait for his album then we can tell him what to do!!!

  7. Nice1 frm u MI baba

  8. senseless bastards. M.I is a king, whether he puts out an album or not….yea alot of rappers are coming up, M.I chose to stay away, he gave u 4 albums(i’m counting mixtapes), y’all talking shit.

  9. fuck M.I .. where da KING or rap dey.. VECTOR all tha way.. A7 shiii.. man of tha MOOMENT

    • Bro, J. Jagz is d ish but make we no go forget say MI na chairman and chairman no need show off to chop. As for who d king is for now, its Vector

      • gooood..

      • Of a true, vec is the king of rap for now

  10. You don’t kwn rap so go and xleep

  11. Who is M.I if i may ask? Jim who said the throne is epmty? Modenine is sitting tight on the throne while the crown- princes like Jesse jagz, Boogey, McSkill ThaPreacha, Lyrikal etc are doing thier warming up right to take over as soon as Modo steps down. Respect to The EMCEEs that speat coke outta thier mouth. Fuck y’all bitch ass Rappers

    • I rememba mode 9 tryin to go commercial wit dat small breasted babe… yea mocheda…men dat song sucked from d studio….M.I ABAGA..REALL RAPPER “VERSATILE”

  12. d industry is missing its leader #MI abaga

  13. Get a feel of mode9… never on a snooze mode… #hardcore spitting, shooting down every fake rap MCs… #lyricist #above ground level

    • And……?

    • 2pac is 2pac as nobody bit 2pac uppon his death daz hw M.I is M.I nobody can bit M.I in africa by d way who is vector M.I is d best he make us proud dat african rapper is in naija think about it.

      • to yhu few wise pals mi is nowhere
        honestly kj is a mess
        adv to you mi it is industry not indust-rap
        just wrap it mi
        Choc is dead….

  14. #above ground level…

  15. M.I shud fuck off, I am even beta dan him. Jbliss…. Will soo become a household name y’all beta watch out.

    • jbliss my foot

    • Jbliss kor Ybliss ni ure a mad man…pple like u can never make it in life*em just saying

    • If u aint high then u are definately stupid for comparing illbliss to Mi, as the same sounds ILLbliss he is ill compare too mi’s lyrics

  16. you all are fools beefing some one better than you in any way, instead of thinking of how to make yourself better.

  17. 30 thousand sold in 30 minitz datz some shiii…for hez debut album (talk abt it)! How many rappers out thr can stand and say dey are numbr one! M.I abt to drop an album, everybody anticipates even hez haters…u wun call rap 4naija u gotta call M.I

  18. We had ever Seen a success year like this,cus too many Album has been droped From talented MusicianS.And Now We’re Looking for #Kingjames Master And StarBoy Wizkid (Ayo Joy)Latest Album which will be coming soon…….I dey thank God This is Blessed Am Very Appreciate for that. Up Up Naija To Became. The best In Hall Africa.that’s me #Youngkhodie

  19. Album or not MI ali is d badest!


  21. no mata wat am still gone wait for m.I abaga’s album…#sierraleoneans are waiting…

  22. Ya All have a point.. but M.I Abaga. still get it. his rap is still one of the best. he is just not bringing it out like the others. I guess he has being carried away with other thgs. money. and scared of how to come up with something different. unlike JESSE JAgZ… the man is dope among all. cos he stay away from all those thgs and come up with something great.. ICE PRINCE ZAMANI is also doubting himself. until he stand alone not sure he can really be among the best… shout out to all 9ja Rappers ain’t beefing anybody. Dey getting better everyday. we should be proud of them. cos music is not an easy thing.. it takes hard work. to be among the best each year. cos more artists coming out everyday. let just encourage them to do better.. LOVE You All 9ja Rappers…

  23. We ar wetin

  24. If u know gud music u will know M.i is African best rapper he’s songs nd lyrics are off the sky he inspired peeps to bring out the best from them he’s a gud producer nd he write songs for upcoming star nd popular star we all know wont call names hate is or love it he is the best he has create nd break records in the industry watch out for the Action film part 3 kings James M.I all the way u

  25. Album or no album Mi will remain the King of hoip-hip not just in 9ja but in africa

  26. D name King James i expected a killing song for d month. dat song should be renamed KING JUDAH asin JUDE coz he betrayed his fans with dah song. Mi quit d music industry

  27. who b m.I??? V.E.C is da fucking chairman!!!!!! J.jagz da vice chairman!!!! young six/phyno…. office assistant!!! lol… mi nd em rest!!! bag of beans!!!!! I dnt f*king care!!!!

  28. M.i is alwayz da fucking Best Rapper in Nigeria nd Africa All in all#Where is Jesse Jagz?

  29. Ah ah, all my alobams make una reason well na

  30. Jesse Jagz is deep. M.I was. Now, all I hear is noise. Ever tried Boogey too? Fans will be loyal until u start dripping. Modo is king. Jesse is god. Boogey is the shit. Vector is sick as always. #VR

  31. kids running dia mouth.. man on da moment.. VEC.. ya’all shud watch him on cool FM with dj xclucive.. crazy rap freestyle.. make MI go do am nah.. shey he his gon for 4yrz

  32. vec nah murderer.. i pray MI battle him and he makes heaven.. GOD forgive vector “” kinq of da A7…

  33. Mr incredible Abaga is d king of rap muzik in Africa, Vec is gud bt cn’t b cmpare wit M.I.

  34. MI, is still the best in west Africa with or without an album. You guys are quick to judge. You don’t know what is keeping him from dropping his album. He has dropped albums in the past, just cuz he is taking his time doesn’t mean he won’t be dropping it. I am sure he wants to make it like his name ‘incredible’. Watch out.

  35. Most of u guys re not focus. Pls live M.I, if u can sing go nd release ur songs also. M.I already made ????-???»???????k????-???»??

  36. 4k all hater,d king iz bak,greatest rapper eva liveth

  37. am glad to have you back bro..really missed u on de mic

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