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D’BANJ: The Things I’ll Never Forget!

Posted by Jim Donnett on October 29, 2014 in Editorial · 100 Comments


Who remembers D’banj?

Ok. Dumb question.

I remember D’banj. I know you do too.

I’m not talking about this koko garri drinking, agricultural farming, Cocoa na Chocolate singing, Dre beats wearing ‘Eja Nla’ who now goes by the alias ‘Kiniwun Funfun’. I’m referring to the Why Me singing, Tongolo crooning, harmonica blowing, Mo Gbono Feli grinding, kokolet mamalet and babylet chanting kokomaster.

D’banj is fun… or at least he used to be. Remember at the Thisday Music Festival sometime in 2006/07 when the Destiny’s Child graced the event? Kelly Rowland was feeling the n***a so much that she got up and grinding to “Do you like the koko” with our Ski’banj (like his Jamaican friends would call him). Now, that was some firebrand entertainer stuff. D’banj was and I’ll like to still believe that he is loved by many. Only that for some of us, our choices and reasons for sticking with him may have waned and withered.

When D’banj came on-board the afro pop scene, it was obvious how much he changed every darn thang. Was it new slangs that have formed a majority of our everyday local vocabulary? Or those suave dance steps – the kind you grind low with your right-arm elbow in-between your legs? Or perhaps the songs! Lord, the hits became too numerous to mention and with every new one churned out, we had yet another club/street anthem. D’banj was not only serving it hot, he was slinging it and killing it at the same time. While I choose to not overlook Don Jazzy’s ingenious talent in most (if not all) of his then music productions, D’banj was more like what (or who) you’d refer to as the live wire of the band – I’m talking about the Mo’Hits crew.

What about the petite Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji? No controversy trailed her more like her rumoured affiliation with the kokomaster. That’s still a question interviewers make reference to whenever they get to sit with her. And it’s all thanks to this same D’banj. But what’s happened with that D’banj? Sadly, that D’banj is gone, and he’s been very well missed. I’m guessing change really is the only constant thing if not, he wouldn’t have evolved to becoming the global ambassador that he is today, which we’re all indeed very proud of… make no mistake about that.

All good things really do come to an end. I miss “the D’banj” and this time, D’banj agaghi abiala!

By Jim Donnett

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  1. What is the point of this article?

  2. Meaningless

  3. Rubbish Article……D’banj Still in D Game

  4. This is so senseless, Someone is growing bigger and making progress and you are talking about past. Do you want him to go back to his past??

  5. the person wey write this article na mumu ooo

  6. Congratulation!!!! This is officially d dumbest article have ever seen!!! Werey oshi!!! Enemy of progress!!!!!!

  7. Donnett, are u done?. You have not even started existing & u ve the gut to say D’banj is done. I just don’t understand ur obsession with D’banj. You irrelevant idiot.

  8. Try come up wit better stuff next time,evry successful pesin had gotn his past,r U tryin to like rewin,play n update?tot uv gat some tatafo nt knwin U r reminding us of whom D’jbang was or used to.

  9. broke people always think thev gat opinion…dbanj is still doin his tin!y must u guys always ryt about dbanj fallin?see my broda dnt always look for a mans downfall!Dbanj is not done yet abeg!!!

  10. The rate at which they hate d’banj is unbelievable, It is only him i see they write about.Don’t you guys want him to grow at all? now you are talking about old time.. Who wants to stay in the same position? He has grown bigger than he was before.. Its just like asking 2face to go back to the days of african queen or true love.

  11. Yes he has gone down they say but

    1)Re-signed a bettr deal with Globacom
    2)He became ONE campaign ambassador and was on the same stage with president of world bank
    3)He won world music awards
    4)His song”Top of the world was the AFCON theme” and was performed at the AFCON 2013 closing ceremony held in South Africa.
    5)He also performed at the Hackney Weekend to celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics, which was headlined by Jay-Z and Rihanna
    6)He was also selected as the Ambassador of Bank of Industry
    7)He was signed to Mercury Records
    coolHe became the ambassador for BEATS by dre
    9)His song “Bother you” was the official sound track of half of the yellow sun movie
    10)He also went into partnership with Sony Music Entertainment
    11)He also headlined Hennessy Artestry 2013 alone. which also gave him the opportunity to travel to france to make his own brand of hennesy(Legendary)
    12)In that 2 years his hit song was all over European charts.

    If i am not mistaken, no artist in Nigeria has been able to achieve this feet of success in just 2 years.Open your eyes well and see

    I am sure the top firms & companies in Nigeria would have seen his speech on TEDxWBG. And people will keep wondering why they keep choosing D’banj as their brand ambassador. The guy get packaging no be small.. HE IS A LIVING LEGEND!

    • Oboy he never finish there he still plenty to talk about dbanj him done tell dem say make them Google dem go find am so leave all this low life people make them write and say waiting dem wan talk Dbanj na baba na mentor and person to watch out for always

    • God bless you

  12. God go punish the person way write am..fool!!!

  13. I wonder what exactly was the point for writing what the writer wrote. Honestly it is needless as much as it is pointless! Dbanj is better and bigger now so you can save your awareness mr writer

  14. After 10 years,i don’t think d’banj needs anything to prove to you guys again

  15. Pls let my nigga dbanj b….one love koko master

  16. A lot of frustrated people in 9aija sha, dbanj is not the reason for your joblessness or frustration. Dbanj is on a different lane now leave him alone. At least u have wizkid, olamide, etc to entertain you now. Only a failure stay the same for 10 yrs

  17. Lmao this Jim whatever dude is the ambassador of stupidity

  18. This guy is so stupid tha he has jez made me hate dis site. Off to noyjustok and yabaonline.

  19. Oga o!!!! Wonders shall never end!!! The writer of this article is just so stupid, foolish and Useless. Do you want the Guy to remain in a place. He’s done enough. He’s a legend, a brand and he’s making his money everyday. He’s now a business man and balling everyday. He’s not a machine, so how can you expect him to be here and there at the same time.

    • I wonder oo..How come the idiot couldn’t talk about d’banj’s movements recently.He is doing positive things, creating gap and breaking boundaries.I watch his speech on TED and it was inspiring. Those are part of things we want to see from our celebs not jst to talk about ass yansh and nonsense in their songs

      • Best comment ever!

  20. Pls I Dnt knw why Pple wud take to insulting and using foul languages on a topic dat clearly points a fact and is straight out… No doubt dbanj had moved on to greater heights and bigger prospects Bt still does nt mean dat d writer of dis article has done so much wrong to receive dis insults.. He only stated a fact which only a reasonable mind will concur wit, nt bn oblivious to his dbanj’s recent successes to add to his list… Pls It’s nt cool to Jus open mouth and toss insults at Sumone else’s pain staked effort.. read dis article agn wit a different mindset nd try to pick sumtin out of it rather than hawl insults… It’s unfair Pls.. thnx

    • STFU.. why can’t he write same for 2face or other artist?

      • u guys lack manner of speech abeg.. Na wa.. deal wit ur own issues nd leave someone alone who is Jus saying his mind, it doesn’t all dis insults and hostility… Na wa o

        • What F mind is dat? The whole write up does not make any sense. Can he write same thing about 2face??

        • And as for u, u must be stupid.

          • Not you edje, it’s to d anonymous person.

      • u guys lack manner of speech abeg.. Na wa.. deal wit ur own issues nd leave someone alone who is Jus saying his mind, it doesn’t call for all dis insults and hostility… Na wa o

      • I just tire to write my av just said it all.1 love Team ejan la.i seee my people here.fuck ur mouthh make I giv u 10 rocchie make u go sleep cum again and tink.Muntula writer# dammy_richie say so.Team Ejan la.

  21. Cant beleive dis trash hasnt been removed wich retarded bastard write dis shit, cos it no near an article u said ur self ”only change is constant” so y write rubbish well keep promoting him dats wat we want….. Bangerlee aka kiniun fufun eja nla omini oyato finaly top of d world not local champion

  22. What gave you the temerity to write such mediocre article about a LIVING LEGEND.

  23. Tired of reading shits like dis. D dude dat wrote dis smells like shit.. Off to jaguda.come nd,

    • Pls mention other sites. To think I was going to download a latest video nd sleep, only for me to see this stupid article. I don’t even comment on blogs, but he just pissed me off nd I soooooo hate this blog/ site now.

  24. meaningless, my brother

  25. Rubbish…please tooxclusive, if u want us your good readers to keep checking ur blog pls dont post rubbish like this…we need to see better stuffs not worthless write up like this.

    • My thoughts exactly. If I see a stupid article like this, I swear I am not visiting this site again. Ever since you started making the mistake of posting videos without links, it must have bin dis stupid jimmy boy behind it. I have bin reading ur articles on D’banj ND I knew u must be a sick boy, this just confirmed that u re retarded. What have you contributed to this Nation that makes u think u can run ur mouth abt D’banj. The Agriculture – farming guy is providing jobs nd lending a voice nd u re here hating and writing an article without a face. If u think seeing this much comments on ur article makes u successful nd dat u have arrived then you must be a Fool. Idiot oshi, oloriburuku somebody.

  26. Donnett am sure by now u have so many for writtin dis stupid article

  27. Donnett am sure by now u have so many regrets for writtin dis stupid articler

  28. May God punish u… Retarded Bastard!!!!is d’banj oweing u money? Nigga u can die now!

  29. Lol 4 Shizzle, Oga DJXCLUSIVE !! Waa Gbaiyi!!, Now I Wan bring ur attention 2 a simple inexcapable truth, ur readers are dumb fucks, dem no understand simple nd expressive English, una 4 no do dem the honours of saying una mind as e dey hot, una 4 just jejely continue 2 dey post una usual stuffs, NA Olodos dey visit una site oh, nd I knw say dem go still insult me (u knw say mad man dey call normal one crazy as e dey be), abeg make una start 2 d screen comment like Lindaikeji.blogspot com, e go fit helep our careers 2 permanent site, I thank una plenty…… !!peace!!

  30. anybody dat pray 4 downfall of d banj wil nt witness december 2014 in jesus name and his entire family

    • Lmfao.

      People are vexing o.

      E don reach to curse ni?

  31. This guy is a fool a very big fool tooxclusive ppl just like running their mouths… don’t go and prosper oo be hating sum one

  32. Idiots

  33. if dis article was writen by a nigerian to a fellow nigerian it show dat we ar nt moving forward in nigeria,jim donnett 4 writing dis against d banj sudden death wil fall on ur entire family isha alhlah

    • AMEN!!!!. this stupid jimmy guy and his fellow idiots think they are critics? tooxclusive, you run a music site let it remain so. the article was so stupid that I had to reply on a blog for the first tyme.mofos.

      • Amen Amen Amen…. U will lack to the end of ur life…becos u don’t appreciate God blessing…. Oloshi

  34. Must dis jim donnet nika always hate d nika posted shi* bou wizkid too well I guess he’s jst a dumb nika seeking attention

  35. lovin d way d die hard kokomaster fan is hittin back..

    But hey d article didn’t really insult dbanj personalty, dude was jus comparing the old d’banj with the new 1, but bcos toox has been identified in d past wt yabbin d’banj, dts Y dis kinda article wnt mak any sense..

    Cos we all knw y’all hate d’banj

    And I tink ogbeni donnet is obsessed with him..

    Leav d’banj mata ow much u talk abt him..tins wnt alwas b d way u wish..

    Dude spoke @ TEDX una no c dt 1 upload except to b talkin jabs nd criticizin his songs..

    I Blv u gettin d traffic u desire now..buh I hop u c d curses dose fans b spewin up dere..

  36. Donnet alter ego is funke..dey write same way..

    Btw dude must b ga**…jus an observation

  37. I never comment here before nd dis is my first voice, hear it. the gods punish you

  38. That’s why will always be ahead of you guys. When did you turn blog site. D’banj isn’t on anybody’s level again. He is his only competition. Wiz Davido or whoever can’t stand with him. #NuffSaid

  39. Wait ooo… Shey d.banj die ni? Y dis rubbish nah… Kini gbogbo nonsense yii..

  40. Lol…. Dont ever write a shit like this again nigga….

  41. This guy wud av wished he didn’t post this article… Omo naija guyz dey vex ooo…hahahahahaha

  42. Wow…..nice confession!

  43. ‘Na wa oo this na trash na

  44. When u are done with ur stupid blog find another thing to write D banj is doing us proud home and aboard! Eja nla itself, am don

    • 332e6668

  45. I see nothing wrong with the article. People should learn to be civil. The writer is pointing at the fact that dbanj used to be much more fun and entertaining. And I agree with that, this ‘new’ dbanj is less spontaneous and more forced. But then again, its all with the aim of growing his brand.
    PS: To the writer, take heart. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one.

    • Wat kind of write Up is dis?indirectly saying D banj is not doin well like b4?mthew u Pussy Niggaz hating on D banj nid rocchie jawe.Ejan la for life#support Gud music.

  46. We know tooexclusive hates d’banj.The only reason why this is coming up is becos don jazzy was about to do 2 hit songs.. dorobucci & surulere but how come you didn’t say anything about the 4 WACK albums don jazzy churned out b4 now.Don Jazzy produced 4 ALBUMS afta Mo’Hits Split: Solar Plexus (Mavin), Frenzy (D’Prince), Once Upon A Time (Tiwa Savage) & Siduction (Dr Sid)

    You guys are always bias when it comes to d’banj,Even king 2face has not offered any hit song for about 2 years now.Did we hear any noise?? My question is why do you guys hate d’banj so much? And why are you guys overlooking his recent legendary movements. No Nigerian artist as been able to achieve that.

  47. There is nothing wrong about dis article na……my advice for dbanj is to quit singing and focus on his artists and become a boss like doro jazzy

    • Why should he quit? did you tell 2face to quit or psquare

  48. It is quite evident you guys do not know the importance of feedback. That is what the west thrive on, that is why they do better because they get feedbacks that point out what they are doing right or doing wrong. You cannot honestly say dbanj is still who he was back in the days. He owes no apologies for venturing into other things in life but you cannot say he is still on top of his game. He has lost too much in the music industry and the earlier he is told, the better. How dare you say he is doing better than wizkid and the likes? Some constructive criticism is not hate, it is just feedback telling you your output can be better. I see nothing wrong with what the writer has pointed out but you blockheads need feedbacks in your life so you can be better in your different businesses. Dbanj needs to sit up or he will be forgotten very soon. In life there is no permanent champion and the only people that stand the test of time are people that stay relevant. Is dbanj still a force to reckon with? Yes his brand is still relevant! Is his music still relevant? HELL NO! When last did you hear him on radio? I cannot remember! So get off your myopic outlook on feedbacks and see them for what they ought to be shallow minded people.


    • You are not making sense at all,What do you guys want from him after 10 years?

  49. u be thief……419,lazy bone.Ur mate dey work hard to earn money,u dey here dey scam

  50. Hi Jim, try to get your facts right before Posting articles. Destiny’s Child Never came to Nigeria in 2006/2007. Kelly Rowland Performed with D’banj at MAMA awards 2008 in Abuja.


  52. Eja Nla… Uhmmm

  53. tooxclusive want to bring d banj down but u 4got dat he who poin 1finga to his fellow, the remaining is urs.God wl bring jim donnett down 4 writing dis criticize article against koko master

  54. He gave his opinion. Ya’ll should stop fucking hating… #freedom of speech #freeworld.

  55. I see you think by writing bad views about dbanj would promote your site, you are always bias and finding something poor to write, u think say music easy? y u no go dey sing? In your recent article about the worst collaborations, it was all directed to dbanj, why did you not include Olamide ft Wale on the list? To be sincere you are creating bad image for this site. Be warned…

  56. I see you think by writing bad views about dbanj would promote your site, you are always bias and finding something poor to write, u think say music easy? y u no go dey sing? In your recent article about the worst collaborations, it was all directed to dbanj, why did you not include Olamide ft Wale on the list? To be sincere you are creating bad image for this site. Be warned…

  57. So you still want to hear why me oo and booty call, don’t you know that worlds lifestyle keep changing. Why can’t you hear what is out there with several talent out there and forget about people who are our next legends in music. What music has he not sang? How many awards? How he represents Nigeria abroad Do you know he is a world wide artiste. I more question? Do you guys get paid for writing articles like this? I guess so.

  58. Hello Too exclusive its obvious you guys do not like d’banj. How you are always talking about the other part where is not doing well?? How come you didn’t talk about the sector he has been doing well and representing Africa positively. For instance 2 face has not given us any hit track for about 2 years now. Did we hear any review or noise from you guy? Truth is 2face is artist who has really gone down in the music industry to be honest.. No HIT TRACK, NO ENDORSEMENT, NO DEALS , NO MAJOR SHOWS OR CONCERT. And you are here talking about d’banj who has been making legendary movements.


    • they really hating on him

  60. Lol u guys need to chill. He’s referring to dbanj’s music which is now shit tbh. Stop overreacting

  61. Tooxclusive why all this rubbish talk about dbanj we all knw that u and dbanj re nt in good tams but is nt lead to but that everywhere on ur site do u want all ur fans to leave this site because of this rubbish u re saying all the tyme

  62. Jimmy or wetin b ur name , u b big fool …Naso u go dey hate on good ppl. Why u no talk say make dem 50cent and Dr Dre sit down dey sing stupid song when dey fit dey make money.. Naso u go dey rate wizkid song 2/5 , dey give dem solidstar 4/5 . Na God go punish dt ur stupid brain wey no fit think.

  63. #long live king bangerlee#long live team lee temple #team lee monks
    @ jimmy i see u have achieve what u want to achieve,it bcos u truelly know u will make some little money by writing this acticle on dbanj cos u sincerely know anytin he touch will turn gold,good for u,but next time when u write this i bet it with u ur site will be shut down for real,pls don’t fuck with the boss cos TEAM LEE TEMPLE and TEAM LEE MONKS is behind u,so i beg of don’t make the good guy turn bad,be constructive and don’t u ever write with personmistic view again…….go and see for urself,don’t try to make money out of dbanj again with this cheap and fabricated lie acticle again

  64. U must b mad 4 writting dis @ jim wish him wat u wish 4 urself fool. Eja nla 4 real.

  65. I’m a big fan of dbanj nd has been for a long time nw…although it sounds kinda harsh BT I wud support Dat article ….his recent music’s are kul BT his former musics were great…hope he gives us some more great nd uniques tunes soon…

  66. u must be mad for writing this kind of articles …Dbadj is the world legend..try to think twice b4 u will write articles like dis next time..fool

  67. “Eba mi ke amin oooooooo” Donnet werey… Gbo!!!! Oro jade ase tele.. Ooooooo Se opolopo ofo!!!! Frustrated goat!! Dbanj joooooooo.. u so 4kn endowed!! Ride on kokomaster!


  69. As Sarkodie would always ‘2Baba u be the baba all my life` Yes o d truth is bitter but we must say it. Anybodi dat know abt music internationally n locally ll tell u dat Dbanj is gone! Abi una no de watch satelite or read celeb magazine?? Dbanj no longer anttend shows n d album(THE KINGS MEN) he released on DB & G.O.O.D label is wack n a floop! So u guys don’t knw how mad & disappointed Kenye West is wt him now? Mayb shu tell u dat Kenye has publicly said he is disappointed in him n want him 2 go n reconcile wt his oga Don Baba J. Bachelor,Cash Flow,Don’t Tell me nonsense,Finally,On Top Of The World & Why Love Me Like That. Those re d videos he has released n neither d videos nor d songs re doing well despite all d money he spent on dem. In days of MO’HITS they weren’t puttin such money in videos yet they sold like mad coz d songs were classic curtesy of Don Jazzy creativity. ..Luk at how fr SURULERE ve gone in awards & Nominations evn though it nt a dance track,dats wat creativity can do. Wen last did u c Dbanj in a show? The Glo commercial u re watchin has bn shot since as he has bn replaced wt Burna Boy. He shu just go n beg DORO BOSS he ll 4give him cos my oga is very kind evn though Dbanj is 1yr older dan him let him swallow his pride n don’t die in sillence. If u hide sickness sickness ll hide u!!! KOKOMASTER was loud now d name has died n he came up wt EJA NLA as people aren’t noticing him he’s introducing BUGA LEE n even singed Tonto Dike n gave her POKO LEE. I see karate people lmao. I’m lauching a campaign #KenyeBrinkBackOurDbanj

  70. Any body that Hate D’banj and write dis useless comment or article on him we not see Next year and also I join my voice to d voice of the living God of Holy Temple the person we not know joy sadness we visit him, and his family, Madness we visit him once once, all the wicked Angel we celebrate with him in all his lifes , happiness we leave his household ,joy we leave his home, promotion we leave his home,lifted up we leave his home and so on with d power of God of Holy Temple Amen Amen and Amen

  71. He is not jst an artist….he is business wise

  72. D BANJ a Goal Getter…try n study hm

  73. Dumb article take it or leave it d’banj is d total package. y dis much hate dis days he is a livin legend nd wil always b remembered as d greatest entertainer 2 grace African music scene

  74. Yea bro, I feel your article bro… Everyone misses that old DBANJ bro even if they fake not too. Whenever I listen to most of his nis new songs now, I miss d old koko master more, dbanj sounded better with mohit rec & everyone knows that is true.. But like you said bro, every good thing has an end, nothing last forever. Eja nla is still making his money big tym, and I got maximum respect for his business side, he really know what’s his doing, but honestly & truly, i miss dbanj & donjazzi again!!!

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