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Five Artistes Who Should Leave Their Label Already

Posted by Temitope Delano on March 31, 2016 in Editorial · 62 Comments

Music to so many is life, so imagine how painful and heartbreaking it turns out to be when that favorite artiste of yours suddenly strays from that sound that drew you to him.

In Nigeria today, so many artistes have strayed from their sound and ventured into a different one altogether, all in a bid to follow the crowd or to satisfy whatever label they might have been unfortunate to be signed to.

Few weeks ago, a popular Dj, BOLDLY stated that the reason why he decided on changing his sound to a different one is because Nigerians love ‘Pangolo’ music. I mean come on, if you suddenly find yourself unable to deliver the sound good music lovers enjoy hearing, must you blame it on the masses?

We will be discussing five artistes who should leave their label already as personally, I feel either their label made them change their sound, isn’t doing anything to help their career at all or will make them, anytime soon.

Tiwa SavageTiwa Savage / Mavin: So, we all loved the contemporary Urban music singer, who stormed our TV screens a couple of years back, churning out fantastic music one after the other until she decided to pitch her tent with Mavins, then Bam!!!, Tiwa Savage, lost her sound. I mean come on Tiwa, ‘O ma Ga.’ Then came her latest album, R.E.D…where do I start from. I mean, did you guys listen to Standing Ovation featuring Olamide and then to worsen it, she released the video…one word…RAZZZZZZZZ. We do not know you to be a struggling artiste Tiwa, the video was a desperate attempt at showing that you can be ‘street.’


Shaydee/EME Records: legendary american singer, Prince, during an interview warned young artiste not to sign with a label, to him, record deals where a form of slavery. I can boldly say more than 70 percent of Nigerians believe Shaydee is talented but EME, his label, has done absolutely nothing to help his career, save for a few singles here and there. This young man has been signed unto the label for more than three years, yet no album and nothing to take him from the C list he started on with his ex label mates, Wizkid and Skales and of course, current reigning label champion, Niyola. Shaydee, I can not say this enough, please pitch your tent elsewhere….



Viktoh/YBNL: Listen to his ‘Say dem say’ song then fast forward to his ‘Skibi dat’ song……I need not say much. Viktoh, if you are reading this, am certain you know YBNL isn’t home, find a label that will help you be you. You chose your first sound, am believing, based on passion, your label should not make you turn away from your passion.

Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold/YBNL: I am scared that this beautiful and talented artiste will soon join the ‘pangolo’ music band wagon, as virtually all the artiste housed in the same label as he are into that kind of music. Just before they try to, Adekunle Gold….quietly ‘Pick up’ your bags and leave.


Tekno/Triple MG: 2016, I expected Tekno, would by now be counted among the A-listers in the music industry. This guy is for many miles talented, but again, his label is no good platform to showcase just how talented the young man is. From hits like, ‘Holiday, Wash, Duro,’ to name a few…really by now, the name Tekno, should have gone farther than it is now.

Written By: Tope Delano

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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  1. True….. All of them are correct

  2. Rubbish post

  3. Everybody posting , even this Dundee decides to do same. When u see them, tell them, but I’m sure u wont cause u will be too busy snapping pics with them

  4. Yes…more especially Tiwa , Viktor, Adekunle Gold and Tekno. Ubi Franklin hasn’t done much to promote Tekno maybe so he doesn’t want Tekno to overshadow Iyanya. And in the case of YBNL , Olamide and Enimoney are only interested in LIL KESH and is obvious. Thereby making viktoh to be struggling as if he’s on his own. But for Adekunle Gold his kind of music and his talent doesn’t fit such a noisy label.

  5. Coming down to Tiwa she shouldn’t allow Don Jazzy make her feel like she’s d street, when she knows that she isn’t. Let her go back to her kind of music and if mavin isn’t satisfied with it, with the influence of her husband let her move to a new label who’s ready to work with her or instead with her team let her create a label of her own which can be doing the kind of good music we’ve known her for.

  6. Lolxx

  7. Tope Delano you are a very stupid soul for this foolish list of urs ode oshi bastard boi

  8. Nonsense..this tooxclusive..u pple dnt av sense. Always posting rubbish. But Shaydee own na true sha.

    • Tenkz ,This is Rubbish post,

  9. Very stupid article.

  10. What the f**k is wrong with Tooxclusive 4 Heaven Sake..Pls stop giving us trash

  11. Mumu people and their mumu comments. This is by no way “trash” u pangolo music fans make una pack well.

  12. Great article. Truth they say is better. Keep opening the eyes of the street with such write up.

  13. If for nothing I agree Shaydee has to leave EME.

  14. Tope! I don’t agree with you on Tekno, Triple MG has been most helpful with the lad.

  15. This is half rubbish… Like seriously u mentioned adekunlegold and tekno…I mean like seriously

  16. i concur

  17. You idiot fool, oya which label do u recommend for them?

  18. But u dey dance to the music

  19. I think most of the people that are commenting on the this write-up are being blind folded by the trash music that is being produced in Nigerian music industry this day. To me, I think this list contain of artistes that compose nice music in the industry, but because of the bad influence that the label might have on them that’s why the writer wish them to quit before they join the clique of pangolo singers. good article bro!

  20. Rubbish Post…Why Will U Say Adekunle Golds’ Home Isn’t Ybnl? Abeg Which Label Cum Fit Him?Starboy? Hkn? Mavin? G-worldwide? Or Wat
    U Need To Knw Wat U Are Called Behind Ur Bak Mr Poster, Nice Ass!

  21. Holla to all pangolo fans, d truth is bitter….

  22. I SWEAR THIS GUY JUST SAID WHAT ALOT OF US ARE SCARED OF SAYING!!! Bro Dis Post is The absolute truth! Funny enough the truth is bitter… See Korede bello and reekado banks! Now see Tekno and shaydee. Oya pls judge ursef!

    OF US ARE SCARED OF SAYING!!! Bro Dis Post is The
    absolute truth! Funny enough the truth is bitter… See
    Korede bello and reekado banks! Now see Tekno and
    shaydee. Oya pls judge ursef!

  24. True. Teknos song duro is like the biggest song in zim ryt now

  25. So, if they leave you will sign and write songs for them, right?
    You gat to thing like an active person not like a pig. Help them pack their load from their labels or you go and pursue them. #Mumu

  26. Lol…… funny post @tooxclusive where will they fit in

  27. Tiwa savage and Tekno Yes! Others Nope….

  28. Tope delano thank u pretty much for delivering this, God bless u loads and as for d mediocres/ off-comment-retards kindly ignore ’em, it simply shows what they know is lesser dan what they don’t.. U forgot to mention Chinko ekun and some of d choc city signess tho’. Lol, big ups bruv! – wheezy Abass

  29. Adekunle Gold shudnt b on d list, tooxclusive of al websites u guys knw y YBNL releases pangolo songs nw, dat is wat naija wants and again Olamide and lil kesh hav some very good songs on their album dat teaches morals….Music in general is trash, american music is wat spoilt naija music, d americans lyk using vulgar lyrics and nude girls in their videos, so their is no diff btwn our music and american music.

    • It’s obvious you know nothing about good music. American music is no rubbish like you claim, don’t justify the pangolo type of music produced in Nigeria. Tell me, Chris Brown, Durelo, Beyonce, Drake, Jcole, Justin Bieber, Jeremih, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West etc are all big names cuz they are good, abi which one of the numerous american artists can you say sings rubbish. But in Nigeria, you’ll hear names like Timaya, Olamide, Lil Kesh, CdQ, Kcee, etc all singing rubbish whereas the talented ones like Brymo, timi, Praize, Bez, Jesse Jagz, Shady, Ruby, Nosa etc are always underground because of people like you who prefers noise

  30. Bullshit

  31. Wetin concern u,na ur leg dy take waka dere abi na u knW wat dy like.

  32. Whoever wrote this has NO CLUE what he is talking about

  33. Nothing but the truth…
    Adekunle Gold deserves a Sony Music deal not the YBNL…

  34. if you don’t understand this post…..DONT FUCKING COMMENT!!! this post is the gospel truth.

  35. you need to research more on the relationship between an artist and a record label. Any ways, its your opinion.

  36. Tope, the article would have made more sense if you had left some of your personal sentiments. its clear you do not care for Olamide and YBNL but so far so good, Adekunle Gold still does his style. I just have one question though, if you don’t want them in their labels would you sign them then. That’s their business, so they should stay where they would get compensated handsomely for their efforts. Finally if you don’t like Pangolo music, Oga listen to gospel now. Chikena!

  37. pls sack the person that wrote this crap..

  38. nawaoo

  39. Just passing by

  40. if Adekunle especially viktor try it lasan, they reck them self, like yoruba people said( omo to ba sipa, niyare ngbe) tell them to improve theirself if Olamide and Enimoney won’t support!, number 2 Tiwa I can’t say anytin to this matter if is true that u are tink to leave ur record label, only what I have to say is u are also good enough to have ur own record label okay pls help me tell Ola dips that with his track Yahoo boi Na YBNL records label fit him, we gonna beg Olamide, make he no mind of Chinko ekun make he sign dips too

  41. Oga Tope U Knw Dat Adekunle Gold In Ybnl Attach With A Reason And For Tiwa She Hav Been With Don Jazzy For So Long

  42. Better go hustle for gutter. Hu u epp

  43. Just passin byyyyy

  44. I agree wif u tope bt adekunle is in his home ybnl,d label has really helped him.. YBNL

  45. nooo…not like that

  46. @Tope Delano…you’re good!!!..

  47. see I no get much to say my humble sister tiwa savage I will advise u to move away from dat mavin or wat d name self der want to take away d real u.. pls dnt agree… To my humble bro shaydee pls move away from dat label no make dem kill ur star.. see wer wizkid dey see wer u dey..

  48. Absolutely true! Tiwa drastically changed her music style so seyi shay is doing much more better than her. have been wanting to say this though.

  49. all said here is partially truthfull, & nt so wright,before u judge be sure to have conducted research and be so sure to have something reasonable to put down,let me start with shaydee,i agree he should leave e.m.e,they aint helping him,& he should open a record label,he has the money & fame,even popularity internationally and at home,its a go for him,bt for tiwa u should think u posters who posted this rubbish,dnt because u wnt us to chat,&thru our chat our mb turns cash for u like mack zuckerbeck & use that to waste our time on rubbish arguement/debate,all i knw is that tiwa is having husband issue’s,her husband & her are fighting,& infact very tough fight,& this husband was there when she started music,infact her manager;he helped her alot,even motivated her,until she sacked him as her manager,claimed he was stealing moni frm her& dats business different frm family,i sincerely agree,bt this young fellow her husband has a record label,hw are we sure she wasnt among sponsors for this young man record label opening,imagine ut could be that she & him would have been in charge of the label,they both running it ,bt has things went rogue btw her and her baby father,it would affect her emmotionally,spiritually,physically& even her singing istinct would nt be so motivated,all cuz a part of her has left;she might hurt & neva show it all cuz of fans ,bt she is still human,definitely she is feeling the hurt from her lover,even hurting she came out & told press all about her husband & issues and was crying, i couldnt beliv it,she really loved him&who would it happen to that wouldnt get hurt,tiwa is definitely under pressure of her baby’s father issue,bt give her time she would bounce bak & even more, brighter & bigger,rememba she is now a mom, mom jamica,as for adekunle gold u guys are saying trash ,tooxclusive wat the f**k,u say shit a lot,like olamide would say:f**k dah shit,adekunle gold his home & has no where to go;ybnl has helped him alot,tell me which record label would give u freedom to sing wat u like,in record label u sing only wat they authorize u to sing bt this young man has been given absoulute feedom to sing as he pleases,adekunle was ybnl graphics manager,until olamide helped him still thier manager bt he used opportunity as that to enter into music& olamide agreed and has given him assistance which no man ever would have even done,infact olamide chose him because he was thier graphics manager bt beva knew he had a bright star & pushed him to who.he is today’so y’all stop talking trash y’all dnt knw,as for tekno,even if he starts his own recird label his still going to be the same,infact he would loose some of his fame,cuz he isnt made of things like that,they have helped him to his own perfection,in thier best way & he cnt blow more than he would blow now,as for viktoh his a starter actually olamide has tried for him,his talents are nt jst enoff without olamide or ybnl he wouldnt have even blow,no record label would have sign him only olamide sees something in the nothing and gives them hope,even till now if vithoh leaves ybnl to another label trust me his carriervis either finishing,or diminishing,it jst cnt get more than he is unless him heself deceides to change the style of his music,i rest my case but tooxclusive be real ,y’all are too fake,fake posting,fake music ;fake life’even sure this website is fake cuz ‘y’all living a fake lieing life,watch out for wat u post,we aint fools & its time for someone to stop all this rubbish,i will be watching you.

  50. True talk. Shaydee especially should leave his recent label

  51. I think I agree with tooexclusive the ybnl is not responding to viktoh I think he should leave the label

  52. She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys

  53. What am gonna say iz ? B4 all dis artist became who dey re now !! Dey passed tru this record labels…tekno is known today bcos triple MMG tuk care of his bills same goes to other artist…plz let’s stop condeming a record label or an artist !! God knows what his doing !!! U understand what am saying lolz

  54. The person that wrote this article is very stupid, If OLAMIDE BADDO did’nt sign ADEKUNLE GOLD how will you know him.. Who knw Adekunle Gold before..You said he did not fit in to the label.Do you think is easy? why don’t you too create a RECORD LABEL and sign one upcoming artist there and see how easy is..It is very obvious that you hate OLAMIDE..but wait who you EPP..For the fact that OLAMIDE helped two artist WITH GOD’S GRACE is a huge SUCCCESS for him. So now that Adekunle Gold is well known he is not now fit in to YBNL again..Why don’t you write this article last year before his fame..FOR YOU TO BE CALLED A SUCCESSFUL PERSON, THERE MUST BE SOME PEOPLE THAT WILL NEVER FORGET YOU IN LIFE, THAT WHENEVER THEY TELL THEIR STORY THEY MUST MENTION YOUR NAME, HOW YOU HELPED THEM. SO TOPE DELANO STOP HATING OLAMIDE HAS SUCCESSED IN HIS CAREER. YOU TOO TRY AND DO SOMETHING SO THAT YOUR NAME WON’T BE FORGOTTEN..Olamide May God bless him..I do credit him a lot…Is not that easy HE IS ALSO AN ARTIST…HE IS DOING HIS THING AND ALSO PUSHING HIS ARTIST FORWARD..I DON’T DO THIS BUT I HATE PEOPLE NOT TO BE SINCERE..TRY AND HELP SOMEONE …THAT’S LIFE

  55. U Guys Should Stop Blabbing,lil Kesh&co Knws Dat If Not 4 Ybnl Dey Would Not Have Been Knw.Who Have U Epp?Una Don Brush Or make Person Popular 4 Una Lyfe?(hiss).No Wonder Olamide&co Sang A Song Titled “Who U Epp”.People Too Dey Gossipooo.Bikonu Oburu Na Imaro Ihe Iga Ekwu,Biko Gbaka Door Ka Anyi Mara Nke Na Esi Anyi Ebea.Anyway Dats Der Own Cup Of Tea,u No Say Dem No Sabi U Guys,if Una Die Nw None Of Der Bussiness,so May Una Find Smtine Dey Do 4 U Guys To Be Popular Like Dem,so Onye Obula Tinye Aka Na Akpa Ya

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