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HEADIES 2016: Isn’t Tekno Bigger Than A ‘Next Rated’ Nomination?

Posted by Jim Donnett on November 9, 2016 in Editorial, Social Views · 64 Comments


Awards season people!

Following the recent release of The Headies 2016 nominations, the category listings have presented us with more than enough gist to not only get our tongues wagging but to keep our mouths in full lip-servitude of matters arising.

Obviously, happenstances like this aren’t without one or two nods of disagreement. For example, the thought that Seyi Shay’s ‘Mary‘ video was a better choice for nomination in the video of the year category over ‘Air Brush‘ is quite bewildering. Also, this continuous error-in-concept on what classifies as alternative genre in Nigerian music leaves a lot to wonder about our in-depth appreciation of African music. I mean, isn’t that why a brand can blindly justify Adekunle Gold’s song ‘Pick Up‘ to be alternative?

What’s even more disturbing is the next rated nominations – a category that rewards the most promising upcoming act (supposedly) in the year under review, and then you find names like Aramide and Tekno there!
Without further hesitation, Jim Donnett and ‘Tope Delano have attempted polarizing their thoughts on the more controversial of the afore-mentioned topics.

Jim Donnett’s Thoughts

It is possible that the organizing committee have totally lost track of sight in the industry’s already existent trends. Definitely, opinions are everyone’s prerogative so it will never be possible to present a unified front where things such as selections have to be involved. Preference often finds a way of rearing it’s ugly play which thereby becomes the bane that negates whatever efforts intended at achieving transparency. However, certain decisions should only be influenced by empirical evidence. I mean facts, things we can see and measure by a simple idea of logic.

How Tekno qualifies for next rated in the year 2016 is really beneath me. This is a guy who’s musical career picked up with torque in 2013 with the Davido-assisted single, Holiday. Between then and now, he has had string of successful and successive music hits, some of which have crossed over to garnering international acclaim. Truly, his signing to the Ubi Franklin-led management of TripleMG might have plenty to do with why his big break suffered evitable delay. But if you’re talking talent, skill, precision and deliverables, Tekno hasn’t defaulted. Not once ever. The wild perception now even, especially at the rate he’s going with massive career moves, he should easily pass for artiste of the year. Only that these same people just can’t fathom the idea of weighing in his musical turfs over that of a Wizkid or an Olamide. But how they have struck a pivot doing same to him with the likes of Humblesmith and Mr Eazi is such an abysmal wonder.

For Aramide, although a major defense is the fact that the window of opportunity for females in the Nigerian music industry comes with smaller prospects so they have to hustle harder. Yet, I think we can profile one or two other better deserving names before arriving at Aramide. Just last year, Aramide beat the revered likes of Yemi Alade, Asa and Waje to win this same Headies award for best vocal performance. Know of any ‘upcoming’ artiste who can pound their chest having done that? No? Oh, so then you can understand my plight of not seeing any wisdom at all in this. I think the intent for goodwill is being misappropriated when the efforts of hardly worked artistes are undervalued all in a bid to label them lightly. Now that’s just plain insulting. Please put some respek on the artistes!


‘Tope Delano’s Thoughts

As at the time of writing this post, the comments on the nominees list for the 2016 Headies awards on TX is over a 100 and we can all guess what majority of the ‘not so friendly’ comments are based on. For those not in the know, a team filled with wilted what not, decided on placing Tekno and Aramide, amongst the ‘Next Rated’ nominees, a very obvious shade which can only be termed as a quibe on the organizers part.

Now, I could go on and on, using words that am certain even the organizers will find difficult to comprehend, but I won’t, I will infuse a bit of YBNL and EME into this to enable all parties fully understand what the post is about. So Headies,  seriously, how dare you guys, include Tekno and Aramide’s names in the ‘Next Rated’ list? According to your criteria, your year in review is from July 2015 to June 2016 and yet, you deemed it fit to include the names of artistes, who have churned out hits/successful songs since 2013 till date with those who started the same year Koker, realized money really does matter in life and who probably should have been nominated in that category. Need I remind you guys that Tekno isn’t just an artiste, he is a complete one that has made marks with his skills. From singing to dancing to playing the instrument to even producing.

As if that wasn’t enough, you omitted Tekno, on the ‘Artiste Of The Year’ list, Song of the year list and even Recording Of The Year. On Aramide’s part, I have known that lady like I early said since 2013 down to this year and she has remained infectiously consistent, like really who worked on this list? When you guys thought you had finished with the list and am assuming read it out loud, didn’t it sound silly to y’all? This one na better falling of hand I swear.

I could go on, but I won’t, ’nuff said right? But in my opinion, y’all just ‘Trumped’ yourselves and I honestly can’t wait for Kanye to rear his head even if ‘Desiigner’ was not even recognized talk-less of being nominated .


Written by @jimancipation and @Tope_Delano

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  1. tekno don pass next rated categories nw… wey don blow bfore Adekunle even bfore lilkesh self

  2. Headies dey mad. Seems dey always do dis nonsense every year 4 controversy. As headies trended last year due to fight between olamide n don jazzy. They are fucked jor

  3. Tekno deserves it if it were to be FALZ I wud reason with yhu. Shouts to omo alhaji jagaban YCEE

  4. chaiii. ….
    tekno next rated imagine? ???
    headies this 1 name rum

  5. Lolz.. They are trying to make up for their previous flaws but now with even a bigger one (fuckup) .. I bet the award as loss its credibility already before now.. Dem probably want wey Tekno win the car bcos he his in a league of his own right now.. Another Headies another controversy, lolz.

  6. We shoudnt Overlook the fact that they may just be looking to build controversy. The List Lacks substance.

  7. Dis guys should just stop dis award kuz I fink dey dunno wat dey re doin..dis same awards caused issues last year nd most of d artist dnt go for dis award it seems crazy..mak dem F**k dai sef.

  8. Tekno shoudn’t go 4 next rated…is an insult to his pana dat is trending everywhere.
    I am specialkid

  9. adding headies next rated to his awards.. not bad now

  10. Everyone’s talking about Tekno, but if Skales and Orezi were nominated under the same category in the year 2014 then I can’t fault #TheHeadies2016 on that. Some artistes for example, Mr. 2kay had a wonderful year but still won’t get the recognition they deserve.The single #WhoNoLikeBetterTin deserves a shot under the category, Song of the year (my opinion tho’). #TheHeadies had lost it’s credibility and I can easily say it’s overrated. Good luck to the nominees tho’

  11. Dey have insulted Tekno the most, he is good in dishing out what people like!!!!!

  12. See as all of una dey talk? Abi dem tell you say tekno no dey happy as dem nominate am for next rated category?? The award seating in his house is not bad @ all na!! And em never ever win or get any nomination b4 for headies na, so am very sure he’s owk with the nomination..tekno or ycee would take home the award!!

  13. At this point, i am at a loss as to what to make of Jim and Tope…dudes…I rest my case. You guys couldn’t have said this better , Tekno, was indeed degraded, he sure deserves to be on the artiste of the year list because truth be told, this guy has given the people several hits to dance to in less than a year. And Tope, na wa o, Trump matter really shake you no be small, which one be ‘Trumped’ again…lol and why now tope, why bring Davido and his January rant into all this? E tosh bori oooo

  14. Headies don get shibaka😴😴😴
    u people don’t need to put TEKNO#in next rated artist

  15. I was also angry with d headies until I got this fact about tekno selection. His hit song duro was released june 2015 while pana was released July 2016. What this means is dat both songs were not considered for the award due to the date they (headies) consider for selection which is between July 2015 to June 2016. I love tekno so much but he should be strategic and smart on his songs release date if he is to win any major award next. Same also happen in FIFA award, date is a major factor.

  16. Headies na were,why will they put tekno in the next rated list,he’s more than that now…rubbish

  17. True fact

    first appeared at

  18. True fact

    appeared first at

  19. he is far far better than that…he Worth’s the male best in Africa for this year.headies abeg no ojoro did year oh

  20. Even the next rated category belongs to ycee

  21. Even headies don’t know the meaning of next rated…how can they be rated with other major awards….

  22. dope

  23. This headies una don dy run mad i swear… una sure say una well so??? bcos i dnt see any fckn reason y u guys should put him for dat next rated of a tin… haba!!!! hes bigger dan dat now….. this na vry big falln of hand big tym oh… smh… wat an insult to him… i swear if na me be am i go change am for dem big tym and tell dem to remove my name from dat bloody nonsence tin and take dem to cut for dat….

  24. The need to be flogged, they are irrelevant to me

  25. Headies u guys aiit keeping it real anymore……. Y will d pana crooner be included in nextrated list….f**k shit

  26. So basically the criteria for next rated is if the artist hasn’t dropped an album yet,that’s according to an interview with Hip TV years back. We are complaining about teckno,we are not complaining about lyricist on the roll category, where did they put M.I,where would they put guys like P.O.E and Chyn,collab of the year is another bullshit. Tbh its because they don’t have any domestic competition that’s why our artists value them this much,once another group rises, people would boycott this award,people that can even build a good stage

  27. even ur Wizkid doesn’t deserve artist of d year nomination…but all in d name of international recognition, u guys won’t see anytin wrong wit it #ass lickers

  28. Tekno deserves more than next rated award…..wizkid didn’t drop good songs dis year to b male artiste if the year just because of international collab bullshit. #headies una no know wetin una dey do

  29. Oh my Chisox! where d fuck is “Holla holla”???

  30. Bitch, fuck headies

  31. I swear na thunder go fire headies, Tekno for next rated instead of best Street song of the year or song of the year, ahah this people are too funny oh lol

  32. next rated isn’t about how far you have been in the industry, its about when you just blow and the current performance, in the like of of Mr Eazi, we all just knew this guy, but this guy is really contributing to the music industry, I can’t mention or count all the featuring he’s got

  33. I think Tekno is bigger than a next rated award but since he’s already nominated, I don’t think anyone else is taking it home lest what happened in the previous headies will happen again

  34. tekno shld b winning artiste of the year and song of d year! he made us happy with every jam! and am tired of all dis wizkid shit, dude shld b in d same place with davido cos dey both didn’t do anything. smh

  35. Alright, so i had no idea that the nominees list for the most anticipated award in the country is out. but after reading this, i had to go check it out. HEADIES should really have a re-think on that list.

    Thanks @jimancipation and @tope_delano for this, headies should really read this.

  36. ud

  37. Abeg what is the meaning of PANA

  38. tekno doesn’t ve an album, so he’s nt above next rated…..what wld be insulting is after he gets d nomination and doesn’t win d award

  39. The whole list is rubbish. Duro is suppose to b in the song of the year nomination. bend down pause for dancehall…..

  40. He his far bigger than a next rated, i dont really get trilled by this whole headies thing. I doubt if their anchors are professional enough, besides are they nigerians, cos they obviously dont listen to music

  41. Nice 1 Tope and Jim…. Tekno sure deserves better… if its d car dey want to give him…dey can come n collect d keys and give ab artist of d category #Twinqle

  42. Teckno and aramide don pass next rated. Na

  43. Teckno and aramide don pass next rated. Na y headies comitte are doin l like dis. Again dis year

  44. headies are biased and dey are losing it

  45. #Headies Stinks!!!! where on earth is Zoro #Ogene!!??? mtcheew always going for d upcomers in yoruba nd leaving d igbos!! fuck headies

  46. na god go punish people wy sy tekno na nxt rated i. e an up coming…. 1 dy pair wif MR EAZI or ARAMIDE wy b sy dm b new comer…. pls tekno industry age is more dan NEXT RATED pair 2 otherz……headies no go like mak agbero buy ticket diz year….

  47. you are right #ogene was a hit song

  48. I gave up on headies since last 2years…wayo wayo people… How can someone that is with his or her right senses place Teckno on next rated list… Rubbish

  49. from duro to wash to where to maria to pana and now diana, and this bastards no fear god put this talented guy for same category them put humblesmith

  50. if u know the organisers of the award you won’t wonder why they are this negative.bunch of stupid folks

  51. Headies !!! Best artist Best song anything less is wayo, Tekno king Pana, where …

  52. The ‘Next Rated’ Award best suit Mr. Eazi n as a matter of fact; Tekno z more than just being the NR.

    • You just stole the words from me…
      Please tell them o

  53. I beg my boss pass next rated jawe him way don blow since 2014 dance and holiday ft davido Na he U com dey rate as next rated funk dat chit men

  54. Wetin go vex me na if tekno collect Dat nxt rated, thunder fire headies, manager of headies e no go better for you, naso dey give Cynthia Morgan best reggae act instead of burna boy, mumu pple, tekno is far better than next rated

  55. For pete’s sake Tecno is bigger than a “next rated” awards.
    Afta hw many years, afta hw many singles. Nd most importantly afta hw many hits #back2back.

    Nawa 2 headies ooo!

  56. I thought next rated award is for upcoming artiste them.amagine plenty talent wey don hala Dix year dey slip tecno go for next headies don kill me

  57. Falz U Beta Do Somtyn Abt Dis No Hola Hola No Make Am No Oluwa Ni Headies U Re Bunch Of Irritating Bastards U Beta Delete Dis List Nd Start With Somtyn Beta


  59. FROM RYAN 12:42am 2/12/2016

    • by God grace he will be the man of the year

  60. #headies error 2 much

  61. If tekno is bigger than next rated he should have gotten a album by now, for the fact he has no album up till now, that makes him a candidate of next rated

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