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Lil Kesh “Shoki” Gets Banned By NBC

Posted by Jim Donnett on September 17, 2014 in Editorial · 92 Comments


The gavel of the National Broadcasting Commission falls hard again, only this time it’s coming down yet again on one of our music favourites – Shoki!

It wasn’t long before Shoki’s cataclysmic success was spread all over the country even in remote areas and sooner than we knew it, francophone countries in the African continent were jamming the sound treaty from YBNL’s freshman, Lil Kesh. In it’s hottest single status like songs including Starboy’s Caro and Timaya’s Ukwu that weren’t spared the ban (at their time), word on the street is that Shoki is a Yoruba slang with an English interpretation for “a quickie”… I literally just rolled my eyes to that.

Well, the NBC thinks it’s another one of them hits unfit for societal consumption as it doesn’t subscribe to the values for national (youth) development in the manner that it has or probably will desecrate our minds.

Sample a listen HERE or check out the VIDEO and see if you can piece the concept of this “quickie” thing together.


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  1. Thunder fire NbC taaaaa. Oya baby do that shoki.

    • Me self won go do another remix of shoki

  2. Lol…wat a Joke!!! Bunch of comedians #NBC…dat song is done n dusted…nah nw dem wan ban am…Lmfao

  3. Bro •?? be small thurda G?????????? fire them,even amadioha G?????????? punish them if they try do ??????a?????????? stupid ban of a thing!!!! Abeg SHOKI all the way jor!!!

  4. remember MFRS neva loved

  5. NBC na wah o,se una own mind never spoil finish ni,I beg free dis song o, cus there is God and na only una waka come

  6. This statement by NBC is just. Too off the limit hw in d world will the word “shoki” desecrate our mind? Looking @ the video its nt even Profane…like common! They better not ban it.

  7. Rubbish,nbc dnt know wot dey are doing

  8. Shoki da ni wu ti mi amala tiwa omo its davido shoki shoki baby shoki 4 me asap# asap#

  9. National Broadcasting Commission,FUCK Y’ALL SIDEWAYS,HATERS,this dude don blow mehn and nothings gonna stop his shine,screw y’all,make una come delete am from ma phone na#Lyrically madding,awon smellos,#TEAMYBNL_they dunno! #shii

  10. Soo if we all listen to shoki we’ll all do “a quickie” that we haven’t done before, NBC are filled wid bunch of ” I don’t know what I’m doing here” in office

  11. Nbc we go dy shoki dy go,cum ban am 4 our clubs nah

  12. Why didn’t they ban bum bum by timaya ft sean paul,are dey scared to do dat
    ,dey dnt reali know wot dey are doing,just getting me angry

    • Dat one is an american song

      • But a nigeria guy sang it

        • even d original was sang in Nigeria and fully produced in Africa or even ukwu..or Ben bad bad and prohibited videos and lyrics

          • É saying dsame stuff here,shoki is nt a song to be banned,nah not at all

        • Itz a nigerian song oh.. An american artiste(is sean paul even american sef) jz featured on the track so its still a nigerian song… Get that… NBC fuck up sha… Bt who cares, dy cnt stp soundcity, trace, hip tv, mtvbase ma fone, headset n odaz… itz nly dem ltv, ait n co… N ion tink ny 1 watches dat nymre so fuck dem…. Tell’em to go suck dier fada’s ballz

  13. Make dem kan ban am for my smart fone

  14. See this #NBC he no possible my guy don go he don go!!! Oya shoki shoki #NBC smellos babayiya yin were idiot u wan they use lil kesh chew chwing gum abi……iya baba eyan.

  15. Mad people in nbc

  16. This Nbc or wetin dey call themselves are they actually serious? Or na just national joke?

  17. NBC dey craze big time,if they are complaining about shoki then they should have order the killing of MAHEEDA not even ban her songs alone…fools…..oya baby shoki,oya shoki

  18. Nawao

  19. mtchewwwww

  20. Nbc lolz,it’s jus a joke if day born u guys well stop d song 4 u side not 2 talk of my cos I prince dmj well keep on “shoki”. Nd 4 my guy lil kesh lyrically dam go c star

  21. NBC jst dnt knw hw 2 dance it daz d truth. Buh I wnt Dem place dia hands b4 dia eyes so DAT we all can shoki# ah shoki shoki

  22. National board of craziness,,*nbc.*.

    • Dats rite

  23. Dnt f**cking care,i will continue listnin 2 ma shoki…..@h shoki…….@h shoki……

  24. Hahhahahhahhahha story for the Gods…..I suggest you go back home listen to the song once more and uplift the BAN…….I don’t c anytin wrong with shoki d shoki ah shoki

    • YagAaaaaa!

  25. Hahhahahhahhahha story for the Gods…..I suggest you go back home listen to the song once more and uplift the BAN…….I don’t c anytin wrong with shoki d shoki ah shoki

  26. NBC oya shoki ahh shoki shoki ahh shoki #may God PUNISH NBC#

  27. Nbc wot u pple are saying doesn’t make sense try singing this *i am looking for that shawdy with the baddest quickie it doesn’t fit

  28. Nbc ban music……but cant ban it in my earphone

  29. This is meaningless……. wetin concern agbero wit overload? Nbc y Lil Kesh u people dont av any virtual invidence.. mitheeeeeew

  30. Imagine o, I first thnk say the Nbc wey dem dey talk na Nigerian bottling company 😀

  31. NBC….u guyz dnt hav news to share… shoki dance ….taaa una no see us…..fools.

  32. Shoki dance band hmmm if I hear say me no go shoki….

  33. NBC or whatever just Go home you are Drunk
    Una see half naked MAHEEDA una no ban her na MY fav jam na I’m you guys wan ban abi na God go punish each and every one of you..mtcheww

  34. MAy God punishised NBC or what ever they are calling them

  35. abg guyz make no mind does ill headed fools……

  36. abg guyz make una no mind does ill headed fools……

  37. Nbc people don smoke shitta skunk. Dem dey cloud9

  38. NBC I pray make una go ghostmode, cause if una de mad we fans go go sanko…una no see maheeda?

  39. Lol @ NBC….79d4ca9e….if u Rily wanna knw d truth bout aboki.

  40. Awon NBC ti Nor-Nor…ah laugh una fucking ass off….SHOKI don go worldwide…so una dhey yarn baroof

  41. Na god go kill wo na for us ooo
    People make will dy dance shoki dy go na people of the nation say so

  42. first, I ask myself who actually follow dis dia nonsense rule?….. I realised non…. or wil dey ban d song from net or our fone?….lyrically dey are jobless

  43. Lyricaly I tink dey wan get noticed…since nobody will abide too deir fucked up rules.I tink we all care less

  44. Fuck NBC

  45. Check-out! I dey laugh dem big time. Oya, shoki d shoki

    • If NBC ban shoki dey no ban shoki 4 my every body jooo shoki ybnl ti bloooooo my shoki go bad lil kesh own

    • If NBC ban shoki dey no ban shoki 4 my. Phone every body jooo shoki ybnl ti bloooooo my shoki go bad lil kesh own

    • If NBC ban shoki dey no ban shoki 4 my. Phone every body jooo shoki ybnl ti bloooooo my shoki go bad lil kesh own

  46. Weda dey ban or not YBNL ti bloooooooW

  47. Wetin connect d shoki wit quikie nw? Evn d video self no near d area… NBC shey una don dey do drugz! Sotey una brain don off. Una no c maheeda and her lyks to talk abt na our very “SHOKI” una sense remember.

  48. NBC nah confused people una no fit banned am for my phone sha, I go dey blare am for d whole street to dey feel am if una radio and Tv no play am again

  49. NBC tnks for bannin shoki,,,kip d good work,,,,if it is possible for u guys to ban every song in naija,,pls ban o!! pls help to ban story for the gods too,,,i love u NBC,,,,,lol


      • Lol those boys no fit use laff kill me ooo I don laff my belle burst gosh shook

  50. Oya shoki d shoki *Ah*.. Best music from an upcoming ever.. NBC or NBA mak una go rest.. We d eastern side say ‘ga nuru odu’

  51. Na God go punish nbc oya shoki

  52. No problem I dey shoki d shoki ha make una cum ban my phone foooooooooooooooools

  53. NBC mshewwww see cute guy sing song ol una cme bann am wetin de du una SCREW U GUYZ ,SHABBAZ

  54. Me self dey shoki for here, make una come ban me. Una father yarch

  55. Na god go punish u story for d gods nbc u dey craz shokii 2 shoki if dem born ur mama come banned ybnl y u dey bief my guy u dis smellos ybnl go on soun no more tuale na. Buate u guys can do beta love u lil kesh dem think say music easy idiot numskull fools


  57. Wu gives a bloody fuck wat shoki means Abi kpansh no dey??? Mtcewww dah whole world has shoki for dose wu don’t aw gladly send useless lil mesh haters….aaah shoki!!!

  58. Kesh *

  59. NBC una da craze ooo…ok me as a DJ now if I da play am 4 show u go kum tell me say make I stop d music abi watin….una nr jst knw watin una wan post again dats granpa ogun go kill una wella

  60. Hw cn mbc ban a song dat is already in d market. I nid d video jor

  61. Shoki all time booming….shoki d shoki…2BB6B515

  62. NBC, una dey craze its beta 4 u to leave him alone, u can’t ban those useless and songs ur people are singing so ur highq is so low that u banned shoki. stupid and heartless people mmmtttccchhheeewwww

  63. Oya shoki d shoki ahh!!

  64. NBC naa una go still dey dance shoki 4 una parlor o mtchewwwww lil mesh abeg fire dey go cus as at now eeh all I wanna do iz to shoki,shoki ki shoki,..

    • even if dem ban shoki DAT one nor mean say I go com dey luk 4 Johnny lil kesh just dey shoki dey go jor u too mash ..

  65. Y dem no ban story 4 d gods…sumtin lik month tii mu dongoyaro!!!I wanna do shina 2day…sum1 said ijo shoki leleyiii…u don’t give meaning 2 sumtin pass person wey talk am…is NBC madam at d top in yoruba language!!!simple yoruba dey can’t translate…mshhheeewww

  66. wetin una b sef@NBC::::::NATIONAL BLOCKIN COMPANY;na so una wan mblock mi guys music;mtchewwwww

  67. shoki d shoki ahhh mo ni ko wa tweck go wa gbon di all i want her to do is to shoki………ahhhh shoki

  68. Coni dafu iya la iya any body way one banned “SHOKI” especially “Y.B.N.L” the only record label way hostel from grass too grace, Y.B.N.L ( O.L Mide) we kno u love us we love u too. 7997CFC2 my pin

  69. Oh ma qod isanity nbc calamity if i want 2 dance shoki!! Do i need ur una band shoki na xo den qo take band una self. Una mumu die y u na no band dat qurl way dance am sef chai una no want beta tin.wen kesh dy struqle una no c am na nw wy hn com dy enjoy na hn una wan band hn sonq

  70. E b lyk say dat man pikin sabi dance shoki. Me i qo lyk kesh 2 realiz anoda vidio make d qal folo dance inside d vidio na

  71. wetin dey do all of una dafts called NBC sef una no sabi strit ghetto dance ni…’ejo ijo igboro ni eleyi,anywhere awon omo butty le josi no problem’…una fit ban but u no fit ban pple 4rm dancing 2 it……we ar d winning team,YBNL more grace 2 ur elbows jor,lil kesh i c u mehn…oya shoki ni shoki ahhhh

  72. Wat u all said re wrng. U don’t knw wat dat sng can do 2 a yng child. Or do u wnt 2 damage d nxt generation?? Coz of 1 sng called SHOKI I support d NBC

  73. Accept christ and change

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