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Reason Why Jim Donnett Will Go far In The Music Industry – A Review Of ‘HIM’

Posted by Temitope Delano on April 20, 2016 in Editorial · 22 Comments

So, you guys remember the first time we heard Kim Kardashian was set to drop a song? A lot of people went like B***ch please!!! What on earth does she know? What havoc is she set to unleash on the ear drums and guts of those who are so enthralled and obsessed by her ‘being’ and those who just hate her guts entirely. Boy, were there so many criticism…Some called Kim, the worst singer of all time, so said she best sit down stripping and making money than attempting to sing(No one acknowledged turn it up as her singing), and now today, Jim Donnett, is causing and bringing to the fore same reactions from people who have for a while LOYALLY followed his writing and criticisms.



Forgive me guys for just doing this now…life got in the way of turning this in on time, so lets dive right into the review of ‘Him’.

The song ‘Him‘ (Jim Donnett’s way of  cooking his autobiography with music) was releases amidst the notoriety of his writing, paving the way for so many fans (I’d like to say) who have for months held one or two grudges against him for belittling or criticizing some of their idols, thus the backlash from some of the people who never really listened to this song.

Basically, HIM, is Jim Donnett’s way of introducing himself to the world, letting the world know he is the newest kid on the block and he is here to stay, (in my opinion…turning pain, dreams and wishes into POWER) backed by the grace of God of course. HIM, is a revelation and reminder to all and sundry that Jim Donnett is a bluesy singer/songwriter with the passionate soul of insanely brilliant persona who has the capacity to touch the hardest and depressed of hearts. The tasteful sound production to his song is another way t showcase Jim Donnett’s Tenor vocal ability which if stretched further might yield the’Whisper Register’ many artistes (good artistes) would die for.

Armed with his Dare Art Alade, Soulful ballad vocal ability, Jim, gradually draws us further into the song, giving us a gospel fever blues vibe yet remains somewhat sexy but majorly inspiring. His mellow vocals placed delicately yet powerfully on each word is just another reason to see ‘HIM‘ ‘Coming Alive’.

The organic production, meaningful lyrics, vocal stability and ability coupled with his mind blowing tenor and pronunciation power, is a good way to introduce one’s self into the competitive industry.

Now, asides the fact that at first an impatient listener might not get the message of this song and its not a Ycee, Olamide, Lil Kesh, Davido, Mayorkun kinda song, I dare say this barely 4-minutes long song, has carved a spot in our eardrums and our hearts. Should Jim Donnett decide on holding out on more songs for now, I dare say ‘HIM‘ is enough for now!

Written by: Tope Delano


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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  1. big fool. make ur colleague tope de deceive you. fool.

  2. Him as in Him nd not d title of d song doesn’t knw how to sing….And how dare u put his name in d same sentence wit Dare Art? With one unserious single u think u ve d right to do dat?
    Then again na ur guy so he really needs d hype but tk it from me, he wudnt survive d industry. #WackSong

  3. Ode ni awon eleyi sha.. LMFAOOOO.. who be singer? Who be critic?.. pls brothe Jim Donnet.. please write a review on your song the way you review others abeg!!!!!!…. Big FOOLS!.. when d 2 of una start music sef Tope ati Donnet?????

  4. hype u n I both know Dat song can never be a hit in Nigeria

  5. Me personally I like jim but the problem I have with him is that he read tru all the comment on His post to be replying anybody that hav a different view about his opinion. He know he is is gonna delve into music so he should hav hold his peace. Everybody cant hav d same opinion on an issue. Just like he err his, others err theirs about him. Like me he has kinda insult me before but all d same I like him. Work hard n giv us good music dats all.

  6. How can u analyze Ur song on Ur own like being the judge of your own case

  7. I swear down. This review is so tacky and tasteless. How can u review someone that works in d same site with u. It’s like Etisalat announcing that an employee won a give away. Let other people review ur work. Thus is a very bad PR stunt. Only Grace of God fit make u blow

  8. Are u fucking kiddin me? Hope u were paid well LOfuckinL

  9. BIG FoolS…..u guys must support HIM….after all, is he nt ur colleage?…foolish people….Jim donette sang rubbish….He is so foolish, thinking music is easy…he is nt going anywhere….TX is where his singing career ends…..FOOLS

  10. May dis song HIM live and DIE in TX only and nt go beyond in jesus name, Amen!
    Jim go and write ur stupid articles and stop trying wat u cannot archieve….u are an IDIOT
    after slamming my guys Wizkid, Olamide badooo…..u went and sang rubbish….ur music career has crashed…..IDIOT

  11. Lol. Mr. Jim, music isn’t your thing. This song is wack. Still a fan tho

  12. this is a biased review and Jim I have lost what little respect I have for you.

  13. Bastard humans…tope and jim na God go punish una idiots awon oliriburuku oshi #mofo’s

  14. These are words from an elder who lives on the same block where Jim Donnett just relocated to. This review doesn’t have anything to do Kim K, Ycee, Olamide, Lil Kesh, Davido and, Mayorkun but Jim Donnett. In a month or two, you will be overwhelmed if “Him” can be remembered. Good Luck.

  15. Lol una no go kill me ooo…. Abeg jim ure song too wack, cnt even replay d song… Ahahahahah!!!

  16. Him?? …… Oo thats tru sef … Actualli forget that hegoat released a song titled him…. Trash i mean

  17. Say whatever d song is good n it’ll go viral,b it d best music on d planet or nt people will talk I mean dats why we r imperfect humans,keep it up Jim

  18. I just listened to the song..I have no hate for Jim,I don’t care if he has criticised anybody or not,I love his articles but to be honest,straight from my heart…that song won’t go anywhere,I’m not talking about the pangolo market,even in the alternate/blues won’t go anywhere,he has a nice voice but his song-writing and delivery is not just there,the best way to rate a song is by comparing it to previous songs in the same niche,please compare that song to ‘unbreak my heart’ by Whitney Houston or even Darey’s song that he said ‘you’re not the girl I used to know’..I don’t know the name of the song,Jim didn’t even go on a higher key,it sounded flat and dead to me,I believe he can do better tho

  19. #afterthisreviewihadtogoreplaythesongbeforeiwillcomment@truthbetoldJimDonnetisagoodtogosoul/rnbartistethatcancompetewiththeexistingHumanMatters#InshaAllah#.thumbsup!!!!

  20. @pattie you said it all i don’t think his gonna move an inch in the industry all he knows is criticising people who are far better than him vocally. #clueless human

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