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Should Olamide & Don Jazzy Have Ended Their Beef So Quickly? Here’s What I Think!

Posted by Jim Donnett on January 4, 2016 in Editorial · 83 Comments



“So simple beef, we cannot even beef in this industry…”

It’s so sad that Olamide and Don Jazzy have ended the epic feud that set the course of our 2016 year on very high notes. Thank you Banky W! I mean how do you explain staying up all night to watch a terribly dischanting award show only for it to experience a tastefully entertaining and dramatic switch up towards the end, which eventually kept many of us up till the wee hours of the morning? I learnt some didn’t even bother going to bed again sef. I don’ gerrith!

Olamide cussed Don Jazzy out to hell and back in a very tumultuous Twitter show. While his ferocious outrage continued to gain torque which dear fans helped in refueling to special relish, a lot other unsavoury detail was brought to public bear. Olamide made very untold declarations about the person of Don Jazzy and whether it be true or false, we sha can’t deny that his was quite the tweet revelation, though soooo not the holy book style. We had began to really wonder if all of that strummed from not getting head and the fact that a Hyundai ix10 was also kolobi-ed in the process.

How do we move on so swiftly from Olamide’s tyrannical nature and his maniacal attempt at either exposing or perhaps damaging the reputation of a man we’ve come to so dearly love? How do I begin to unsee Don Jazzy as the benign, humble guy who follows and responds to almost everybody on Twitter but still hasn’t followed or even retweeted me despite several tweet pleas, as the same iridescent guy with a penchant for ‘chancing’ his boys? How do I advance from this crash point of limbo where largely everyone now considers The Headies as an epoch lighthearted charade like in the case of spelling the word knee without the ‘k’?

Someone tell me how?

What about Wande Coal? He was unlucky to have been spilled some cow dung during the emotional fracas but yet he thought a jump and pass reaction would suffice. D’Banj nko? Imagine a fellow a-lister publicly declared him ruined. But when I come out to say hey, the cat lets loose on all your unbridled tongues. Oh, how do I forget dear Adekunle who got robbed of his joyful moment just because one tout couldn’t control his nerve endings that were too visibly electrified by hate? The shandalooloo that acted itself out live on stage continued with a vengeful monologue at The Headies green room, followed by fisticuffs seloquesence perpetrated outside the award show venue by barraging fans.

How does one move on from all that?

There’s still Davido, the chief farmer-at-large who planted this seed of discord long ago that has now germinated thorns, leaving Cynthia Morgan, Kiss Daniel, Di’Ja and their label cohorts to be embroiled in this messy happenstance by ill luck’s stroke. Then Vic O, that one is just a sorry excuse for a celebrity wannabe misfit… a classic muzunga that allows every wind of change ferry him around in whatever direction it blows, who wanted to pry off the gains of the Nigerian music top 2 cartel leaders. If you ask me, saying sorry doesn’t cut it. No! Not at all. This beef actually had very productive expectations but Egbon Olamide and Ogbeni Jazzy have chosen to sell the market short. If you like say whatever, I’ve lost the urge to care.

Do you really think our industry has thrived because we’re all friends in this bi’ness? You couldn’t have possibly thought that. Competition might be the bane of a market’s profit, but beef like this is kind that heightens the performance of a brand. It keeps it functioning optimally. And that’s exactly what we needed. That’s what our industry needs at this time. Everyone and everything else has gotten very complacent. Even us too the fans, and that needs to change! I’m not excited at all that they quickly decided to pucker up and bury the hatchet. The implication is that it sells us short as an industry and exposes the people defect as ones who can’t even maximize the potentials latent in such a dire situation. So sorry oh, but apology not accepted!

This industry has no friendship policy. If you must fight, please fight! We may not always envisage dramatic moments like this but we can sure as hell be in control of it’s narrative when it happens. We have the power to tailor it in whatever direction we want it to go. So please pull out your berettas, come with guns blazing, let those gloves come off, fire heavy shots and let us know that you are fighting. Not to be doing us teaser like as if it’s music video they want to release tomorrow morning. That’s just trash abeg! Oh, and I think I can already see LAWMA coming in the distance…

Written by Jim Donnett

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  1. dem be jonsing men

  2. The beef shouldn’t have ended, to say i’m disappointed is an understatement..

    It’s all for the show and camera and I tink som bigwigs are involved to call both of them to order (i’m suspectin peeps like aremo oniru and co)

    Buh I tink this is jus the beginin, the hatred is stl somwia and waitin to explode in the nearest future..cos it’s obvious olamide spoke the mind of many peeps,alot of them took sides, frm kcee, phyno, timaya,iceprince and wande coal, even burna..this shows there are so much iron handshake covered wit soft gloves in the industry..

    And again this just certified baddo claim that jazzy is a pretender, as in we all human, som1 that called u bastard and cursed ya generation 48hrs lata, u were seen smilin sheepishly wit him on camera, even when olamides body language do not conform to their IG msgs, it’s obvious he stl dey vex..and. Blv me jazzyis scared and realised he’s losing aiidy…I wnt b surprised if he was the one that called for the reconciliation..

    Again, did anyone else notic korede’s body language during the moment reeky was declared winner, he wasn’t happy..fact is Godwin is bigger than all reeky songs put togeda, he’ll def Blv other nominee has a better chance of winning than reeky, now imagine reeky being declared winner and even got to knw jazzy influenced the award according to baddo and jazzy’s claim during his speech that the show organisers told him
    to call reeky, pls did dey call jude to tell cynthia Morgan to com?

    Everyone knws jazzy is tryin to see a wande coal in reeky and he prefers him than the rest of dem..

    I stl see a korede bello/jazzy/reekado banks beef in the future

    Till then lawma shld comma see ma post and chek if it’s one of them wahala

    • bro i so mush love ur comment it speaks my mind. u are d man

    • Bro thank you so much you’re talking sense

    • I didn’t know brilliant and unbiased opinions still existed on disite

  3. Any article from diz guy looks foolish as his generation! Weda dbanj fuck ur mother u go tell us

    • No Mind dah guy jae…. Hin just de yarn rubbish! He knws nothing abt d industry!

      • lol na them. sabi

  4. U’re a fool @jim donnect.
    Y were u all on olamide,I knw pipu lyk u,u’re a #ybnl hater so gerrarahia……
    Y don stupid call out his name #mumumavinboss

    Buh I so much wish d beef continue

  5. Gud for them

  6. Jim Donnett!!!!!!! D last phrase was epic!! Massive respect fr yur editorials jawe..if you start out writing editorials as your sole brand yu can go massive from that! #No1 fan

  7. Jim donnett u’re a f**l,
    Y were u jez on olamide like dat,u don dy pray make him vex b4 #ybnl haters.
    Y d mumu don st*pid go out olamide name.
    F*ck all haterz #ybnl I rep….

    Buh I so much wish d beef neva end,make don jazzy con go mainland.
    make dem help am reshape dat him frog face with bottle.

  8. You’ve just wrote rubish…..non-sense. Next time utilise better and simpler English words

    • Thank u with wat u wrote, i so much in support of wat u typed. Why d grammer. Too much, I loved ur comment…

    • Tank u very much…..seee grammer wey u dey use for ppl like say we dey english class….. If u wan show ur english go organise turtoral class … na simple comunication we wan..wey everybody go understand…

  9. Gud dey reconsile now

  10. This reconciliation is a SCAM…Olamide go still talk something…observe his facial expression, don baba J was d only one smiling…jst chill y’all, d best is yet to come.

    • You’re right Anonymous,IT’S a Scam

  11. I dnt knw why pple talks like fool, if don jazzy was smiling in d pics, do u knw wat he has in mind? physical expression doesnt matter o, d smilling face might b d most dangerous face, and d boning face might later b d fucked. so pple watch it.

    • yes big dogs don’t bark

  12. how are you

  13. I don’t know y some pple are taking side in dis beef.why would anyone side with olamide who was raining curse on u guys on tv and u guys are still taking side of case most pple forgot dis award is won by vote and how many of una bastard vote for lil kesh.though am a big fan of olamide and ybnl but he shuld neva hav made such a statement on live tv.if dem like make dem continue or not but at last they will still#leave trash for lawma

    • u guys are very stupidddddd… baba iya eyan street ti take over. #gbam

  14. Nice one from both of them, that is a sign of maturity..#peace and unity #ybnl #smd #one nigeria #onelove

  15. Nice piece @jimdonnett….wat a way to start the year.the industry is in dire need of beefs like this to encourage healthy competition.

  16. Na dis kain yawa we dey call ‘quick ejaculation’ aswear. Dem no suppose kmt gloves now nah. I dey gbadun Olamide’s madness, na true Eyan Mayweather. I know say beef still dey both parties belle. But be rest assured, Olamide just proved to er’one that he’s as mad as his vocals. Oya stand up for Young Erikina!

    And b4 I go; shey lawma fit pack trash for anjonnus too? Just asking 🙂

  17. Am imbetween dx isss I support it @d same tym I Don’t!

  18. Am too sure dis z scam cos Olamide wasn’t even smillin in dat picx.stil expectin beef tracks frm Olamide even thou Don Jazzy n marvins may not reply him.Again I agree dat Korede Bello may even b havin a bigger beef fr Reeky n don Jazzy cos he deserves d award more dan reeky…..I keep ma fingers crossed thou!

  19. God punish ur generation @jim donnet y as on olamide en Dbanj? Fool

  20. Evrybdy outhere s tlking rubbish, stupid beaf, stupid olamide stupid don jazzy, stupid post n stupid comment, anybdy who dares to reply stupid under my comment is STUPID

  21. Jim, I understand you jare. Just like the Empire label and Creedmor label in Fox’s Series Empire.

  22. fuck mavins i rep ybnl

  23. D author if dis article is very stupid… ????some silly blogger will not think twice bfore posting trash.. . Blahbahblah.. . Fuck u

  24. tooxclusive……better brain una selves with several fucked up articles u always putting up on ur page……….deres a height remember tho

  25. Mavins here…fuck olamide

  26. you should not take side on such matters pls. @Jim

  27. the way olamide make mouth reach??

  28. big dogs don’t bark let watch and see

  29. Well in my own opinion I think olamide_YBNL should not av done dat those categories are voted for The voting categories, such as ‘Song Of The Year’, ‘Artist Of The Year’, & ‘Next-Rated’ are left strictly for fans to vote and choose the winners. You can not expect dem 2 accept any responsibility for failure on the part of the nominees or their record label, when they fail to do this. And the truth is unfortunately, most times, Voting, Year In Review and Definitions Of Each Category, are generally taken for granted by many artists and fans cos u don’t vote. According 2 d organisers they attested to, and hereby stated categorically that, there was no evidence that any of the artistes aggrieved and vocal about their displeasure(olamide phyno ice prince kcee and others) to the turnout of the award, voted in the ‘Next-Rated’ category, as our voting process captures email addresses and phone numbers. So what’s Der stress if Don Jazzy canvases for vote 4 reekado and olamide_YBNL does not, y re dey naw crucifying don Jazzy. And jst for d record we all know and agree dat Don Jazzy nah baba anytime any day he’s been Der b4 olamide_YBNL making hits and his still doing so because if he was not I don’t think olamide wud av featured him on his previous album street OT(sekemba)

    • Word…..!!! Brilliance, U pay attention to details. Respect

  30. Don baba,nd badoo,dey their ouz dey rest,ona dey here dey kill ona sef.u guys bettr ave ur own money, so dat pple will tlk abt u,pishikan ooo.outaaa here!

  31. street take over# buh d street boys for mainland neva see moni chop food not to talk of buy fone wei fit d street wan win.mtchwss

    • Guy na street money they o. If they no fit buy one den go fit collect one. Lol so leave trash for Lawman

  32. Olamide is stupid to have acted the way he did. He did it in 2014 when reeky was given the award ‘rookie of the year’. He said he dedicate his own award to lil kesh. Now fast forward to 2015, he did worse. Haba, if u are canvassing 4 lil kesh@olamide, tell him to sing gud songs, danceable songs must not necessarily be infused with vulgar languages. Lil kesh, iz obvious u ar singing trash but don jazzy na lawma. He don help una pack una trash

    • I’m sure say na werin pain don jazzy wey him reply, cos no be the 1st time ola dey do that thing. 2014 headies and then 2015, haba mana

  33. All those supporting Olamide I hope in future you’re being called out and treated like that when your son/prodigy wins something nd somebody says he/she doesn’t deserve it..then you know how it feels and by the way Olamide made d same remarks in last year headiez when reeky won rookie of the year and not lil kesh on live TV but D don refused to comment…. whether you like it not… Reeky will alws win over Lilkesh let him pray he doesn’t be put in d same nomination as reeky again..

  34. Boring…..

  35. Mehn Don jazzy is boss Reekadoo won Mavin won. …….Lil kesh should go back to the studio ND rethink about his lyrics ND song. …………up Reekadoo banks. ………proudly reekadicts

  36. Make una jez leave tha trash for lawma..they have their dosh let’s pray for ours

    • See this uncompleted being… He spoke and not mentioned anybody name, he was talking to headies organises not either mavin nor Reekado nor Don J. Animosity…

  37. #Jim_Connect
    Olori buruku..
    May God take off guiding face from u dis year, Oponu, ode.
    May ur families break and never come back to themselves anymore… Mumu! Hypocrite, Animosity. May God punish u..

    • Tho don was wrong for mentioning Olamide’s name..buh i think olamide really fucked up..he made the poor boy Adekunle Gold feel bad on stage it was so obvious…Lil kesh songs contain vulgar lyrics i wonder hw pple rate songs nw…They al deserve d award so far they were nominated n d rest was left to if Reeky got d highest vote, what is nw d problem. Were d YBNL fans in anoda planet wen d vote was on..Mtcheew biased people

  38. Lmfao….cant stop laughing. Infact I’m officially ur number 1 fan @jimdonnett. The way u spice up controversies by speaking the ugly truths dey trip me. Let’s all be honest Olamide disrespected Adekunle gold on top of everything else. Truth is he has also been given undeserved awards in d past like how they give him best rap song for a song he sang in fuji and best rap album 4 his fuji album. I dunno if it’s only me o, buh since when has fuji become rap? Only in 9ja. Lol. And please korede has d right not to be happy, everybody wants to be recognised As the best and I bet u he will still not be happy even if it was his twin brother that won the award. just listen to Yemi Alade’s speech after she won the award for revelation of the year, she spoke on how devastated she was for not winning the next rated d previous year.

  39. You motherfuckers are here rattling all about artistes and their fight,while they are out there making their money..u better wake up fools..go and hustle your way to the top fools

  40. You motherfuckers are here rattling all about artistes and their fight,while they are out there making their money..u better wake up fools..go and hustle your way to the top fools

  41. I’ve Gone Through All Your Comments, So I Have To Type Something Too,I Rep The Ybnl Nation, I Like What My Boss Lyks And Hate What He Hates,But I Will Advise Him Not To Put All Attentions On Lil Kesh Alone But On The Other In The Ybnl Nation So That Lil Kesh Will Not Treat Olamide The Way Wizkid Treated Banky W After Bringing Wizkid To The Top. It Is An Advice Ooo. I Love You OLAMIDE,LIL KESH,CHINKO EKUN,VIKTOH,ADEKUNLE GOLD.

  42. all of una be correct fool
    una no get work ni

  43. mtcheeeeew

  44. Repping YBNL any fucking day…..donno y d Bobo crooner seems to be favouring Lil Kesh more though, I mean he hasn’t even made a single collabo wif Adekunle Gold. I hope dey dnt end up lyk EME records sha. Fact be told, Olamide fucked up, Don baba fucked up! Shikena…….#leavetrash4Larma

  45. I all So believe dat olamide Is nt ment 4 de hadis wat olamide. D’o Is fuking shti

  46. Tank u very much…..seee grammer wey u dey use for ppl like say we dey english class….. If u wan show ur english go organise turtoral class … na simple comunication we wan..wey everybody go understand…

  47. badoo 4lif

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