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The Bitter Truth About Kiss Daniel’s Woju Remix

Posted by Jim Donnett on March 4, 2015 in Editorial · 159 Comments

Woju Remix

Kiss Daniel should know by now that he is all the star he needs to shine.

You do not come out with a single on your first trial attempt at breaking into the industry, hit it enormously big and then wait on Tiwa Savage and Davido to be the brink of your rise. No!

After all the hype that was Woju Remix, I must say that the expectation bar dropped below the point of limbo. Does Daniel know he had the most decent delivery of all the vocal features on his smash single? And there was even nothing new to his verses, everything was typical as the original version.

Tiwa was almost very convincing with her rhymes on her ‘getting money like Rihanna, seeing the future sierra, nothing go stop me or never’ line but I hold my opinion that she had no business being on this remix. Then Davido. Trust me, my excitement knew some bounds when I first got wind of the news that he was going to be featured on the remix, and just like I expected, he flunked it! Well, not totally though. I think the only thing I enjoyed was his refined vocal range or he could just have been having a really good voice day, who knows?

The mix on Tiwa’s cut was… sigh! She started to sound like she was muffling out her verse. Asides the fact that they both didn’t fit perfectly on the remix, they’ve barely done anything to change how we perceived Daniel’s star. If they loved the song that much, then they should have it playing on their car stereos and resort to doing their cover versions while taking a shower. Those will suffice.

I think Daniel’s management got unusually carried away with the unexpected glory that was Woju and then their lack of a savage plan led them to slumbering a little too long on 2014. Thank God this is now 2015 and their remix is finally out. ‘Tleast we can now move on quickly from it unless they’ve planned on a video release (I’m sure they have), which pricks conscience over a painful waste of beautiful resource.

See, I know y’all will claim to love the remix three much and shower undue accolades on Tiwa and Davido especially for impressing with their takes on the remix but the ugly truth is that this remix will not be bigger than the original and won’t even be as big as the original. I mean, why won’t anybody take a cue from Patoranking’s Girlie O’ treatment and toe after it’s success that oddly had the same Tiwa Savage on it. You say I’m hating? Whatever please! Unless this is the misfit y’all were watching out for this 2015 from him, then jamming your hands in a fallacious applause would do undeserving justice. This subtle damage already done would clearly surface when y’all his same fans nail him to the cross for falling your hand with his next release just because he failed to meet the outrageously high expectations set for him.

Woju Remix is perhaps the result of forcing something that you already know wasn’t meant to be. Just like oil and vinegar, they can go together but they just don’t mix!

Written by Jim Donnett

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. Guy I support you fully…the truth is always bitter…Kiss Daniel fucked up seriously!

    • The truth is,No remix can b like D original version.Buh I knw my nigga davido did well on the remix tho.OBO.

      • I am so happy someone is actually truthful and not just hating

  2. first time someone is actually sayin some truth! Tiwa savage “future ciara” she feeling lyk she can drop some hott dope bars!!!

    • ds article stinks..!! Why do ppl always bekom so much of a hater….yhu kom hre and begin to write rubbish…go nd produce uur own song if it is killing you bad Olofofo…#Team Tiwa Rules

  3. Whoever that wrote this, God bless you for spitting this.
    Kerosine and Water are both liquid; but they will never never mix together…#true.
    Wonder what G-world wide was thinking when they took the decision of remixing the track.
    Woju remix is more like a match up…KISS’s part sounds the same as the original version.
    I’ve got nothing with tiwa and davido’s part.

    In my own side of view…Woju Original version is far better than the remix of a thing.
    That’s what I thought.

  4. I agree with you, tiwa savage had no business on d remix, she ruined it. As for davido part, we can manage. Kiss daniel should never have done a remix. PERIOD. I disagree with you on girlie o, d remix is better dan d original. And as a dj i cant remember d last time i played d original of girlie o, as for woju i certainly would not attempt playing it in club, will stick to d original.

    • i love d remix

  5. The woju remix was 2 on the scale of 1 to 10…..the remix will divert the people’s attention away from the original. Kiss Daniel dat was poor, davido has done the second injustice have destroying indomie remix.

  6. I support u guy….the remix is pure bullshit

  7. The remix was too poor. Davido has done another injustice to another remix dis year.

  8. I dey tell u. D remix is nothing but flop.

  9. Kiss was just carried away be time yes I agree, putn savage on that joint was a big mistake, what happened to 2face who jumped on the joint to show he liked the song and I bet his little freestyle was better than the remix. Anyways like the writer said kiss better drops sometin dope cos he has place him self on that level where anytin he drops should be a hit else na backlash o

  10. nx jim, well said.. Jst wat I had in mind and still thought of ds morning

  11. God bless u..i was telling my boss yesterday bout this flop of a remix.that it mit jst take d video to make it make sense and frequent airplay.cus kiss daniel needs to look at sean tizzle.he keeps delivering non stop.even bfor u r bout enjoyin one of his new song he gives u anoda amazing song. Really kiss daniel ur management nees to do better for u.

  12. The site use to be the dopest site I knew. But now…*whew* Instead of posting songs,promoting artists and devising means of growing ur site, you’v spent more time criticising celebrities and focusing on less important things. After hammering D’banj on his 10th anniversary show,with claims that it was a “celebration of shame”. You guys letter moved on to Wizkid criticising all his recent works,claiming he had an “infant brain” when it comes to self-management. Now its the little new-comer KIss Daniel. Shits happens, sometimes we don’t wat we xpect. That’s exactly what happened to Woju remix. You wuldnt blame little Daniel for doing a quick Woju remix with Davido and Aunt Tiwa. We all saw hw Shoki remix transformed Kesh’s life,and that remix had Davido on it.
    Another point worthy of note is the so-called Girlie ‘O’ remix. Tooxclusive u guys are wrong abt the fact that it was a flop. Girlie ‘O’ remix was bigger than the original song,infact it further gave Patoranking all the fame he needed.
    I gotta stop here…my advice for you(tooxclusive) focus more on promoting songs,promoting ur site(in a good way) and not trying to destroy what others are striving to build…#TeamNigerianGoodMusic

  13. Spot on,jim…

  14. Please, iWas implying that people should learn from the success of Girlie O’ remix. It seems my remark was misconstrued and so I’ve done an addendum to that effect.

    ‘Ppreciate your comments!

  15. the remix is flop

  16. nonsense wetin concern me mtcheew. anticipate gangsta joint king wizzy ft chrisbrown #TEAM WIZZY

  17. Sadly, buh you are right the remix was below average! The original version over the remix anyday.

  18. tiwa spoil d song jawe

  19. Well has 4 me oo that remix was 2 poor…daivdo nd tiwa make it poor…I just dot know why u use those guys wizkid should be better with tha remix when noting we can do..I HUTE D SONG

  20. i kw from day 1dat tooxclusive hate tiwa savage dis song is ok well too exclusive u guys are a big fool for wat u wrote

  21. So true I’m really disappointed in Tiwa Savage and Davido didn’t really surprise me tho, I hope Kiss Daniel improves now.

  22. Olamide I suppoz shud Av don d remix

  23. Anti tiwa fucked up big time. I guess davido fix some things on the remix. Anyway, “K.K

  24. Kiss Daniels messed up big time…….davido on d remix cool….but tiwa savage on it ….#Rubbish

  25. Rubbish remix

  26. Tooxclusive… I hv just one word for u: U guys are big fools! Watch it dis remix will b bigger dn d original. Idiots!

    • Ella Christina kadje Kiss Daniel the Ho ?????????:):):):):) love love love love love Kiss Daniel kadje love love live car :):):): $$$$$$$$$$$$$$:):):):):)

  27. To me the remix is okay. The only fault i see is the fact that Kiss Daniel didnt change his verse from d original Version.

  28. I agree with you,the original version is still far better than the remix

  29. I will not agree with all d people criticising dis remix.dis is a well organised and well arranged song…d intention was nt not to bore us dats why d remix finished d same time d original version ended(3.24)…A song dat is too long will never enjoy airplay!So d producers wanted to keep d appeal and acceptance!I still feel Woju remix is a masterpiece any day anytime!Kudos to Kiss Daniel jawe!

    • The length of song doesn’t matter, compare. Only by nicki minaj ft drake and Lil Wayne, the track lasted more than 5mins and it was dope all tru!!

  30. The remix was totally a flop, and i can’t believe big artists like Tiwa and Davido and trying to bring down this Young guy #KissDaniel…. i agree with @celence, Wizzy would have done better on this kind track. Well i hope #KissDaniel releases a better hit track soon and by now his manager and him would have learnt that, no be by ft big names but by flows and instinct. Good luck #KissDaniel.

  31. Ya, d work was kindr bad. Bt I dnt thnk d 2great artist had a plan of bringn down d lil guys wave. Bt I blive dey listnd 2 d song b4 being released, so I suggestd dey wuld av cancild it n redo d entire job. Bt anyways, flopy in all, dey don’t gv d work d time it requires. I belivd everythng was rushd. Anyways still WoJu. Cool jam

  32. You be bad belle , but it is obviously allowed, whats the point your making in this your whole write up now, “jimi donnet, go fine a more important job, the making was a hit believe it or YES!!!

    • Guy shut the fuck up. The remix is utter rubbish. The original is way better

  33. Call wizzy nd ur remix is assured.davido can’t gv u de remix u want unless to gv anoda patter of chorus 2 d song

  34. Just finished listening to d remix & can say its a wack comparing what we tot wuld b a banger & look different from d original version. Tiwa haba u no try @all. Davido u still flow small sef but daniels abeg try do another remix version of woju wit another artist & feel d different. Kiss daniels woju o b4 u do remix next time

  35. Thank you jare the writer.. I wonder why Daniel use Davido, though Tiwa can still be used. The remix was excremely bad, Davido was just shouting OBO BADDEST.
    Worldwide ent; just finding star meanwhile Daniel is a very big star of himself. The remix would av feature upcoming artistes too i guess! #Fuckthatshit

  36. Woah slow down! Jim Donnett,u need a breather! u sound like you the most dissapointed Kiss daniel fan.Listen,you don’t expect every song to be a hit song,so what if the real song would be bigger? We all know the dude has got it,you can tell by how quick he blew up,so give the kid some credit would ya!…#FuckYouJim

  37. @jimmancipation,u just don’t have job cause if u do u wouldn’t say something of that such,mehn,I’ve had a place of hate for u for nailing a sweet nd good song remix to the cross,I can listen to woju remix for a whole day without skipping to the next,to u haters of tiwa nd davido saying they fucked up,take a car,bike,napep,cab or bicycle,sit,relax nd drive to hell.mtweeeech

    • KIS 2MUCH

  38. you all are monsters of ones success.. focus on yours and live others for themselves, KISS is a dope dude with a great view of becoming a hero and can never me down.. and Davido is a Star with many awards ARTISTS OF THE YEAR which states hes good and talented.. Tiwa shes the MOTHER OF MUSIC!!!. Thanks

  39. True talk. D remix sucks.

  40. Big ups davido, he tried. Tiwa savage really didn’t savage d song dis time… Dem force u come studio tiwa??? U jones d sng girl…

  41. I guess so much sentiments have taken us away from the truth. When u do a remix to a song the idea is to sound different and I read someone say it ended exactly 3:24 seconds same time as the original, the shame on the production, u just added vocals on the old Beat Time line? Tiwa savage till now hasn’t been able to prove the ‘song writing’ she claimed she did for alicia keys abi na Beyonce with her copied vocal delivery from Jhene Aiko, for Davido, we all know Owo Lo Ba De. Jim nice work

  42. Ella Christina kadje the Kiss Daniel kadje I am going to say bugger I do have school tomorrow so I don’t go tomorrow get me tomorrow day Ella Breadakadje in her own I’ll make that they do all my god you are so wonderful guy love :):):):):):)??????????????” Love

  43. #Truetalk. I love the original version

  44. To my own view,this Woju remix was extremely nonsense.the hpying of the song was to much.dey could not concentrate on d song again.

  45. U pple have finally given Jim d fame he’s looking for anyways thanks a lot but I think kiss and his management knew wat dey were doing wen. Dey ft dose two I guess dey wnted to sell d young star way across d western part of d nation as for d south south we love both d remix and d original but one tin is for sure, kiss will surely break thru internationally wit dis remix Abeg make una dey. Try to mind una business

  46. that a true msg bro…dnt mind them haters who do not wanna see d truth!

  47. The remix is a total flop

  48. So the last anonymous comment must be from the management team. Trying to justify their work. I don’t have anything against The song, but we should take a cue from the western world we are trying to sell him to. Have you wondered y Deuces remix outclassed the classic Original version? You guys shd listen then come back to read Jim’s review

  49. Menh jus dey imagine 2baba and Don jazzy on dat remix #tohbad#

    • confam

  50. Well Said. Jim!

  51. Olamide Baddo or even Lilkesh would have done better on that woju remix… Tiwa flopped, Davido blabbed!! Kiss f*ck it all up!! They don’t deserved to be paid!!

  52. truely i dont like that remix.

  53. Tiwa savage was d flop, Davido tried his best to keep d flows alive

  54. let there be another remake please @kiss-Daniel

  55. The rem!x waz a flop… Neva l!ked !t from the f!rst t!me I heard the song. .

  56. How you nor go criticize people? I nor blame you, na your ear drum I blame. Cause I nor sure say you dey hear well. I beg go listen to the remix again before you go dey yhan Bobo jor!

  57. He be luk say weere dey ur hard abi!…people dey tell u say d remix was poor still u won remake…u better go fyn sometin elsa sing b4 is 2 late..hissss

  58. Guy ,go sing your own,stop bringing silly reports when u can’t do half better of a thing moh4kha

  59. jim donnett, i partially agree with u, but take it or leave it Tiwa savage killed the song.

  60. Shoutout to Davido he did very well bt Tiwa 4up…was xpectin smtin sweet n crazy frm her,ah guess kiss has to do anoda remix cos ah don’t like d remix jst kip playing it on ma fone bcos of O B O TIWA U 4 UP…DAVIDO kill it…..

  61. davido killed it tiwa did well too

  62. tiwa was a flop. kiss Daniel could have done the remix with tuface. I hope he heard 2baba’s freestyle on the beat.

  63. So “Jim donnet” or whatever ur name is,so dis is how yu spend ur time putting scores togeda for pple who seem to have made it quite alright,ugh?! …yu shud also try to give us an example by showing us yur Damn! Talent,(that’s if yuv got any) and let us knw that yuv got sometin better to offer rada than the crap yu putting up on here

  64. Daniel keep counting that money baba. ..even if it means saying bla bla bla for lyrics. ..talkers talk …The boy is rich and moving lock up gbam. ..dats how they said bitter truth about psquare and now everybody fim. ..filè joooor

  65. d remix is dope…

    • what do you know about music…bala like you

  66. well i dont think i need to read more of the comments on here to say my mind, truth be told, the remix wasnt that necessary cos the truth is that the remix cant blow more that the original version and the reason is that the original version has gotten to the peak already. what i just feel is that the energy channeled to do the remix of this song can be put into another song entirely and that would have been a plus…
    but regardless its not that the remix is bad, the remix is good just that people are expecting something more elaborate than what they got. in view of this, whether you like it or not, you all will still dance to the remix when be played cos the song is already a very good song and what is just left for Kiss management is to make sure his next single is a very good song that will not drop the boy’s standard and not to compromise at all… although am sure i wont be disappointed thou…
    this is just my opinion not that i want you all to go with me so #DoNoTinsultMe

  67. U ppl r jus jealous of dis young boy’s success. .cos it came 2 fast d remix is ok abeg…

    • Ode ni ye! Why wud a non-artist be jealous of an artist? What do do they hav in common. That was a professional assessment which unfortunately a moron like u cannot relate with. Make I break am for u for language wey u go understand. Dem talk say d original still sweet pass d remix. Dem no talk say d remix no good.

  68. For real, i was totally dissappointed by the remix. Davido tried but Tiwa sucked as fuck

  69. Well said Jim!!! I totally agree

  70. true

  71. D remix has some good n swt spicies from d 3, kiss is not d 1st guy to repeat original versions lyrics in a remix…go get bigger bro stop hating. ..

  72. Peeps really hate facts! Jim aint a critic, all dis dude has said is nothing but an observed TRUTH. Most pple wif alternate view jez wana be on d oda side thinking jim is criticizing. Pls d remix dint meet up our expectations, Tiwa is such a disappointment on dis 1! Davido tried a bit, but dat wasnt his best. Come to fink of dis YBNL featured on dis remix wud have been dope! Don’t jez comment for d sake of it, listen to both d original, d remix nd ignore jim’s write up, if truely u knw wat music is all abt, u shud question d remix! Dats all for now

  73. Good points. Tiwa out! Daniel should have had a new verse. If not, retain your verse, let Davido come in first, you come in after then feature a rapper to drop the last verse. Well, the whole rigmarole shows that most of these artistes don’t have songs written, or recorded in abundance before blowing up. This shows he has no other good songs left and they want to buy time with the remix till he can come up with something else. Waste of resources.

    • wizkid that sang same original verse on his show me the money remix, does it mean he doesnt have any other lyrics to write…. normal level with nigerians, very good at discriminating! song sweet o or e no sweet o, e go still reign pass.

  74. tiwa wa more dan disappointing with she has been for a while now.i echoed dis same sentiments yesterday.we tend to place more emphasis on d beats dan d lyrics

    • lyk seriousli ah donno y u hate d remix…let me jst take dah as a compliment buh seriousli ah lyk d remix more dan d original especially davidos part..ah rili lyk luv dah wrd he said!!O.B.O!!Badest!!in full;omo baba molowo whic means son of a rich man and truly he is

  75. Tiwa wasn’t astonishing. Yes. Davido murdered de track. As for repeating verse, lil kesh did same to his shoki track. So speculation wld rise bt I tell u dat dis remix was nt for Nigeria alone, de original song was for naija, dis remix is going world wide guyz. The nxt u wld call kiss daniel he wld be knw world wide

  76. D truth here is davido would of done the intro and the first verse…bot kul jam tho

  77. Fuck tha shittt!!! The remix if far more berra than the original!! Davido killed the song!! Tiwa was on point

  78. release a single and lets see your worth..haters go be hating good things…just jealous cuz d guy z finer and richer

  79. haba…una ear deaf??? the remix is cool. you guys are just here saying all sort of rubish instead of thinking of better things to do with your own life…KISS DANIEL,TIWA, AND DAVIDO one love to you guys…KUDOS to the remix

  80. God help kiss daniel if the remix does not kill his career then nothing will……what a senseless remix

  81. You guys should face your business person dey hustle to make im money una dey here dey talk rubbish, there’s nothing that someone will do to make you guys feel good, why don’t one of you typing rubbish here go and release your own song.

  82. Well, talk is cheap. U can go on and on with ur so called criticism but next time u r on it, try to pass a message and not impress ur readers with ur showy writing. Thank you

  83. I’m speechless self…

  84. As for me, i think the remix rocks, gud delivery from evry 1 of them. Wel, nor matter what, its God that brngs blessings.

  85. oju i m like this site

    • Lyk xirously d original swept me off ma feet but can’t understand y kiss had 2 brind up dat ashawo(tiwa)anyways keep movn higher my guy

  86. as for me I didn’t know about the song until the remix surface but the following day that I downloaded it I wanted to shear it with my friends that knows about the original version, after they both listened to it one said why daniel go featured this ashawo girl he delete it instantly and said he’ll just act as if the did not have remix, the other guy said I will keep it just because of OBO. it never read meaning to me until I read this write up nawa o

    • u are just 2 spoil somebody which music hv u produce and wo knws whether d song u will produce will be good. Wel whether d song iz gud or nt dey are all making thier money are u making urx or spoiling someone progress

  87. Actually d remix wasn’t what I expected of it… Woju original version was dope more dan d remix.. I couldn’t even tell d diff frm Daniel’s voice and Davido considering d fact dat dey sound alike d first tym I hard it..

  88. Sharrap…you are blabbing!!!

  89. Like seriously,I was expecting something big…even the video was nonsense compared to the original version.

  90. The songs are both good.

  91. well said jim, the remix was a total flop.

  92. yea.. bt ah still love the remix sha. tiwa really killed it

  93. He’s a fag juss tryna copy my shoki stanz

    • Sorry.. Can’t get anything out of ur shoki. Nt evn d beat. Orezi killed it.

  94. The remix is a flop; is of no use…. The original is wat gets me on my feet and i swaying away by the beat and the beautiful voice of daniel….. Davido and tiwa jst spoil d guy woju…. At first wen i listened 2 d woju original, d only man i could ever tink of 2 fit d remix was flavour n’abania… Na im 4 finish am 4 daniel

  95. The remix is a flop; is of no use…. The original is wat gets me on my feet and i swaying away by the beat and the beautiful voice of daniel….. Davido and tiwa jst spoil d guy woju…. At first wen i listened 2 d woju original, d only man i could ever tink of 2 fit d remix was flavour n’abania… Na im 4 finish am 4 daniel

  96. Lah WA o I so much wonda y sum. People will Jez go on 2 beef celebs wen dey ain’t even popular.. If u Lyk a song u listen to it if u dnt den u fashi sum1 else will Lyk it… em Jez too sure if twas u beeferz he featured in d song den d song wud av bin vewi nyc to ur hearing… xhaii remember beeferz re looserz.. Du ur own mak we see Ogade!!

    • Dats d truth girl.. Jobless pple with irrelevant issues

  97. kis dan . U fk up .u shud av feavred sir wizzzy nd flavour .even seantizzle kan do beta than davido nd tiwa .

  98. Davido kill the remix. Daniel fuckup big time

  99. I love both the original version and the remix…Don’t know what you critics are saying. Appreciate people’s efforts for crying out loud. Tufiakwa

  100. Both Remix nd Original are both Wack. He Lacks Lyrics. Gat good Flavour Tho

  101. Tiwa u guys are very good live dam let dam say wat day like make una sing if e easy,rubbish

  102. The writer is right.. Kiss daniel did a great job on the original.. I was endeared to it, it was so original. But the remix is a flop. Tiwa and davido weren’t needed in the song.

  103. E jo,tani fake lil kesh? Hehehe.. ode!

  104. to me i see nthing rong in both d remix nd d original, keep moving daniels life is all about will grow more higher.

  105. nawa oh dis remix dope nah

  106. At least you are all talking about him now… He found success and that is what matters most else non of you will bother to say a thing.

  107. When the remix was announced, I was like damm it! Why not leave this beatiful song alone and plan for another track ? But it was of no use bcos I couldn’t get the advice to him. But the truth is that I always feel like leaving the arena whenever the rmx plays. #Godknowsihatethermx. #originalisdope.

  108. Woju remix was avery interestn song I dnt c d reason y u guy jxt av 2 gv such abad repitision on dat song as we all knw dat music z nt dat easy I tink all we jxt av 2 do nw. z 2 appreciate dere effort $ nt 2 gv bad issuse on dem $ dose oda musician dat u guys lzt out wat f z dem dat made such a mistake wat re u gon 2 say please jxt let us learn hw 2 appreciate oda piples effort $ nt 2 condem dere did

  109. Wow….lotz of comments….well as 4 me both d single nd remix re okay….d single z beta tho but d remix z ok 2….nice 1 4rm tiwa,,,,ha voice really did d song some good nd davido also tried….all in all,keep up d good works guys….DAVIDO,TIWA ND KISS DANIEL,God bless u guys 4 singin such a lovely song…..

  110. Yeso when d song came out and I told a friend of mine dat davido and tiwa ruined d song for me she sed I was just jealous.. I thank god someone else is saying it… I really hope they don’t ruin laye 2 4 me

  111. Kiss daniel u 2much, e no easy to come out 4 9ja u tried and my God b ur power….if u love kiss_daniel type (AMEN).

  112. Both ar cool

  113. Hmmmm u guys can KILL some1s carrier oooo…well for me I like appreciating people for there efforts,wether she had business or not,me I love that part were Tiwa said”check my bank account,odukwa die”I can sing that part as a person for a whole day,u guys should pls b appreciative so that we can move forward….biguppssss tiwa,davido n kiss

    • Don’t mind them

  114. muaaaaa kiss baby u did it both ure remix and the original are all breath taking

  115. Carolyn

  116. 4 dis world any bdy wr dey grw dem no talk abut mins sy de person neva strt lif kis kip on wit ur gud work a big kis frm 2 u wch 2 dance 4 u 1day

  117. Hay u guys, u people should stop criticing tiwa, u guys are talking as if u people can sing beside is kiss daniel complaining rubbish

  118. Hater gonna hate, love d remix,#dope

  119. Fuck u alll haters davido kip it up love d song nice one

  120. dope… mehn.. some years past and i still enjoy this jam.. big ups tooxclusive!

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