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These Lyrics Are Definitely Why I Like Nigerian Songs… Or Perhaps NOT!

Posted by Jim Donnett on August 12, 2015 in Editorial · 57 Comments

So a couple o’ peeps had figured that I had toned down on my editorial pieces for a while now.

Well yase, me sef I know. Bet e see, wen ya bayleveen God for sonetin niuw an’ gud tu appun tuyu, de las tin e nid is a bunch of savages swehreen an’ cusseen vile mteenayss intu eet. Plix yhu peepu shu nor comman rain on my parade. Dunt be a wat… a weeiissth!

I’m still believing God, no doubt… I mean I always do but while I’m heavily vested on that, it won’t stop me from ranting about Nigerian songs and their crappy as hell, cheesy as f@$* lyrics. Now the purpose of this, naming names or quoting lyrics isn’t exactly to spite anybody. I mean these songs really are our favourite picks and the music stars are like mini gods to some of us but still, common sense they say isn’t actually common afterall. I shall be referring to those songs that do not require much or no brain activity at all. For these ones, you literally have to dumb down your smartness (that’s if you have any) so you can effectively fit into it’s listening purpose.

Ngwa, lemme start.
Ice Prince… oya steiip fuhword! *straight face smiley*
You know, I’m very much undecided where Zamani’s penchant in his artistry lies. He likes to ‘sing’ and talk big on his tracks. He play dress up a lot, wearing gold blings, white sneaks, snapbacks and college jacs looking like a high school fashionista. But wouldn’t it have made proper sense if his thought articulation on the music slayed as much as he often does in clothing? I mean. Why would you say, ‘this no be ewa and dodo’ on a song? Oh, you know the one I’m taking about right? Ice Prince especially, has an epic way of breaking me with his lines. Bet I refuse to be broke biikkooo, I shan’t!

D’Prince… clayimb ya seat oso-iso!
I respect Omoba‘s relentless efforts at music (thank you Don Jazzy). But you know how they say what worth doing is worth doing well? D’Prince still has a few to learn. It’ll never be heard from me that his music is pointless, never. How d’you expect me to take seriously anyone who sings ‘now you don shxt for church, con dey wait for somebody to come clean your yansh i-ye’. I honestly can’t.

Seyi Shay… comman sten’ in front of de classroom.
I’ve got mad loves for this chic and I know breaking the Nigerian music market is no easy feat but c’mon, Jangilova? What was you thinking girl, please! ‘The love I get for you, e doubulu times two… The love I get for you, no be man made o, e be jangilova’. Seyi, *sigh* you gatta watch it girl.

Olamide & Lil Kesh… de borrof yhu two, raze ya hends up!
The tricky thing here is how Olamide and his xerox prodigy, Kesh keep getting away with nasty stuff. Ehn, there’s no way Nigerian music history will go down without a mention of their songs. Will you ever remain calm at the sound of ‘eyin omo wobe (wobe), mo gbo information (mation)’? I thought so too. But this Ladi song is just de wurst. I often enter deep soliloquy every time I hear Kesh and his silliness ‘leyin to je banana nana, me I now want yansh her yansh her, she say lick my pulet pulet, I say kai abasha basha’. Please, next.

Kcee… poster color dis tin, ngwa bia hiey.
See, it’s only this one that will sing song and be saying ‘let me be your maga, I want to be your maga’. Iya mme o! As if that wasn’t enough, he continued with ‘and I lovu de way you dey put am for reverse, and especially how you dey match the brake o, girl you correct o, your bumper your boot e no bi joke o’. Las las, the two songs dem sweet die. Some level of sins are allowed (I no talk say na for Bible o) so Kcee, go and sin no more.

Davido & Wizkid… shiydren troublers of Istrel, come h’out!
Did you really think I’d miss them out on this ‘list’? For Wizkid, I’m tempted to putting all the lines I’ve ever heard but then, that would become a whole post on it’s own so I’ll just go with ‘I want your body sleeping in my bed’ and then alluva sudden, ‘Baruwa le leyi, Otedola le leyi, Igimu le leyi’. It’s like he sent me right into limbo. I’m seriously searching for a connection and then I remember that Wizkid is a one kain jaga jaga pikin. Yaga my a$$!
Of which this omo baba olowo purson too now went to go and say ‘I remember when I had no money in my bank account’. I’m like hol’ up, wait. WHAT! No money in where? Ha. Jor ba mi rii bobo yen o. Even me ma sef, I have no memory of when he had no money in his bank account so what are we talking here? Dia’riz God o.

Just so I don’t over stretch martha for matthias, lemme quickly mention Selebobo who I heard saying ‘person wey drive, e suppose to park’ on Yemi Alade’s song, Flavour too sef ‘golibe, your mama born you well’… like!? Then May D who starts to speak in (Yoruba sounding) tongues like some evul spirit has come upon him, Pee-Skway dem that are busy ‘taaiissteen de moni’ and finally, Tonto Dikeh. Her own is to be crazically fit (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean). She ma is north evin a mizic pesin. So you can imagine the amount and level of insolence she’s breathing into those records. As in, I just… I literally just can’t!
I’m sure you guys have much more “i.e.” from your music repertoire so please, do me well to comment them. And for those of you wondering, I didn’t forget D’Banj oh, I only left him out on purpose 😀

Written by Jim Donnett

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. This guy too mumu………

  2. #fact!!! Davido’s part is the funniest! If Davido can say he remember when he has no money in his bank account! My broda he is a case study!

    • i tire o

  3. You forgot to mention Iyanya – Gift
    We go scatter the floor,from the floor to the bed, from the bed to the bedroom…Loolz

    • ???

    • From the floor to the bed, from the bed to the BATHROOM.

  4. Jim uno get point jor…..go back to bed

  5. Jim uno get point jor…..go sleep….in easy to write song u neva bcome songwriter….. mofos

  6. Thank you for leaving D’banj out on purpose…egbon dey spit disaster sometimes too.

  7. Cøol

  8. Dbanj out

  9. God dey watch you bruda Jim 🙂

  10. Best editorial have read in a very long time. kudos, was laughing all the way!!!! Bless

  11. its obvious u knw notin about d nigerian music business, n dat shit 4 church line waz a metaphor, n if u dont get dat i wonder…

    • Thankyou my brother

  12. Honestly true buh den again, Very Hilarious

  13. Make i Totori you eh, Totori Totori You ah,
    Totori you eh, Totori Totori You ah
    Oya lets go Ginjah, elele le le le mama oh,
    Oya lets go Ginjah, elele le le le eh
    Make i Totori you eh, Tot*ri Totori You ah
    Totori you eh, Totori T*tori You ah, Ebele

    Ebele eh,
    Skibo Skiba Skibobo Ski alaba skalabos, make way 4 his madening madness!!!! Terry G Produckshunz!!!!!!!!

  14. “Wizkid is a one kain jaga jaga pikin.”
    Yaga my a$$!
    this got me laughing.

  15. My brother d banj popularly know as bangalee self dey spilte fire but 4get he is an entertainer

  16. This writer is outta what to write no wonder tooxclusive left a disclaimer…

  17. U no mention knack am master my personal bobo @Terry Gezuz

  18. Jimme u undstnd d industry jorrh. Nice writ up. Naso we artiSt dey knack our brains bt we kindda lk it. Hehehehhhehhehehhehehehhehe

  19. The lines u brought for Kesh there is nothing wrong with them lyrics are good as long as they relate with us that’s just the sole purpose and seriously we all know d prince says non sense but the line lyrics u r criticising him for was actually a cool metaphor……Kcee said he wants to be a maga for a girl so?….it just says he is so in love he doesn’t care abt anything ad long as he can have her

    • Some of the lines he is calling crap are actually not

  20. Mah no lie.. I swear to God mae create me.. I DIDNT GET A SINGLE THING OUTTA THIS SHxT.

  21. This got me laughing from d top 2 d bottom…. 1bottle of orijin 4 u@jim

  22. Jim I like u r ryt bout all u said,thumbs up

  23. Hey!!! don’t get me wrong.
    Y’all ranting should pls calm down. On a more serious note erhn, this stuff is real.
    And guess what, we need something like this to caution Nigerian artists ( A group I’m very proud to belong 2). Lesson learnt** I’d be much more careful when next I’m writing a verse or a hook. I just hope #Jim doesn’t look @ my past sins if there’re any.
    Thumbs up bro. Nice art. I actually laughed all 2ru. I beg make una no bite Jim again o cos he just did wah our comedians actually do in writing!

  24. jim! Did u even knw wizkid atall cos the lyrics is baruwa ELENIYAN not baruwa LE LE YI.i wonder if ur hearings ar not malfunctioning.

    • I respect wizkid’s artistry but I honestly don’t understand if he was appreciating the girl’s figure or them BARUWA, IGIMU, OTEDOLA, TINUBU, AGBAJE (no connection between the two verses) If he was hailing then all is well but if he wants their body in……. *coughs*
      anyways, there is no rules of grammar in music as long as your audience understand you.

  25. ice prince “no be ewa and dodo” means it is not easy, just like say “no b beans”

  26. F..k yes this is the first time amma coment on this site, you are so on point……

  27. Jim…u r so…….
    God…dats a kool comical relief…dis mi 1st tym 2 comment here…n i m doing dat coz ur criticism is a gud pointer…u r gud brova…i laffed…

  28. D prince is the worst culprit but at d same time he makes nonsense seem interesting

  29. Its my first time commenting here so I’ll just speak d truth! D guy who wrote dis is jobless! Just because he does not see sense in wat d people re singing does not mean it does not actually make sense! One man’s meat is anoda man’s poison! D lyrics he’s using as examples re nt meaningful! All dese bad belles! Anyway the people singing are making money so quit writing stupid posts and try and make ur own money!

  30. But Jim u fk up say u leave this one out…”Nana na u be part 1 u no get part 2 oo u no get part too ooo”2ce..then Nana eheee Nana eheee!!!…lol…oh boy set of crap in d industry,the bullshit is coming to an end soon I believe.

  31. Niqqa Wir is Phyno???

  32. U jzt a hater. No dey disturb uz abeg #NaijaMuzikAllDWay

  33. #Bad_Belle…
    is allowed is allowed
    in MI( the chairmo) voice

  34. Those guys criticizing are really dumbfolded sha. .I saw someone correcting Jim that its “Baruwa eleniyan, Igimu eleniyan n not Baruwa eleyi”. . .Abeg tell me cos I really really need 2 no what difference does your correction protrays. . .Nothing but an absolute 100% nonsense. . . .What happens is that we our blood is used 2 something,it is hard 2 remove it completely. .We have been used 2 singing those songs n we sing it every hour of d day. . . .Its just like telling a 17 years old girl tha( all what her mother taught her in life are useless. .#arguement will show up

  35. Jim u are such a big fool for blogging this writeup, its not funny at all. U think music is easy, I bet u have those songs in your gaddem phone. Get out joor.

  36. While you are busy gossiping about them, they making real money

  37. Hsns

  38. u forgot timaya

  39. like seriously,dis is really funny nd u are xo on point bro….aint got notin to say dos who dont share ur view cuz it either they are too addict to wackie_crap ass music or they love those artist xo much that they dont care wat crap their ears are been fed #common sense aint always common#

  40. What of timaya- go baf, use condom,lol

  41. What about Peter and Paul of psquare.. #BRING It On “Bring it on ARE YOU Ready UNU READY…. Men just can’t stop laughing anytime I ear the dumb lyrics……..

  42. Wizzy don’t mind them shaa

  43. I actually found this really funny and accurate. Its true tho. But at the end, most of us still listen and dance to the crap which is being sung and produced.

  44. kesh shld be banned frm d industry his wrds re insultive nd provokin bt wat do I Know no dey hin mind as hin write

  45. oya kill urself jim,dey out smiling 2 d bank with thier rubbish,u make use f ur own rubbish

  46. Well well nyc write-up @jim…olamide’s omo wobe meant hustlers,u shuld try n listen 2 d song very well den u will knw d true msg behind d song….if u had talked abt lagos boys I wuld av been hapi cus I rilly dnt knw wat sneh meant

  47. Well well nyc write-up @jim…olamide’s omo wobe meant hustlers,u shuld try n listen 2 d song very well den u will knw d true msg behind d song….if u had talked abt lagos boys I wuld av been hapi cus I rilly dnt knw wat sneh meant

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