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Top 5 Cover Songs Nigerian Artistes Slayed

Posted by Temitope Delano on June 17, 2016 in Editorial · 34 Comments

We have all listened to that one song that seemed good having been sung by the original artistes but instantly becomes an addictive pill when another artistes lays his vocals and artistry on it. Other times, there are songs we do not really appreciate until another artistes pulls it out of a rack, making it their own by adding grandeur and taking out the complexities that at first made it a no go area for you.

Here are 5 cover songs totally slayed by Nigerian artistes.


  1. Thinking out loud/Funbi: Several treatments were meted out to Ed Sheeran’s ubiquitous song, Thinking out loud but what Funbi did with this song can only be describes as a subtle yet explosive act. Thinking out loud is undeniably an easy breezy lovely song which of course makes it even more appealing to many fans around the globe as he strayed away from his breakup kind of songs. Now here is what did to this song for most of us out there, that today makes it one of the best covers heard yet. His silky vocals swirling delicately around the instrumentals employed to further enhance his prowess inevitably made us self aware in an hypnotic yet sexy kind of way. Creating the perfect ambiance and sensuality anyone could ever feel in a not so good situation or weather, Funbi gets us all to the crescendo of it all by taking up a cute and slightly urgent ‘EP’ definition shoulder shrugging scene. Amazing is the word. Oh and it doesn’t hurt he is also easy on the eye.


  1. Panda/Ycee: It’s a relief I can actually do hear the wordings of this massively successful song. Panda by the real artiste deals majorly with how big boys hustle and make it in the game, a not so different theme, Ycee turned the entire song on its head with the most needed ingredient, actually audible words which instantly made the song epic in the listening pleasure it offered to us all. Ycees’s prominent vocal and lyrical harmonies made this song more interesting than the original which majorly was just a beat perfect for Dabbing.


  1. Stay With Me/ Oyinkanade and Immaculate: It is a rare but beautiful achievement when a cover can further enhance the beauty of the original version of it. The song, ‘Stay With Me’ by Sam Smith, is in itself a classic, further propelled to even more classical stance with the vocal prowess of two vocal powerhouses, Immaculate and Oyinkandade. The original version of this song is a quiet masterpiece but with all the musical amplifiers in place in the cover, Oyinkanade and Immaculate, yes started out in the same sort of lane but in no time surged straight into an ocean of immense warmth, energetic and sensual state with their acerbic vocal chords, the vocals instantaneously became an explosive masterpiece anyone would never get tired of listening to.

  1. Hello/Omawumi: the original of this song garnered rave reviews from the top most critics in the industry so did the cover. Coming from a vocal powerhouse herself, Omawumi, once again, showed everyone njust how to gingerly yet powerful  place your vocal prowess and might on any song. He incredible guttural- vocal slaying on this song is the type that can 5 decades on earth could evoke. And did I mention her epic slamming into a reggae beat during the hook, Epic is all I can say!

  1. Work/Maleek Berry: I heard a couple of covers for this song, and I was instantly put off with most of them because of their direct use of vulgar lyrics, we get it, vulgar lyrics in its own twisted way has its way with some people out there, but Maleek Berry’s version stood out on its own. Work, masterpiece by Rihanna, a song that has now gone platinum, at first was not understood. It took me a while before I could actually make out few words there, but here is what Maleek Berry did. Again, he employed the use of audible and easily assimilated words for this beautiful song, and to score more point, he went the way of love, I mean who can ever go wrong with love, even the so called players in the game, have in one painful way or the other (To some of us) gone the way of love songs. Maybe take a lesson from Maleek, who knows they might just surprise themselves.


Written by: Tope Delano


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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  1. !

    • Dremo panda killed all and the best.

    • gosh, are u guy 4 real? dremo is out of d list try listening 2 endia’s version of panda

  2. burna boy work kill them all

  3. yung6ix panda killed all

    • Erigga = End of panda

      • Erigga brought Panda to life!!! ?

  4. U know nothing.
    Listen to Ola Dips version, it’s my favourite jorh

  5. Tidinz nd uzi nko on panda cover?…I tink does 2 ar d best…chek wat u wrote….fuck list

    • Who d fck is tidiz en uzi??? Stroll abeg! U know urselves… #Tshewwww!

  6. Sorry to say but this list is trash, ycee’s panda
    was total bullshit….. Dremo has more concept and all

  7. Oooh Ycee’s Panda is no where close to Dremo’s version . i understand why you chose Ycee

  8. guys we all know the truth.
    yung6ix lubricated panda while dremo killed it.
    Burma Bwoy got the best work cover.
    am ara here.

  9. Great list. For those of u saying dremo’s cover is beta tf is wrong with u guys. All the dude did was show different ways of smooking weed while dabbing…no like really, how does that in anyway make the cover better. Also, hmmmmmm what’s his deal as a rapper invoking an afrobeat spirit..dude be confused. Mumu dat said Omawumi’s cover of Hello was boring, go take a look in your dictionary for the meaning of boring.

    • idiat!!!ur so crap,guess u dunno d definition of creativity…dremo nailed it..

      • You are indeed foolish..smoking weed in different forms spells creativity for your idotic ass right? I really am fed up with the bunch of imbeciles who come on here talking bullshit about artiste that have no business whatsoever doing covers to a song or even music altogether itself. Oh and by the way idiat, this list is meant for artistes who actually did make meaning or more meaning off of the original version, not dumbasses who are confused on what genre of music their fucked up head wants to take up. To better talk…omawumi’s decade old prowess description for that song is just……nicely done and said

  10. Erigga panda cover was dam better#Endofpandacover

  11. Lol….Like criously this list is biased…Did u even listened to Ola Dips Hello and Panda…You better do and stop be a music critics

  12. This is shit! Erigga killed that Panda beat

  13. Erigga killed panda real good, you guys are trippin…#EOPC bak2bak

  14. Whoever wrote dis should go listen to dremo’s fela and sean tizzles controlla refix! Bless! Your choice no be everybody choice

  15. Really? Erigga and Dremo? Wow…I listened Erigga’s version and I was confused on whether it was sammy okposo trying his hand on rap or just another first timer with so like 100 area people supporting him…like really. I read an article by this same writer yesterday and he said Nigerians r more into beats and the comments on here just proved it…

  16. Oladips fans!thz z nt naijaloaded. Thank you….wack tape e jst wasted the session

  17. Smh… yung6ix was just repeat desiigner, ycee was no were near erigga.. erigga changed it… and really it was the end of panda cover… why not listen to what he said and not judge how he said it… erigga deserves it.. just that haters won’t stop hating… #EOPC

  18. why una no include Niyola ‘drunk in love’. That girl bad pass

  19. Wow ycee panda cover was not that impressive compare to that of Ola dipps. How about A-Q ‘s Timi dakolo wish me well cover. That should be number.

  20. boy.. u tryna convince me dat maleek berry killed burna on dis Work cover…bro u lie jhur….burnaboy own is most sickest

  21. boy.. u tryna convince me dat maleek berry killed burna on dis Work cover…bro u lie jhur….burnaboy own is most sickest

  22. Erigga killed Panda

  23. Erigga baba panda was ended by him. SIMPLE SHIT.

  24. Olamide has the best panda cover.

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