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TX Review: 2face & Wizkid – DanceGo (Eau de Vie) + Tiwa Savage – My Darlin

Posted by Jim Donnett on October 11, 2014 in Editorial · 28 Comments

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Jim Donnett’s Verdict

Chill. Beats by Sarz on a house beat with legendary 2face and confam Starboy Wizkid? This has gotta be awesome… or so I thought. Perhaps the collabo was just par for Hennessy but from the featured artistes, c’mon way much more was obviously expected. Wizkid totally owned the song and 2face was being such an undertaker but when he chose to be heard, he made himself unforgettable – like the true stuff of a legend. DanceGo is one song that needs up to 2, 3, 4 listens before you begin to appreciate it.

And lest I forget… nuff respect Sarz, you totally cleaned dirt off this beat!

Rating: 3.5


Funke’s Verdict

As far as I’m concerned, this collaboration is one of the better ones to come out from the Hennessy Artistry platform so far… asides MI & Naeto C’s ‘Bartender’.

Obviously meant to be a song for the clubs, Sarz did a great job with the production as the sound came out perfectly, a combination of great beat and superb vocals. Most are of the opinion that Wizkid dominated the track, I think this is because DanceGo is more of a Wizkid kinda song than 2face’s. Going by this year’s theme of matured premium lifestyle with a blend of young & vibrant lifestyle, they got the desired effect as the track came off as fun with an air of maturity to appeal to both the young and old.

I’d definitely DanceGo to this track and I especially like the way 2face tweaked that catch the vibe & get the feeling part.

Rating: 3


Jimmy King’s Verdict

Hmmm what an interesting song to review, I must confess this is one collaboration I have always looked out for. Thank God for Hennessy that was able to bring this two heavyweight artistes together because we have waited far too long for a collaboration from these two great acts.

Let’s start first by looking at the beat of the song because without been told you know from listening that Sarz has a hand in it. Something like his trademark if you ask me, he’s pretty good with producing African beats mixed with foreign elements. The beat was awesome, not too fast and not too slow but has that smooth groovy feel to it.

Wizkid kind of stole the song; 2face also brought maturity to the song. The song was ok to an extent but it’s just lacking in that extra touch which I expected 2face to have brought to the song. Not too bad a collaboration, just didn’t live up to expectation.

Rating: 3/5


aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

Hennessy Artistry comes with a new song featuring 2face and Wizkid. The song has a nice conceptual frame work. The beat is nice. The two artistes deliver their vocals well. As for the lyrics, it’s just there. Anyway, not much should be expected from the lyrics after all, it’s not a freedom song neither is it a love song. It’s a party song and since I listened to it, I just dey DanceGo! Because na to jolly na eim matter.

Rating: 3.5




Jim Donnett’s Verdict

Tiwa, dear sweet ol’ Tiwa… this chic studied jazz music (like can you beat that?) But her vocal choices of recent suggest otherwise. Her stylings are typical and pretty much the same. Same riffs, same runs and even same pattern of pitching. I just wonder. I’m even in deeper wonder on why she’d allow or rather, employ auto tune on her already fine voice? Regardless, she didn’t loose that bump and jive feel in the song (which is what we’ve come to accept now, bah?)

Having said, it’s Tiwa though and I love her but this is definitely not another Eminado or Without My Heart… and then Don Jazzy sha, lol!

Rating: 3


Funke’s Verdict

First thing that struck me was the repetition. I lost count of the “my darlins”. Second is that it seems Don Jazzy’s new style is to contribute vocally to every track he produces. On this track, it added a bit of spice to what would have come off as mostly boring.

I’m an ardent fan of Tiwa and I get that she meant to shut detractors up with this song. However the ‘my darlins’ were too much of a distraction for the actual message to actually get across. On the bright side, if you’re not careful, you might catch yourself chanting my darling repeatedly. I guess that should count for something… right?

Rating: 2.5


Jimmy King’s Verdict

I have heard many great songs from Tiwa Savage and My Darlin is one of them. I have a few issues with the song though, which I would analyze in this review.

The beat to me flawed the song because there wasn’t much creativity in it. The roll in the beginning of the song sounded too local and common. Don Jazzy is a connoisseur in beat making; no doubt he has a bragging right in that field but he should have done something better.

I always love it when Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy come together to do a song. They always bring this synergy and African feel to the song, just like Eminado. My Darlin is a love song sung in English, Pidgin and Yoruba. Good song writing from Tiwa Savage and lovely backup from Don Jazzy. Apart from the beat which has some little flaws it’s a great song.

Rating: 3/5


aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

The first 18 seconds of the song I felt I was listening to those Northern songstresses who pour baskets of auto tune in their songs. On the 19th second, Don Jazzy comes in to make me listen for a while longer. On the 50th second, it got better but not everybody can be patient to this extent. Nice song. Good beat. But I had 3 problems with this song. The first is the first 18 seconds on the song. Secondly, it is the continuous repetition of My darling. Thirdly, what is Doro-love? I still have Dorobucci on my playlist and that is enough. But all in all, not a bad track by Tiwa.

Rating: 3

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  1. What a nice review, but in all sincerity of all, reviewing of songs shldnt be based on personal sentiments, it has caught my attention that most of your reviews ar based on personal sentiments on how much you like or love an artiste wc shldnt be…. DanceGo was a cool theme for hennesy, nt a bad song, but overhypin wiz isn’t worth it, aint you tired of hearin d same old shit all over again.. It jes sounded like d samba song made wiv sarz yrs ago… I wld advise that you guys be fair in ur judgements putting aside sentiments and be real.

  2. DanceGo no too mk brain

  3. If it was dbanj dat did this song wizkid and 2face did,Tx review wud hv condemned it totally….

    • GOD bless u

    • Guy God Bless ur generation.4kin tx tunda fire una.una no knw music una de review rubbish sins I jst kept quiet.

    • God bless u my broda..dis tx hate d’banj av said it b4

  4. Nice review..and must u hate on na style..

  5. Anything wiz do,dem go me on of d biggest act that is pushing afro beat 2 international level and I’ll choose wiz among name is Baze montana

  6. i lik raise ur glasses by d banj than this

  7. Bartenda by mi n neato c is d best henessey theme Song ve heard so far.nt dis crap

  8. Eau de vie is groovy sweet simple and will mke u dance go. It’s a theme song so no need for a detailed review! Sarz on the beat wit his favorite Wiz leaving a signature while 2face complimented it, wat more could u ask for? Hennessy artistry patched up a good one for the year!

    • Padre Pablo word up G!!! Water of Life in my system, beats banging cnt listen, eyes sagging low vision tryna focus my attention!

  9. I have neva commented on tx review this is my first of doing this after reading ur comment I downloaded mi nd neato c song an dbanj raise ur glasses with dance go; to be sincere abt this bertender an raise ur glasses is far beta than dance go the two song has a very good concept even the title nd both the lyrics I think u guys got dis wrong especial funke she is sentimental well kudos to everyone

  10. Funke been sentimental since 1914

    ..i knw she almost said almost mention d’banj even in dis


    • Raise ur glasses is better than this

  11. Funke been sentimental since 1914

    ..i knw she almost mention d’banj for dis


  12. For d DanceGo…it’s just like d music was all 4 Wiz, i think it’s becos he had been cookin tinz wit sarze 4 a very long tym…not bad at music! …4 Tiwa.. U can just try another producer..ur collaboration wit don Jazzy no dey change 4 ear!

  13. Raise ur glass make brain

  14. Man let the boy Wizzy be, so much hate on d young dude yet he’s unstoppable. U don’t expect any content from a party song. Abi na revolutionary song? Abeg Wizkia killed it,and 2Baba added d baba flows…DanceGo Jor!!!

  15. I think Jimmy King na Jim Dornet abi wetin b hin name brother…..u get good starting but bad finishing…..How can you say “DanceGo” didn’t meet up to your expectation!…Fear God….were you expecting another Dorobucci?…..U need to review your editorial crew first bfore reviewing songs……PS!…

  16. TX una don hide my comment abi?…

  17. wats all dis talk abt “maturity” in a song? is dis hw ur english teachers taught u guys to use adjectives for an inanimate item whilst u were in primary school? u cd hav as well said d song is “sweet’ and “handsome” too smh… maturity… maturity… maturity. mayb dats d new word in some ppls vocab.

    • Story for the gods. point is we get wah she’s tryna say. why not apply for a teaching job since ur so passionate about it.

  18. This Funke Girl no go die better… she doesn’t know anything about music… i am very sure if it was Dbanj’s song she would have said rubbish

  19. this song beats dbanj raise ur glasses …. u guys are the one that Sud stop been sentimental

  20. funke .. u dont know music tiwa’s song 2.5 ..thats plain stupidity. and by d way dance go .is an awesome track ..tooxclusive ..please just upload songs ..dnt comment just let us listen.. focus on ur job(dissing wizkid)

  21. iffa hear say wizkid own d song. as him dey sing na im 2baba dey sing… tooxclusive abeg jez upload songs only… una no sabi

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