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TX Review: D’banj – Omini + Olamide – Awon Goons Mi (Video)

Posted by funke on September 27, 2014 in Editorial · 45 Comments

tx panel

This week’s spotlight on TX Review focuses on the newest release from eja nla (now turned white lion) titled Omini, which in an expected twist was received with a variety of banter. In like manner, street hop executive, Olamide presented the visuals to Awon Goons Mi – one of his recent releases that was met with critical acclaim.

As is the case, the TX Jury have perused these contents through their needle’s eyes and are out with their verdicts as shown below.




Jim Donnett’s Verdict

D’banj is still in the business of making music? Like really… oh my! It was easier to overlook those misnomers he called records in the past, I mean he was “THE D’BANJ” at that time and we loved him regardless. But since the sour events of his career slipping off balance, this Omini thing represents his desperate attempt at maintaining relevance (like it was ever there infact). It is nothing short of an abberation.

I hope D’banj knows he doesn’t sound half as good anymore as he used to, when we used to listen to him?

Rating: 2


Funke’s Verdict

We know D’banj is more of an entertainer than a musician so I won’t bother looking at the quality of this track in the usual fashion.

I didn’t quite know what to make of Omini” because as much as I’d love to say we’ve moved on from the time when we were fed crap and expected to love it… we haven’t. The one redeeming quality of this song is the beat which makes you nod your head and forget that you’re actually not listening to what can be qualified as good music. I was really hoping D’banj would surprise me just this once but again, all I get is what can at best be labelled mediocre.

D’banj is an entertainer… yes, just not as entertaining anymore. Come to think of it, Omini reminds me of The Mavins’ Doro….*sigh*

Rating: 2.5


Jimmy King’s Verdict

First of all, I am confused with what D’banj is trying to achieve with this song because it seems more like a Dorobucci thing to me. No doubt D’banj is a great artiste but trying to imitate Don Jazzy and the Mavin crew by releasing Omini isn’t what I expected from him.

Ok let’s analyse the song. The song isn’t all that bad because I must confess I actually love the beat. D’banj knows how to deliver on a good beat, especially when it’s Afro beat. DeeVee did a good job on the beat. There was a part in the song where he sounded like the late Goldie when he said “get down on it”. I must say that if it wasn’t the Dorobucci concept he brought to the song, it would have gotten a lot of commendation. I can foresee Omini as the next slang on the street just as Dorobucci. Let look at the good side of the song irrespective of its flaws, which is the fact that it’s definitely a party groove and a song to keep you dancing all night long.

Rating: 3/5




Jim Donnett Verdict

You know videos can actually look really good without all that show off of raunchiness in them and that’s exactly what King Baddoo did with the visuals to his Awon Goons Mi record. It’s different, a bring away from the norm of Naija artistes having to shoot stereotype music videos.

While it’s not exactly way out of the box kind of thinking, it’s an effort that should be well appreciated and applauded too. The message communicated via pictures naturally befits the theme or perceived imagery of the song – goons! The star-studded cast are some of industry’s fine heads that relay a striking form or thought of ‘goonship’ and then the set, props and styling did well in complimenting. All these details, tiny as they are, helped in evening out the score. Last last, Olamide did good on this one.

Rating: 3.5


Funke’s Verdict

A goon according to the dictionary is a thug/fool/jerk/moron/*yougettheidea*.

I’m not quite sure what Olamide was trying to pass across here but lets put that aside shall we? “Awon Goons Mi” is a really likeable song. Even though I know I’m not a goon, I can’t help nodding my head to this one. I guess he was going with the “thug” theme which would explain the dark video with the Gothic/biker crew trying to look gangster. Though they didn’t quite nail it on the head, they really tried in trying to look like goons.

The beat makes one just want to keep moving and I particularly like that he did the rap in what sounded like ‘Ijebu Yoruba’. Even more hilarious is where he manged to praise Jay Z and Beyonce while subbing Blue Ivy’s hair… LOL!

However, I don’t think Lil Kesh has “blown” yet. Let’s just wait and hope he won’t be a one hit wonder.

Rating: 3.5


Jimmy King’s Verdict

Having watched the video a couple of times, I honestly can’t fault it that much because, Olamide brought it all to the table. The video was just on point with the whole concept of the song being displayed in the video.

Olamide to me has been phenomenon; I mean the brother just knows how to deliver good songs all the time. The song itself was a hit and now the video just made it a monster hit. I like the intro in the video where Olamide was having a haircut and also the grand entry of Olamide and his goons all dressed in black. The video reminds me of Jay Z, Kanye West and Rihanna’s “Run This Town”.

The video was star studded from Phyno to Mocheddah to Phenom to Reminisce, the list goes on. The video was only lacking in some graphic effect which would have made it a bit more illustrative because the lyrics in the song has a lot of punch lines. The video was actually simple but crafty.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. This jimmy fool how can u say dbanj was never relevant, u are here trying 2 b popular on tooxclusv really beta go nd get a life foooool

  2. Funke and Jim……were u guys analysing the song or u re criticising the artiste ‘D’Banj’ ? It does’nt sound like u re reviewing the song instead, it sounded like u both were focusing on the artiste. Only Jimmy King did give an honest review of the song. Meanwhile, the song is a Club Jam! We cnt take that away from it.

  3. Jim&funke hv u guys eatin 2day? Beta get a job

  4. Dumbass people hating on dbanj…is dis how u review songs?? Awon werey gbogbo…I bet if it was a mavin artiste who sang dis u 4 give it 4/5 omini is a club jam!!!!!! At least we knw it’s a work out song not some songs dat people are shouting doro messi doronaldo…

  5. See them… D’Banj voltrons, like they wouldn’t be the first to nail him to the cross when he makes a mistake by taking another wrong step. Stop being fucking hypocrites and accept the hard bitter truth. Omini is a hot mess! QED.

  6. Funke alwas goin off pt, analyse video u talkin bout d lyrics..lil Kesh has blown nd dts d fact!..we all knw baba is talkin bout goon been ya thug/str wts wt d whole definition..abeg..

    Abt d’banj ain’t surp..
    Buh u knw wat..
    Y’all had other son u cld av picked for d wk
    Since y’all tink he no more relevant..
    Leav it lik dt nd stop reveiwin his songs.
    Leav it 2 us d loyal fans.

    • Na dis funke gurl go use Oxford dictionary use translate street slang.. why. I go listen to ur stupid verdict… Lil Kesh ti blow..e fi si le… #omini is not #dorobucci..

  7. Funke n jim I want 2 bliv dat u guys nos nothin…bastards

  8. let’s be honest guys,the track omini by d’banj is a complete mess and way below d standard of an artiste like the koko master.

  9. Lol.. Tooxclusive analyst u guys are something else..Is this an attempt to get lots of comments and traffic on ur site cos I dnt knw why u will bother analysing some who is no longer ‘relevant’ song.. When there are so many other new singles been I understand u guys sha..#Ominitraffic lmaoo…u guys shuld just face it if dbanj drops a song today and u dnt post it u guys will be dashing notjustok so many new visitors…lol and he is nt relevant……he droped a single yesterday and it is already been reviewed today and he is nt relevant….And saying it is like ‘doro’ I dnt understand cos the song sounds nothing like dorobucci, so u mean no one else can introduce another slang and it won’t be copying doro…..nawa 4 una analysis ooh…

  10. Congrats tooxclusive this will surely give u traffic for like 2-3days…But please stop spoiling someone’s hardwork cos of traffic… We all knw this ur verdicts will become controvesial and will lead to lots of comments here buh nxt tyme try to stick to d song u are analysing and nt trying to condemn d artiste All 4 traffic on ur site…..thx

  11. TooX if y’all tink d’banj ain’t ni more relevant pls I beg of una..STOP uploadin his songs…songs u said is wack buh 4k it G is trendin (90somtin comments nd stl countin on d Omni page)…

    PS; there are die hard dbanj fans like me out dere, dt even if he onli on a track we’ll stl listen 2 it…

    No 1 cares abt som B’s opinion..


  12. Funke, if u think its that easy leave toox and see if u will blow like what u are getting right now….D’B Record #Oyato

  13. It’s not a must for club banger to b meaningful moreover he sang well in the song he dedicated to afcon, gba oju e although i dislike some but i love some, i just pray he makes it to the spotlight again with this joint moreover he should try and make a captivating video for this

  14. that video is a clear video it go normal with the beat I think olamide has try in that video an dbanj song is rubbish but he may not now becus he is in money

  15. Dat u love dbanj or u are is die hard fan, doesn’t mean you should b blinded. When he is not up to expectations, b truthful to let it out. Who knows he might read it and step up his game.. we shud always b honest… to me ds song is wack

    • Thank God u said to you.. Everyone has his or her opinion ……..To me its nice

  16. The only reason why we Nigerians are suffering is cos we support failure,just like the some of the so called westerners are supporting GEJ like it’s not affecting them. OMINI is a complete trash,music wise dbanj is finishes,even though am a fan,the truth has to be told. The reason why dbanj won’t improve is cos of those of you praising a failure,when he is completely out of favour in the industry,you’d still be the ones to criticise him…

  17. I wonder when u guys will stop hating on dbanj

  18. I have always told people. Dbanj killed his music career by himself. He knew he cannot deliver well without Donjazzy and felt he’s arrived and thought he will do it without anybody. LIE!. Before the separation from Don jazzy, all the songs he did had wandecoal and Donjazzy’s voice as backups. So, the D’banj brand was like a group of 3.

    My Opinion: The old D’banj was never D’banj. This is the Dbanj. Expect good songs from him once in a while but he will deliver something below average most times

  19. Mehn;I so love dis song dat I cnt it out of replay——–omini omini omin eh eh eh omini. Am nt ur fan Dbanj bt I certainly love dis track. One man’s Fufu is another man’s poison

  20. Mehn;I so love dis song dat I cnt it out of replay——–omini omini omin eh eh eh omini. Am nt ur fan Dbanj bt I certainly love dis track. One man’s Fufu is another man’s poison

  21. omini talkatives

  22. Omini rubbish, omini wack, omini junk, omini scrap, omini skelewu-ewu, omini useless, omini eedris abdulkareem, omini blackface, omini baba fryo, omini appalling, omini na water, omini am disappointed in GBAND, omini to be continued

  23. Abeg who be all these ones wey dey do review..they don’t know about music…Omini is a very lovely track,everyone has his/her opinion but next time tooxclusive should get better people to review songs…these ones don’t know about music…

  24. Gushhh!!!dbanj u r too much just aw mani days,c comments.EJANLA on point,feeling u all d way.u r d OMINI BOSS.dis is a club banger

  25. I don’t think any 1 has been more disappointed with d songs dbanj has released after the era of mohit, but I hav 2 be honest with on this 1: I think ‘omini’ is d best effort he has made so far. But then again dats just my own opinion.

  26. wen i saw that Omini was being reviewed i was like “soooo fast!!!!” and i knew he was going to be criticized, Lets face the fact here u wont appreciate anything so far its from d’banj so save us the stress of spoiling our minds here. My review D beat nd production were clean, no noise simple sense driving music, he wasn’t hyper in the song delivery . the lyrics were nt totally gibberish has ull expect from a regular Nigerian music. the song is a 3.5 from me. and if u failed to get OMINI is a yoruba pronunciation of OMNI which u know mean God D Omnipotent. He has always being attributing his success to God nd God alone.

  27. dbanj to jazzy….hate hm or lyk hm ejanla is far far gr8er,tke Tiwa out of dorobuci & its pure nonesense,remember dere ws 2 dorobuci d 1st ws wack wtout Tiws,just 1 omini & its ominidopest

  28. Omini for grammy….omini hottest club banger…..buh its dbanj nw omini is big,i lyk jazzy sha buh dbanj don try fr am nw at least d brand its don jazzy again(IDJA) ws gvn to hm by dbanj…..buh Omini unlike doro is goin round d wrld

  29. God go punish this tooxclusive staff talking nonsense abt Eja Nla

    • I hate this site…they always criticize D’banj….if i lie search for dbanj archive on tooxlusive u will see wat am saying

    • Na so? hehe. bruv/babe the truth is d truth.

  30. Hahahahaha, when i listened to the track the first time i was like…trash!
    After a second listen, i realised the song is a jam!
    And you guys focused on the artiste instead of the song…and thats what i call personal hate

  31. U guyz dey lil kesh as blown already about d’bang d guy tried na u sabi wat u ar sayin omini is ominiscience ominipotient okay? U funke udont knw enytin about dis job u beta go to d market nd b seling tomatnes u fools.

  32. D banj is D banj!he is an artiste an got tew deal wif his flaws!He remains “EJANLA” nd no 1 else….hey jimmy u re really d oda meaning of ” GOON”

  33. funke n jim abeg go n upgrade ya qualification other wise eyin boyzzzzz e gba oju won….. Dis na jam of d month n definitely compete 4 song of d year so wat d f**k re u goons analysing abi una smook JAY…… O risky ooooooo

  34. Nawa oooo,someone wil nt just mind his buisness nd leave d,banj alone…let me tell u d fact 2day,d more u hate on him d higher he goes and d lesser u go..rurbish.

  35. Talkin abt d’banj ?? think he has ntin else 2 prove he has already prove himself so stop hating on him cos dere’s no champion forever, he has rily tried 4 himself as a person nd even u hating on him wishes he’s ur brother nd mind u d’banj has made nigeria proud in every part of d world than any oda nigerian artist so stop hating him cos its gonna change ntin abt him instead go get ur own life arrange cos he has already don dat 4 himself

  36. Didn’t even know how I got here…. D’banj ur song make me so so weak…

  37. lil kesh have already hit.
    d banj is top nigerian artiste that has made nigeria proud home and abroad more than any other one in Nigeria and he is still climbing higher each day
    olamide is always shining – more love to olamide God make you bigger

  38. bangar lee and badoo lee

  39. Funke… u were asked to review video not d song

  40. omini kini? shit mehn!Dbanj you really need a talented song writer! as a good naija songs lover, omini is just off.plz sign talented artist that might boost u up. sorry I have to delete this one.

  41. i want to download in low quality

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